Beware the Ninja Weenies

Beware the Ninja Weenies Welcome to the Weenie Zone Acclaimed author David Lubar is back with his sixth collection of Warped and Creepy Tales which have sold than million copiesStranded aliens seek out Earth s most intel

  • Title: Beware the Ninja Weenies
  • Author: David Lubar
  • ISBN: 9780765332134
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Welcome to the Weenie Zone Acclaimed author David Lubar is back with his sixth collection of Warped and Creepy Tales, which have sold than 1.7 million copiesStranded aliens seek out Earth s most intelligent species Hint It s not us A bully discovers the meaning of spatial displacement Two girls find out why you should never annoy a witch When a swarm of sneaWelcome to the Weenie Zone Acclaimed author David Lubar is back with his sixth collection of Warped and Creepy Tales, which have sold than 1.7 million copiesStranded aliens seek out Earth s most intelligent species Hint It s not us A bully discovers the meaning of spatial displacement Two girls find out why you should never annoy a witch When a swarm of sneaking, slashing, scurrying ninja weenies invades their neighborhood, a boy and his best friend find a way to fight back.Acclaimed author and master of the macabre David Lubar is back with his sixth collection of warped and creepy tales Here are thirty three hilarious and harrowing stories that will scare you, make you laugh, or see the world in a whole new way Find out where David got the idea for each story at the end of the book.Don t be a weenie Read these stories If you dare

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    1 thought on “Beware the Ninja Weenies”

    1. I loved the book Ninja weenies by David Lubar. A kid named Henery was so addicted to his game that he never got out of his room for six hours. His little brother is always screaming that when he said "Aliens aliens are here Henry help!"Henery did not pay attention he just kept playing. After he defeated the game, he went to go find his little brother to tell him. He kept looking for his little brother then he went to look for all his neighbors and he could not find them. Then he thought Aliens.

    2. i think this book was good because this book was funny and there were a lot of details &. this is about a ninja who is a wenner and he fights bad guys

    3. I think it was awesome! I didn't expect it to be so exciting. I think everyone should read this book. The part where the boy finds out his best friend is the nephew of a ninja master is the best one. The one story that shocked me was the one that two girls had a bag of candy and whoever finished their's first dies. It was hard because the candy was irresistible. One of the girls switched the bags and the two girls walked home. Then the other girl switched the bags but didn't know that the bags w [...]

    4. Ok so i had a choise of reading this book or a huge 1000+ page book sooo i choose this. I thought this was going to be some immature kids book but it was actualy pretty creepy. Like one of them is when this kid wants to turn lead into gold but it turns out it was NEW science which means water into gasoline. At the end he died because he got burned. The ninja weenies was kind of creepy too. Recommend thsi if you are into creepy wierd stuff :)

    5. 02/14: David got at school somehow. Don't remember. He enjoyed it.Book Description: Welcome to the Weenie Zone! Acclaimed author David Lubar is back with Beware the Ninja Weenies, his sixth collection of Warped and Creepy Tales—a series of spooky stories for young readersStranded aliens seek out Earth’s most intelligent species. (Hint: It’s not us.) A bully discovers the meaning of “spatial displacement.” Two girls find out why you should never annoy a witch. When a swarm of sneaking, [...]

    6. Beware the Ninja WeeniesBy:David lubarIn my opinion Beware the Ninja Weenies is a very good book because it has a lot of short stories.One of them was a kid who was focused on playing an alien game when actullay there was real aliens and he didn't pay attation to the real life.Then another one is that a boy who can make a star dissapear and any star and then they accidently made the moon dissapear.Then another one is about this kid who swallowed his gum and then he froze and he couldn't move and [...]

    7. David has done it again. A book of very short stories (short enough for the kids that hate to read or have very short attention spans) perfect for a quick bedtime story, while managing to pack a lot of information into a short space. I believe the longest story is 10 pages. Think about it, one book with 32 different stories! While this won’t come under the heading of “Great Literature” it will definitely work for a kid that has a problem sitting still to read in that the stories are short, [...]

    8. This book was a funny book and tons of stories to tell. Each story had a new theme or lesson. For example, the Iron Wizard loved the princess so much that he did something so drastic just to be with her. I guess some people do weird things for love. Another funny part was when one of the characters told the story of his friend's grandpa and how he invented the Ninja Weenies. But, little did he know what they were capable of! It was about this kid telling all of these story's fake and some real. [...]

    9. Full review at The Cath in the Hat.Beware, indeed. The Ninja Weenies are a bunch of martial arts wannabes causing havoc at the narrator's school. Then his birthday party threatens to be ruined by the bullies until a real ninja comes to his rescue. That's just one of the more than two dozen short stories in David Lubar's latest collection. The stories are super short--most run three to four pages--and all feature outlandish or downright weird happenings. While not all the stories deliver, enough [...]

    10. More than thirty short stories about aliens and things that go bumpy in the night will delight young readers perusing this collection. Some of the stories are deliciously creepy and will make readers think while others will surely prompt chortles. While not every single short story delighted me, there are many more hits than misses in this volume. Plus, the fact that they are all very short is sure to appeal to many readers. "Day Careless" and "Dog Gone" were my particular favorites. Yeah, I hav [...]

    11. I was skeptical going into this read! :) However, I loved the idea of taking myths, urban legends, and even just wild ideas and turning them either into campfire stories that chill, or laughs that make you thrill! A funny collection of stories that certainly deviate from the normal plot, and are sure to be refreshing in the read! :) I never though of these serving as good campfire stories, yet these would fit perfect as well.

    12. This book is very funny, and fun to read, but is very easy. I didn't finish the book, but what I did read was very funny, and didn't really make sense. I would only recommend this book to 9-11 year olds. It doesn't really use a lot of impressive literary devices. There isn't much to say about this book. The stories don't have much of a lesson or meaning behind them. I wouldn't really recommend this book, but it is funny to read.

    13. I like this kind of books because they have has short stories in them. Most of them are gruesome in some way, like one of them, a kid got bitten by a bunch of bed bugs and he got blown up like a balloon. Another one this kid had 10 year old caramels and gave the kid Root Beer also. The kid got on the ride and the puke got stuck in his mouth and his cheeks ended up exploding. So yeah i would say it is gruesome. I would suggest reading this if you like short stories.

    14. I thought that it was a extremely good but creepy. Even though there was not one one story but like 50. Out of all of them I think not a monster was my favorite one.

    15. It's not my favorite of the weenie collection, but Lubar still does an excellent job at capturing the bizarre by asking "What if?" I enjoyed the last few pages of the book that explained his inspiration for each story (they're in the others as well), but there is also a section to explore reading, writing, and discussion for students. This makes my job easier, although I'll probably adapt them to my students.Even better reading it aloud the second time!

    16. Hilarious and creepy short stories for the middle-grade crowd. From blowing out stars, to how to deal with vampires in a cold climate, to where gorgonzola cheese *really* comes from, to aliens here and on other planets, these stories are short and silly and just a little spooky! That David Lubar really has a twisted brain. :-)

    17. Stories are okay -- and short stories are hard! -- but they're more warped than creepy, and none of the stories I read had that good creepy-shivers-up-and-down-your-spine feeling that the kids in my library love.

    18. The book Beware the Ninja Weenies is full of humorous short stories that will certainly hook you and make you continue reading other stories. Each story is much different from each other so they never get boring!

    19. I wouldn't read this if I didn't teach junior high, but I enjoy it enough to pick it up during silent reading. Several boys have been giving it the eye and a couple have asked about it. It will probably be off the shelf tomorrow.

    20. This book is like Twilight Zone for kids. Its a whole bunch of 3 and 4 page stories, which is perfect for holding my kids attention. I just found that half the stories were good half were boring.

    21. A very relaxing and easy read, something to chew on while you're bored. But it kinda seems like after so many books, Lubar is finally running out of ideas.

    22. Great read-aloud book because the chapters are all self-contained short stories about creepy topics. Fourth graders loved it!

    23. I enjoyed more bizarre, twisting,and surprising tales in this latest installment of Weenies fro David Lubar. One of my favorite parts is where he explains the inspiration behind each story.

    24. Collection of short stories that are seriously warped. They have a very sci-fi quality to them. Many of the stories reminded me of the Twilight Zone.

    25. A lot of the stories were rather dark, with kids being killed or killing others. Some were amusing, some were shocking, and some were just plain dumb. Average rating

    26. I really like the Weenie books. They're quick, easy, and fun to read. My interest in them comes from my days of teaching 5th and 6th graders. :-)

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