1 Is One

Is One The classic picture book is now available in an abridged board book edition perfect for the youngest readers Complete with Tasha Tudor s verse and Caldecott Honor illustrations is One is a charmin

  • Title: 1 Is One
  • Author: Tasha Tudor
  • ISBN: 9780026885355
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • The classic picture book is now available in an abridged board book edition, perfect for the youngest readers Complete with Tasha Tudor s verse and Caldecott Honor illustrations, 1 is One is a charming introduction to numbers.

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      217 Tasha Tudor
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    1 thought on “1 Is One”

    1. Just stunning! I love Tasha Tudor and this book is a beautiful display of her signature style of old-timey New England, full of warmth and charm and period details. I appreciated, too, the rhyme scheme and the diction (some of the words, like "rye" and "heath" are ones that many children today may not be that familiar with but in context it works beautifully and can be a good way to learn new words).

    2. I was very disappointed to see that this board book edition is, as it says on the cover, “Abridged from the Caldecott Honor Book” because I wanted to read the full book, but received this edition.The illustrations are fabulous, and make this simple counting book a lovely one. Young children will probably have fun with this board book edition, but I’m off to my library’s web site to see if I can borrow a copy of the full edition. I also want to see just how abridged this edition is.

    3. This is one of the most beautiful illustrated books I've read. The images are soft and lovely. The reader feels like you are reading and falling into a soft, puffy bedspread of pastel colors. I enjoyed this book so much that I'm going to purchase a copy.A 1957 Caldecott honor book, using the numbers one - twenty, and alternating two-page spreads between black on one spread and then color on the next two page spread.This is the first book I've read of Tasha Tudors delightful art work. I will be s [...]

    4. I had another book by Tasha Tudor that I grew up with, so I enjoyed seeing the familiar illustration style here. Another thing I liked is that this book goes all the way up to 20 (seems most counting books only go to 10), which is nice since my preschoolers seem to have the most trouble with the mid-teens. Not all of the objects are clearly grouped together in an easy way for young kinds to count though, so it hasn't been as interactive as some.

    5. • Book summary-Counts to 20 while using familiar situations children can relate to. It counts and describes animals, sounds, children, items, and more. Shows children that numbers are everywhere and they can count absolutely anything. • Caldecott Honor Book• Grade level, interest level, Lexile -Pre-K through kindergarten• Appropriate classroom use (subject area) -Use while teaching children how to count up to 20. • Individual students who might benefit from reading -All students can be [...]

    6. A Caldecott Honor counting book. Sure it's nice, but there are better counting books. It is showing its age but not really in a bad way. The subjects of the art still work. And the choices for the art are pretty and not trite. But they are also not especially exciting or engaging. And the text is only okay.

    7. A sweet, old-fashioned book with a nicely lyrical poem that helps children learn how to count to twenty. It's also a good book for beginning readers. Its short sentences and cute illustrations are good for them to practice reading while also counting. Our oldest read this one to us at the library.

    8. A lovely little rhyming counting book with charming, old-fashioned illustrations. This one goes from 1 through 20 and each number gets its own spread. The spreads alternate between full color and black-and-white. I'm sure we will be reading this one many times!

    9. This is a counting book by Tasha Tudor which won the Caldecott medal. Read it with an older toddler and try not to both become lost in Mrs. Tudor's soft and detailed art, it is impossible.

    10. Title: 1 is One Author: Tasha TudorIllustrator: ^Genre: Concept Book, Counting bookTheme(s): Numbers, counting, animals, rhymingOpening line/sentence: “1 is one duckling swimming in a dish.”Brief Book Summary: This rhyming number book aids in helping children to identify each numeral from 1 to 20. Each number is represented with words and pictures, as well. Professional Recommendation/Review #1:Marilyn Courtot (Children's Literature) (clcd.ezaccessbrarie)If you enjoy a book with a bit of nos [...]

    11. Tasha Tudor is the author of this book over simply counting objects and giving illustrations. Unlike other common counting books in the 2000s, Tudor includes vocabulary you would have heard in the 19th or 20th century, along with similar illustrations. This book is a Caldecott Honor book for her illustrations! I gave this book 4 stars because of the wonderful illustrations and vocabulary. On the other hand, students in the 21st century in a kindergarten classroom might not know the meaning of th [...]

    12. • 1957 Caldecott Honor Book •The text and pictures seem very dated, but this is charming to me for some reason anyway. The illustrations are really ornate and I think the type is hand-lettered which gives it a really sweet, folksy feel. My favorite illustration is of the cherries. I also like that the numbers go up to 20 - it seems most only go to 10. Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted

    13. I labeled the book, 1 is One, in the Informational Text: Math genre. It is evident why this book was a Caldecott Honor book through it's simple text that counts from one to twenty and it's super dainty illustrations of animals, nature, and children. It's an easy read and easy on the eye, so it will captivate young readers quickly.

    14. This is a simple counting and rhyming book. Where most counting books go only up to 10, this one goes up to 20. It is very sweet and appealing, with soft illustrations.

    15. This mathematical picture book explains numbers through twenty by showing an example, telling the numeral value, and telling the word meaning of each number. This book includes detailed illustrations of number examples within nature. This story can help the reader better understand the concept of numbers, visually see what the values mean, and strengthen their comprehension abilities.

    16. Classic counting book. We explore numbers with animals, plants, and children. The illustrations are delightful. Great tool for learning.

    17. 1. Counting & Controlled Vocabulary (rhyming) 2. Alternating from black and white drawings to colorful water pastels this charming books counts from 1 is one all the way to 20 is twenty, rhyming along the way and incorporating all the things that young children love; animals, dancing, and twinking stars! It is beautifully illustrated and takes the appearance of the classic Dick and Jane books. 3. Critiquea. The illustrations in this book create lots of opportunities for little fingers to poi [...]

    18. I have always known of Tasha Tudor, but I think this might be the first book of hers I actually sat down to read. The concept is simple - 1 is One is a counting book, and each page depicts a number and a scene associated with that number. The spreads alternate between color and black and white, which I found distracting, even though I think that is a function of when the book was published rather than an artistic decision. The naturalistic scenes and sweet-looking children in fancy dresses and s [...]

    19. Not as good as the game “3 in Three”. That game rocks.It's not a bad book, but it's boring and very dated. It's not that common for modern children to have experienced sheep in a meadow, or gourds drying. Or writing on a slate.The art alternates between full color and black and white, and looks almost like a sketch. It's pretty. I imagine you could use it to try to teach a child to count and read the numbers and words for numbers, but I think that the datedness would confuse them. It's not r [...]

    20. This is a classic book with beautiful illustrations. It is an older picture book, published in 1956. This is a counting book, and it is written in verse and rhyme. Each number is shown in bold with a short sentence following it. “1 is one duckling swimming in a dish. 2 is two sisters making a wish.” The counting goes up to 20. The illustrations are the best part of book. They are classic and look like works of art. Each page is framed by a border of vines of flowers, grapes, ivy, etc. After [...]

    21. I had heard of Tasha Tudor in grad school as one of my professors was a huge fan of her work, and we had to watch a video on the author/illustrator in her class. I have been wanting to read her stuff for years as a result, but never had the time until now. This book won a 1957 Caldecott Honor. It is a very cute counting book, up to twenty, with precious illustrations. My favorite is "9 is nine red cherries on a white china plate" and "12 is twelve baby birds learning how to sing." Highly recomme [...]

    22. Tudor alternates pages of paintings with pages of black and white drawings. The watercolor paintings are colorful and bright; the drawings life-like. The animals are fluffy or feathery; the all-white children angelic-looking, and the setting is rural. Each picture, painting or drawing, is bordered by flowers or other plants. The counting text is very simple and the illustrations mostly reflect what the text states. (Caldecott Honor, 1957)

    23. 1 is One is a short, charming children's book about counting and rhyming book. Although it is an older book, it is a great way to assist children learning to count to 20-and great practice! The visuals in this book are also great. I know if I was reading this book to the three year old boy I babysit, we would have to stop and count each picture drawn just to make sure the illustrator did not miss count!

    24. A Caldecott Honor Book with pretty illustrations. I liked that it went up to twenty versus just ten and that the items counted weren't common things like balls and cats. The only number I didn't like was the unnatural number 1, which was a duckling swimming in a dish---my first thought was of Peking Roast Duck! Fortunately, the rest of the numbers were quite cute. The illustrations lend themselves to finger counting quite easily and are nicely done.

    25. Published 1956.This is a beautifully illustrated counting book that is just as relevant for young children today as it was when it was originally published more than 50 years ago. Additionally, the rhyme creates a pleasing flow as the reader counts to twenty.Themes include counting and nature.This is a lovely book to read aloud to one or a class full of young children. Focuses for the classroom include counting and rhyme.Highly recommended.

    26. 1 is One goes up to twenty in Tasha Tudor's signature style. I like that it didn't stop at ten like most counting books, and of course the charm of the illustrations. I also found this one a lot more accessible to my four-year-old son than her alphabet book A is for Annabelle.

    27. Truly lovely illustrations in this one (no pun intended). My favorite Tasha Tudor book, and loved reading it to my kids when they were little. Basic counting book, but I always loved that it went all the way to 20, which most don't seem to do, and the pictures are wonderful.P.S. Hope I didn't spoil the ending for anyone.

    28. 1958 Caldecott HonorFavorite line: 12 is twelve baby birds learning how to sing.Favorite illustration: The bird with a nest.Thoughts: This is a very sweet counting book for numbers 1-20. It is filled with lovely, nostalgic illustrations of sweet kids and animals doing activities like painting picking flowers, and making flower wreaths.

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