The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes

The Detective and The Woman A Novel of Sherlock Holmes Irene Adler American opera singer and the one woman who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes finds herself a widow at thirty two wealthy but emotionally broken At the same time Sherlock Holmes finds himself

  • Title: The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: AmyThomas
  • ISBN: 9781780921433
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • Irene Adler, American opera singer and the one woman who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes, finds herself a widow at thirty two, wealthy but emotionally broken At the same time, Sherlock Holmes finds himself unable to return to England after faking his death at Reichenbach Falls and is drawn into an investigation of two men with designs on a woman they call Miss A, who is none oIrene Adler, American opera singer and the one woman who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes, finds herself a widow at thirty two, wealthy but emotionally broken At the same time, Sherlock Holmes finds himself unable to return to England after faking his death at Reichenbach Falls and is drawn into an investigation of two men with designs on a woman they call Miss A, who is none other than Irene Adler herself The Detective and The Woman throw their lot in together to uncover a dangerous plot with implications that stretch across the Atlantic In the process, they meet legendary inventor Thomas Edison and experience life in Florida at the turn of the 20th century.

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    1 thought on “The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes”

    1. Reading these stories by Amy Thomas feels like milling through guests at a party and running into old friends - with all the joy and excitement that comes with it. The friends in this case are Holmes and Adler, and they are written with such respect and depth that you can't help but feel you are rejoining the well-told canon on a newly discovered case. Conan-Doyle created The Woman and gave her a remarkable personality that stands the test of time. Thomas takes those beginnings and develops Adle [...]

    2. Very well written book; the author has managed to keep both Irene Adler and Holmes in character. At first I worried this book may be a silly intent on romance but my worries were unfounded. Here, "the women" is rather a substitute for Watson. I thougth the case would be much more complex but at the end it was rather simple, much in the venue of ACD less ambituos short tales. In summary, a fun, short read.And I just loved that end!

    3. After her experiences with the King of Bohemia, Godfrey Norton, any number of men in her past, and even Sherlock Holmes, Irene is not in a trusting mood. Holmes’ difficulties with women are well-documented. Still, they’re able to put their doubts about one another aside (sometimes with difficulty) in the interests of solving the case. Their efforts lead them into both the highest echelons and lowest dregs of Floridian society, requiring quite a few costume changes, acting skills and outright [...]

    4. November 1, 2012: I am so excited to read this book! I love Sherlock Homlmes, but even more about the woman should share the glory!November 16, 2012: I very much enjoyed this short mystery. What a great story teller! It was easy to read, enticing mystery, and great characters. Thank you, Amy! I look forward to more by this author.

    5. One of the better pastiches I've read, Holmes remains in character, the romance is subtle and Irene is a force to be reckoned with. The plot moves quickly and is interesting. A good read.

    6. I confess I'm not an expert on Holmes but I have read at least half of the stories so I have more than a cursory familiarity with Conan Doyle's great detective and this was not him. The Detective And The Woman read like a cozy mystery, which in and of itself was readable but would have been better if it had had novel characters. Instead it felt like the author did a lot of name dropping and made references to Holmes stories to force her characters to resemble Conan Doyle's but I just didn't buy [...]

    7. This novel begins with Irene Adler Norton looking at the corpse of her husband, Geoffrey Norton, who died of a heart attack. The new widow turns to the only other life she knows and embarks on a concert tour in her native America. Next, Sherlock receives directions from his brother, Mycroft to leave his refuge in Venice, after the affair of the Reichenbach, to sail for the new world with sealed orders. Sherlock and Irene meet at her concert in Orlando, Florida under Mycroft’s direction.This is [...]

    8. I seldom have time to read a book more than once, but this was such a satisfying mystery, I had to read it twice—the first time for the story, the second time for the sheer pleasure of the writing. The detective of the title is Sherlock Holmes. The woman is Irene Adler, who outsmarted him in A Scandal in Bohemia, lingering in Sherlock’s mind ever after (according to Dr. Watson) as “the woman”.Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, sends him to Florida after coming across an enigmatic message sig [...]

    9. I don't know what classes of creative writing has this Amy Thomas followed, but the result is underwhelming. Alternating Holmes' and Irene's standpoints is unspectacular, as the story simply goes on without any overlapping or twist: it's just a segment that's seen from his eyes, the next one through hers, and so on. Besides, the first and the third person are used inconsistently: all the Irene chapters are using "I," but the Holmes chapters are always "Holmes did this," "he did that." Prepostero [...]

    10. This well-written pastiche, the first in a successful trilogy, reunites Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler, The Woman who defeated him in “A Scandal in Bohemia,” during The Great Hiatus. Like W.S. Baring-Gould in his “biography” of Holmes, Ms. Thomas clears the way by disposing of the husband Miss Adler acquired in the original story. However, the similarities end there. Instead of encountering his beautiful nemesis at an opera house in Montenegro, Holmes tracks her down—at the behest of [...]

    11. The return of Irene Adler!My thanks to Steve and Timi at MX Publishing for my review copy of this book. May Undershaw stand forever as a beacon in remembrance of the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!Possible spoilers, but I really strive only to whet the appetite…Irene Adler, you may recall, was married to Godfrey Norton at the end of “A Scandal in Bohemia.” Now it seems that their marriage turned out badly. Unfortunately, Godfrey Norton proved to be a cruel man who marri [...]

    12. It was OK. I enjoyed it well enough.The plot was unsturdy. The final reveal only works because the author holds back an important plot point until the end. Without that, I'd have known the ending half-way through the book.The supporting characters were flat, though both Holmes and The Woman were rendered well enough.The writing was unpolished - it needs both a good editor, and more experience from the author. Tropes, clichés, lazy word choices. It almost felt like fanfic. (It basically is fanfi [...]

    13. Lettura piuttosto deludente dal mio punto di vista, considerato il fatto che sono particolarmente aperta alle esplorazioni extra-canoniche. La narrazione è il primo elemento di impatto con il lettore abituato alla voce del Dottor Watson: il romanzo è ambientato durante il periodo 1891 - 1894 e per ovviare all'assenza di Watson, la Thomas escogita una narrazione interna alternata che, per quanto "studiata", non riesce a celare l'autrice. Il lettore si trova sbalzato in un altro mondo, anni luce [...]

    14. I normally dislike pastiches that feature Irene Adler. This is the first one I've read that I feel is true to the spirit of the original character but still manages to work out a plausible relationship between Adler and Holmes. I loved the idea of exploring Holmes' hiatus, and hope that the author takes this topic up again in future works. My only complaint is probably just me being fussy -- anachronisms or misunderstandings of period customs/objects throws me right out of the mood. In this case [...]

    15. The pairing up of Holmes and Adler attracted me to this novel, as it did not take a "romantic" approach to their relationship. The "mystery" plot seemed underdeveloped/forced as I was not intrigued by the motivations of the antagonist and was not anxious about his potential to inflict harm (though, Adler's character was deathly afraid of the protagonist before the story really began to develop). While Adler's character started out very strong in the first few pages of the novel, she softened and [...]

    16. More like 1.5 stars.I highly disliked the shift between being in first person during Irene's chapters and 3rd person during Holmes' chapters. The book had some grammar and spelling errors that were hard to overlook and the actual case was just mediocre. And probably my biggest pet peeve in a Sherlock Holmes pastiche is for Holmes to refer to Watson as "John," even in his thoughts.I did like the character of Irene for the most part. However, the last twenty pages or so were either completely unne [...]

    17. First book ever to lose me at a quote:"Irene was different. If Watson was a pipe and slippers before a warm fire, she was a Nor’easter, an American storm that blew wherever it chose and sent everything in its path head-over-heels. With surprise, Holmes realised that he felt deep anger, rage against a dead man. No person had the right to lock up something so wild."What made me stop was the mention of Nor'easter. Why on earth would Holmes think about US meteorology? Wouldn't it be unnecessary kn [...]

    18. The Detective and the Woman by Amy Thomas follows Sherlock Holmes in a case that takes place in Florida when Holmes is believed to be dead after the final problem.  In this story, Holmes' companion is the famed Irene Adler. The only woman to have ever beaten him; to Holmes she was The Woman. The story was a little fuddled in the begining and slow to start out.  When this book gets its legs underneath it however it flows well. I was gripped by the case and Thomas' use of action. The ending felt [...]

    19. Enjoyed this tale of Holmes & Adler in late 19th century Florida. Fast paced and fun. Was nice to hear a female first-person protagonist in a Holmes story. (Not sure why Thomas decided to make the Holmes chapters third person.) Definitely could have used a good copy edit, but this is easily forgiven because the plot was so good. Recommend.

    20. I always believed there was more to Irene Adler than being a clever jewel thief, that out smarted Sherlock Holmes. This wonderful book explores that relationship ,while they work on a threat to her and Sherlock's life.I found this book witty,and charming. The mystery was also well plotted out. I hope it opens the door to many such adventures.

    21. Easy read. As you would expect, The Woman (which she's often referred to in the book), is Irene Adler. This is the 1st book of 2 that the author has published, but she is currently writing the 3rd. It was an interesting read, but not top-notch. I'll read the 2nd one, however.Favorite line: "I put on my black silk gown and felt it slide over me like confidence".

    22. A pleasant and intriguing pastiche, although the location and mystery itself were not that appealing. I like my Sherlock Holmes in England.

    23. Eh. Two stars seems too low a rating, and three stars seems too high. 2.5 stars? I didn't hate it, it was okay, but only that. I expected something better.

    24. This was a very enjoyable Holmes pastiche with THE WOMAN. It was interesting reading about their relationship as they solved the mystery.

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