The Curative

The Curative This is the story of an inmate in Bedlam the London mental asylum in the early th century Living in appalling conditions he still manages to be witty urbane and seemingly sane As the story unfold

  • Title: The Curative
  • Author: Charlotte Randall
  • ISBN: 9780140297539
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • This is the story of an inmate in Bedlam, the London mental asylum, in the early 19th century Living in appalling conditions he still manages to be witty, urbane and seemingly sane As the story unfolds we learn about life in the asylum, about his life before Bedlam and how he came to be there.

    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] ✓ The Curative - by Charlotte Randall ✓
      377 Charlotte Randall
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    1 thought on “The Curative”

    1. When reading The Curative it is advisable to have a dictionary on hand: one of the narrator’s coping strategies was to find unique words that capture his observations of his penury in Bedlam: “Now for the food. The food is abominable. It is soft and all mixed together, unrecognizable. Pabulum.” And then there was floccinaucinihilipilification, the action or habit of estimating something as worthless, or possibly its antonym, haecceity, a word that defines thisness; and what about the techn [...]

    2. Tricky one to rate. I'm not sure I enjoyed reading it. It was disturbing with the detailed accounts of abusive treatments enacted on asylum patients. And parts of it were slow as the story gradually revealed itself through fits and starts told as a story narrated by the patient to his cell mate with lots of interruptions to ponder words and meanings. But it was very compelling and exquisitely planned and written, with a satisfying answer to the mystery of how he came to be in the asylum in the f [...]

    3. I hadn't realised till halfway through that Randall is from NZ. Proud kiwi right here! I picked this up in a hospice shop and was extremely stoked to be reading a great book after being lately disappointed with tedious reads.

    4. There's not much than can keep me in one spot for a period of time. The Curative was riveting. See for yourself.

    5. Started and abandoned in the same day. Books written as inner monologues require a very specific frame of mind, and this is definitelly not the moment.

    6. Moderately interesting, clever, linguistics and philosophy, but ultimately not a novel I really engaged with.

    7. This is another book that my mother gave to me, and she has pretty unwaveringly good taste in books. This was really clever, and really enjoyable, if occasionally a little too knowing.

    8. I wanted to finish this, and made more than one attempt to keep going, but just couldn't do it. The writing is great, but the story is just too thin to keep my interest. And in the end the constant focus on bodily functions and the torturing of those who in the madhouse became depressing, in spite of the narrator's sense of humour and irony.

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