Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot It s prom season and no town does prom like Tinsel Town Ben is back for the summer just in time to be Anna s prom date But his family has a house guest who s so hot she s bound to burn up their perf

  • Title: Some Like It Hot
  • Author: Zoey Dean
  • ISBN: 9780316010931
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s prom season, and no town does prom like Tinsel Town Ben is back for the summer just in time to be Anna s prom date But his family has a house guest who s so hot, she s bound to burn up their perfect plans Adam finds out a scandalous secret that threatens to tear Cammie s world to pieces Sam agrees to take Parker to the prom and they end up doing a lot thanIt s prom season, and no town does prom like Tinsel Town Ben is back for the summer just in time to be Anna s prom date But his family has a house guest who s so hot, she s bound to burn up their perfect plans Adam finds out a scandalous secret that threatens to tear Cammie s world to pieces Sam agrees to take Parker to the prom and they end up doing a lot than dancing What happens when Sam s romance obsessed boyfriend Eduardo flies in from Paris to surprise Sam This prom is sure to be glamorous, scandalous, and occasionally downright schocking It s just the kind of night the A List crew will never forget Soon to be a major motion picture from Universal Pictures, THE A LIST and its bestselling sequels, GIRLS ON FILM, BLONDE AMBITION, TALL COOL ONE, and BACK IN BLACK are full of unforgettable stories about the fast times of Beverly Hills most beautiful and glamorous people.

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    1 thought on “Some Like It Hot”

    1. Not bad. I love the prom theme for books! Definitely takes me back. I didn't remember a lot of this series and its events but this book feels the least familiar to me for some reason. I'm not a fan of a few couplings so I hope things change to what I want them to be lol.

    2. Gotta admit I liked this book because Ben & Anna are tight here. It made me loved their pairing even more. <3 I liked Sam more here, and my dislike for Cammie because slightly lower and made me realize she and Adam deserve each other. Plus, Dee & Jack are super adorable ♥

    3. It's not surprising to find a series of books that the reader outgrows before the end, but in this case it feels like the author has outgrown the series. It's like she wishes she was writing soemthing more sophisticated. Very big words are used, terminology that's highly uneccessary too, as well as the characters seemingly developing new personality traits out of nowhere five books into the series. The idea that this series has three or four more books is very odd to me. As the writing iss till [...]

    4. In this sixth installment of the A-list the story of the young and rich, Zoey Dean’s focus is mainly on prom. Overall this book is a great read; it has a great plot and wonderful storyline. Each character has his/her own little story happening inside this one. It does start out a little bit slow in the beginning but then it picks up.In the beginning none of the wonderful A-list really even consider going to prom. They are all so above it. Sam however starts to consider it when Anna stated that [...]

    5. How I Came To Read This Book: Danielle lent it to me!The Plot: Anna Percy convinces her LA 'friends' to go to prom - but Sam has another idea in mind. Namely, she's setting out to shoot a prom documentary expose on the B-List girls that plan prom, befriending them yet simultaneously referring to them as the 'prom weenies' behind their back. Meanwhile Cammie is struggling with a dark secret from her family past that threatens her relationship with Adam, and Dee is finally on the path to normalcy [...]

    6. Unfortunately I read this book and frankly, if it were for adults, about adults, it might be decent. Zoey Dean seems to be one of the masters of smut for young girls. Here is my review in case you are a parent wondering.Central IssuesProm, documentary film making, sex, kindess toward strangers, high school kids living and acting like adults, underage drinking, fashion, wealth, indulged children, absent parents, blended families, divorceIssues Touched UponGay intolerance, adult- sanctioned undera [...]

    7. So this book was another one recommended by my friend Alexandra. Overall, I thought this book was an okay read. From the cover and title, I thought it would be about some rich girls living snobby lives, stuff we see on the television like 90210, Gossip Girls, NYC Prep type. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching those shows, trashy dramas and trashy reality shows like The Hills, but I don't really enjoy reading books like that. I think I'm more of the visual person. THroughout this book, the main p [...]

    8. I'll give the book a "4" because I enjoyed the storyline, but the editors get a big fat "0". I have noticed one or two irritating editing errors throughout the series, but this book had multiple mistakes. Spelling errors and missing and/or misplaced words really shouldn't make it into the final edit of a book. The consistent name dropping is getting a little old as well. However, I am still looking forward to continuing the series. I enjoyed the turn the ending took, and am happy to see some dra [...]

    9. So this is the 6th book of the a list books. It starts where the last one ends.It's prom season. Ben is back for the summer,just time to be Anna's prom date. But things dont go the they are planed. Adam finds out a secret that ruint Cammie's life. Sam agrees to take Parker to the prom and she does the unthinkable with him. This gets even worse when Eduardo flies in from Paris to surprise Sam. This prom is sure to be nothing but normal! Probably a night that any of the characters will forget.I wo [...]

    10. Some like it hot is a book about a group of highschool students in an A-List group. It's time for prom and the B-List students need one of the A-List girls to help them prepare for it. Will Sam help them when her boyfriend Eduardo might not even be able to make it? And what about Anna and Ben? Is a good friend of Ben threatning to tear Anna's perfect relationship with Ben apart? What's in store for Cammie and her BF Adam? Will Adam find a horrible secret about Cammie's mothers disapperance and W [...]

    11. Either the books are getting worse or I'm starting to realize hoe bad thery really are. I mean, I liked the first five of these books, but then some of the characters started to get to me and the whole hollywood beauty image and how much this series revolves aroud this has started to get to me. It's just frustrating to read. The only reason I'm rating this three stars is becuase of some of the storylines. You take away some of the frustrations and the storylines get interesting, and it leaves of [...]

    12. I really didn't like this book. The only reason i read past the first chapter was because i didn't have anything else to read. The whole book, i suspect was about what rich girls were doing. I know how people say don't judge a book by it's cover, but i do that before reading most books. Guess what? I was right. When i first saw this book, i didn't like the cover, but i didn't have much time to pick another book. I really don't recommend this book to anyone who like adventures or anything that is [...]

    13. This book starts off with Anna wanting to go to prom even though Sam just wants to make a prom documentary based on the 'B-list' girls on planning prom instead. Meanwhile befriending the girls she calls them "prom-weenies". Cammie and Adam struggle when they find out a secret involving her and Sam. And Sam's boyfriend, Eduardo unexpectedly shows up at prom and catches Sam doing something that could end their relationship forever.I can connect this book to Gossip Girl because finding out what hap [...]

    14. I remember reading it in the 8th grade and I remember enjoying it so I decided to pick it up and read it again. It's a light read which I enjoy. It talks about a girl, named Rocky who moved from the Philipines to the United States in the 1960's. Rocky falls in love with a guitar player, Elvis. She moves with him to San Francisco and meets someone named Keiko. The three of them decide to move to New York and start their band :The Gangster of Love. I think the author did a great job of really show [...]

    15. Prom is right aroudn the corner for BHH and of course aton of drams is bound to come. Sam has a great idea for her documentary but it changes whens she finds out the the B list isn't so bad. Eduardo comes back only to leave again. Ben is back which makes Anna happy. Prom cames and Sams documentary is ruined when she win Prom Queen but when Eduard catches her with Parker when he comes back he might just be gone forever. And Adam finds some new information on Cammies mother's death that only makes [...]

    16. If I hear the words "low-slung" or "raven hair" one more time, I will go to Beverly Hills and light another old hotel on fire. And don't forget the mirror trick right from the get-go so that we can have yet another description of perfect Ahhhh-nna's perfect features.I enjoy silly teenage books as much as anybody else, but the writing was poor and barely held my attention. I found myself skipping ahead through pages and even entire chapters just to get to a part where something interesting happen [...]

    17. Didn't realize it was the middle of a series, but even so story wasn't that great. Beverly Hills girls typical drama while planning a prom. Ugly girl lost weight now pretty, ignored by daddy issues, newer girl with ex-boyfriend of one of the other main girl's ex-boyfriend, wanna-be producer was going to make fun of all the non a-listers at prom and ends up liking them and being prom queen and has to change her whole documentary to be a better person. It was ok

    18. I never saw the ending coming! Who knew Sam's boy friend was going to come back? That really caught me off guard. But I felt kind of uneasy though. For some reason I really don't like Ben and Anna as a couple But overall it was really good. And I'm glad especially when I read that Dee got better and met someone special. Ooh! I just hope my prom would be half as good as this one!

    19. SO far this book is similar to the Clique series but more geared toward the Gossip Girl crowd. Rich friends going to prom what will happen you know the story line just amazes me how these HS kids are always drinking in these books. It makes me wonder if that really happens to the "rich" people.

    20. I like this book more than I have reading the other books in this series. There did not to seem to be so much celebrity/brand name dropping, and instead used the time to develop a plot and some character development. It is still a silly, frivolous read, but Some Like It Hot kept my interest.

    21. I literally could not put the book down when Eduardo was behind Sam when she kissed Parker!!! I was so mad at her LOL. This book really made me feel like i was there. It's very easy to connect with the characters. Great read for chick-lit lovers!!

    22. Liked this book. Nice to see the A-List gals learn a lesson or two and come down a notch from their high horses, even if only for a short time. Interested to see how the last 2 books will wrap up the series.

    23. The sixth of the guilty pleasure reads, the A List novels. It's time for prom in Beverly Hills, and Anna's in for a shock when Ben abandons her. Sam is caught kissing a James Dean lookalike by her boyfriend Eduardo.

    24. so book 6 is adding a whole new level of problems. What i especially like about this series is that the characters I used to hate are beginning to grow on me. we're seeing new sides that haven't yet become overdone or hypocritical. now, just waiting to see where book 7 takes me

    25. Anna sees a beautiful girl at Ben's house. Who is shed what does she want?Meanwhile, Cammie's on a search for whatever happened to her mom the night she drowned. And who is Beverly Hills High's next prom queen?


    27. im not even going to bother writing a real review because it isnt worthy of one. yet another discontinuity: at the end of 5 dee is going to cedar-sinai now shes at ojai. yawn this series over yet?

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