Doll's Eyes

Doll s Eyes Eve Klein was born wtih a gift she doesn t want It drove her husband away and her mother to suicide It forces her to see things know things In her mind she can see the pain the terror the blood and

  • Title: Doll's Eyes
  • Author: Bari Wood
  • ISBN: 9780380720972
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eve Klein was born wtih a gift she doesn t want It drove her husband away and her mother to suicide It forces her to see things know things.In her mind, she can see the pain, the terror, the blood and the eyes cold and merciless, alivet dead.Destiny has brought her to a remote and mountainous place, with no avenue of escape For the killer s glassy doll eyEve Klein was born wtih a gift she doesn t want It drove her husband away and her mother to suicide It forces her to see things know things.In her mind, she can see the pain, the terror, the blood and the eyes cold and merciless, alivet dead.Destiny has brought her to a remote and mountainous place, with no avenue of escape For the killer s glassy doll eyes are now focused solely on Eve Klein And he s coming for her now.

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    1. UPDATE 9/25/14: I just watched the movie and it is BAD. But it looks so nice. So maybe the book is better? I don't know. They should remake it and do a good job this time. Although nobody could portray Vivian Thompson like RDJVIEW:I read this book because of the movie based off it, In Dreams. In reality, the book and the movie have literally NOTHING in common besides a psychic woman. Not the names, not the crimes, not the settings, not ANYTHING. I'd actually known they were different before goin [...]

    2. What got me interested in this book was the movie In Dreams. I'd read a few reviews when it came to the book vs the movie and it seems to me that since so much was changed, not a lot of people really cared for the movie. Personally, I enjoy both but as separate stories. How different is the book? Well the basic story is still there, a psychic is able to see a serial killer who then goes out looking for her. Yet there is a lot that is different. The serial killer isn't just some guy lurking in th [...]

    3. I really liked the premise of Doll's Eyes and the main character's journey to find a reason for why she can see the things she sees. On the other hand, towards the middle of the novel it just started getting confusing and going in circles over the same things over and over again.

    4. excellently written. keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat as you imagine seeing horrors through another's eyes. this book also illustrates the damage that a parent/s can do to a child. horrifying!

    5. The only reason I picked this up was because I had seen the movie In Dreams and it was supposedly based on this book. Well, I don't really understand exactly how they can say that it's based on this--they really have almost nothing in common, including the character names and most of the plot--but I would ague that this is a better story. I didn't really have high hopes for it, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are pretty well developed, the gore is somewhat restrained [...]

    6. Bari Wood is an intriguing writer and my overall impression of her is that she's better than the sum of her parts. She uses pulpy and familiar themes throughout her novels which lend themselves (or are indebted to?) to horror cinema. She's definitely smarter than most of the pack though and can deliver one hell of a creeper both in tension and release. Doll's Eyes has the added bonus of moving along at clip. It's a page turner, if not quite a head scratcher; you know where this book is going, de [...]

    7. I admit I never heard of Bari Wood and it wasn't until I saw the movie "In Dreams" (again) that I discovered it was based on a novel. I wanted to read Doll's Eyes for a couple of reasons, the least not being the fact that I am writing a very similar novel and I thought I could get some helpful insights.This book is currently out of print but I found a used copy on and in a couple of days it was on my doorstep. I don't know what I was expecting but it was both better than I had hoped for and muc [...]

    8. Buen thriller, la trama es bastante rápida y van pasando los hechos a toda velocidad, lamentablemente el hecho de saber tan temprano quién es el asesino me desilusionó, además de que el "juego" del gato y el ladrón es predecible.Las descripciones de las escenas están bien realizadas, llega a ser clínico el detalle de lo que ocurre con las víctimas y eso sorprende y le da un buen toque a la obra, pero por otro lado, la identificación con los personajes se hace débil, incluso de manera s [...]

    9. This is a fascinating crime story.A serial killer, a clairvoyant woman and a desperate police officer.Five women have been killed over the past two years, all in the same way. The officer in charge of the case, Dave Latovsky has no clues until the clairvoyant woman Eve Tilden touches a children’s swing and discovers a dying woman and some clues of the killer.Even if you, as a reader, know the killer from the beginning of the book, it is a surprising and scary thriller.I enjoyed it a lot.

    10. To anyone whose favorite thing about the movie In Dreams is the drowned town backstory: this is not in the book. So if that's what you're looking for, you will be disappointed. Similarly, RD Jr's character in the movie is wonderfully unhinged at all times, but the murderer in the book appears, most of the time, as a functioning member of society.The only real similarity between the book and the movie is the heroine's psychic connection to the killer. That being said, this is a good enough read o [...]

    11. The movie "In Dreams" is LOOSELY based upon this book. It's suspenseful and well written but the last few chapters just drag on and on. You know what SHOULD happen at the end, but it's as if the writer had no way of getting there and just kind of "winged" the last few chapters. Other than the end, the book is great.

    12. i saw the movie that the book was based on called "In Dreams" the movie was horrible, the plot was horrible, so i just said forget the book.

    13. Neat plot. Do not like the characterizations. Nor any of the characters. Except the lady who got her leg blown off.

    14. I liked it. Well-written and meticulously detailed, the story transitioned smoothly and kept me interested until the very end. A true thriller.

    15. So scary at the start! And I had to remove the paper cover from the hardback as it was too scary to look at at night. I loved the ending, nicely done.

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