The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade

The Shadow World Inside the Global Arms Trade An authoritative guide to the business of war Chilling heartbreaking and enraging Arundhati Roy The Shadow World is the behind the scenes tale of the global arms trade exposing in forensic detail t

  • Title: The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade
  • Author: Andrew Feinstein
  • ISBN: 9781250013958
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • An authoritative guide to the business of war Chilling, heartbreaking, and enraging Arundhati Roy The Shadow World is the behind the scenes tale of the global arms trade, exposing in forensic detail the deadly collusion that all too often exists among senior politicians, weapons manufacturers, felonious arms dealers, and the military a situation that compromises An authoritative guide to the business of war Chilling, heartbreaking, and enraging Arundhati Roy The Shadow World is the behind the scenes tale of the global arms trade, exposing in forensic detail the deadly collusion that all too often exists among senior politicians, weapons manufacturers, felonious arms dealers, and the military a situation that compromises our security and undermines our democracy.Andrew Feinstein reveals the cover ups behind a range of weapons deals, from the largest in history between the British and Saudi governments to the guns for diamonds deals in Africa and the current 60 billion U.S weapons contract with Saudi Arabia Based on pathbreaking reporting and unprecedented access to top secret information, The Shadow World takes us into a clandestine realm that is as vitally important as it is shocking.

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    1 thought on “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade”

    1. This book is a complete and utter failure. Luckily, it isn't really a book: it's a gigantic finger pointed at the world by Humanity as she slowly, desperately tries to make headway against the absolute idiocy that is the actually existing human species. I have a hard time imagining anyone who would read this and come away feeling anything other than horrified disgust at the degree to which government, industry and armed forces are tied together, in Europe, the U.K the U.S and most horrifically i [...]

    2. In summer 2011, having become convinced that the machinations of what Dwight Eisenhower called the "military-industrial complex" represents one of the most serious threats to peace and freedom everywhere, I set about trying to find a book on it. Nothing really seemed to deal with that subject directly, although there were books on particular weapons, wars, and companies. Then I found The Shadow World by Andrew Feinstein: it looked like a close fit. As for being up to date, it was not even yet pu [...]

    3. This is a formidable account of the global arms trade. It’s not a pretty picture. It’s laden with corruption and shoddy characters making millions of dollars. Hardly any of them pose the moral question: “why am I doing this”? What is the purpose of all these deals for faster jets and small arms that number in the hundreds of thousands? The money and the killing fields are ever-expanding.It’s all outlined, in sometimes excruciating detail, in Andrew Feinstein’s book. The United States [...]

    4. One reads about the wilfully ignorant in the world who allow human driven climate change to proceed unabated. Such people are unintentionally evil and spectacularly dim. But this book This is a catalogue of dealings of actively malevolent people. People who facilitate the deaths of hundreds of thousands - millions, even. All in the name of capitalist avarice. It makes apparent precisely how corrupt the already infamous military-industrial complex (as the author points out, it should be more appr [...]

    5. A panoramic view of the shady world of Arms trade. What really impressed me was the candour with which the author dissected both the Developed and the undeveloped countries. He took no prisoners and was not shy to name names of the big players. It has become clear to me how much dependence is placed on arms industry by the Western countries. They are desperate to keep investing this bottomless industry in the name of national security for the immense profit of a select few. It is also frightenin [...]

    6. Feinstein is fearless in documenting the corruption and corrosiveness within the global arms market. I applaud him for gathering this five-star research and documenting it so thoroughly. My only criticism is that the material is so dense that it reads like a legal brief. I figure the reason is to protect Feinstein from any hints of a libel lawsuit, especially since he resides in England where the laws are far harsher than in the States. And considering the book focuses on some of the wealthiest [...]

    7. Utterly depressing read on arms trade and the state of the world. Descriptions on corruption and promises used to sell arms to the US were reminiscent of the decisions made in the purchase of JSF jets at home (NL). And the story about how the West has enabled African dictators and rebels by supplying weapons to fight their bloody wars makes one wonder about the current retoric regarding refugees and economic migrants in the Lampedusa and Calais events.The book is definitely worth reading due to [...]

    8. Reads like a chilling thriller but is a well-documented expose of the trade and helps to explain why some conflicts rage so long and so violently

    9. This book starts well and then gets bogged down. I still gave it four stars because of the content. It is a depressing indictment on our role in the world's violence with nation states being the largest contributors to world violence through the sale of arms. The UK is the second largest exporter of arms (larger than Russia, France or China) with two-thirds of the arms going to the Middle East. Only the US is a larger exporter of arms. Depressing and I wish it was just a thriller that I could cl [...]

    10. This really functions as a (very detailed) primer on the world's unofficial & criminal arms trade. If you want to learn about the large structures of the world's illegal arms trade, this is the place to start.Heavy on detail, as others have commented, but that's necessary, I think, to give a good initial introduction to the student of these dark arts. Maybe 1/3 of the book deals with Saudi Arabia, which is probably appropriate. I was entertained, somewhat educated (quickly forgot a lot of th [...]

    11. Interesting and well researched but quite dry. Exposing the shady international trade can be quite exciting or like this, just a long monolog of names, places, quantities with little historical background.

    12. Wow. A gripping piece of investigative journalism. The book talks about the global arms trade from all angles. Past, present, future Lot of grammatical errors in the post. My advance apologies. I am excited as i write this, as i really wish that you could immediately grab a copy of this book.Some questions before i start talking about the book.A. Indians, especially the so called secular libs very loosely use the word Fascists & mass murderer. The characters in this book are borderline psych [...]

    13. The book is presented in chronological order, and the money just rises exponentially to a point where eventually my brain can't summon any outrage anymore. Tens of millions of dollars in arms sales to ex-Nazis? That's a lot of money! A £10 bilion aircraft deal from BAE to the Saudis in which providing a $100 million personal jet to a Saudi prince is part of the cost of doing business? Terrible! Viktor Bout (the inspiration for Nicolas Cage in Lord of War) making millions off all the suffering i [...]

    14. This book was a big disappointment for me. I was a great fan of Feinstein's first book, and as such, was very excited to read about his views on the global arms trade. Its not that this book is badly written, or that it is factually incorrect or poorly argued. Its also not that this book is not prescient or relevant. Its just too long.As such, it loses the reader in an ocean of detail. Feinstein spends a long time providing unnecessary detail on a number of specific arms trade deals, before goin [...]

    15. I agree with the review by Marat quite a repetitive and broad discussion of the topic. Not only this, but also it seems like the content of Feinstein's research was reached by means of a priori conclusions. All the worlds dilemmas are apparently caused by the flow of arms. He's careful about not explicitly claiming causation, but by the time you get to Cry, Beloved Continent, where he devotes only a few pages to each major African conflict, you more than get it. Conflict + arms sale = regional d [...]

    16. quite a broad discussion of the characters in the illicit arms trade - gets a bit repetitive reading the same stories about kickbacks, endless namedropping, payment schemes the descriptions of deal structures are also quite layman and some deal diagrams look a bit simplistic - so the book doesn't really dig deep into how exactly some of the transactions worked, why certain jurisdictions were chosen etc etc.but generally, the schemes are interesting and the extensive discussion on BAE and the Al [...]

    17. The Shadow World is a fascinating look into the world of arms trading. I wouldn't really call this an introduction as it is very long and meticulously notated, but it is thorough. I liked that Feinstein has an insiders voice in the wold of arms trading, having served in the African National Congress, and that he tries to balance the somewhat glamorous world of high finance government and flamboyant arms dealers with the resultant misery and cruelty which the conflicts these arms are destined for [...]

    18. Bah, dan denk je in het vrije westen te wonen, en dan blijkt de hele wereld een pot nat te zijn. Het wordt geregeerd door het geld. Hoe graai ik het meeste binnen. Wereldvrede is een illusie. Er zijn altijd mensen / overheden (ook westerse), die beide partijen van wapens voorzien om er zelf rijker van te worden.Wel een interessant boek, maar niet zo mooi om te lezen. Je naieviteit wordt grondig de grond ingeboord.

    19. An extraordinary investigation into the arms trade, both legal and illegal, spanning multiple decades and continents. After reading this intricately researched book one can't help but walk away with the firm impression that the global arms trade is perhaps the most corrupt legal or quasi-legal industry in the world.

    20. A real eye-opener. Funny and deeply disturbing. Feinstein’s book is very convincing, full of well-documented examples, hilarious anecdotes and absurd characters. Nations need defense and defense needs weaponry, but it seems impossible to procure weaponry without dealing with crooks. There is no decent stand to take. But Feinstein’s book makes excellent reading.

    21. The book is long. It's content shocked and depressed me. However, it's left me with a much more realistic view of global geopolitics: it isn't pretty.If you find the length of the book daunting I recommend watching the video special on Vimeo that accompanies the book. It's about 1h30 mins long, $3.99 to rent and it will give you a solid understanding of the book.

    22. This book was a good read. Andrew Feinstein tends to waffle a lot but it is very detailed and insightful. Books like that are a must read for entrepreneurs and military strategists. If the content of this book depresses you go, I suggest go read a book with happy ending.

    23. Fascinating look at the legal and illegal arms trade in the world. A must read for anyone concerned about international conflict, America's role in the world, and rampant government spending and corruption.

    24. Audiobook. Absolutely incredible. Amazing depth and breadth of research. Covers everything from Saudi Arabia's US and UK conlonies to the diamond mines of Sierra Leonne ot the Balkans war. The truth is more corrupt and immoral than fiction.

    25. This should be half as long and written by someone else, but it does contain some interesting information. Skipped over section 3 mostly. ( I was thinking of writing about the arms trade in 2000 or so )

    26. Pretty good book. A lot of research and data on the international arms trade. Written with a strong (critical, at times damning) opinion, but rightfully so. Great reading for someone who is trying to get a foot into arms control.

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