The Divining

The Divining A riveting historical tale set in first century Rome The Divining chronicles one young woman s spiritual quest to discover her destiny through the powerful gift of second sight and save entire futur

  • Title: The Divining
  • Author: Barbara Wood
  • ISBN: 9781596528581
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A riveting, historical tale set in first century Rome, The Divining chronicles one young woman s spiritual quest to discover her destiny through the powerful gift of second sight and save entire future generations.Ancient Rome 54 C.E Nineteen year old Ulrika is plagued with strange visions and dreams In order to discover the truth behind her past and her unusual powers,A riveting, historical tale set in first century Rome, The Divining chronicles one young woman s spiritual quest to discover her destiny through the powerful gift of second sight and save entire future generations.Ancient Rome 54 C.E Nineteen year old Ulrika is plagued with strange visions and dreams In order to discover the truth behind her past and her unusual powers, Ulrika embarks on a dangerous journey to her father s homeland, Germania There, she discovers her calling, a rare gift known as the Divining.Sent on a quest to find her destiny, she travels far and wide, from ancient Germania to the vast and exotic countries of Syria, Babylon, and Persia Along the way she meets wise spiritual guides men, women, and spirits alike who teach her to harness her ability to heal and protect others Ulrika s journey also brings her close to the handsome trader Sebastianus Gallus, who must depart for his own quest to the Far East to gain riches for the powerful emperor Nero But can Ulrika reunite with the man she loves, fulfill her profound destiny, and usher in a new era in Rome under the threatening rule of Nero A powerful, spiritual story of romance, betrayal, faith, and courage, The Divining stunningly brings to life one young woman s daring role in shaping the entire ancient empire of Rome.

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    1 thought on “The Divining”

    1. (#nosoybuenahaciendoreviewsokay) Llegué a casi el penúltimo capítulo. Y en realidad es muy raro que no termine un libro. Debo decir que tenía expectativas altísimas respecto a este, ya que se desprende de El fuego de la vida, un libro que amé y me atrapó completamente. La Adivina me decepcionó mucho. Debo empezar hablando un poco del libro y de cómo se conecta con El fuego de la vida, que es como su predecesora aunque sean libros independientes. Ulrika es una joven que parte en busca de [...]

    2. No estoy segura de qué esperaba de este libro, pero sin dudas es mucho menos de lo que me terminó dando.La historia comienza con Ulrika una joven romana con un desconocido padre germano que parte en su búsqueda para advertirle sobre su pronta captura luego de haber tenido extraños sueños. En el camino, Ulrika es ayudada por el comerciante Sebastiano y el astrologo Timónides, mientras intenta averiguar el origen de su don adivinatorio. El objetivo de la búsqueda de Wulf es fácilmente olvi [...]

    3. This book is about a quest, but I never felt that either the quest itself or the ultimate results were important. Ulrika is a young woman in the first century C.E. who sees visions and wants to know why. She travels from Rome to Germania to Babylon to Persia looking for a teacher or a revelation. In the course of her quest, she meets many people of different religious beliefs. It appears that the main theme is that people can be spiritual in different ways, but the beliefs were treated so superf [...]

    4. I believe some books are meant to touch your life at certain points, as if by fate. For me, the two books of Barbara Woods that I have read so far, The Prophetess and The Divining, have both done just that. After completing the research on a current novel-in-progress, I have developed an insatiable appetite for all things Germania, prior to the 12th century AD. The Divining takes place during the 1st century AD when the western world was ruled by Rome and trade with China was still a dream. The [...]

    5. No-recomendado por Majo Me propongo leer de principio a fin libros considerados "malos". Mi intención es encontrar al menos UNA cualidad buena en ellos y reseñarlos objetivamente siguiendo 20 puntos a desarrollar brevemente. (Los puntos varían según el género del que se trate.)Si tienen ganas de No-recomendarme otros librospueden comentar acá o ACÁ. ¡Cualquier género es bienvenido! Cuanto más variado, mejor :)

    6. Un espléndido relato de aventuras y viajes, pletórico de lugares exóticos, tierras esplendorosas, peligros que acechan en los rincones más inesperados. Es una novela hermosa, de enorme espiritualidad, con maravillosas y sencillas descripciones de culturas ancestrales que, miles de años después, comparten los mismos miedos, pecados y virtudes de los que habitamos el mundo hoy en día.También combina una preciosa historia de amor con mucha pasión. Léela, si te gusta la ficción histórica [...]

    7. Another stunning saga from Ms. Wood. Taking off from where Soul Flame ends, we take up the story of Ulrika, Selene's daughter, who much like her mother, is on her own journey to discover who she is and what her life is meant for. We follow her through love, connected strongly, pulled taught and held strong, through country after country and teacher after teacher as she learns of the gift that has come through her blood line. A fantastic trip through the ancient world, though a little more on the [...]

    8. Dans ce roman initiatique dépaysant, Barbara Wood invite le lecteur à découvrir quelques uns des lieux mythiques de l'Antiquité : Rome, Babylone, la Perse, la Chine L'aventure et l'évasion sont au rendez-vous de cette belle histoire d'amour, de courage et de foi. Le cheminement d'Ulrika, les embûches qu'elle rencontrera tout au long de son périple lui permettront de lever le voile sur ses origines et d'accomplir son destin avec courage et détermination. Une belle héroïne, un roman hist [...]

    9. I generally really like Barbara Wood's books but for some reason this one seemed off to me. It takes place around 50 AD in Rome. The history part was interesting- and the side trip to China was also. I just didn't care much about the characters and what happened to them. I also felt like there was too much going on as the characters traveled here and there and no time to be interested in anyone that they met or anything that they did.

    10. This was a wonderful story set in 54 through 64 C.E. / A.D. Nineteen year old Ulrika, a healer who has strange and mysterious visions and dreams, leaves ancient Rome to find her destiny, and to try to understand the purpose of her visions. As she heads toward Germania, her father's homeland, she meets many people along the way, some of whom will impact her greatly on her spiritual quest, as she in turn impacts them in ways they will never forget.

    11. I really loved this author's The Dreaming years ago and thought that I would try this onelots of mystic type of happenings that occur at the beginning of the C.E. Can't put my finger on why this appealed to me except for the historical and adventure of it all. P.S. Don't judge a book by it's cover! ; )

    12. I found the historical timing of the book fascinating, and I constantly found myself wondering about the historical accuracies (not in a negative way, but in more of a reflective way.) I agree with others who noted that the book moves along very easily, yet with so much detail. Really enjoyed the escape while reading it.

    13. Great story. Also, it moved along all the way to the end. I was not able to figure out what the end would be. Through all the turmoil and travels the people remained bonded which I really liked. I recommend this book. I agree with others that it could use a different cover!

    14. An interesting story set in the first century AD. A bit romantic in spots, but on the whole pretty good. The main character has the gift of visions and travels the ancient world seeking to understand and develop her spiritual gift.

    15. I loved this book & did not want it to end. Barbara Wood covers so much territory and so many cultures that it's just fascinating. It's an interesting perspective on what was going on coincident with well-known historic events. Wonderful character development and story line.

    16. This is a good story with history, geography, ancient spiritual paths and it has several love stories.I've read several of Wood's books and she is a good story teller and always features strong women. Recommended if you like historical fiction.

    17. Who knew you could set a romance novel in the Roman era? Much to learn about this genre. This was okay but probably my last from this author

    18. I really love this author and so does my mom. I enjoyed the many interesting facts I learned about Rome and China circa 40 AD. I look forward to reading more of her books.

    19. This is a really good book! Really held my interest and there is a depth to this fiction. It was well worth the read.

    20. Beautifully written, insightful and wise. A great, unique story that takes you across Europe, Asia and the middle East at the time of Jesus and Caesars. I can't wait to read more of her books.

    21. En la línea de los libros de Barbara WoodUn libro muy bien documentado, con una historia maravillosa y una escritura exquisita.¡ME HA ENCANTADO! ♥ ¡I LOVE IT!

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