Shattered Silence

Shattered Silence A serial killer is targeting illegal aliens in southern Texas Texas Ranger Cody Jackson is paired with a local police officer Liliana Rodriguez to investigate the murders While the case brings Cody

  • Title: Shattered Silence
  • Author: Margaret Daley
  • ISBN: 9781426714290
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • A serial killer is targeting illegal aliens in southern Texas Texas Ranger Cody Jackson is paired with a local police officer, Liliana Rodriguez, to investigate the murders While the case brings Cody and Liliana ever closer, the tension between Americans and Mexican Americans heightens As Cody and Liliana race to discover who is behind the murders and bring peace to theA serial killer is targeting illegal aliens in southern Texas Texas Ranger Cody Jackson is paired with a local police officer, Liliana Rodriguez, to investigate the murders While the case brings Cody and Liliana ever closer, the tension between Americans and Mexican Americans heightens As Cody and Liliana race to discover who is behind the murders and bring peace to the area, what they uncover isn t what they expected Will Cody and Liliana s faith and love be strong enough to survive the storm of violence

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      487 Margaret Daley
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    1. Shattered Silence is a relevant novel for people living close to the Mexican border. Though I live in Arizona, one can see the border fence at night from my front porch, so I know what it's like to wonder what those helicopters mean when a bunch fly overhead at night. A lot of stuff happens that I'm sure we only know a little bit about. Anyway, this novel is set in Texas. There is just something about those Texas Rangers that seems sexy to me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one.) The hero in this [...]

    2. I was very interested in Margaret Daley's series, "The Men of The Texas Rangers," for a couple of reasons: One - I'm from Texas, and two - I have a cousin who was a Texas Ranger. I was curious to see how she would portray these men who are almost mythical here in my home state, and in reality are some of the finest law enforcement men there are.I'll have to say - Margaret Daley did good! Not only is her portrayal of Ranger Cody Jackson accurate, Daley adds a personal touch to the character that [...]

    3. Good easy read Well written Christian story. Enough suspense to keep you involved from beginning to end. If you like a good mystery with a happy ending (and I surely do), you’ll be glad you read this one

    4. Title: Shattered Silence: The Men of the Texas Rangers #2Author: Margret Daley Pages: 336Year: 2012Publisher: Abingdon Press Shattered Silence is the sequel to Saving Hope in the Men of Texas Rangers series written by Margret Daley. The first book in the series is a stand-alone story as is the second book in this series. Here, the story entails the battles that rage deep within the heart and soul of the characters. One man is a janitor who has a disability, but longs to be noticed by others aro [...]

    5. After the death of his ex-wife, Texas Ranger Cody Jackson and his fifteen year old son Kyle moved from Houston to Durango. He wanted to get his son away from the dangers of the city and out of the influential clutches of his step-father, who belongs to a white-supremacist group currently under investigation. Unfortunately some of the step-father's bigoted racial influences has rubbed off on Kyle, causing him trouble at school. Cody also moved to Durango to help find the person who was responsibl [...]

    6. My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Disclaimers: I received a temporary e-galley of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: I loved the first in this series and so naturally I was psyched to hear that Daley had written a sequel. Even though this is a sequel, this novel can stand on its own. This book focuses on new characters and a new plot.Having said that, I adored this book. Daley has the ability to combine romance and suspense w [...]

    7. Texas Ranger, Cody Jackson, headed to the town of Durango, Texas for a few reasons. One was to help solve a case involving a fellow Ranger, Al Garcia who was shot while on duty and was now recovering and retiring at the same time. The second reason was to removes his teenage son, Kyle from his stepfather's white supremacist habits and thinking. Since Kyle had recently lost his mother three months ago, he clung to the beliefs that all other races of people were wrong to associate with and began b [...]

    8. Cody Jackson moved to a smaller town for a variety of reasons - to get his son out of the dangers of Houston, and so solve the attempted murder of his mentor.The first day proves one thing: Life is definitely not quiet in a small, boarder town.As Jackson and local police officer, Liliana Rodriguez, work together to investigate a series of murders, they discover that villain in an unexpected place.This is the second book in the "Texas Rangers" series by Margaret Daley for Abingdon Press. It opens [...]

    9. Durango is a nice town in Texas. Police Detective Liliana Rodriguez has lived in Durango all her life and she knows most of the residents. She loves her job and her family. There's not much time for other things in her life--surely no place for a love life.Liliana's partner is going on vacation when the new Texas Ranger arrives in Durango. Texas Ranger Cody Jackson has just moved to Durango, Texas. Soon after he arrived, a pregnant woman was murdered. In the week that follows more people were mu [...]

    10. Liliana Rodriguez is a detective on the Durango Police force (apparently, Durango is in Texas. This initially confused me, because I’m sure I remember visiting Durango in Colorado. Never mind. This is another Durango, population 1885, if the internet is to be believed). Her partner has recently retired due to injury, so when a murder victim is discovered, Liliana is paired with Cody Jackson, the new Texas Ranger in town. Cody has just moved to town with his son, Kyle. Cody’s ex-wife, Kyle’ [...]

    11. Illegal aliens are being targeted by a serial killer. The first victim was a pregnant Hispanic woman. Maria a young child was a witness to this but the killer at the time did not know the child was in the abandoned house. Liliana Rodriguez, a police officer and Cody Jackson a Texas Ranger band together to try to solve this mystery. Each have their own set of problems. Cody Jackson is raising his son after his ex-wife died. He's trying to undo all the damage that his bigoted ex wife's husband inf [...]

    12. Shattered Silence by Margaret DaleyThe Men of the Texas Rangers Book 2Texas Ranger Cody Jackson has just moved to Durango, Texas from Houston. After the death of his ex-wife he now has full custody of his fifteen year old son, Kyle. Instead of moving to the quiet town he imagined….he has a murder to solve within hours of his arrival. And it only escalates from there.Police Detective Liliana Rodriguez will do all she can do to protect the people of Durango but especially her family. She demands [...]

    13. Texas Ranger Cody Jackson transfers with his teenage son Kyle from Houston to the border town of Durango. He teams up with Durango Police detective Liliana Rodriguez when a serial killer hits the town targeting suspected illegal aliens. Cody and Liliana soon develop strong feelings for each other as this murder investigation may be linked to a smuggling ring, all the while finding themselves in the role of protector in their personal lives: Cody, with his son, who's upset by the death of his mot [...]

    14. Beginning with the opening pages when little Maria Martinez was playing Hide 'n Seek with her brothers and inadvertently witnessed a murder, I could not put this novel down. The tensions along the Texas-Mexico border seem ripped from the headlines, and the suspense grew with every page as glimpses into the murderer's thoughts increased as the book progressed. A sub-plot involving Texas Ranger Cody Jackson's troubled son, Kyle, grabbed my heart as well, and Daley portrays this storyline so well t [...]

    15. Durango, Texas has a problem with a killer, and Lillianna Rodriguez is the police investigator in charge. Her partner is about to go on vacation, but Rodriguez is not looking forward to a stranger helping her investigate. To remove his son from the influence of his white supremacist stepfather, Texas Ranger Cody Jackson just moved to Durango with his son, only to be immediately consumed in the investigation. Variations on the theme of bullying twist through the story and include abuse against pe [...]

    16. There are four books in The Men of the Texas Rangers series by Margaret Daley.Saving HopeShattered SilenceScorned Justice Severed TrustI'm doing a combined review because I honestly didn't take a breath between reading books. The first was marked complete and the second was opened in a heartbeat.Margaret Daley pens a great story of the men who comprise the modern day Texas Rangers. Each book contains a mystery to be solved (murder, missing children, drug distribution) while her heroes are everyd [...]

    17. I was looking forward to this book after reading Saving Hope. This book is just as good if not better. This time it deals with bullying and how it can stay with a person well into adulthood. As a victim of bullying I understand this very well and how it has lasting effects on a life. This book we see Liliana working with Cody to solve the spate of murders of illegals. Cody has moved to get his son away from the extremist views of his step father and we can see how he feels about people who are d [...]

    18. Just finished reading Shattered Silence, Margaret Daley’s book. This was an exciting story, what all the Texas Rangers had to go through to find the murders, smugglers, etc. The ending surprised me totally. Would never have guessed who the guilty ones were; took a lot of time to locate them. Margaret Daley keeps you on the edge all throughout the story. So many adventures are in this story. Loved it, and I know you all will too. She is truly a gifted writer. I love reading all of her books tha [...]

    19. This book was an amazing read! Even though it was the second book in "The Men of the Texas Rangers" series it can definitely be read as a stand alone. This book held my attention from beginning to end. The author added just enough clues, hints and false trails to keep me guessing until the mystery was finally solved.I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books by Margaret Daley!You can read my full review here:collettaskitchensink.

    20. I just love Margaret Daley's writing style. Not only does she write stories that are poignant, captivating, and romantic, but she tackles tough subjects with a skill that is not easily matched. This story is no exception. Shattered Silence is a gripping story about bullying in it's many forms, domestic abuse, prejudices, and overcoming those things in our lives with the Lord's help. View my full review here: faithlovebooks/20

    21. I think this series has been Margaret Daly's best work yet. Shattered Silence was as good as book 1. A lot of subjects were covered. Spousal abuse, bullying, racism and of course, murder. There was even time for some romance. I enjoyed the subjects that were addressed and this was a nice enjoyable read.

    22. This was a well-written Christian (easy on the Christian part) romantic suspense with very likable main characters and good writing. The story just flowed along. I don't enjoy hearing from the bad "guy's" POV in books so I could have done without that here, but it eventually didn't bother me. I look forward to reading book 3 in this series.

    23. The second book in the, "Men of the Texas Rangers" series. I'm continuing to enjoy this series. I had a harder time following the characters in this book for some reason but I still enjoyed the story.

    24. I enjoyed the story line, the characters and the issues the author dealt with. However, there were so many characters (murder victims, villains, law enforcement and their family) it made the book a bit tedious to follow. The story lost momentum mid way but picked back up in the end.

    25. Fast-paced, exciting read. Deals with several different types of bullying and what it can lead to. The Christian author inserts the role of faith in the lives of characters, but is not overbearingly religious.

    26. Fast-paced, well-written, vivid and exciting, this gripping Texas crime thriller will have you intrigued from page one. Definitely worth reading and I'll be checking out what other books Daley has written to see how this series continues. :)

    27. Thought I knew how it was going to end. I was wrong! Kept me guessing. Liked the father, Cody and son, Kyle. I liked how the relationship grew and changed.

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