Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians

Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age and Up

  • Title: Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians
  • Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781932146981
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 1 31 2007 Pages Reading Level Age 5 and Up

    • Unlimited [Business Book] ☆ Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians - by Jackie Mims Hopkins Æ
      244 Jackie Mims Hopkins
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    1 thought on “Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians”

    1. I read this aloud to my kiddos today as I opened up our reading area and bookshelves for them. I've used this one for several years now in doing so. This is very creative and cute, and makes for a very good read aloud with the dialogue from the three bears. The illustrations are appealing to kids, and it always gets some laughs while reviewing the 5-finger rule and proper library etiquette. All of these things are extremely important in a classroom and library!

    2. my 5 year old didn't like this one. i thought it was ok. he said that he found it too confusing was it a house or a library. personally i didn't like the way they misspelled librarian. i do however see the point.

    3. Staff PickHeatherThis is the perfect book-lover's version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. See what happens when Goldie finds the home of the book-loving libearians and makes herself comfortable with a good book.

    4. I am the three libearians at work though I don't smile at the patrons for making a mess of the library ;-) But I do smile at them for coming in and reading books but seriously, put your stuff back correctly ;-)

    5. A delightful twist on the traditional story. This one revolves around reading and books and finding the book that's right for you.

    6. Cute take on the three bears story that covers finding good fit books. Great start of school year book.

    7. In this variation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldie Socks takes a shortcut through the forest and ends of up at a building made of books. She tries to find a "just right" book and place to read - then the 3 libearians return! Cute twist on a classic fairy tale.

    8. This is an enjoyable re-telling of Goldilocks and the three bears -- with a twist! Librarians will enjoy reading it to students and hearing their reactions to this updated and bookish version.

    9. Here's what we put on our blogMommy Bookworm’s Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I never learned about the “five finger rule” growing up and this book does a great job explaining what it is and how to use it to choose good books for yourself. I know it was kind of going along with the old classic story with having her toss aside the books she didn’t like, but I also felt it was good that the Libearian family got upset with how she treated the books that didn’t fit her because, in a [...]

    10. This is a fabulous re-telling of the traditional Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale! In this version Mama & Papa Bear are librarians and Baby Bear is a librarian-in-training. Their cottage architecturally looks as if it is made of books. Goldie Socks sees the cottage on her shortcut through the forest. Because she "loved books more than bears love honey" she predictably goes into the Bears' home (although she does knock first). When she enters the home and sees the "shelves and shelves of w [...]

    11. This book is a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In this book, Papa Bear is a public librarian, Mama Bear is a school librarian, and Baby Bear is a librarian in training. Goldie Socks was on her way to school but took a short cut through the forest and found a cottage made of books. Goldie Socks goes in a finds many books trying to decide what a just right book is. Goldie Socks falls asleep and the three bears come home and notices someone has been looking through their books. In the en [...]

    12. Best for kids ages 5 and up.Early Literacy Skills: Print Motivation, Phonological Awareness, Narrative SkillsFrom cover:Somebody's been looking at my books! An intriguing cottage made of books tempts the inquisitive Goldie Socks to peek inside. Aas she searches the shelves she finds books that are too big and books that are too small, but she soon discovers that using the five-finger rule can help her find a book that's just right! Satisfies, she finds a comfy spot to read. But what will the thr [...]

    13. Following the plot of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldie Socks enters the home of three librarian bears ("libearians") and tries out a bunch of their stuff. Included in the story are opportunities to teach about putting books back correctly, finding a "just right" book using the 5-finger test, and the fact that all librarians really care about is that readers find books they love. I used this as part of a library skills lesson with kindergarteners and first graders, which then f [...]

    14. I read this to my fourth grade class to highlight the 5 finger rule in finding a 'just right' book. This story talks about how each bear is a librarian and that they have different jobs. Their house is shaped like a book and when Goldie enters she goes through the book shelves to find the perfect book. She used the 5 finger rule (choose any page in the book and begin reading, put up a finger for every word you don't know. If you get to 5 before the end of the page, the book is too hard for you)t [...]

    15. Goldie Socks takes a short cut through the woods to school since she's running late and comes upon a house made of books. As a book lover, she can't resist the home of the three libearians (bear librarians). It takes her a while, but she eventually finds some books that are just right, and then a cozy place to read them.A humorous twist on the typical fairy tale. The libearian pun may have some readers groaning. I loved how books were used in place of the porridge and beds, and how the chair bec [...]

    16. I read this book with my elementary students and combined it with a review of library lessons combined with comparing versions and variants (of course, referring back to Goldilocks and the Three Bears). Since then, I've had several students ask when they can check it out. More recently, I have started using this story at the beginning of the year with the included lesson of "A Just Right Book" and the five-finger rule. Using the "A JUST RIGHT BOOK" lesson seems to help some students think about [...]

    17. When I was growing the three bears were not sufficient and so my father and I made the story our own. We would tell the story of the three snakes or other animal families of three. Well Hopkins has taken the classic tale another direction. Goldie Socks is fascinated with this house of books and takes her time trying different books and reading spots and when the libearians come home… Papa reads them all a story including Goldie Socks. The book also includes a neat lesson plan for helping young [...]

    18. This is a useful book, but not a personal favorite. Teachers and school librarians may find it particularly handy, since it can be a jumping off point to talk about how to choose and take care of books. I like that Goldy Socks demonstrates how to find a "just right" book with the 5 finger rule. This is something I'm hearing a lot about these days, both at my children's school and from other librarians. I also like that the ending highlights how fun it can be to share books with others. The illus [...]

    19. This is a clever way of telling the story about Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. It gets kids interested in reading as well as allows them to read the book in another way. Taking a classic tale, such as Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, and then spinning it into a new material is perfect for kids who may be reluctant readers. Many children already know the story about Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, and for the children who may have difficulty reading, it is a refreshing way to look at the st [...]

    20. I would read this book around the beginning of the school year when kids begin to pick out their own books to read. I would introduce what is called a just right book. I would let students know that there are some books out there that may be too easy or just too hard for them to read. While it's okay that they do read those books, they need to try to find books that are just right for them. Just right book are when you can ready it fairly easily, but sometimes you might get stuck. Books like thi [...]

    21. The rating here is a compromise between Julia and I. I say 3, she says 5, it gets 4. :) She really liked this and I really liked the fact that she liked it so much. I have a hard time getting her to feel passionate about books sometimes and I have an even harder time getting her to fall for books about books like I do. But this one got to her. Maybe because of the Goldie Locks twist but whatever the reason, I'm one happy camper. She giggled every time I said "Goldie Socks". The ending was her fa [...]

    22. This twist on the familiar story involves a just-as-adventurous little girl named Goldie Socks who loves books and a more hospitable bear family who like books so much that their home seems to be built from them. Students will enjoy the story and the bright illustrations and librarians will have more story to share about enjoying and caring for books and finding the one, like this one, that is "just right."

    23. This book was a total hit on the first day of library class for 2nd and 3rd graders. It really saved my life!Goldie socks discovers a hidden house made of books where the 3 libearians live. She finds books and places to read that are too big, too small, too squishy, too hard, and of coursejust right. Watch out for kids to scream out "omg, it's just like with the porridge!" half way through. Also, watch out for the surprise ending!

    24. This book was surprising because I thought Goldie Socks was going to run away, but she didn't. We thought the bears were going to eat her, but instead they were happy she was there and they read a book together!This book taught us to read Just Right or Good Fit books and how to pick those types of books. For example, use the five finger rule and if there are five words on the page that you can't read, it is too hard.

    25. An imaginative retelling of the Goldilocks fairy tale - this one has Goldie Socks an avid reader who encounters a house made out of books - her favorite things in the whole world!Of course she has to investigate. She finds a book that is JUST RIGHT by using the five finger rule. She then finds the place that is JUST RIGHT for her to read at and when the Libearians return, they join the fun!

    26. Another wonderful book about books and libraries, featuring favorite fairy tale characters. Humorous, cartoony illustrations. And "libearians"-- is this a tongue-in-cheek reference to the prevalent mispronunciation of "library?" Papa and Mama Bear are both libearians, and Baby Bear is studying to be one.

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