Infernal The ninth Repairman Jack novel brims with murder international terrorism sibling rivalry and a truly infernal device A mutual tragedy throws Jack together with his brother Tom a judge from Philade

  • Title: Infernal
  • Author: F. Paul Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780765312754
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The ninth Repairman Jack novel brims with murder, international terrorism, sibling rivalry, and a truly infernal device A mutual tragedy throws Jack together with his brother Tom, a judge from Philadelphia They ve never been close, and it doesn t take Jack long realize that s a good thing Tom and he are opposites Still, Tom convinces Jack to go on a trip to get to knowThe ninth Repairman Jack novel brims with murder, international terrorism, sibling rivalry, and a truly infernal device A mutual tragedy throws Jack together with his brother Tom, a judge from Philadelphia They ve never been close, and it doesn t take Jack long realize that s a good thing Tom and he are opposites Still, Tom convinces Jack to go on a trip to get to know each other better He has a map locating a wreck off the coast of Bermuda and wants Jack to help him find it Reluctantly Jack agrees But instead of treasure they find a strange object, part organic, part manmade, known as the Lilitongue of Gefreda Ancient lore claims that it is a means to elude all enemies and leave them helpless The big question is, why does Tom want such a thing And if the Lilitongue lives up to the legend, where does it take you No one seems to know Matters take a bizarre and dangerous turn no surprise for a Repairman Jack novel when someone accidentally activates the Lilitongue.

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    1 thought on “Infernal”

    1. Ooookay, this book just goes to prove that just because you like a series and you like the earlier books in a series you can't count on liking all the books in a series. The 3 is a giftI can't give 2.5 so I rounded up.Let's be up front. I like the Repairman Jack series. I've been on a roll reading one after another Then I got to Infernal. This one bored me stiff, in some ways it all but crashed and burned. Don't get me wrong the story is here. It adds a little more to our knowledge about Jack an [...]

    2. 4 Stars Infernal, Repairman Jack #9 is another fantastic installment of one of my favorite on going series. F. Paul Wilson has created a special series led by a main character in Jack that always walks the line between good and bad. The Repairman Jack series has developed into one of my favorite series out there and I can never seem to get enough. Wilson does an amazing job at making each book work as a standalone while at the same time never neglecting the overall story arc. We the reader now n [...]

    3. After a devastating event at the airport, Jack needs his brother's help to claim a body. The brotherly reunion doesn't go well as Jack gets suckered into going on an overseas trip to Bermuda where he learns his judicial brother has gotten himself into more than a lot of trouble. Trying to find a solution to his predicament, Tom encourages Jack to help look for buried treasure which leads them to the discovery of a rather unusual artifact that opens up a Pandora's Box of trouble.I did blow throug [...]

    4. This was a less than perfect Repairman Jack novel, primarily because jack was more reactive than proactive and also because the ending of the novel was pretty much telegraphed way too early by the author.There was a whole lot of character development though, and some connection to previous events in the more recent novels that worked better than has been attempted in the earlier novels.Imperfect, but still a reasonably good read. I'm sill waiting for some earth shattering concepts to appear, but [...]

    5. Boy, this series just keeps on rolling along, maintaining consistently high writing, excellent supernatural/mystery plot, and great characters. Jack's brother Tom is the central supporting character this time around and the interaction between the two is very interesting.Each of these Repairman Jack novels seems to be split between 1) a "fix-it" job which is much like a private eye/crime novel plot and 2) an going supernatural plot that moves slowly along as we learn more and more about what is [...]

    6. I read the first Repairman Jack novel, The Tomb, years ago. It felt like I read it when I was about sixteen, but it was only published in 1998, so I must have been closer to 25. I remember liking it a fair bit. That was before the events of 9/11, which I think contributed to a substantial change in tone in this book, Infernal.It's amazing, the level of Gary Stu (masculinization of the concept of a Mary Sue, for those who aren't familiar) feeling I got from the protagonist in this book -- not in [...]

    7. I really wonder what reading these books must be like if you've already read Nightworld, which did come out before all the RJ books. Like, are all the events that happen in here & that seem so momentous at the time just brushed over in a paragraph or two of backstory? In any case, after the tragedy at the beginning of this book, Jack is feeling pretty down, and because of the opening events (I feel silly trying to talk around them since they occur so early on, but I'd rather err on the side [...]

    8. I gave this four stars purely based on it being part of a series that is still four stars. However I wonder if there was some long suffering editor out there who still has nightmares about calling up Mr Wilson saying "err I don't mean to be rude mate, but do you mind shutting a few terrible gaping plot holes." And then having those plot holes half-assedly filled by flimsy afterthought codicils that just don't cut it. It's naff to believe that Jack who is eternally thinking 5 steps ahead, just to [...]

    9. I really liked this book. Interesting characters, fast moving plot. I generally don't like books with a supernatural element in it, but it was handled more like an ancient curse with a modern remedy, which made the story interesting. No wasted pages, and though the ending was somewhat predictable, how it comes about is not. I would read others from this writer, I do like the writing style. The back story would have probably been a bit clearer if you read them in order, but this stands alone pret [...]

    10. More bad news for Jack. This one is definitely a nail biter. The bad things happening to Jack lately just keep getting worse.

    11. RATING: 3.0PROTAGONIST: Repairman JackSETTING: New York City; BermudaSERIES: #9 of 9We’ve probably all experienced times when we’ve had conflict with a family member. Sometimes, that can go so far as complete estrangement. Jack and his father, Tom, had been at odds for a long time; however, in the past year, they went through some heavy stuff together and have reconciled. Now Tom is coming to New York from Miami to visit his son. There’s a palpable feeling of love and caring when they meet [...]

    12. This is the most disjointed entry in the Repairman Jack series so far, almost certainly because of the self-imposed restrictions set in place by the author himself. All of Jack’s solo adventures (not counting the prequels) take place between his debut in The Tomb and the conclusion of the Adversary Cycle, Nightworld--written in 1984 and 1992, respectively. Infernal came out in 2005, with six more volumes to follow.As usual, the story opens coldly realistic, as befitting an urban fix-it man and [...]

    13. I generally dig F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack series, as long as he doesn't turn Jack into too much of a mouthpiece for his libertarian political thoughts (a little is to be expected and fits the character's worldview, but too much) or go on about Jack's lack of a social security number (he has one, he just hasn't used it in 20 years for anything and at best doesn't remember it). But I also get a little anxious for any novel in which Jack works with a member of his family after the subpar Host [...]

    14. I went into the 9th Repairman Jack book as blind as possible, I didn’t read the descriptions on the back and just jumped in. I gave Infernal less stars than I have other books in the series and that low ranking might be misleading. It is a very high bar that has been set. I flew through this book as fast as I did the other books in the RMJ series, I just didn’t think this novel was as good as the others. I still liked the story, still enjoyed myself. In fact I read 100 pages in a sitting mor [...]

    15. This is another fun one by F. Paul Wilson. What I love about this author is that he is simply himself when he writes his books. There are no tortured observations about humanity or deep metaphors or an attempt to impress us with his knowledge and analysis. Wilson usually sets out to tell a really good story in a fun way, and usually invents something that is completely out of left field. The book starts out with Repairman Jack's father coming for a visit. I was not impressed and even thought to [...]

    16. Spoilers within:I don't fancy the racist language, though I understand it's necessary to the attitudes of some of the characters, but I wish Jack had countered it in his inner monologue or something because he knows it's not just "Arabs" behind the evil at work in the book. Plus I think too many readers could be incited to further hatred after reading certain passages. I'm also unsure about some of the unbelievable plot points: namely, I'm not convinced that, even in the fantastic world which is [...]

    17. Wasn't my favorite and it had a rather convenient ending that sort of telegraphed itself several chapters ahead. That said it is Repairman Jack and it came through when I needed it most to break the lethargy I was in after bogging down in two other books. Lyle and Charlie make an encore which was nice and we discovered that Abe is big softie at heart after-all.The LaGuardia Airport attack is never fully resolved and it leaves you with the feeling that Jack has undeserving blood on his hands afte [...]

    18. Not my favorite of the Jack books, but a solid enough offering. Tough to talk much about the plot with out spoilers as some major things happen almost immediately.The bulk of the book follows Jack and his long estranged brother who has some problems of his own. In trying to resolve some of these problems, they end up digging up a lost treasure that could have ties to the Otherness.Two things brought down the rating a bit for me. First, Jack's brother is an unmitigated ass for nearly off the book [...]

    19. Repairman Jack’s father comes to visit, but is killed as soon as he touches the terminal. Jack’s brother, a corrupt judge now in trouble with the feds, comes down to identify the body. He ropes Jack into helping him look for a treasure sunk near Bermuda in the 16th century. They find the treasure, but it turns out to be an Infernal device that means doom for someone very close to Jack. Wilson delivers the usual taut action and subdued heroism from Jack, even if this 350-page entry feels much [...]

    20. Jack's dad is coming in to visit, when he gets killed at the airport. The people who take credit for the slaughter are Wrath of Allah. So Jack is hunting them down.Meanwhile Jack's brother Tom, a judge, is in legal trouble. Tom convinces Jack to go to Bahama with him by boat to clean out Tom's bank account so he can disappear. When they can't, they end up finding the buried treasure (no coincidences right?) that Tom had a treasure map for. The treasure is an Infernal device that Vicky activates [...]

    21. Jack spends time with his brother Tom, the brother from hell, and gets guilt tripped into helping him with a situation he is in. They end up in Bermuda diving for treasure in a sunken ship and end up bringing back an object that is definitely out of the ordinary.A suggestion, once you get to the point where they bring the object back to New York make sure you have enough time to finish the rest of the book, because you won,t want to put it down.I missed Jack doing tricky fixes on people. The pis [...]

    22. This was the first book in this series that managed to break my suspension of disbelief and the cause of it was the cardboard cutout Muslim terrorists. Not even wooden, that would be far too substantial for them. Cartoon stereotypes. They were stupid beyond belief and apparently only included so there would be some action in the story and Jack could have some bad guys to kill. I finished the book and generally liked it, but don't feel inclined to continue with the series just yet. Rather, I feel [...]

    23. I like these books but they are not great literature. There's a slightly violent criminal protagonist (but still a 'good guy') who gets involved with an ancient mystical evil -- the juxtaposition of the two worlds is interesting, and the characters are pretty well drawn without being deep psychological studies. There are a lot of books but so far they are mostly not just episodic, something about the world or the characters changes in almost every book. The author is good at keeping things movin [...]

    24. More Repairman Jack goodness. Jack goes to Bermuda with his brother, Tom, and brings up a strange, mysterious object from a wreck.This book has more drama and less action than most other Jack books, having only one or two action scenes, but it still entertains. Previous locations and characters are a major feature of this book (characters from The Haunted Air and a location from Crisscross), the new background revealed more than makes up for this, IMO. Apparently this book is where some fans enl [...]

    25. The Repairman Jack series and its larger Secret History of the World series continue to be great ones. This book had a mix of surprise and mundane involving both Jack's dad and his older brother for the first half, making it an average read at the halfway point. Then something happens, and it became very good. This book is low on action, but heavy on suspense and mystery. The ending sets it up nicely for what must be getting serious as Jack is preparing for his battle against the Otherness. 4.5 [...]

    26. The ninth Repairman Jack novel is more of the same. The main plot is a little weak and doesn't seem to fit with the most recent novels, even when he calls in contacts and visits places from the previous novels. The meat of book is good, but the ending manages to be HEAVILY telegraphed even a hundred pages before AND also be a little unbelievable. There are a few element that the author seemed to add in, just to throw people off the telegraphed ending. I enjoyed this book and have enjoyed those i [...]

    27. more of a stand alone novel than part of the series of repairman jack books.a bit disappointing as welle plot sees career criminal jack team up with his brother tom who is a judge and as much of a criminal as jack. they search a shipwreck looking for a long lost artifact finding it takes most of the novel and the end is seen a mile awayfernal is ok but does not need to be read in order to understand the overall story that the previous books and subsequent relate to.

    28. Another mostly wonderful and, initially at first at times, fun Repairman Jack book complete with a song about him.However, his brother is a downer and the book drags whenever he is in it.I suppose the point of dwelling on the brother is to dwell on Repairman Jack's integrity and contrast the spirit of the law vs. letter of the law. Anyway, sometimes this gets highlighted a bit over and over again.

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