Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny

Mates Dates and Diamond Destiny That William Lewis really thinks a lot of himself I said He s such a smartarse Hhmm said Lucy grinning That s what he said about you too He did What a cheek God he annoys me I really hate him Lucy

  • Title: Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny
  • Author: Cathy Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781853408762
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • That William Lewis really thinks a lot of himself, I said He s such a smartarse Hhmm, said Lucy, grinning That s what he said about you too He did What a cheek God, he annoys me I really hate him Lucy, TJ, and Izzie exchanged knowing looks Yeah sure, said TJ You hate him Nesta s life is thrown into upheaval when she gets involved in charity work thin That William Lewis really thinks a lot of himself, I said He s such a smartarse Hhmm, said Lucy, grinning That s what he said about you too He did What a cheek God, he annoys me I really hate him Lucy, TJ, and Izzie exchanged knowing looks Yeah sure, said TJ You hate him Nesta s life is thrown into upheaval when she gets involved in charity work thinking that it might be a cool way to meet people mainly boys But as her eyes are opened to the plight of the world, she begins to want genuinelyto get involved and help others On top of this, Nesta meets William, a boy who questions her motives At times, she s convinced he hates her and the feeling is mutual But Izzie, Lucy, and TJ think it is something like love.

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      496 Cathy Hopkins
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    1 thought on “Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny”

    1. This one is about Nesta and her need to help others. But if she doing it for the right reasons or to impress a boy??I loved this book. The ones about Nesta are usually my favorite because she is the one i can identify with most. There are great moral values to be learned in this book. And it has even inspired me to do a few new things.

    2. This book was great! (Just like the rest of the Mates, dates series of course) It really shows you how you can make a difference, even if it's not that big! As usual made with the traditional recipe: a bunch of drama, a cup of laughter, teaspoon with sarcasm and voila! A genius book.

    3. Sekelompok gadis remaja melakukan kegiatan amal secara sukarela? Rasanya hal itu tidak biasa, terlebih di saat yang lainnya asyik dengan kehidupan ala remaja lainnya yang penuh suka cita. Namun semuanya harus dihadapi Nesta dan kawan-kawannya karena obsesi mendadak Nesta untuk mengubah dunia menjadi lebih baik. Penyangkalan Nesta tentang perasaannya yang sesungguhnya kepada William juga menjadi salah satu bumbu khas romance remaja yang untungnya tidak terlalu mendominasi jalan cerita.Gaya pencer [...]

    4. I read Mates, Dates, and Diamond Destiny as an IR book. This book was about Nesta thinking she is selfish and she wants to prove to people she isn't. By doing that she wants to start charity. Her best friends are questioned at first but they join her. In the beginning Nesta wants to give almost all her clothes away but then she notices she is going overboard. Along the way she meets this boy William who is friends with her lying ex. While preparing for a charity dance she also helps William sist [...]

    5. The first time I read Mates Dates series is when I was a teenager. And now I read it again as an adult(?), I just realized Oh gosh, they are just fourteen! :))Just like the other series of Mates Dates, the story is rather light, typical of teenlit, full of dreamy stories. I'm fine with it though as I find I need light stories sometimes.In this book, I really like the theme. About charity. Probably because I also attracted to charity thingy recently. I also feel the same thing every now and then. [...]

    6. Collective ReviewI first read a couple of these books in 2006. I had a long bus trip and grabbed a couple of the series from a local bookstore. I had no idea they were part of a huge series. Over the years I had forgotten the names of the books but every now and then would try to find them. I finally found them this year from a list. Yay!I really enjoyed this series. I think the main reason is because the books were released in 2001 and the girls are 14. I was 13 in 2001 so can connect with a l [...]

    7. I think this book was cute. It is about four friends, Nesta, Izzy, Lucy, and TJ. The main character, Nesta did not appreciate helping other people, or getting involved with charities, fund-rasisers, and organizations. However, she soon learns that helping people is a good thing. Later, Nesta gets all her friends to help raise money for a charity fund for the disabled. Throughout the book, she actually gets caught up in helping other, that she doesnt realize that inside, she really has to learn t [...]

    8. Seperti biasa Nesta, TJ, Lucy, dan Izzie mempunyai gagasan-gagasan yang tidak biasa. Tiba-tiba saja mereka merasa manusia yang paling abai terhadap permasalahan-permasalahan sosial di bumi ini. Nesta kemudian berusaha membuat dirinya sebagai pahlawan yang peduli permasalahan lingkungan. Mulai dari memilah baju2 yang bau sampai berakting menjadi model demi mengundang supermodel dalam kegiatan amalnya. Kesimpulannya, narsis ga papa juga kok, asal berguna bagi banyak orang. Gayanya Cathy Hopkins ya [...]

    9. I'm reading this series again and this one is about Nesta. Nesta is a girl who always like to think about boys. She can not live without boys. All she cares are boys! As the story develops, she start to do something useful like getting involved and helping others. It made her start to not think about boys that much and better than that, she meets William and they fall in love. I think that sometimes when you don't want something to happen, it happens and vice versa. For example, when i need my c [...]

    10. Hidup nesta si Ratu Belanja benar-benar jungkir balik ketika ia mulai terlibat dalam kegiatan amal. Awalnya Nesta melakukannya cuma karena ini cara keren untuk bertemu orang-orang baru (terutama para cowok). Tetapi ketika matanya mulai terbuka pada berbagai kesengsaraan di dunia, ia benar-benar tulus membantu sesama. Namun ternyata beramal dan membantu sesama nggak semudah yang ia pikirkan sebelumnya. Masalah Nesta bukan cuma itu. Ia memang ketemu cowok, si keren William. Sayang sekali, bukannya [...]

    11. This book is about a girl names Nesta. She convinces her friends(Izzy, TJ, and Lucy) to help her with a charity. First she does it to try to get Wiliam, but when she hears about his sister, Eleanor, she starts to realize that she is selfish. She then joins a group at her school that is raising money for a wing at Lotus Hospice. I REALLY liked this book, and I dont really like reading It was pretty obvious that they were gonna end up getting together. But I would recommend this to everybody!

    12. i think that it was a good book it was about four best friends. one of them brings up the theme of helping others that are asking for money and cloth for people that need it . nesta is the main character and by using the helping others theme she meets a boy named william who his sister has cancer and she is likely to die and the they have to make enough money for her and other pacients to survive for at least a year or 2 is a wonderful book to readad how nesta,izzie,lucy and tj solve and make en [...]

    13. Once again, the girls are ripping on Nesta for being shallow, but Nesta's PMSing and takes it really seriously. Plus, there's a guy collecting at the coffee shop who was one of Luke's friends. Nesta gets involved with charity work to prove she's not shallow but she keeps running into William. She DOES NOT like him, so why are the girls giving her such a hard time? And even if she did like him, how would she be able to trust a friend of Luke's? A bit preachy on the charity-work angle, especailly [...]

    14. Everything just seems so easy for the girls. They're beautiful and have had multiple boyfriends each in the course of one year. I mean, what kind of teenager can pass for a model without any questioning? I still feel like each of these books is trying to teach me something. I am not sure if I am in the mood for something with a message. 3/5

    15. LOL. I just laugh at the way Nesta tries to catch William's attention by getting in a charity club. In the charity club, she helps a lot of people & that's pretty good. But she faces too many problems and doesn't know what to do. She actually figured out she had her friends by her side to help her solve her tragic problems.

    16. This was a fun and vaguely enjoyable read, though it was incredibly predictable. I felt the characters could have been developed more and the storylines could have ran deeper.I got this as a swap on Read It Swap It, and probably would never had read it otherwise. As a fan of YA, I think this one would appeal to young teens, not for those who like their books bigger and more complex.

    17. I think this book/series is a very cute read. I llove how it centers around a group of four friends. This one book is mainly about Nesta. I love how you can see the characters change some in each book. I would definitely recommend this to teenagers.

    18. This book is really good! Nesta wants to do charity, because she was interested in this guy named William. Nesta isn't the helpful type of person but she learns how to help others. Nesta goes through a lot of problems but her mates are there to help her in her plights.

    19. Been reading Mates Dates series since like primary school, and Hopkins still makes me laugh :')

    20. Very funny! I can relate to every character in the story. Each character has their own love story. But more than that, it is about family, school problems, friendship, everything about life.

    21. I don't really enjoy this book as the others. All she do is be a mopey prick BOUT EVERYTHING. and she doesn't really appreciate her mates that well. But i kind of like Nesta.

    22. There is no way I could have managed the horrible teenage years without this series! I read it multiple times!!

    23. LOVED THIS BOOK!!! thought it was an amazing dreamy story! love, boys and dreams coming true of FASHION!!!

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