The Fear Artist

The Fear Artist Edgar finalist Hallinan s heartrending unforgettable fifth Poke Rafferty thriller Publishers Weekly starred review set in Thailand comes to Soho Crime An accidental collision on a Bangkok sidewalk go

  • Title: The Fear Artist
  • Author: Timothy Hallinan
  • ISBN: 9781616951122
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edgar finalist Hallinan s heartrending, unforgettable fifth Poke Rafferty thriller Publishers Weekly starred review set in Thailand comes to Soho Crime An accidental collision on a Bangkok sidewalk goes very wrong when the man who ran into Rafferty dies in his arms, but not before saying three words Helen Eckersley Cheyenne Seconds later, the police arrive, denying Edgar finalist Hallinan s heartrending, unforgettable fifth Poke Rafferty thriller Publishers Weekly starred review set in Thailand comes to Soho Crime An accidental collision on a Bangkok sidewalk goes very wrong when the man who ran into Rafferty dies in his arms, but not before saying three words Helen Eckersley Cheyenne Seconds later, the police arrive, denying that the man was shot That night, Rafferty is interrogated by Thai secret agents who demand to know what the dead man said, but Rafferty can t remember When he s finally released, Rafferty arrives home to find that his apartment has been ransacked In the days that follow, he realizes he s under surveillance The second time men in uniform show up at his door, he manages to escape the building and begins a new life as a fugitive As he learns about his situation, it becomes apparent that he s been caught on the margins of the war on terror, and that his opponent is a virtuoso artist whose medium is fear.

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      338 Timothy Hallinan
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    1. You can read Tim Hallinan’s latest novel, “The Fear Artist”, as a standalone. Can. But why are earth would you want to? The other books in the Poke Rafferty series are such a delight that you’d have to be whacky not to read them. And, if you haven’t done so as yet, I daresay it’s only because you’ve never heard of Hallinan, or because you don’t like mysteries set anywhere else than in your own backyard. Either way, in my opinion, you run a grave risk of selling yourself short. Bu [...]

    2. Right below the title on the hardcover edition of this book is the description “A Poke Rafferty Thriller” and that’s just what this is, 100% thriller. Oh it’s a true Page Turner, be still my heart! Let me say this first: I love Philip “Poke” Rafferty. He’s just your typical American expat living in Bangkok, married to a former prostitute (Rose) with a young daughter adopted off the streets when she was 7 (Miaow). Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? His total and complete devoti [...]

    3. PROTAGONIST: Poke RaffertySETTING: Bangkok, ThailandSERIES: #5 if 5RATING: 4.5When his wife, Rose, and daughter, Miaow, are out of town, travel writer Poke Rafferty decides it would be an opportune time to redecorate their apartment. As he is leaving the paint store, he collides with a man who has just been shot and dies in Poke’s arms after uttering three words: “Helen Eckersley. Cheyenne.” Almost immediately, the Thai secret police take Poke into custody, demanding to know what the dying [...]

    4. The author says in his acknowledgments that this was a very difficult book to write. I can well believe him, because it was also a very difficult book to read. As with all of the books in the Poke Rafferty series, Hallinan opens the eyes of the average American suburbanite and takes us to places that we don't really want to go and shows us things we don't really want to see. The subject matter makes most of us decidedly uncomfortable, and we think to ourselves, time and again, "SOMEBODY should D [...]

    5. I've loved the wonderful Poke Rafferty series, set in Bangkok, ever since I read the first book, A Nail Through the Heart. Incredibly, each book in the series seems even better than the previous one! I think this has to do with the ongoing character development, so that we get to know the regular characters and their interrelationships more and more deeply.In The Fear Artist, the fifth in the series, Poke's wife, Rose, and their adopted daughter, Miaow, who are obviously of utmost importance to [...]

    6. Tim Hallinan writes so beautifully about Poke Rafferty’s wife Rose and his daughter Miaow that in every book I start to worry about them almost immediately. In THE FEAR ARTIST, though, Rose and Miaow head off to visit Rose’s family in the north of Thailand while Rafferty paints their apartment. I was happy not to be scared for them—but of course Hallinan won’t let us off so easily. There are plenty of others to care about, including his half-sister Ming Li and his friend Arthit. His stre [...]

    7. Yet another autographed paperback passed on to me by Nancy. The story is set in Bangkok. And the characters are more fully formed than the ones I've encountered in most "thrillers" I've read. Even the secondary characters are very nicely rounded - I'm particularly fond of Vladimir. the soulful Russian spook. I'll definately read more of Mr. Hallinan's books. This one is the most recent book, the sixth, in The Poke Rafferty Series. I think I'll also sample The Junior Bender Series and his The Sim [...]

    8. I spent almost three weeks in Bangkok back in 1973. That was the only time I ever visited…until now. Timothy Hallinan is responsible for this latest trip, and in the middle of a torrential rain no less, with Poke Rafferty for a tour guide. Hallinan knows Thailand well, since he lives there part time, but a lot of people live in a lot of places and can’t impart to the reader the since of immediacy that Hallinan does in his Poke Rafferty novels. You’ll get wet. You’ll stay wet. You buy and [...]

    9. Hallinan has a series featuring Poke Rafferty, an Anglo-Asian male living in Bangkok. In Hallinan’s hands, Bangkok becomes an international center of intrigue focused on its restive Muslim south and juggling its overheated, overaged male spy population who had happily retired themselves only to be called back into harness. More importantly, Hallinan has created his most interesting and powerful female character yet, Ming Li. Ming Li is the Anglo-Chinese step-sister of Poke and she aids his lat [...]

    10. A stripped down reinvigoration of the series.Maybe it was Hallinan moving to a new publisher (Soho); maybe it was because he (almost!) exclusively focused on Poke; whatever the reason, the book saved the series for me.I really enjoyed the first of the books; I had questions about the second, as it already dragged in Poke's estranged father. The third and the fourth wandered quite a bit--and I get from interview with Hallinan that he plans to continue to wander, exploring different characters. I' [...]

    11. This is my second Poke Rafferty book. The first was last year's QUEEN OF PATPONG, a novel I tremendously enjoyed, particularly for the author's skill in depicting a woman from a background far from his own personal experience -- I believed every word of it, and that's rare. QoP also had one of THE most satisfying endings, ever (I won't describe it for fear of spoilers, but suffice to say, the movie it made in my head was awesome!).Several things about FEAR ARTIST really stood out for me, and it' [...]

    12. This is the fifth book, in Timothy Hallinan's Poke Rafferty series. Poke is a travel writer and family, that can't seem to avoid trouble. In the opening pages he's sent his family to higher ground, to avoid the floods, and was headed home paint the apartment while it was empty. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned for Poke.Minding his own business became impossible when a stranger collides with Poke on the street. The man utters three words "Helen Eckersley. Cheyenne," before succumbing to mu [...]

    13. Poke Rafferty's wife, Rose, has taken their daughter Miaow out of town to visit Rose's mother. Poke is left to his own devices and decides to paint the apartment while they are gone. But Poke has a lot of hoops to jump through before he gets the apartment painted. As he exits the paint store, a large man runs into him and lands on top of him. As Poke struggles to get up, he sees that the man has been shot. Before he dies the man whispers three words to Poke. The words have no meaning to Poke but [...]

    14. American ex-pat Poke Rafferty is on a mission—to paint his apartment—when he collides with a stranger on the sidewalk fronting the home improvement store. Both men go down in an explosion of colors: Apricot Cream for Rafferty’s wife Rose, and Urban Decay, a rotted eggplant-like hue for Miao, their adopted teenaged daughter. The stranger dies on top of Rafferty, but not before whispering the words, “Helen Eckersley” and “Cheyenne.”This brief contact makes Rafferty the unwitting subj [...]

    15. The Fear Artist doesn't appear until somewhere towards the middle of the book, but his presence is felt from page 1. The suspense and thrill that we've come to love and expect from Hallinan's Poke Rafferty series is right up front.There's an odd series of events that puts Poke right back into the mix, starting with pails of paint that burst with color across the landscape. Poke's down on the street with a dying man whispering in his ear. The whispers of fear are a loud cry of despair, as those i [...]

    16. This is a new author for me, recommended by Nancy Pearl. She warned the listeners that they would want to burn through everything he has written, and it has certainly been true for me. Yes, they are well written, fast paced mysteries with interesting characters. The thing, however, that makes the difference to me is the amount I learn reading them. He writes about people, and he writes with understanding, of what gets a person into a situation, and how they might react, and in all the difficulty [...]

    17. The Fear Artist, Tim Hallinan, A+Poke Rafferty #5Bangkok, 2011First line: Two two-gallon cans of paint weigh about five times as much as he'd thought they would.Coming out of the paint store with said cans of paint, Poke finds himself caught up in a mini-riot which winds up with a farang dying in his arms of gunshot wounds. Before he knows what hit him, Poke is on the run from the Thai version of the CIA, a rogue American mercenary and the entire Bangkok police force.Tim has out-done himself wit [...]

    18. The Fear Artist contains the truly best elements of crime fiction by a master story teller. Set in Thailand, Timothy Hallinan shows a depth of understanding of Thai and expat life that give the story the kind of vivid, seamless, and magical lift that allows a reader to lose himself/herself in the narrative. From the first page, you know that you are in good hands, and sit back and enjoy the ride. In this crime novel, Hallinan knits the crimes of the past to the modern day Bangkok where the night [...]

    19. I received a copy of The Fear Artist from a Good Reads giveaway.Move over all the top crime scene shows on tv, this book has you beat! Being a fan of crime scene shows and mystery books the description of the Fear Artist drew me in right away. I loved how everything in this book was believable and made you feel like you were actually there witnessing it all. It plays on one's emotions and will give you a rush throughout the whole story. I would highly recommend.

    20. I have read all of Timothy Hallinan books. I have even met him. The books are excellent. The Poke Rafferty novels, of which the The Fear Artist is the latest, are well crafted, suspenseful, funny and sad. I love them. I loved The Fear Artist. Hallinan consistently keeps my interest.

    21. 4.5This probably would have been a solid 5 if Rose and Miaow were more involved. I still love this author and his characters after 5 books in the series. I can't wait for the next one!

    22. Maybe I'm getting jaded but I'm afraid this follows the usual plot lines, written like a summer action thriller movie. Hallinan writes well, but the bad guys are pure evil, and the good guys are invincible. There is lots of excitement but little mystery.In the epilogue, the author refers the reader to the book "The Phoenix Program" by Douglas Valentine as a factual account. Critical reviews question that and refer to the more reliable "Stalking the Vietcong: Inside Operation Phoenix" by Stuart H [...]

    23. An excellent entry in the series, even if the central mystery is pretty unpleasant. I'm hoping that, in at least one of the two books remaining that I haven't read, Poke gets a bit of a breather: I enjoyed the scenes of him doing normal life earlier in the series.Very happy that Ming Li puts in an appearance.

    24. Bangkok underworld at its worst, butCaused by the US involvement in Vietnam in the Phoenix Project.Relevant, historical, in the present and terrifying!

    25. Bangkok, Thailand - a city in which it can honestly be said that you can't even go out and buy paint without getting into trouble.Of course, trouble and Poke Rafferty tend to go hand in hand, much to his constant chagrin. Ever since he settled in Bangkok -- truly the best worst city in the world -- fell in love with Rose, and adopted Miaow, it seems like massive and dangerous problems have him on speed dial.But nothing can prepare him for having a condemned man collapse on top of him during a co [...]

    26. First Line: Two two-gallon cans of paint weigh about five times as much as he'd thought they would.Rose and Miaow are out of town visiting relatives, and all Poke Rafferty has planned is getting the apartment painted while they're gone. But, like all best laid plans, everything goes downhill fast when Poke leaves the local hardware store with his paint.There's noise, shouting, and a man barrels into Poke, sending them both down on the pavement. Holding the man in his arms, Poke realizes the man [...]

    27. The Fear Artist by Timothy Hallinan that was is a fast-paced thriller that takes place in Bangkok, Thailand.This is the fifth book in a series starring Poke Rafferty, a man who somehow always finds a way to get himself into trouble. It’s not as if he’s inviting it, it’s just that trouble follows him wherever he goes, even outside a shop that sells paints in a street in Bangkok.The author seems to know the city inside out and so does his hero. Poke has been living there for years with his T [...]

    28. [SPOILERS]As usual, it was gripping from beginning to end; the opening is typically off-beat and reflective of the aura of Bangkok, and the ending, of course, made my jaw drop. I have no idea why, but there was a nagging feeling that it would all end up perfectly tied with a bow, particularly upon the debut of Treasure; Poke seems to have a super soft spot for taking responsibility for the girls and women pushed around by the looming entity of Bangkok's underground. Pim, Miaow, and his endearing [...]

    29. Being a travel writer, Poke Rafferty is not your conventional thriller protagonist, yet Hallinan can make crossing a street, climbing a flight of stairs, a cab ride, or in this case, a trip to the hardware store into a tension-filled adventure. I love how the relationships of family and friends continues to evolve and deepen. Dennis Lehane says that the best writing in English literature is happening in the mystery genre. Timothy Hallinan is a great example of that. Better than the Brontë siste [...]

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