Wick Four tales of men who refuse to be molded Swordwick is the story of a prince who dares to wield both blade and wick until he must pretend to be something else for the sake of his sister Odd Wick tells

  • Title: Wick
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781620040072
  • Page: 489
  • Format: ebook
  • Four tales of men who refuse to be molded Swordwick is the story of a prince who dares to wield both blade and wick until he must pretend to be something else for the sake of his sister Odd Wick tells the tale of a wick of extraordinary genius who wants nothing than the ordinary Captain serving as his escort Songwick is the tale of a wick of incredibly rare abiliFour tales of men who refuse to be molded Swordwick is the story of a prince who dares to wield both blade and wick until he must pretend to be something else for the sake of his sister Odd Wick tells the tale of a wick of extraordinary genius who wants nothing than the ordinary Captain serving as his escort Songwick is the tale of a wick of incredibly rare ability, desperate to escape a miserable past and find a bright future Flamewick relates the story of a man as fierce as the flames he controls, until that which he holds most dear is stolen from him, and one man alone is not enough to get it back.

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    1 thought on “Wick”

    1. An interesting fantasy anthology that focuses around Wicks, people who have certain innate abilities that manifest when they are children. It's a interesting fantasy concept these stories focus mainly around one group of men who know each other from the Academy where they were taught to control their power. Some of the stories worked better for me but they're all nice little bits of fantasy if you're in the mood for a non-contemp MM. One of the best parts of the stories are the familiars that al [...]

    2. Overall 3.5 starsThis anthology contains 4 short stories about wicks and while not all are on par with Megan Derr's best, I still enjoy most of itSwordwick: 3.5 starsHollowick is a swordwick and grade five mindwick -- but he must hide his being a swordwick for the sake of his sister that is getting married to the King of Draius. This is the shortest from all four, I think, and the conflict comes from Hollowick's hiding his real identity from his love interest, Fenwick, the King's brother. It's c [...]

    3. I expected better from Megan Derr. Instead, we're treated to some hamfisted writing and overwrought plotlines. (view spoiler)[The first story is about the swordwick in the summary falling for a crystal wick, who calls him a bloodthirsty and greedy liar while he's fainting from blood loss after saving this crystal wick's life. The crystal wick's brother then orders the swordwick and his sister (the crystal wick's brother's fiance) locked up until they can be sent away. Our swordwick decides that [...]

    4. Just the kind of sweet fantasy I expect from this author. While not all of the stories were perfect they were just what I was in the mood for. The name of the familiar in the last story thought, Brightheart, sorry I'm a product of my generation so instead of a bad ass Griffon all I could think of was

    5. Can I say cheesy?I think I'll say cheesyThe first one was the best out of the 4IMO.For me, the best element of these stories was the world building and the different wicks and their familiars - not how they talked though"my beloved" or "my melody"ohh cheesy!Okay you get the idea, but still, worth a read if you're looking for something sweet. :)

    6. 4.5 starsAnother treat to read. Solid Megan Derr.Swordwick - 4 starsOdd Wick - 4.5 starsSong Wick - 4.5 starsFlamewick - 4.5 stars

    7. SwordwickA nice enough tale, but I was left slightly confused on the whole “wick” theme. A little more explanation of the different kinds and what the could do and how they were perceived would have been nice for me. I can't say this was much more that a2.5 starsread though. Odd Wick Now this was much more my taste. Absolutely loved Toki and Harle lol. Roswick and Toki were perfect too, and Waltz just added to the cast. I love the under dog stories and this one was perfect, except again I di [...]

    8. SwordwickIs a story about Prince Hollowick escorting his sister to a neighboring kingdom so she can meet her betrothed. Hollowick is a swordwick, a wick that is hated, feared and distrusted. Hollowick must hide who he truly is for the sake of his sister's happiness. During his visit at said kingdom he meets Fenwickwhat will happen when the truth can't be hidden anymore?OddwickTells the story of Hollowick's trusted friend Tokiwick. Tokiwick(Toki) is a genius with the knowledge of several language [...]

    9. I accidently started reading Frostwick first and I was thinking as I did that I would love more of this world. The more characters introduced into volume 1.5, the more I realized there probably WAS another book! So I found this one and quit the other midway to begin reading this. Loved the world building, the familiars especially; naughty unicorns, snarky dragons, patient and loving owls and panthers, and a very supportive Griffin. I liked most of the couples, like the two princes in Swordwick ( [...]

    10. This was great collection! There are 4 stories and nice small cast of characters that the stories follow as each one of them finds that perfect other for themselves. It was great to find a collection of short stories/novellas that used the same setting and cast so that you can follow old couples at the same time you get a story for a new one. And also you don't have to try and learn a new world with each story but instead you get a much better overall understanding of the world with every story. [...]

    11. Megan Derr 's books are my drug. Once again she managed to brighten my day with stories about magic and friends and love, perverted unicorns and adorable dragons <3

    12. This was a fun, fantastical, uncomplicated read. Highly recommended, especially for a lazy-minded, curl up on the sofa, need to escape kind of day.

    13. Excellent collection of stories. Spanning across several men with magical abilities, or Wick, who have been outcasts in one way or another. They find their place in the world, or they make it, along with finding someone to share their life with along the way. I loved how the stories interconnected and one person's perspective didn't always match that of the person in the next story. It was fun and hot, yet beautiful and touching at times. Great book!

    14. Wick is a compilation of four stories each related to the other, and all about men who refuse to be molded or brushed aside. Each story takes place a hundred years after The Great Empire was fractured into 13 kingdoms. Before the fracture, Swordwicks, who are both warrior and wick, were a revered part of the kingdom, now they are considered lower class, and, in some cases, must hide their abilities. In Swordwick, we meet Prince Hollowick on his way with his sister to meet her betrothed, King Gal [...]

    15. Me gustó el universo, fantasía con personas con poderes y familiares (en forma de animales).Ahora sí, de las historias, pude terminar 2 cuando iba por la mitad de la 3ra y ya no me dieron ganas de terminarla. --___-- Los protagonistas de las siguientes historias (3 y 4) no me agradaron, soLa primera historia me gustó hasta que se llegó a la *revelación de la verdad* y [COMIENZAN LOS SPOILERS] pasó lo que pasó. Primero que nada, Holly les salvó la vida al rey y al príncipe, y qué hacen [...]

    16. Overall I liked the world and some characters (although not all of them), but far less than I usually enjoy her works. All stories (including Frostwick) are in a serious need of at least a proof reader if not a good editor. Other reviewers remarked on missing or wrong words, I want to also point out that there are whole missing sentences and plot bridges. (view spoiler)[Like in Frostwick (because it's fresh in my mind and just an example) - the story goes like this: upon entering the room owl fa [...]

    17. 3.5On the one hand I liked this book because Megan Derr is a brilliant author and I always love it when she invents new worlds. The wick-world is interesting and I like the idea with the familiars.But I have to agree with others when they say the four stories are a lot alike. One (or both) character with a very troubled or painful past, alway misunderstandig because they each assume that the other doesn't like him and the familiar being all wise and telling them how they are being stupid and sho [...]

    18. All these stories are charming and pleasant. Though one of them - Songwick - left me sadly unsatisfied. I just can't see Lyrawick really reconciling with Wenwick after ultimate betrayal that he endured from one person who must and was in the position to protect him from severe abuse. Wenwick's reasons for distancing himself from Lyrawick were so farfetched while Lyrawick's need for help was so great that their reconciliation doesn't work for me. Lyrawick suffered severe trauma that just can't be [...]

    19. Just bought it-- yes!! *holes up to read*------3.75 Megan Derr does this truly wonderful thing where she plays around with the characters and leads you to believe some characters are "evil" then proving later on that they're not.Unfortunately in this book, even then, it did not full endear them to me. Maybe it's just because I'm not very fond of the characters in general, but the only stories I fully enjoyed were the first two--Swordwick OddwickThey were a very solid five, but the other stories [...]

    20. I like this author, but this book wasn't really my cup of tea. When in first story, it turned out that main hero has a talking black unicorn and his love interest has also a black talking unicorn, I was just like: "Okay, nope, nooooope, abort".I am sorry, but unicorns add a big level of nope to anything I read. When they are black and communicating telephatically and two of them, it's just just nope. Too cheesy and cliche for me.Doesn't mean the book is bad, just not really my style. I didn't ev [...]

    21. Once again Megan Derr outshines herself with this set of four stories. Of the four, Flamewick was my favorite, but I feel that Megan does her best work portraying the hero that tries to save everyone alone. I know others don't agree. The stories as a whole live up to everything else she writes, and I honestly hope that the world is further expanded, as it seems like an interesting one. If you were hoping for more idea about what the stories included, sorry, I feel that leaving you open to the ex [...]

    22. From Magnolia Reviews: Three PetalsI have yet to find a book by Megan Derr that I would not recommend and Wick is not the exception. I enjoyed reading it a lot, and especially liked the magical powers the characters used. However, the dozens of glaring spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors made the book difficult to read at times. Read the full review on Maggie's website: magnoliareviews.weebly/rev

    23. I actually read this in bits and pieces. I love the universe; it's incredibly fascinating. I like how each set of familiars have their own distinct voices.It took me forever to get past the first couple of stories, though. I read them and then drifted away and read other stuff, but I finally got myself to read them and I found that I rather liked those characters, too.

    24. A surprisingly charming little universe and set of characters. I actually liked all of the stories and couples. The stories are fluffy and rather shallow when it comes to plot, but they have that 'something' that makes them hard to put down. I'd definitely like to read more in this universe.

    25. (2.5 stars)My main issue with this anthology was the feeling that, with every single pov character in every story, there was a new self-pitying monologue about how they could never be loved. I usually enjoy Megan Derr's writing, but I did not enjoy this as much as some of her past work.

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