A Winter Flame

A Winter Flame THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP BESTSELLING AUTHOR Tis the season to be jolly But can Eve find happiness through the frost A heartwarming and hilarious novel from the bestselling author of Afternoon Tea at the

  • Title: A Winter Flame
  • Author: Milly Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780857208996
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
  • THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP 5 BESTSELLING AUTHOR Tis the season to be jolly But can Eve find happiness through the frost A heartwarming and hilarious novel from the bestselling author of Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe and The Queen of Wishful Thinking.Eve has never liked Christmas So when her adored elderly aunt dies, the last thing she is expecting is to be left a themeTHE SUNDAY TIMES TOP 5 BESTSELLING AUTHOR Tis the season to be jolly But can Eve find happiness through the frost A heartwarming and hilarious novel from the bestselling author of Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe and The Queen of Wishful Thinking.Eve has never liked Christmas So when her adored elderly aunt dies, the last thing she is expecting is to be left a theme park in her will A theme park with a Christmas theme And that s not the only catch Her aunt s will stipulates that Eve must run the park with a mysterious partner, the exotically named Jacques Glace Who is this Jacques, and why did Aunt Evelyn name him in her will But Eve isn t going to back down from a challenge She s determined to make a success of Winterworld, no matter what Can she overcome her dislike of Christmas, and can Jacques melt her frozen heart at last

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    1 thought on “A Winter Flame”

    1. Oh dear! It seems that Milly Johnson and I are not an author-reader relationship that is destined to last. This is my second time reading a book by her; I have previously read An Autumn Crush and was not keen on it at all, and sadly this time I disliked the book even more!I just found the writing to be painfully bland. The humour to be painfully dull. The characters to be painfully clichéd So pretty much the whole experience could best be described as painful! I probably would have DNFd this if [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThis turned out better than I thought it would, but I had to stick with it till the very end. I found Eve a difficult character to like, in spite of the fact that I wanted to give her every excuse for her bad behavior. I also had a hard time warming up to Jacques. For some reason, I didn't feel the chemistry that MJ is known for creating between her leading man and lady. But towards the end, these two snuck into my heart and the feelings evoked by the descriptions of Winter land won me [...]

    3. Why didn't I love this story more? A Winter Flame is a pleasant enough read and a lot to like, especially (view spoiler)[the funny Daily Trumpet retractions and Violet's romantic wedding (hide spoiler)]. Unfortunately, it didn't draw me in till the last 25% and I didn't feel as connected to the characters. I will give this author another chance. This read wasn't a waste of time.

    4. 5 Words: Christmas, love, death, change, festive.Honestly? This wasn't what I expected at all. I've read a lot of mixed reviews for this author, and been recommended her books and warned against them more times than I can count. So I was a little apprehensive when I first picked it up but I'm glad I did. It made me laugh and want to cry.This book is the perfect winter-warmer. It gives you the warm-fuzzies inside and makes you smile, and it made me feel enough about the characters to want to give [...]

    5. Sul blog ---> leggereromanticamente/Non tutti amano il Natale, c'è chi non lo sopporta proprio, cercando di tenersi alla larga da qualsiasi cosa lo rappresenti, come la protagonista di questa storia, Eve, una donna che fino a cinque anni prima era sempre sorridente e piena di vita, ma a cui il destino ha deciso di strappare la persona a lei più cara. Da allora si è chiusa a riccio e non ha mai più fatto entrare nessuno nel suo cuore. Quando la vecchia prozia muore lasciandole in eredità [...]

    6. 'Tis the season to be jolly… But can Eve find happiness through the frost…?Eve has never liked Christmas, not since her beloved fiancé was killed in action in Afghanistan on Christmas Day. So when her adored elderly aunt dies, the last thing she is expecting is to be left a theme park in her will. A theme park with a Christmas theme…This book was fun, well written, and romantic. I also thought that you didn't need to read it during the Holidays but it also brightens your Christmas tree if [...]

    7. Christmas Chick-lit. I seem to have developed a liking for cheesy romance. Can't seem to get enough of it!This was an recc and it sounded right up my alley. Eve, who hates Christmas because of some pretty dire festive season's gone by has inherited a Christmas theme park and must run it jointly with a mysterious gentleman named Jacques Glace (which made me immediately think of Jack Frost and was a great choice of name).It sounded great on paper but once started it didn't take me very long to de [...]

    8. A Winter Flame. Finalmente una vera favola natalizia.Dopo due deludenti (a dir poco) letture a tema Natale, il libro di Milly Johnson mi ha rappacificato con il genere.La storia di Eve e del suo amore inconsolabile, mi ha commosso (il titolo originale è perfetto!). Ho sperato che Jacques riuscisse a fare breccia nella sua corazza e alla fine sono rimasta sorpresa dal background del “capitano”.Molto carina anche la storia secondaria tra Violet e Pav.Libro zuccheroso perfetto per il periodo.P [...]

    9. First time reading this author & I loved it! Very easy to relate to the characters. Wonderful story that was just the right mix of emotional and funny. Definitely will be reading Milly Johnson again

    10. Another glorious novel by Milly Johnson. The more I read her books, the more I love them. This particular one I loved because it had a Christmas theme (who wouldn't?) and the descriptions of some of the ice-cream Eve's cousin Violet was making made my mouth water.I really, really loved this book and had heard nothing but good things about it, so I literally couldn't wait to give it a read. From the start I really felt for Eve, she was holding on to Jonathan so much that she herself was wilting a [...]

    11. listened to the audio book while I walked my dog. I loved every second of this story.

    12. Eve doesn’t like Christmas. On top of a childhood full of disappointments, her boyfriend was killed in Afghanistan 5 years earlier on Christmas day. Unable to move on, she keeps a candle burning for him; as long as it’s alight he’s there with her in spirit. But when her great aunt dies, she leaves Eve something strange in her will: the plans to a winter theme park and the money to make it happen. There’s one catch. She must work together with a mysterious stranger and she can’t help bu [...]

    13. This is a lovely heart warming read from Milly Johnson yet again. It made me feel all warm inside from the very first page because the characters are so likeable, the storyline sentimental and it is perfect to cozy up with on the settee while sipping hot chocolate. Now what could be nicer than that as winter and Christmas approaches ?Of course the plot is predictable, of course the characters aren't terribly real, of course nobody inherits a theme park ! But just for once wouldn't it be lovely i [...]

    14. When Eve's Great Aunt dies, she leaves a surprise bequest of half a theme park to Eve, with the other half being owned by one Mr Jacques Glace. Eve is even more shocked to find out that the theme park is based around Christmas, a holiday she has avoided celebrating since her partner was killed on Christmas Day. Can Eve put aside her feelings to make the park a success, and can she work alongside Jacques, her mysterious new partner in the business?Milly weaves a lovely tale here. I was engrossed [...]

    15. Eve's great-aunt Evelyn passed away and Eve is surprised she's left her something in her will. Eve doesn't expect much because her aunt didn't have many possessions. She's stunned when she hears that she's inherited half of a theme park. Evelyn was working hard to make her dream come true, a Christmas themed park. There are two small problems with this inheritance, Eve hates Christmas and she has to share it with a man she doesn't know. She's never met Jacques and Evelyn never talked about him e [...]

    16. I was looking for a light, feel-good Christmassy book and this was just that. Left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. A perfect Christmas read.

    17. Nice wintery read but nothing out of the ordinary. I liked the setting with the Winter/Santapark but unfortunately I didn‘t really feel the chemistry between Jacques and Eve and in general I wasn‘t a fan of the characters.

    18. Il confine dei libriSalve lettori! Il Natale è vicino e noi del blog abbiamo deciso di renderlo più piacevole consigliandovi qualche bel libro a tema natalizio. Il libro di cui vi parlerò io è "Un indimenticabile Natale d'amore" di Milly Johnson, uscito un paio di anni fa edito dalla Newton Compton Editori. I protagonisti di questo romanzo anzi no, IL protagonista di questo romanzo è il Natale. Quel Natale sentito veramente, che permea tutto, quello che rende tutti più buoni, che rende tut [...]

    19. We meet Eve Douglas as she’s waiting at the solicitors after the death of her beloved great aunt Evelyn, who in the later months of her life, developed an obsession with Christmas. Expecting to be left her locket, she’s in total shock when she finds out that Evelyn bought land in the 60’s and has started a Christmas theme park and another shock that Jacques Glace has been willed the other half (as well as half of the few million). Eve knows nothing about him but has to decide whether to pa [...]

    20. Originally posted on BookChickCityWhen I picked up A WINTER FLAME, I was hoping for a really warm, romantic Christmas read, especially after all the rave reviews I’d read when deciding whether to buy or not. Unfortunately A WINTER FLAME wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Both leading characters were very irritating; Eve because she acted like a 12 year old towards Jacques instead of a grown women, and Jacques because he acted like a pompous arse.Although Eve didn’t like Jacques because she was w [...]

    21. Eve, organizzatrice d’eventi di professione, precisa e gran lavoratrice, odia il Natale poiché questo le ricorda la tragica morte del suo fidanzato Jonathan, militare caduto in servizio. Eve fa di tutto per evitare questa festa ed è un vero e proprio trauma quando, alla morte della zia Evelyn, eredita un parco a tema natalizio. In quest’avventura Eve non sarà sola ma al suo fianco avrà un socio in affari: l’affascinante e misterioso Jacques Glace. I due si mettono all’opera tra litig [...]

    22. Eve hates Christmas. As a child she spent her Christmas wondering if there would be any food in the house, would she get a present, and which of her Mother's boyfriends would be on the scene. If it wasn't for her Aunt Susan and cousin Violet, Eve would probably never have received anything. Christmas did not get any better as an adult, five years ago Eve's fiance was killed in action in Afghanistan on Christmas Day. Is there any wonder that she would like nothing to do with December at all?When [...]

    23. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesIt's not that I was completely disappointed by Johnson`s latest novel because I found the plot line to be unique (not many books out there centre on the combined inheritance with a stranger of a partially completely winter wonderland theme park) but I really wish I`d been interested in the main character or felt some warmth towards her- it would have really improved my read.Eve is quite emotionally stilted because of her history - although as we make our way t [...]

    24. This was one of the books that got me into the Christmas spirit last year. The main character, Eve, does not look forward to Christmas since her fiance was killed on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. This becomes a problem when, following a visit to her Aunt's solicitor to read her will, she finds out her aunt has been secretly planning and building her own Christmas wonderland. Her aunt left her to continue with her dream, but stipulates that she must work with Jacques Glace, a mysterious man who [...]

    25. This book touched more nerve endings than i knew i had. It brightened up Christmas but also reminded me of the service people and their families at this time of year. The best lesson i learned was that although we sympathize with the families of the fallen heroes, we forget that for years they have a big hole in their lives. We forget that every time another hero hits the headlines, their wound is ripped open again and again. We forget the lucky ones that come home alive but with missing limbs, [...]

    26. A final quick holiday read. Someone else at the hotel gave me this to read. I managed to read it all on my last day. I've never read any on Milly's books before. I really enjoyed the story. It seem a little strange reading a winter/xmas themed book in the summer. Its tell the story of Eve who has been left half of a winter/xmas themed theme park with a complete stranger by her aunt. Eve doesn't like xmas since her boyfriend was killed on Xmas day. she instantly takes a dislike to her business pa [...]

    27. This book is part of "world" written by Milly Johnson that covers each season. She has done a wonderful job with Winter. Picking all the brightest and shiniest winter ideas is a great contrast to the loss and hurt that is also covered in this book.The characters are a combination of simple and more complex individuals who all seem to have similar tendencies to hide certain parts of themselves. I enjoyed the developing story and got through it almost too quickly. I guess its a good sign that you [...]

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