The Two Pound Tram

The Two Pound Tram Old fashioned and eccentric in tone this book could have been written in the s it s a modern day classic

  • Title: The Two Pound Tram
  • Author: WilliamNewton
  • ISBN: 9780747573333
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Old fashioned and eccentric in tone, this book could have been written in the 30 s it s a modern day classic

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    1 thought on “The Two Pound Tram”

    1. I picked this one up on a whim in the library. It's short -- I read it in an hour or two -- and almost, but not quite entirely, fluffy.It is a heart warming, yet somewhat sad and disturbing, tale set in the 1930s about the friendship and adventures of two brothers, who, neglected and ignored by their parents, decide to run away and buy a tram.

    2. Thank God for the Salvos. And for my dear friend Mackellarhead. Who happily confesses she gives herself retail therapy every now and again by plopping down among the bookshelves and choosing a pile. How magical the day this book made the pile. This original book gave me absolute joy. To escape the pace of the online 21st century. To be transported to a time gone by with engines and tickets and catapults. To be totally immersed with loveable characters who live for the moment. What else is in tha [...]

    3. The book reminded me of when I lived in England. Once a year at my old school we would dress up like we were from the Victorian era and the way they described there clothes reminded me of that.

    4. A lovely tale involving two brothers woven around those long peaceful idyllic days in the late 1930's. A time when children could go out to play and be gone all day with no one having to worry too much about them - definitely a touch of an Enid Blyton adventure here as the boys go off to London in search of a tram that they had seen advertised for £2. Having not taken into consideration how they were going to transport a tram back to Sussex they eventually purchase a horse drawn one, minus hors [...]

    5. This delightful book is a moving portrait of WWII England and of brotherly love. The author recently died and his obituary in the Telegraph telegraph/news/obitu is what drew me to this book. It's poignant, melancholy, funny, curious, sad and comforting all at once. The author penned this little book in his 70s. His obituary reads like a novel in itself. Read it on a rainy day when you don't mind being a little melancholy. It's a reflection on the passage of time and the eventuality of death; str [...]

    6. Set in the 1930's, Ducan loses his ability to speak after an illness and is subjected to awful treatment at school as a result. On finding that beatings do not bring back his speech he is excluded. Duncan and his brother receive no sympathy at home so when their mother walks out they decide fulfil their dream of buying a disused tram.The story starts to read like a memoir but then parts of it seem far fetched and disjointed. It's a very short book, I felt there were gaps where I needed more info [...]

    7. This book totally snuck up on me and turned into something lovely. I was initially unsure of the slightly stilted, factual narrative and the swift pacing but once I'd relaxed into it it proved a real treat! The story of two brothers who buy a tram in wartime britain and run it up and down the seaside towns of the Kent coast, this makes for a fun, easy holiday read with plenty of cockle-warming and gun-ho, jolly hockey-sticks adventure.

    8. I usually am not interestd in old time books ,but i didnt really have a choice so i read it. From the first paragraph i had already began to understand. I learned that how you should keep memories forever.

    9. I was surprised to learn this book was written in 2003 because it reads like a much older book. I do not mean this as a negative. This book starts in the 1930s and finishes after WWII but with an ending chapter that tells you what happens in the character's lives. The main characters are two young brothers who have lots of adventures and travel around with a horse and a dog.This is a short, easy-to-read novel that's great for some escapism.

    10. Quirky tale about two brothers and their eccentric childhood, tinged with illness, family breakdown and the dream (and realisation) of owning a 2 pound tram. But while there is sadness in these pages it is such an engaging tale, beautifully told and laced throughout with humour. I loved it!

    11. Wilfred, who is younger than his brother by 18 months, and Duncan leave home shortly after Duncan's 16th birthday and head for London to buy a tram. After realising they can't buy an electric one, they purchase a horse-drawn tram and a retired rag-and-bone horse and set off on their journey.After a brush with the law in Canterbury (where they pick up a young part-Romany girl who decides to travel with them), they end up in Worthing on the south coast where they get involved with the War effort, [...]

    12. 4.5 stars This book was a really refreshing light read, it is very diferant to the genre i usally go for, however I found I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.This story follows the life of 2 brothers, Wilfred and Duncan and their journey from running away from home to buying a tram (for 2 pounds). This story is set in England so i found it very relatable and is placed just before WW1. It was amazing how much went on in just 200 pages, so much so that you feel as though you have truly gone t [...]

    13. This is the life story of two English brothers during Hitler's rise to power before World War II. Wilifred is the smart younger brother who selflessly and loyally takes care of his older brother, Duncan, who was rendered mute by a childhood illness. Their dream of buying a tram develops into them living in one, with various complications.This book has no plot whatsoever. And the author seems incapable of making his characters develop or grow up - even when the two characters are about 18, they s [...]

    14. Judging by other reviews on , this is a Marmite book that people either adore or don't get at all. Personally, I'm in the 'underwhelmed' camp! The story is an fanciful tale of two boys running away from home and buying an ancient horse-drawn tram with which they make their living. So far, so good, but I found the book so lacking in emotional detail and depth that the events described were unbelievable. The boys seem to easily float from one town to another and when crises do occur, there's alway [...]

    15. I just have to share this. I actually bought this book really cheap. Admittedly, I never read this book until I have nothing to do.The story sets way back during the Second World War and in London. I do know something about the said event; however, as I have been living on the other side of the continent, I asked myself a thousand times (exaggerated), what the hell is a tram? What is a two-pound tram? Then I realized, it wasn't about the pound, the weight I thought it was. It was about the curre [...]

    16. This historical fiction was a quick read and enjoyable. I found the concept of the parentless boys and their adventure in obtaining and operating a tram quite unique and engaging. I also found the time period in WWII England added to the adventure. The book was never boring and I especially enjoyed the last several pages of the book. I rate it about 3.5 stars and would have given it four stars if it had been a bit longer and gone into greater depth on some points.

    17. A sweet tongue-in-cheek adventure, memoir-style. So many events and turns in the lives of the characters will probably prevent any close feeling for them, everything moves so fast it's unreal, but it is a charming picture of life between the wars and then the struggles of life on the Sussex coast during WWII. Despite hardship and adversity, a portrait of life simpler and less complicated than today's world.

    18. A sweet little novel tells the story of 2 brothers in England. It's as if the narrator has left out all the boring bits of his life and just focused on the exciting ones. Makes for a fast-paced, enjoyable read.

    19. Very touching and realistic book. Although there is a lot of pain and misfortune, this book is simply magical. The end is what got to me the most.

    20. Overly sentimental tale of nostalgic memories with a few interesting references to daily life during the Second World War.

    21. Memoir of a boy and his brother managing on their own after emotional abandonment by their parents, in World War II.Sad, but inspiring.

    22. It was a cute read! A lot of the scenes were told with a certain charming quality to them that made me imagine them as cartoons. I was pleased with that.

    23. Naïve and even amateurish in style but a small masterpiece, seeming to be a fable at first but, incredibly, turning out to be true. A lovely book.

    24. Really quite poor, unbelievable and hopelessly old fashioned (not the subject matter, but the fireside mode of telling). Read for local interest alone.

    25. A short quick book to read. The second read not quite as enjoyable as the first. This book feels very light on substance there is little tangible to hold you into the story it kind of floats along.

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