The Dragonprince's Heir

The Dragonprince s Heir The dragonswarm is ended Fifteen years after Daven Carrickson rebuilt legendary Palmagnes the civilization of man is once again safe from reptilian menace But the long years have taken their toll The

  • Title: The Dragonprince's Heir
  • Author: Aaron Pogue
  • ISBN: 9781475217742
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • The dragonswarm is ended Fifteen years after Daven Carrickson rebuilt legendary Palmagnes, the civilization of man is once again safe from reptilian menace But the long years have taken their toll The Dragonprince is ten years missing, mighty cities still lie in smoldering ruins, and the kingdom of the Sarianne is broken Hoping to rebuild his old dominion, the jealousThe dragonswarm is ended Fifteen years after Daven Carrickson rebuilt legendary Palmagnes, the civilization of man is once again safe from reptilian menace But the long years have taken their toll The Dragonprince is ten years missing, mighty cities still lie in smoldering ruins, and the kingdom of the Sarianne is broken Hoping to rebuild his old dominion, the jealous king now brings an army to the Tower s very gates And whom should he find waiting but the Dragonprince s son Born in cataclysm and brought up in the sheltered comfort of Daven s stronghold, fourteen year old Taryn remembers little of his father and knows even less of the world But Taryn knows what he is owed He demands the king respect him as the Dragonprince s heird quickly learns how vulnerable his family is without Daven to protect them Dragged off with his mother as a hostage to the king, Taryn comes to understand that his pride imperils everything his parents sacrificed to build To redeem their legacy, he must forge a new path for himself On his own, Taryn will learn that being a hero means enduring much hardship He will learn that his heritage brings grave responsibilities He will learn what it means to be his father s son But he has to do it fast, or he will lose his motherr The Dragonprince s Heir is the final book in the Dragonprince s Legacy.

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      363 Aaron Pogue
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    1 thought on “The Dragonprince's Heir”

    1. I really did not want to dislike this book. I LOVED the first two. They were fantastic. Daven came from nothing, conquered dragons and saved a kingdomAT is a great storyIS was shit.This was a story about Daven's whiny, spoiled, snot-nosed kid who is so annoying and awful, I wanted him dead the entire book. The sad thing is, it wasn't his fault. This character was in the trap that authors fall into all the time and I cannot figure out why it keeps being done. The supporting characters keep enormo [...]

    2. I really didn't care for this book. I loved the first two, but all of the sudden the main character is gone only to be replaced by his spoiled and complaining son. This disobedient punk goes on and on, page after page until miraculously he is all mature and grown up with amazing prowess with the sword, for which he never trained, and supernatural powers, gained from the result of minutes of training. On a more positive note, the author sold a lot of books.

    3. I disliked this book. It was such a let down from the first 2 books. I couldn't stand the lead character, and I'm having a hard time remembering his name now, even though I just finished the book. The other major characters are cliche, and the most interesting characters from the previous books (the dragons) are no where to be seen. Skip this book, especially if you liked the first 2.

    4. I don't want to be a spoiler, but I'm disappointed with this book. There are virtues other than peace at any cost, such as justice and righteousness. This story fails in my opinion. No one is held accountable.

    5. All good stories deal with overcoming limitation and hardship. For Daven Carrickson, the lead protagonist of the first two titles in the Dragonprince series (Taming Fire and The Dragonswarm), the hardships have been met. He has bested thief-catchers, villainous mages, dragon's, and petty kings. By the end of The Dragonswarm Daven has gone from a simple sheepherder to the indisputable lord of all of southern Sarianne.So where do we go from here? Author Aaron Pogue neatly sidesteps this question b [...]

    6. DISASTER!!! ALERT !! DONT READ IT EVEREXCEPT IF U WANT TO TRY DOING SUICIDE WHILE READING!!!WHY??first of all the lead character Taryn is all you never want a protagonist to be-- Whinny-- Incredibly stupid-- brainless-- Arrogant-- 24 * 7 jerk ( take a minute or two off )-- Bratty-- Self centered -- Rebellious ( as in superbly dumb way )and he has all these in spades!agreed most of this was because of all the secret keeping among his mon and Calebill the dim witted boy lacked common sense of know [...]

    7. First of all let me say that I loved this book and the end of the dragonprince trilogy. After reading the afterword and seeing the kind of feedback Aaron Pogue was receiving I wanted to give my thoughts. I was really thrown off by the fifteen year time difference from Dragonswarm to The Dragonprince's Heir and was incredibly confused at why we were reading from the viewpoint of this snot nosed kid. I have heard that people didn't like Taryn and he wasn't my favorite at first either, but I think [...]

    8. I loved first 2 books, it was a awesome coming of age story, it had dragons, it had our character ending with power like a demigod and i couldnt guess where would the story go from there, so i excitedly started reading book 3.And its about a spoiled little brat.I could not force myself to read it whole, needless to say i was very dissapointed.For characters i can accept that someone as our original protagonist through his hard life when he was young developed strenght to become something more, b [...]

    9. Honestly, until the last 50-60 pages, I was fully prepared to give this 1 star. I enjoyed the first books in the series, but there was not a single scene involving him throughout the book until the very end that didn't make me want to put the book down.The ending did wrap up the series, and even did it in a decent way. Honestly, I wish I had never read this book and simply left it at the end of the last one.

    10. The Dragonprince's Heir is unexpected and strong. It breaks the narrative of the first two books, and it satisfies all along the way.Coming in, I expected to read about Daven fighting off the dragonswarm in his fortress after solidifying the base of his power in the previous book. In the very beginning of the book, it becomes evident that the dragonswarm is 10 years passed, and Daven is nowhere to be seen! Thus, discovering that the protagonist is Daven's son, Taryn, is very unexpected.Much more [...]

    11. I didn't hate it as much as everyone else did, though boy did I want to strangle taryn! I was still entertained and still enjoyed it even though I was hoping for more of daven, Isabella and Caleb.

    12. Disappointed? Well, I'm not really sure. lolA difficulty with Kindle books, or actually with electronic books, is that you cannot look at a shelf to see what you have - or what is missing. I very much enjoyed The Dragonprince's Heir but I'm simply lost. I cannot tell if I missed a book nor what to expect next. I hope you realize the obtuse compliment that I'm paying to Mr. Pogue, my fellow Oklahoman, by stating that I'm going to figure this out somehow because I want to read more!

    13. Thankfully I had read some reviews before buying this book so I knew that this was not the third book everyone (including myself) had been expecting. Bearing this in mind I found myself enjoying the book a lot more than anticipated. I thought the main character was a very believable teenagerd liked him despite, or maybe because, of this. The only reason I gave this 4 rather than 5 stars is that I did not like the end. Yes politics suck and the ending was believable in the context of any power ga [...]

    14. After the first two books in this series, which were rated at a 4 or 5, I was looking forward to reading this book. After about 10 pages I almost quit. I continued reading some more, and then had to read the end of the book to see if I wanted to finish the book or not. It looked OK, so I finished the book. What a waste of time and money. Don't bother reading it, as the first two books stand just fine alone, and this is a very poor after thought. I wish I had taken my first impression and quit re [...]

    15. I've read some of the comments after reading the afterward and I say to you Aaron Pogue that you were too hard on yourself, you will always get these love hate kind of people when you do something unexpected, look at Stephen king and almost all his endings are unexpected in fact you can pretty much guarantee that you'll never get the standard 'happy ending' everyone expects Don't be disheartened, while there were weaknesses in your last book the first two were epic and that is no small accomplis [...]

    16. The story didn't drag in this one & did have a decent pace but it kind of went around in circles. Its told from perspective of Daven's son & he appears to be a trumped up idiot living in a fantasy world of his own for the first half. How a parent like Isabelle could let that happen is not understandable at all but it is what it is. The end is kind of rushed up as if the intention was to get it over with. After The Dragonswarm (& the way it ended), I was hoping for a better or on par [...]

    17. A really great read. I enjoyed our new hero's development throughout the book. He takes everything he has been taught and his love for his family on his journey to be the best man he can for the good of all. Taryn is definitely Daven's son. It is quite interesting to see how the advantages Taryn had shaped him to be a bit more elegant than his father in his dealings with people. I look forward to anything written by Aaron Pogue.

    18. This book is about Taryn, Daven's son. In some ways I like Taryn better, and in some ways I like him less. He's way more ignorant than Daven, but he seems to come through his story pretty well for having no idea what's really going on. His blunders certainly made for entertaining reading. As always, a well written high fantasy novel by Aaron Pogue. Dragons, magic, political intrigue. Fans of the series and genre will not be disappointed.

    19. This book is fucking shit. I am 2 thirds through it and I am struggling to stop myself from burning the thing. The first 2 books were awesome and this one has just ruined the whole trilogy. The main character is an annoying little fag who's only purpose seems to be to annoy the fuck out of me. I wish i could give it zero stars. There is no action and not a single likeable character. Good end to the trilogy Aaron Pogue you wanker

    20. What a horrid way to end a series.Where is the main character from the first two books? It was he I want to read about.And Taryn, awful, just awful. I want him dead, very bad.And the story, so pathetic. Compared to the first two, this was astoundingly weak! The author might have his creative juices dried up.I was not able to finish it. It is just so frustrating and disappointing.Well, please readers just stop at book two and skip this one. It's awful.

    21. Pretty blah. It is always difficult for an author to change from the characters you have developed a relationship with. It was noble that the author tried telling the story from a different perspective, but the story just wasn't particularly interesting. I've enjoyed all of Pogue's other books, but this was a letdown.

    22. I found this book to be a very interesting read. The focus shifted from magic and dragons to politics, although magic was certainly involved. I enjoyed the characters, who were realistic and not fairytale creatures. All in all, I thought the book was an excellent story and well worth the reader's time.

    23. This book was a disappointment as i found the son to be a very very irritating character. any way that he could sabotage himself he picked that way and plus how the hell does he not know his own family's history when he is surrounded by people that know and every body else seems to know. Long story short gave up on the book after trying to read it 3 times.

    24. Any of the things that you may have liked in the first two books were removed from this book. All we're left with are the spoiled, arrogant and privileged characters with different names. I couldn't make it though the book.

    25. Definitely his best written book of the 3 I have read.y held back on the 5th star because of a few quirks in the storyline and after the length of the 2nd book I was hoping for one a bit longer :o)

    26. This was a great addition to the dragon princes trilogy and I cant recommend it more it had much to live up to with the previous titles and did not disappoint.

    27. The ending echoed of what the main protagonist did. All that build up for this lackluster end.I hoped for more.3.5

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