Très chère Sadie

Tr s ch re Sadie Lara vingt sept ans est dans une mauvaise passe son fianc l a quitt pour une autre son business fr le la faillite et la voil forc e d assister la cr mation d une vieille grande tante qu elle ne con

  • Title: Très chère Sadie
  • Author: Sophie Kinsella Daphné Bernard
  • ISBN: 9782298040531
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lara, vingt sept ans, est dans une mauvaise passe son fianc l a quitt pour une autre, son business fr le la faillite et la voil forc e d assister la cr mation d une vieille grande tante qu elle ne connait presque pas Heureusement, Lara n est pas seule Car voici que surgit Sadie une fille tout droit sortie des ann es vingt, fan de Charleston, de belles toilettesLara, vingt sept ans, est dans une mauvaise passe son fianc l a quitt pour une autre, son business fr le la faillite et la voil forc e d assister la cr mation d une vieille grande tante qu elle ne connait presque pas Heureusement, Lara n est pas seule Car voici que surgit Sadie une fille tout droit sortie des ann es vingt, fan de Charleston, de belles toilettes et de beaux gar ons une vraie diablesse qui a le chic pour appara tre aux moments les plus inopportuns et qui cultive une curieuse obsession pour un myst rieux collier Gr ce elle, Lara va comprendre qu un peu de vintage, un brin de fantaisie et une touche de magie peut r soudre bien des soucis Mais qui est vraiment cette tr s ch re Sadie

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      318 Sophie Kinsella Daphné Bernard
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    1. You all obviously know how much I love Sophie Kinsella, so I'll go straight into my thoughts about this book! Although there was a good romance in this book, it wasn't the main focus of the book. Instead, this novel put most of it's emphasis on family and friendship and I really liked that! Sadie definitely got on my nerves a lot, mostly because I was listening to this as an audio book and the narrator made her voice especially annoying while saying her lines. However, she had a surprising amoun [...]

    2. Sophie Kinsella is a guilty pleasure of mine. This book made for a fun and much needed escape for me today.

    3. 3.5 starsIt was fun! I really enjoyed this book. I liked Sadie’s fierce and oppressive character and the comic situations made me laugh. Although some scenes were extremely embarrassing: Sadie forced Lara to do things nobody would do unless threatened lethally.Anyway, Lara needs a development: at the beginning of the story, she is a naive, self-deluded, obsessional, sometimes infantile young woman, with a serious “allergy” to her own family, and without real friends. But she has a strong s [...]

    4. Lara Lington thinks of herself as a fairly hip twenties girl, living in the 21st century. But the last thing she expects at her Great Aunt Sadie’s funeral is for Sadie herself to appear and demand for the whole thing to be stopped. Lara thinks she’s going mad: how on Earth can she hear and see a dead person? It turns out Great Aunt Sadie is actually a ghost and a ghost with a mission: to track down her missing Dragonfly necklace. Sadie eventually manages to convince Lara to help look for the [...]

    5. I loved this book.At first I thought that this is going to be just another Sophie Kinsella book, full of chicklit drama, but it sort of surprised me. There are several Sophie Kinsella trademarks I have noticed in this book:1. Lara Lington. The heroines in the her books look like they're always helpless at first, they have this problems in their works and in their relationships. But then at the end, these heroines will be very lucky and make a breakthrough in their careers and they would discover [...]

    6. I really, really loved this one! It was over-the-top in an absolutely perfect, hilarious way that made reading it so much fun. I was cheering for Lara the whole time and I loved her interactions with Sadie. ALSO ED HARRISON <3 <3 <3

    7. OMG. This book surprised me so much!! 'Remember me' was my first Kinsella book,and though i loved it, i must say i loved Twenties Girl even more! The story was so unique and funny and heart warming. ♥I did not relate to Lara,and sometimes she pissed me off,but she had such a character development.e turned out amazing! Sadie was the sun,life's joy and the personalization of fun! She was the best ghost i've ever 'seen' or 'read' . Ed on the other handI LOVE HIMMM!!! He's like a modern Mister Dar [...]

    8. Sophie Kinsella made me feel like I was visiting with a best friend every time I went on another zany, warmhearted adventure with Becky Bloomwood--and Kinsella herself seemed quite a kindred spirit when my sister and I attended her book talk for "Shopaholic and Baby" a few years ago--so I suppose I should not be surprised that Kinsella could make me care so much about the twenty-three year old Flapper ghost of a one-hundred-and-five year old lady who died lonely and came back to "haunt" her pres [...]

    9. I will never understand what kind of Jedi mind tricks Sophie Kinsella employs with her books. If any other author wrote this story I would have thrown it down in frustration. I'd be writing a scathing review about cheap plot devices and sloppy characterization. But, I'm not. I enjoyed this book. I devoured it in a couple of hours. I was thoroughly entertained by it, despite the fact that it's not really a "good book." This is the power that Kinsella has. Her energetic writing style and likable, [...]

    10. Very sweet book and I loved the message about appreciating the elderly and older people in our lives. Actual rating 4.25 stars!

    11. For me this is one of the best chick-lit books ever.It is funny, original, and surprising.It has a family secret to uncover and a magical twist. I have read all of Kinsella’s books, but this one is most definitely my favorite.

    12. Liked some parts of the story, the main characters though were seriously awful, they were both so irritating. Lara was an obsessed, deluded, idiotic stalker. She spent so much time stalking her ex boyfriend and coming up with silly reasons about why he dumped her, she was beyond daft when it came to him. Worst of all was when she used Sadie to brainwash him into dating her again, she was demented and behaved like a total buffoon in most aspects of her life. I suppose, she was better towards the [...]

    13. This was a FUN read. If you like romatic comedy and light ghost stories and light myster it is for you in spades. British author and takes place in London - the perspective on the American boyfriend is interesting. Starts slow but accelerates to the end. Sorry when you turn the last page.

    14. #2010-64#”Kalau kau tinggal di suatu tempat, tidak peduli berapa lama, kau perlu melibatkan diri dengannya. Kalau tidak, kau tidak benar-benar menjalani hidupmu. Hanya berfungsi.”h.334.Twenties girl. Gadis 20-an. Gadis dari tahun 1920 bernama Sadie Lancester. Selalu berusia 20 tahun. Karena dia tidak fana. Dia hantu. Arwah penasaran yang tidak mau dikubur karena belum menemukan kalung kesayangannya.Sadie menghantui cucu buyutnya, Lara, untuk mencari kalungnya. Lara yang mulanya terganggu den [...]

    15. "Kelahiran sebenarnya bukan permulaan. Awal hidup kita bukanlah milik kita, melainkan kelanjutan dari kisah orang lain." - Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale, p. 97.Beberapa waktu setelah kakek meninggal dunia, mama menemukan 2 lembar surat yang beliau tulis untuk (saat ini almarhumah) nenek.Tidak ada yang luar biasa pada kedua lembaran surat itu. Tapi surat itu istimewa.Dua lembar surat yang diketik rapi. Dengan ejaan lama. Menceritakan mengenai mimpi yang kakek alami sebelum beliau memutus [...]

    16. Twenties Girl is classic Kinsella with a paranormal twist. The story kicks off with Lara Lington, another fashion-conscious, twenty-something working gal in London. She has just been dumped by the "perfect man". And - bigger bonus - she is left in the lurch by her best friend/partner to run their new head-hunting business alone. While attending the funeral of her Great Aunt Sadie, Lara is shocked when Sadie materializes in front of her and demands Lara track down her beaded dragonfly necklace. I [...]

    17. I have always been fascinated by the 20s. You had the so-called Jazz Age, women fighting for the right to vote in the U.S etc. and all of it ending when the U.S. enters the Great Depression in the 1930s. I never much thought of what the 1920s was like in England, and now I still would want a book about that since "Twenties Girl" did not hit the mark for me.The big reason why I didn't rate this above 2 stars though is that I hated the main character Lara. She was awful. She honestly only gets a b [...]

    18. Lara is having some major life issues currently including, her ex- boyfriend, a job that she isn’t too sure about and now a dead aunt who might be haunting her. Lara is just trying to keep her imagination under control and get her life on track, but maybe her dead aunt Sadie is just what she needs to get everything in line.The author does a great job creating Lara’s personality. We can see right from the beginning that Lara is a little stressed and has a lot going on, but is working hard on [...]

    19. I have yet to meet a Sophie Kinsella novel that I don't like. Kinsella remains true to her lighthearted, hilarious style with Twenties Girl and I, for one, am grateful for it.Lara is comparable to the rest of Kinsella's heroines: sweet, idealistic, and a bit ditzy (but not so much that you end up hating her). Of course the plot is rather far-fetched, but that's what you should expect and want when picking up a Kinsella book. It just makes the story that much more enjoyable.Lara and the ghost of [...]

    20. Buku ini saya selesaikan hanya dalam tempo beberapa jam,ah, betapa menyenangkandah lama sekali saya tak membaca chick-lit,padahal jaman kuliah dulu beberapa teman menjuluki saya sebagai ratu genre buku yang dipelopori Helen Fielding, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green dkk ini. Waktu itu rasanya tak ada satupun buku chick-lit (yg diterjemahkan oleh GPU dan dilabeli tulisan "being single and happy" ini) yang tak saya baca. tapi lama kelamaan, terlalu banyak chick-lit yang diterbitkan, dan pesonanya mulai [...]

    21. Lara is going through a difficult time; her boyfriend Josh broke up with her, her new business is not going very well, there is a stock of unpaid bills waiting for her in her apartment, an almost empty bank account. If that is not enough, she is forced to attend a funeral of her great-aunt she never even met, and it means one terrible thing – a family reunion she was successfully avoiding so far.Lara always had the craziest imagination and after her latest troubles it got even crazier, otherwi [...]

    22. 4.5★sTwenties Girl is the fourth stand-alone novel by British author, Sophie Kinsella. Life isn’t going terribly well for Lara Lington: without saying why, her boyfriend, Josh has broken up with her (but she’s sure he still loves her, he just needs to be reminded); her fledgling business is in trouble since Natalie (best friend, business partner and front of the whole enterprise) has followed some bloke to Goa; her parents are worrying about her financial security and her psychological wel [...]

    23. 4.5I'm pretty sure this is my favorite Sophie Kinsella book yet!I still got annoyed with some of the characters, but this one had an air of mystery that kept me seriously attached!I do recommend it, but I also want to add that you should be patient while you read. It's worth getting through all those annoying obstacles!It was full of hilarity, plenty of second hand embarrassment, love, friendship, and struggles.I thoroughly enjoyed it!!So I have noticed that all of Sophie Kinsella's adult female [...]

    24. Twenties Girl is a fun, feisty and fast-paced read about Lara, a twenty-something whose life seems to be slipping out of control - the love of her life has dumped her, her business partner has decided to take an impromptu holiday with no set return date and she basically has no idea what she's doing. So when she sees the 23-year-old ghost of her great aunt Sadie, Lara naturally thinks she has lost her mind. But Sadie's appearance soon ends up on Lara going on an adventure looking for Sadie's fav [...]

    25. Laras life isn´t perfect, she just got dumped without a warning, her start up company is going less than well and her best friend left her in a lurch. A guardian angel is exactly what she needs at this point in life, instead she gets Sadie. A ghost that wants to relive her prime years through Lara.Its a fun, feel-good novel that is perfect if you need an easy read. I don´t usually like stories with ghosts but this was entertaining. Especially when they finally start working together. And the l [...]

    26. I really like Sophie Kinsella, but something about this novel just kinda bored me. I was just wanting it to be over most of the time. Sadie was kind of annoying as was Laura. I think I might have liked it a little more if it was shorter, it just went on and on and was very predictable. I will continue to read more Sophie Kinsella but I think it's fair to say this one is my least favorite thus far

    27. What a hit! Twenties Girl has everything I like in a book: humor, romance, and mystery. Lara and her great aunt Sadie's ghost make a great duo. Loved reading their chapters. I think this is my new favorite Sophie Kinsella book. She writes romance/chick lit well but also from the heart. I was entertained and touched with this novel. 4.5★stars but might bump it up to 5!

    28. It always takes me a while to get into a Sophie Kinsella Book. At about halfway through (this time it was page 295, to be exact) I usually start "feeling it".These are the things I think early on:* Are there women in the world who are really this batty?* Why does she (insert name of MC here) keep making the situation worse?!* Why do none of her MC's ever just say no, and mean it?And then I think:* Why am I not able to bounce back from bad decisions as well as these characters?Lara Lington grudgi [...]

    29. After reading a lot of crime and thrillers recently, I decided to have some light relief and read this book which was recommended to me by a friend.It's absolutely brilliant, laugh out loud funny at times, and very sad at others. Our heroine, Lara, is just one of the funniest characters I have come across and has a heart of gold. Her great aunt, Sadie, is the ghost who is her guardian angel at times, and extremely annoying to Lara at others. The story races along with Lara trying to reunite Sad [...]

    30. I picked this book up at the library since it is the book of the month for the reading group. I felt it was slow at the beginning, but it became interesting to me as I continued reading it. In the end, I loved this lovely, cute and hilarious story.

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