The Death of Innocence

The Death of Innocence The parents of JonBenet Ramsey murdered in her Boulder Colorado home on Christmas night answer their accusers by sharing their hearts emotions and reflections and they reveal their own th

  • Title: The Death of Innocence
  • Author: John Ramsey Pat Ramsey
  • ISBN: 9780451409737
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • The parents of JonBenet Ramsey, murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, home on Christmas night, 1996, answer their accusers by sharing their hearts, emotions, and reflections, and they reveal their own theories about the crime of photos Proceeds to go to the JonBenet Ramsey Children s Foundation.

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    1 thought on “The Death of Innocence”

    1. I read to page 74 and then quit, for the following reasons: 1. Like most people, I'm interested in the whodunit aspects of this case. The who, how, and why. I just want the facts, the evidence, the theories, and that's it. 2. Whether the Ramsey's had anything to do with the murder or not, a book written by John and Patsy is obviously going to be biased and centered around defending themselves. 3. I don't want to read about Patsy's cancer. I have hypochondria about that sort of thing, and reading [...]

    2. This gives the Ramsey's personal story about the death of their daughter, JonBenet. It was bad enough to have their daughter murdered, but they were victimized a second time by both the police and the media. There was a time when I thought they might have had something to do with JonBenet's death. After reading this book, I am convinced that they are innocent.

    3. Jon Benet's murder happened at a time in my life when I had experienced several tragic events in my own life and the news story was so disturbing to me. Knowing the shock and agony that John and Patsy must have felt to discover their daughter missing and then finding her dead in the house, and then to be accused of her murder was heart wrenching. The story seemed to parallel my own on so many levels and I followed it closely. I knew that Patsy had died of cancer since then, but I wasn't sure if [...]

    4. Apparently, it's not enough for parents to suffer through the murder of their child, the flawed justice system and the media vultures have to blame the parents. In this chilling true story, we find that not only did the media falsely accuse the parents of this crime, but also the Boulder PD joined in on this folly, and that none are safe from false accusations in a country that worships gossip.

    5. I'm fascinated by this case and wanted to give the parents their say. I found the book compelling and reasonably well written. But, I still think Patsy accidentally killed JonBenet in a fit of rage, and everything that happened after that was one big cover up that quickly got out of control. Maybe someday I'll be proven wrong, and then I'll rewrite this review

    6. Jon Benet's parents tell their side of the story: police incompetence, media lynching, faith in God to get them through. I should have rated this higher as I really enjoyed it but my interest in "true crime" is a little embarrassing!

    7. If you have an interest in true crime stories, or in what it is like for families who face the unthinkable sorrow and rage of losing a child to murder if you wonder what goes on behind the scenes and "the rest of the story" that is not explained on CNN or tabloid TV or in popular magazinesif, in short, you are a person who thinks and wants to know more before jumping to conclusions, then "The Death of Innocence" is a book you will find fascinating. Written in 2000, John and Patsy Ramsey share th [...]

    8. To be honest after reading this book I really don’t know what to believe about the Ramsey’s. A part of me feels like they are hiding something, but at the same time after reading this book I can’t help but feel sympathy for them for what they have endured. This whole case has got to be a living nightmare. I did learn some things about the flaws in our justice system that was I not aware of before. It is very frightening how much the police department dropped the ball on many of the evidenc [...]

    9. The JonBenet Ramsey case has caught my interest and I've been reading as many books about it as I can. Is this one important? Yes. Is it interesting? No.This book gives the reader a view of grieving parents who are comforted by their religion. This could be of some use to someone who has lost a child. That is all well and good butJohn and Patsy have moments of such arrogance that it makes it difficult for me to feel sympathy for them. For example, when contrasting their investigation methods to [...]

    10. This offered some very useful information about the case! I also enjoyed the stories about JonBenethn is coming out with a new book and I'm very excited to read it. For those of you reading it now, there may be some parts you may want to skip over. I think the Ramsey's just wanted to add some extra information to get people to know them better so people understand that they're just normal people and that they would have never done this to JonniB.

    11. This book was published in 2000, but it is still unbelievable how this family has suffered because of the media. And today the media is exploiting thousands of people who want to just live a normal out-of-the-spotlight life. Why are so many people so sure THEY have the all the right answers and KNOW the truth! To read this book makes you wish it were fiction, but unfortunately it did happen. It is a true story my heart goes out to the Ramsey family. Read it and see what you think!

    12. Hmm. After reading this, I feel the parents didn't actually participate in the killing of JonBenet, but I can't conclusively eliminate the possibility that they weren't involved in some sort of cover-up to protect someone else. It was nice to see things from their points of view, but too many things in the case don't add up to me. Unfortunately this book didn't clear away all of my misconceptions.

    13. I think I am getting soft in my old age. This book spooked the crap out of me. And it is totally heartbreaking. Between losing another daughter a few years prior to JB, Patsy's cancer (which is detailed quite thoroughly), and the horrendous treatment these guys received (I'm going to go with not guilty here) So sad. And scary. Doesn't help with my rapidly returning fear of the dark.

    14. This book was so heartbreaking. I couldn't put it down. I was swept in until about the middle and skimmed to the end. I was impressed with the religious outlook throughout the book. It gave a different light to the story after seeing all the news brodcasts over the years. I can't imagine going something like this with the media.

    15. Call me morbid for being interested in such a book, fine. I found it very interesting to find out what really happened from an insiders point of view and not just what the media and police wanted us to hear.

    16. Still not convinced of the parents' innocence but this book has definitely answered some questions I had of some of their actions after reading Thomas's book.

    17. My reading options were limited, and I had just listened to the My Favorite murder podcast of this case. Obviously, this book was going to be slanted, but I was not a fan.

    18. It's hard to review a book like this, because it seems like you're judging the writers experience, but that's not my goal. Whenever a non professional writer authors a book, I expect a lot of the ghost writer, the editor, and the publishing company, since this is their industry. They are supposed to help the authors communicate their message.In this case, the book was not as well edited as it could have been. It was a good platform for the Ramsey's to tell their side of the story, but there were [...]

    19. "Innocent until proven guilty" is wishful thinking when we have what John and Patsy Ramsey call "talking heads" saturating our media and trying people before they are even indicted.I turned ten just three days after JonBenet Ramsey was murdered, and even though we barely watched TV, her beauty queen image was seared into my brain. Why? Because the media had a hayday exploiting her. Not just the tabloids, but everyone. The worst part was that they reported rumors as facts and turned the world aga [...]

    20. If you want factual evidence and to learn about the crime itself I do not recommend this book. A lot of it is stories and the background of the Ramsey family. At some points I was wondering “what am I even reading?” If you want to get a feel for the Ramsey’s and see their own words then this book is it.

    21. I think this book was well-written. I read this book first out of three books I have on this topic. Though the book was ok to read, my rating of three stars has to do with my overall feeling about the murder and how they "handled" the readers, just as they "handled" police investigators, prosecutors, media, and critics back in 1996.

    22. I read this book because practically all my life I've heard about the JonBenet case, I been told also that Pasty Ramsey killed her daughter and I believed it. I think this book was a conniving as it seemed that the parents just wrote this book to make them look better, defend themselves and to make the readers feel sorry to them. One more of "the killer is out there somewhere" I would've thrown the book. In my own opinion John didn't kill his daughter, there is no way, after all his older daught [...]

    23. Before reading this book, I believed that the Ramseys were guilty, and after reading the book, my belief is even stronger. I still gave it 4 stars because I still learned quite a bit of new material regarding the backstory of the saga. The fact that the Ramseys openly and proudly admitted that they went out of their way to play games with the media shows that they are capable of premeditation and sneakiness. Sure, this may not prove that they are also capable of murder, but it most certainly cau [...]

    24. This poor family!! It was very insightful on their side of it all. Unfortunately I don't know how this family would ever again trust police.

    25. Good well informed book. I do not believe John or Patsy Ramsey murdered their child. I believe they went through utter turmoil at her loss. And I believe everything they wrote about how the police only looked at them as the killers and did not explore any other avenues. They was way too much evidence to prove they did not do the crime, than to prove they did. That is why the grand jury did not indict them. Just because there are cases where the parent or parents kill their child or children does [...]

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