Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires Sarah Avery s reckless behavior has cost her a job her boyfriend and the independence she desperately craves Reluctantly home for the holidays in the tiny seaside town where her parents live her ho

  • Title: Bay of Fires
  • Author: Poppy Gee
  • ISBN: 9780316201681
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sarah Avery s reckless behavior has cost her a job, her boyfriend, and the independence she desperately craves Reluctantly home for the holidays in the tiny seaside town where her parents live, her hopes for calm are shattered when she finds the body of a young female backpacker, washed up on the shore A year earlier, another woman went missing and hasn t been seen sinceSarah Avery s reckless behavior has cost her a job, her boyfriend, and the independence she desperately craves Reluctantly home for the holidays in the tiny seaside town where her parents live, her hopes for calm are shattered when she finds the body of a young female backpacker, washed up on the shore A year earlier, another woman went missing and hasn t been seen since is there a killer in this benign harbor Journalist Hall Flynn arrives to investigate the murder, which has set the locals reeling Haunted by demons of his own and yearning for a fresh start, Hall will do whatever it takes to break the story and Sarah will do whatever it takes to keep her own secrets safe.

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    1 thought on “Bay of Fires”

    1. I have just finished this and feel very disappointed. The writing, technically speaking, is excellent and deserves a 4-5 stars - as does the characterization - but the story barely makes a 2. Bay of Fires is touted as a murder mystery, and while there is a dead body and someone with a guilty secret, the author pays little attention to building suspense and infusing menace into her plot, which it desperately needs. Instead she focuses on describing fish and wind / dust-swept landscapes, and bangs [...]

    2. I was slightly disappointed in this book. The blurb sounded exciting. the dead body of a woman is washed up on the beach, a year after another young girl has gone missing. It started off quite well but then just seemed to move really slowly. I found it disjointed in parts and boring in others. I wasn't really able to relate to the main characters and I kept waiting for something to happen and nothing really ever did. The ending was also quite anticlimactic. Overall it was an easy read but not an [...]

    3. What I liked about this story was that the solving of the mystery, while central to the characters’ behaviour, ultimately plays second fiddle to the interactions between the characters themselves. This could be the reason why I’m not all that fond of plot driven mystery stories – there’s enough of that on T.V. for me to feel sated with murder and mayhem without reading about it, too.There was a moment early in the book where I almost abandoned it – much like driving for hours to a camp [...]

    4. Sarah Avery had returned to her parents’ home in the Bay of Fires on the east coast of Tasmania, after a turbulent break-up with her boyfriend, and the quitting of her job at a barramundi farm in Queensland. It was the Christmas holidays and her sister Erica was also home, with her long-time boyfriend Steve. Sarah wasn’t coping with the trauma that was keeping her awake at night, and took to drinking way too much. She also fished day in and day out, alone and happier without company. So when [...]

    5. This was a book that suffered from a form of bipolarity. It was either a love story in which the main characters were interested in solving a murder mystery, or it was a murder mystery in which the main characters happened to be looking for love, but either way, the result was a disjointed, hard to follow story where the details didn't seem to make sense and I could have read only the last 60 pages or so and understood the entire plot arc of the story. After finishing the story, I found out that [...]

    6. Sarah Avery has returned home to Tasmania in secret, silent disgrace. She's broken up with her boyfriend and quit her job at a fish farm in Queensland, and is back in time for Christmas. Her family has a beach shack in the isolated Bay of Fires national park and head there every year for Christmas and New Year's. Her parents are there: Philippa, or "Flip" as she's known, a pharmacist; and Dr John Avery, a history professor at the university. Her younger sister Erica as well - a flight attendant, [...]

    7. ‘The storm broke the night before the body of the second missing woman was found.’The body of a female backpacker washes ashore in the Bay of Fires on the east coast of Tasmania, a year after a teenage girl went missing. This is an isolated holiday community: some families have holidayed there annually for years. Everyone knows everyone else, everyone has an opinion about who might be responsible, and a number of people have secrets they’d rather keep to themselves.Sarah Avery’s parents [...]

    8. A mystery novel with an unconventional twist.I found Bay Of Fires quite a refreshing change from other stuffy mystery novels. In Bay of Fires you have Sarah Avery a free-spirited soul who loves spending her time fishing the beaches of the bay on the Tasmania coast. You also have a community of dysfunctional individuals who come together to spend their Summers on the Bay of Fires. And then there is the mystery of the young female tourists, one who went missing and the other who shows up dead and [...]

    9. Bay of Fires is situated on Tasmania’s east coast. It received its name from Captain Tobias Furnes in 1773 when he sighted many fires lit along the coast, leading him to believe that the area had a large population. It is this gorgeous part of Australia that Poppy Gee sets her first novel, a murder-mystery. The body of a backpacker washes ashore in the Bay of Fires, a small, close-knit community and so begins our journey with Gee. Sarah Avery is a local, returning to the Bay of Fires after a s [...]

    10. While I think this was reasonably well-written, I just did not warm up to this book. I wondered about that as I was reading and it wasn't the writing style, although I did find it to be a bit jarring at times (some people have called it disjointed, which I did not feel quite so strongly). While that could have been part of my tepid feeling towards the book, I think that the bigger issue for me was that I did not particularly like any of the characters.Sarah's introductory views of friends and fa [...]

    11. This novel, set in Tasmania, was a mystery with an engaging plot, but it was much more than that. The description of the setting was convincing, showing the beauty of Tasmania's east cost. The characters were interesting and well drawn, and there were non-judgemental glimpses into their relationships and personal lives which which explored human experience.Like Dick Francis, we are given an insider's look into people's occupations - the life of a newspaper journalist and the role of a fish farme [...]

    12. There is something about the writing in this book that does feel "Tasmanian", and I will give Poppy one more chance to impress me with her writing, as it had so much potential, but speaking as a native of Tassie, the inaccuracies made my head spin. What civic square does anyone cross to get to the restaurant mentioned? Is she perhaps talking about Salamance Place/Market, which is a road/thoroughfare when the Saturday market isn't running?And as for any Tasmanian journalist who needs to have Boon [...]

    13. I thought this book was interesting and well-written, but I didn't feel much of a connection to it. The mystery in the story kept my attention, but I didn't really love any of the characters.The story takes place in a small coastal town in Tasmania. A dead body is found on the beach. A reporter, a fishing farmer, and other folks in town try to figure out whether the cause of death was murder or an accident. And if it's murder, is there a connection between this death and the young woman who disa [...]

    14. I picked this book up because I thought it would be interesting to read a novel with a local flavour and I've been on a mystery novel kick lately. I'm so glad I did, I loved every page. The story was compelling, the characters interesting and well developed and the mystery gripping enough to keep me turning pages long after bed time. I'm definitely looking forward to more from Poppy Gee.

    15. It was my pleasure recently to be on a ‘Something Rotten in the Apple Isle’ panel for Sisters in Crime where I met Poppy Gee and Livia Day aka Tansy Roberts. We were all raised in Tasmania and chose to set our mystery/crime books there. I loved this panel because not only did I get to meet both writers, but it was fascinating to hear how Tasmania shaped all our work. Livia said how impressed she was that when Poppy was talking about the murder of Victoria Cafasso that semi-inspired her book, [...]

    16. It caught my attention in the shelf immediately - A murder mystery set in one of the most picturesque places in Tasmania? I'm in! I really enjoyed Poppy's writing; her characters were well-developed and her descriptions of the sea made me taste the salt & wind on my lips. I enjoyed reading this book and could have continued doing so, but unfortunately I felt as if the ending was anticlimactic and rushed, leaving loose threads that frustrated me. For a story with such strong character and set [...]

    17. I struggled a bit with this book. The author was very descriptive, almost to the point of being too descriptive. I felt like this made the story line move so slowly that I had trouble staying interested.

    18. It was interesting and it tells one a lot about Tasmania. I have been there and loved it so I enjoyed the book.

    19. Even though this was an easy beach/travel read, I found myself wanting to know more about the characters and the plot. I hope the author continues to write and publish. This was her first novel.

    20. This story meandered a bit too much for me. The murder plot was so buried but the writing was pretty good.

    21. Reluctantly visiting her family for the summer holidays, Sarah finds herself stuck in a remote bay in Tasmania. But when a body washes up on a shore, belonging to a Swedish tourist Sarah spoke to the other day, her curiosity is roused and she seeks answers, aided by journalist Hall Flynn.I was looking forward to reading this. This was fourth book in a row I read that was set in Tasmania. The first three novels – Danielle Woods' The Alphabet of Light and Dark, Favel Parrett's Past the Shallows [...]

    22. Perfect Summer Reading MaterialWhen temperatures soar, and holiday mode kicks in, nothing in my mind is better than a good book read on the beach (or on reclined on a couch with the fan churning overhead), icy drink in hand. The criteria for a summer read (for me anyway) is that it should have a good pace to it, transport me to another place and captivate me with it's characters. Add a crime or mystery to the story and I am in my happy summer reading space.Bay of Fires ticks all these boxes. For [...]

    23. I always enjoy coming across a new author and Poppy Gee has made a solid debut with her first novel Bay of Fires. Set in the region of that name in rural Tasmania, Bay of Fires is the story of a small community struggling to come to terms with the reality of a murderer in their midst. In just over a year two young women have met with foul play in the Bay of Fires area. The first, a teenage surfer simply disappeared without a trace. While disconcerting, it is not too alarming given there were rum [...]

    24. Bay of Fires in Tasmania is a place where people come every summer to enjoy a simple beach holiday either in their own shack or at the campground. Quiet, idyllic and isolated it seems like a very unlikely place for a murder. Yet in the space of just over a year two young women (of remarkably similar appearance) have met with foul play. Young surfer Chloe simply disappeared without a trace after telling her family she was going surfing and Swiss backpacker Anja's body was discovered washed up on [...]

    25. * 3.5 starsThe Bay of Fires is picturesque coastal area in which I have always wanted to visit in Tasmania, so when I came across this book with the same title, I was very keen to see what the Author had to offer the reader about the area. It opens with the discovery of a body of a bikini clad woman and it is soon revealed that the body is that of a Swiss tourist. This stretch of beach is no stranger to foul play, with a young girl going missing, her body never found, from the area only a year p [...]

    26. It is possible that the reader of a lot of mystery fiction could come to BAY OF FIRES with a predisposition to like it very much. It's an unusual twist on what is, frequently, a rather formulaic style. More importantly, it's a lot more about the people involved in a community than the tragic death.The story revolves around Sarah Avery, who was second on the scene when the bikini-clad body is found on the beach. She and her family are long-term holiday residents at the Bay of Fires, so they were [...]

    27. The Bay of Fires is a sleepy, tiny beach community on the Tasmanian Coast. Sarah Avery's family vacations there each Christmas, piling into a shack to enjoy the beaches and the fishing. The community is comprised of several families that have fallen into a pattern of gossip, abalone bakes, surfing, and sunbathing. However, a couple of years ago, a teenage girl disappeared from Bay of Fires without a trace. The people have tried to move on, but are jerked back to the reality that paradise may not [...]

    28. Good Read, interesting mystery, would read more by this author, Enjoyed the scenic descriptions as I will probably never get to Tasmania, although it is on my wish list of places to visit.

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