Saving Liam

Saving Liam Leyton lived a quiet simple life as a prosperous thriving merchant alongside his twin brother Liam But that life is shattered when Liam goes missing and Leyton is told that the only way to save his

  • Title: Saving Liam
  • Author: Sasha L. Miller
  • ISBN: 9781620041062
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • Leyton lived a quiet, simple life as a prosperous, thriving merchant alongside his twin brother Liam But that life is shattered when Liam goes missing, and Leyton is told that the only way to save his brother s life is to seduce a king The task proves to be even difficult than Leyton feared, and soon he is swept up in a tide of political machinations, betrayal, andLeyton lived a quiet, simple life as a prosperous, thriving merchant alongside his twin brother Liam But that life is shattered when Liam goes missing, and Leyton is told that the only way to save his brother s life is to seduce a king The task proves to be even difficult than Leyton feared, and soon he is swept up in a tide of political machinations, betrayal, and a looming threat of execution once the men who blackmailed him are caught.But the threat of his pending death is nothing alongside the constant fear for his missing brother s safety and the tangle of intrigue in which he is caught is nothing like the tangle he put himself in after breaking the heart of a kingThis story features incest and a threesome.

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      328 Sasha L. Miller
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    1. Main Characters: Although the blurb would have you believe that Leyton and Mijah are the main characters, the primary cast is rather broader. In addition to Leyton and Mijah are Leyton's brother, Liam, Mijah's brother, Temel, and Liam's partner, Shakil. Yes, they're all main characters, not secondary.Leyton is the soft-spoken one of the bunch. He's got some steel under his mild mannerisms, though, and is also a savvy businessman who's taken over running the family wine trading business after the [...]

    2. A good to very good M/M fantasy romance involving incubi twins and a royal family. When his brother Liam is kidnapped and is held under threat of death, Leyton is coerced into seducing the newly crowned King Mijah, with the intent to change a particular treaty. Using his incubi nature and Mijah's emotional vulnerability after the death of his father, the King, and his brother, the Crown Prince, his plan almost succeeds - until Mijah's brother Temel - a mage - arrives back at the palace rather ea [...]

    3. I'm not entirely sure that this book technically deserves 5 stars, but I'm giving them all anyway because I really enjoyed it. It's a fairly long book, but I didn't want it to end, and out of the 40+ books on my "currently reading" shelf, I read the whole thing from start to finish without reading anything else in between (which, with my attention span, is miraculous; hence the 5 stars). I chose to read it because, from the descriptive blurb, one can't really tell what the ending is going to be [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this saga which started out with Leyton trying to influence King Mijah to include certain wording in the treaty between his country and Leyton's that would allow a mage to hold a royal office. Leyton, an incubi, was doing this under the influence of a powerful mage named Grenville who was blackmailing him, telling him that he was holding Leyton's twin, Liam, hostage. The complication is that Liam really likes King Mijah, a young man who inherited the kingdom when his father and [...]

    5. A Joyfully Jay review. 2.75 starsThis book really missed the mark for me. Based on the blurb and the title, I was expecting a story about Leyton and the king—one that focused on Leyton’s betrayal of Mijas’s trust and how they either would or wouldn’t over come it. So when I open the book and see it’s separated into five parts and, per the table of contents, each part is named for a different character, I had some questions. I was under the impression Leyton and Mijah would be featured [...]

    6. It was I don't know, I'm quite torn. It was sweet while not saccharine and the magic system and world were quite intriguing. On the other hand, many things I found aggravating.*Like all three characters' choices/actions/words in the last 20 pages before the epilogue. I was, on more than one occasion, thinking, "Why are you even considering that? You haven't even cleared up that yet." And it still seems to me not cleared up. (view spoiler)[Leyton apologising and Mijah forgiving him. Possibly two [...]

    7. If you're looking for a nice and hot incest book, well you can probably just skip this one because you'll just be thoroughly disappointed. (view spoiler)[ No incest sex here. They didn't even get past kissing. The author just let you go and imagine the rest yourself.(hide spoiler)] So, not really a fun read for me since I particularly picked this up hoping for incest actions. And to add to that the threesome. It would have been a very delectable treat, only the author didn't even serve a delicio [...]

    8. Saving Liam is a story told in 5 parts from 5 points of view: Leyton, an incubus forced to seduce and control the king. Mijah, the new king. Tremel, a mage and Mejah’s brother. Liam, Leyton’s twin brother, a kingsman, and Liam’s kingsman partner, Shakil, a mage. Leyton’s story comes first and 10 pages in I was ready to give it up. We are dropped right in the middle of Leyton’s controlling of the king and I felt so out of step as that story line moved with jumped around at lightening sp [...]

    9. Автор прям немеряно растет над собой. Оч. милая фентезийная книжка, совершенно гениальные герои, все пять штук :)

    10. HmmmI think there was too much conversation in the character's heads than conversation and action with each other, making for slow story progress. It gets tiring I guess? Instead of knowing what's next, I have to read a whole page (exaggerated) of what they think instead of what they will do next. Also, to me, the story felt fast paced (Am I even making sense?), which resulted to not so great story building (or maybe my brain's just making it up, stupid brain).The story would have been nice thou [...]

    11. The most surprising thing about this book was that there was 5 main characters! As in, they received equal amounts of the story told from their point of view. I've never read a book with this many MAIN characters. I really enjoyed this story and the characters. My favorite character is Liam.I think something I don't like is the cover of the book I'm not sure what the cover has anything to do with the story

    12. 4.5 starsSo, this is a really light M/M/M story. If you want to get some threesome actions or twincest or expecting a heavily erotica romance from this book, trust me this book is not for you. But if you love story with a good plot and great characterization, then maybe you should consider to read it. Although it wasn't quite what I was expected, it was an enjoyable read. What I loved most from this book is we get to see everyone's POV (Leyton, Liam, Mijah, Temel, Shakil). Temel is my most favor [...]

    13. It's a very clean read except for one detailed sex scene. The story was well written and showcased the POV of all the main characters. Readers got to learn the characters personality through it which made it a bit more personable. I enjoyed it a majority of the way (view spoiler)[until Liam, Leyton and Mijah enter into a relationship (luckily I was prepared for it, saving the book from a 2 star rating) (hide spoiler)]. All the characters were likable. The book had me crying when (view spoiler)[L [...]

    14. There are five main characters and the book goes through each of their perspectives, giving the reader very thorough insight into each of their very distinct personalities and thought-processes. It's obvious that the author spent a good amount of time world-building, as shown in different magic uses and types, laws of each of the countries, and the sociopolitical intrigue of the courts. The first main romance of the book (the M/M/M romance involving the twins) is an extremely slow-burn, whereas [...]

    15. I loved itIt was everything I wanted, with betrayal, magic, strong bonds, pining, people getting hurt and rescuedI love both brothers dearly, I love how similar and different they are, and Liam is of course my favorite, even if I love Ley too and he impressed me the most. The king is sweet but a little useless if you ask me.The king's brother and Liam's friend are great too, and I loved seeing the story from their pov.This is a story where the shift in pov is really useful and really add somethi [...]

    16. On one level I really enjoyed this, because it's a longish fantasy novel and that almost guarantees it a good number of stars.On another I just couldn't get too excited about it. Although there's quite a bit going on, it seems there's just a bit too much faffing around without really getting to the point between the characters. I found I didn't care enough about the twins. This really disappointed me, because twincest is one of my guilty pleasures, but I didn't get that zap here.I can't put my f [...]

    17. Not quite a 4-star.I enjoyed the book, but, to be honest, if I could turn back time, I wouldn't care less if I read it or not.This makes it the third menage book I've read from Miller, and though this was better than the first two, I've found that I don't quite like the way she balances a relationship between the three. It feels as though there's a couple, then an intruder. I would've preferred that she set the relationship up better to make it a more well balanced and believable menage or just [...]

    18. 2.5 stars This book is a big tease so if you are looking for some smexy kinky scenes then skip this book. The constant tease & tease & tease with no satisfaction gets kind of annoying. I wish the author either followed thru with the sceanes instead of the frustration to lead on to unfinish scenes. This is an ok story, engaging enough except for the constant teasing that never amounts to much.

    19. I loved this book!It started off slow and then there were a few ups and downs along the way but overall this story was wonderful! So glad I read it.

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