Daughter of Venice

Daughter of Venice Donata a noble girl lives in a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice in Girls of her class receive no education and rarely leave the palazzo Donata longs to be tutored like her brothers and to

  • Title: Daughter of Venice
  • Author: Donna Jo Napoli
  • ISBN: 9780385327800
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Donata, a noble girl, lives in a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice in 1592 Girls of her class receive no education, and rarely leave the palazzo Donata longs to be tutored like her brothers and to see the Venice she has seen on the map in her father s study Dressed as a boy, Donata escapes to see the world before she is shut away in a convent.

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      478 Donna Jo Napoli
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    1. Almost 4 starsThis book went in a different, better direction than I expected from what looked to be a typical YA story: adolescent 16th century noblewoman chafes under her restrictive lot, dresses as a boy to experience life more fully, finds enlightenment.This book was better than I expected for 3 main reasons.1. Family. The author paints a picture of upper class Venetian family life that is full of genuine affection, interest and vitality. Donata, the heroine, is one of 12 children. It is no [...]

    2. Usually, I do not enjoy Historical Fiction novels, but Daughter of Venice was an exception. The author, Donna Jo Napoli, did a tremendous job explaining the setting and characters, making the plot and characters come to life. I found myself predicting throughout the entire book, there was a lot of action and twists.The story was about a fourteen year old girl, Donata, who lives during the 1590s in Venice. She is a noble daughter, and in noble families only one daughter and son may marry. Althoug [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book more than I did, and wish that I could give a 2.5 star rating instead of 3. The book was hard to get through for a few reasons. The first being that the protagonist, Donata, seemed to waver between a bratty child a and a witty teen. Her character is 14 years old, but her voice often appeared as that of an 11 year old. While the random facts/lessons on Venetian history were interesting, not all of the facts were pertinent(thought interesting) to the telling of Do [...]

    4. I'd heard good things about this book, and it didn't let me down. Donna Jo Napoli has written a vivid, well-researched coming-of-age story set in Venice in the 1590s. There's a scene in the very first chapter in which our young heroine ventures into a forbidden map room that beautifully evokes a sense of excitement and enchantment; from that moment I knew I was in good hands.But the story also had a lot to recommend it as well. Of course, Napoli was writing from a modern humanist and feminist vi [...]

    5. Another of my favourite books alongside THE THIEF LORD set in Venice, because that’s clearly My Thing, this is a historical novel about a rich girl who sneaks out of her house to flirt with a cute Jewish boy who teaches her to write. I got this out of the library about three times when I was fourteen.This is set in Venice in 1592, where Donata is a noble girl stifled by convention, who dresses as a boy to explore the city. She finds her way to the Jewish district, and meets a boy called Noe, w [...]

    6. This is okay. Enjoyable, but, and I hate to say it, pretty predictable. When I was a kid, Donna Jo Napoli always had these really clever twists that threw me. I can't tell if I grew up or if this was just an off book, but I could tell where this was going the whole time. I do want to give her props for not resolving the romance the way she could, and in fact backgrounding it as much as she could. Still, overall, the resolution felt-- convienent, and obvious, and the whole story felt ever so slig [...]

    7. I happened upon this book on night when I was terribly bored. I had nothing to read so searching the downstairs bookshelf I picked up this book. I Had picked it up many times before but never started to read it. So I decided to give it a chance. I loved it.

    8. I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK! I only rated it 4 stars because Donata never got to marry the person that she loved.

    9. "Venice is a city of light and water, where colors flourish because of a spirit of hope."So I wanted to read something light and easy and that's what this is. It's another great children's / YA book along the lines of the other two Napoli books I've read (Hush: An Irish Princess' Tale and Bound) which are realistic portrayals of young girls in historic settings (Ireland and China, respectively).Daughter of Venice, takes place, obviously, in Venice. It's about a young girl, Donata, who I trying t [...]

    10. At first, this book did not seem as enticing as the ever dramatic Red Necklace. (I got them together at the library, recommended by my sis.) But after reading deep into it, I realized it was as intense and sad as Red Necklace was. It's a story of a young noble girl named Donata living in Venice a long time ago. It's a custom that only the oldest daughter of the family gets the privilege to marry, but Laura (Donata's twin) and Donata's only dream is to marry just like Andriana (the oldest). News [...]

    11. I love this story because it's a classic: A girl is against the way girls are treated in society, and Donata Mocenigo wants to see the world, because she is sick of being confined in her home, playing the violin( which she sucks at) and spinning yarn. She escapes and goes into a Jewish neighborhood, where she learns how to write and is educated. Coming from a family of over 7 children, Donata has a twin sister, Laura, that agrees to pretend to be her while she is out. But here's the catch: Only [...]

    12. I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!I wish I could write a proper review someday, with character analysis and everything, but you'll just have to settle with this. Donata was a REAL PERSON (not REAL real, but PERSONALITY real. This is really important if you want your readers to not burn your book.) She had fire.She had guts.She was a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a boy.She was awesome. Her awesomeness radiated from the pages as I read, and I wanted to be in 1592 Ve [...]

    13. This was an average YA historical novel. I don't really have much to say about it because I wasn't "wowed" by it nor did I dislike it. It follows Donata in 1592 Venice. She is one of many daughters in a noble family in a time when dowries were of great import. Basically all the dowry money is going towards marrying off her older sister so Donata and her female siblings are looking at life in a convent stuck inside looking out all the time. Donata dons the attire of a fisher boy and runs the stre [...]

    14. This was such BAD book maybe the author should stop writing!I didn't like that the main character, who was 14, acted like an 10 year old. I am sorry, but she was sooooo annoying. She was crying she couldn't get married, but when she finally can marry someone she doesn't want to. Second all this history made me feel like i am in schoolt that i hate school as much as this book. Some pages it was just history. Third the author got her facts all mixed up. She said that Albrecht Durer was Dutch but h [...]

    15. I really liked the writing but it was too off for me. I'm a 14 year old but i feel like the charater really is 11 and immature. Also i couldn't finish it because it made me rediculously mad that women had such a restricted range of rights. I don't know.I'm not a feminist or anything but it eas all i could think about as i was reading and i didn't keep my attention. So, I didn't like it, especially the end (Isipped ahead and read only little parts here and there) because i felt like it was too ru [...]

    16. I have to add this to "my favorites" because it combined much of what I love about the best coming-of-age literature--a well researched historical setting (not needed for coming-of-age, but my favorites tend to fall in that category) and a strong character going outside the norm to discover/do what she loves. It doesn't shy away from the dark side of Venice's history (which I knew next to nothing of, but now feel educated about) and some details might make younger readers uncomfortable (this is [...]

    17. Since this was a young adult book I'm being slightly generous.Bought because of a love of Venetian history, and it did contain a lot of factually accurate historical details, and set the scene of noble life in Venice.However, the characters were annoying and the plot was a bit pointless.

    18. First book of 2018 completed. Daughter of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli. A bit of historical fluff really. Slow to start, but I raced through the final 100 pages. I loved the details of the city and the ghetto. The story itself was slightly far fetched though. 3*

    19. This book was better than I expected. Though the characters were quite young, I was captivated with their story. The customs of Venice were fascinating. Donata aroused my sympathies. I am thankful to live in a time when education for women is both available and encouraged.

    20. This book was SOOO close to landing itself on the "Favorites" list. I kid you not, it missed by the narrowest of hairs.Still, I stand firmly by my final decision. This beautifully-written old timey Venice-set tale (by the author of the masterpiece known as Dark Shimmer!) is the story of brave Donata who ventures out of her sheltered world to discover the sights -- the pretty and the ugly -- of the Venice she only sees from her windows and from under her veils. On the surface, this book has so ma [...]

    21. Daughter of Venice is a very intriguing book, written by Donna Jo Napoli. The story takes place in Venice where the main character, Donata lives with her family in the families Palazzo on Venice’s grand canal. The story begins when Donata is with her little sister Paolina in their bed in the morning. The problem arises when Donata realizes that her and her twin sister will both get married since they are twins and normal noble families are only aloud to marry two of their eldest daughters, whi [...]

    22. Four and a half stars. I really, really enjoyed the book. It was light, but not so light that I thought worse of myself for reading it. It didn't change my life and I don't think I'll read it again, but I still really loved it. Easy to fall into, easy to enjoy, exactly what I needed at the time. More importantly, it was a satisfying, light read while defying the new norms in literature that celebrate the degradation of heroines and sisterhood. Something I really loved about this book is that it [...]

    23. Daughter of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli is a wonderful young adult novel set in Venice in the 1590s. Donata Mocenigo, the fourteen-year-old daughter of a noble family with twelve children, lives a sheltered life. She has never been taught to read and write, and she rarely leaves her family’s palazzo, except in the company of her mother and sisters. Because her family can afford a dowry for only one daughter—her oldest sister Andriana—Donata and her sisters will be forced to join a convent. D [...]

    24. Overall, I thought the Daughter of Venice was an ok book! it wasn't the best but not the worst.The main character Donata, receives no education, can never be out of her parents eye sight, and is the oldest daughter of a noble family in Venice, Italy. She has 4 sisters and 7 brothers. She has very strict parents and they have high expectations from her. Donata's sisters convince her to leave the palazzo by dressing up as a poor boy so she can explore.There are some parts I though the author could [...]

    25. I didn't expect to love this book the way I did.Coming from a Third World country, I understand the helplessness that overwhelms the main character, Donata, because of the constraints society put on her for having the terrible misfortune of being born with breasts and a vagina. I get how trapped and frustrated you can feel when opportunities that your brothers take for granted are denied to you, when you don't know the nooks and corners of your beloved city, when you see men all around you talk [...]

    26. (This review also appears on )This is the captivating tale of bold, brash noblewoman Donata, a teenager desperate to obtain some degree of freedom in 15th Century Venice before she is ultimately shipped away to join a convent by her strictly traditional family.Eager to learn and explore her home city of which she can only imagine through maps, paintings and stories told by her uncles and elder brothers, Donata knows that her future and that of her younger sisters also, is entirely planned out fo [...]

    27. Quick, well-researched semi-historical fiction for young readers. The general characterization was pretty good, and it loved the strong sense of family throughout the book. Even when the main character is being, by modern standards, oppressed and marginalized, her family (even her brothers, who do not really understand her delimma) shows her love and support in their own quiet little ways. I only downgrade this book because first, it felt like a chunk of time- a whole month! A very significant m [...]

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