Perfect Chaos: A Daughter's Journey to Survive Bipolar, a Mother's Struggle to Save Her

Perfect Chaos A Daughter s Journey to Survive Bipolar a Mother s Struggle to Save Her A dual memoir of a mother s and daughter s triumph over mental illnessThe Johnsons mother father and two daughters were a loving and close Seattle family Then the younger daughter Linea started exp

  • Title: Perfect Chaos: A Daughter's Journey to Survive Bipolar, a Mother's Struggle to Save Her
  • Author: Linea Johnson Cinda Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780312581824
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A dual memoir of a mother s and daughter s triumph over mental illnessThe Johnsons mother, father, and two daughters were a loving, and close Seattle family Then the younger daughter Linea started experiencing crippling bouts of suicidal depression Multiple trips to the psych ward resulted in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and it took many trial runs of drugs and ultimA dual memoir of a mother s and daughter s triumph over mental illnessThe Johnsons mother, father, and two daughters were a loving, and close Seattle family Then the younger daughter Linea started experiencing crippling bouts of suicidal depression Multiple trips to the psych ward resulted in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and it took many trial runs of drugs and ultimately electroshock therapy to bring Linea back But her family never gave up on her And Linea never stopped trying to find her way back to them.Perfect Chaos is the story of a mother s and daughter s journey through mental illness towards hope From initial worrying symptoms to long sleepless nights to cross country flights and the slow understanding and rebuilding of trust, Perfect Chaos tells Linea s and Cinda s harrowing and inspiring story, of an illness that they conquer together every day It is the story of a daughter s courage, a mother s faith, and the love that carried them through the darkest times.

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    1 thought on “Perfect Chaos: A Daughter's Journey to Survive Bipolar, a Mother's Struggle to Save Her”

    1. Currently reading I want to pause to write down my thoughts. It's breaking my heart, it's hitting very very very close to my heart. I totally identify with the mother in the book, I am slowly understanding what my daughter is going through now. Severe/chronic mental illnesses are crippling and I would NEVER wish that on ANYONE. Right now my daughter is spending her time at a psychiatric center, slowly meandering her way I realize that I have to prepare myself for relapses (only because she's you [...]

    2. The title really does say it all. The chaos at hand is the madness (quite literally) of bipolar disorder. I have read more than my fair share of memoirs about mental illness and/or mental health. I find people’s struggles with their own brains/heads to be fascinating reading. Not in a voyeuristic, Schadenfreude-filled way (I don’t think), but from a place of deepest empathy – because I can’t imagine anything scarier in this world than getting lost inside your own mind.I’ve been pretty [...]

    3. "I suddenly understand the true meaning of the word "situational." I know that I will no longer judge the "bum" on the street. It is not any more his fault that he hears voices than my fault for seeking pain. These people are true. This is them. This not an act. And it can happen to anyone." Pg 197We've all done it, myself included. The "crazy" person on the street is talking to themselves or they're doing something weird. We look at the "crazy" person on the street with disdain. We wish they wo [...]

    4. **Trigger warning: attempt suicide, self harm, eating disorders, anxiety**About two years ago I had the worst experience so far in my dealings with both depression and anxiety. No amount of time was going to prepare me to read Beautiful Chaos, it is the most triggering novel I have ever read, though I suppose this is to be expected. Beautiful Chaos is a memoir following a mother and daughter as they adapt to living with bipolar disorder. The novel is told through alternating perspectives. We hav [...]

    5. This book was well-written but very difficult to read if you're looking for a reason for hope. It's 90% disaster after disaster. The glimmer of hope offered in the end is that Linea is still alive, and finally learned how to live independently and safely.

    6. Heartbreaking. Inspiring. Eye opening. As a friend, a sister and a teacher it taught me so much about what I've never been able to fully understand. Thank you ladies for sharing your brave story.

    7. I feel I need to add a healthy dose of reality to all these 4 & 5 star reviews. Perhaps it's because I live with bipolar and many of these reviews are from outsiders looking in. a lot of people are probably afraid to give bad reviews to something that chronicles such a personal tragedy, but not me.As a book, It's just not very well written. I skipped the mother's part altogether, because if I heard her say "as a professor" one more time I was going to scream. Yes, we understand that you and [...]

    8. This book helped me to understand the emotional stress that my daugher is facing now.Tank you for sharing your difficut very personal experiences. Your book is the first book that I picked up during my desparation dealing with my daughter who was receny diagnosed with bipolar II. Mental illness is so difficult to treat. Life long maintenaance of condition Just like any other physical cronic illness but society's stigma and limited available help is even make it togher. Can I be patient and stron [...]

    9. This book hit close to home and made me feel all sorts of emotions. Because of this I had to keep taking breaks between chapters so it took me longer to read than most books (I normally finish reading a book within 1-3 days). I can relate to Cinda (the mom) at times. I like that it helps you understand more in depth the other persons perspective because not everyone is able to express themselves as much as Linea did in this book.Overall, I enjoyed this book and I think everyone should read it.

    10. This was a heartbreaking, heartwarming, and wonderful book. It didn't sugar coat this horrible disease that so many struggle with daily. It was very well-written and I highly recommend it. Maybe it could offer some hope to those struggling and knowledge to those who are blind to the subject. I am so glad that Linea is still alive today and has the amazing support of family that she does. Sadly many don't have that support, or if they do they don't have the finances or insurance to get the help t [...]

    11. I read this in almost one sitting, it was captivating. My own mental health struggles mean I am drawn to books like this, it's sick really. But this was amazingly written, gut wrenchingly honest but ultimately inspiring!! Linea and her mom should be so proud x

    12. I think I was not in the right mind set to read this book. It was very emotional and I was feeling too angry or sad at some moments so I didn't want to read a lot of it. It's an important story to tell and one of the best non fiction I read about bipolar.

    13. I think this family is extremely brave to share their story. This book was written to help others - the authors never claimed to be 'writers' they are people trying to help people. They are trying to provide information - they relayed a paralyzing life experience with unbelievable clarity - most people can't remember what happened yesterday. If this story helps one person dealing with mental illness. God make room for these people in Heaven.Bipolar is a terrible chronic disease. You will not see [...]

    14. I give this book four stars even though it was a heartbreak.Linea received an accurate diagnosis right away and no action was taken to treat her medical condition.I would've liked to read a book solely written from Linea's point of view. The mother's refusal to believe her daughter could have bipolar resulted in a five-year delay in getting Linea treatment.At the brink of her suicide, Linea's parents fail to accept ECT as an option.Linea does get ECT eventually. I wonder if she had gotten the ri [...]

    15. This book was so unique in the manner that daughter used her journal entries to describe the unbearable pain of depression and the mania that she experienced with numbing her emotions with a suicide attempt, medications experiments, electro shock therapy and even hospitalizations all the while her parents are going to the ends of the earth to understand how their who was a high achiever, musician could literally fall into the abyss of suicidal depression and constantly wanting to end the pain an [...]

    16. My heart went out to the mother and daughter in this book. Bipolar is such a horrible disease and the medications, while helpful, bring their own difficulties to the table. I was glad I read it, as it helped me to understand bipolar better. As more and more children are diagnosed with this at earlier and earlier ages, this is a disease that we all must learn about. I do wonder, although not in this case in particular, how many kids are being diagnosed as having bipolar after they begin medicatio [...]

    17. This book is an amazing recollection of the trauma and stress a familygoes through when their daughter is suffering from and is ultimatelydiagnosed with a mental illness. It takes you day by day through theirraw emotions and fragile feelings, so much so, that you feel as thoughyou are right there with them, fighting as hard as they were to keepLinea alive and stable. Their story hits home hard for me, as it isstrikingly similar to my own. Reading Cinda's words was difficult forme, as I couldn't [...]

    18. This is an amazing memoir written by a mother and daughter who have walked the walk. This book must be evaluated for what it is--a candid no frills look at the often monotonous life of mental illness. if this were fiction, you could say, "Come on, let's move this plot along." However, this is real life with all its bipolar cycles of ups and downs. To have the story told alternately by the mom and daughter made me understand the collateral damage in a way that one point of view never could have I [...]

    19. Gripping and frightening portrait of what living with bipolar disorder can be like. The love in Linea's family is amazing. She is so lucky to be surrounded by parents and a sister who support her through everything. It's also refreshing to read a book where at least one of the narrators (Cinda) openly admits her class privilege and wonders how people without their financial and educational resources manage to navigate a complex and oftentimes expensive health care system.Regardless, i had a hard [...]

    20. You will root for them all. Bipolar disorder is not "fair", nor can it be whisked away by love alone. The roller coaster ride, where feeling safe never lasts long enough, is heartbreakingly depicted. If you've ever wondered "how could anyone want to end their own life?", take a trip inside Linea's thoughts. You'll get it, and it's both eye-opening and frightening. Like Cinda, I am an "MRG" (Mother who Refused to Give Up)- and understanding mental illness and its effects brings us all to a place [...]

    21. Absolutely breathtaking--a real page turner. It's so refreshing to hear not only from the sufferer, but from those who suffer alongside the afflicted. There's so much pain and angst in wanting to help, but being utterly helpless and unable to solve the problem. The perspectives between the daughter (who has bipolar) and the mother (who watches her daughter continually struggle) can be so different, and yet equally as powerful. This is perhaps the best memoir about bipolar that I've read (and you [...]

    22. Wow. This was one of the most accurate and sympathetic views of mental illness that I've seen. I have two close friends/family members who have dealt with mental illness, one of them with bipolar NOS. Reading this helped me understand so many of the choices that boggled me at the time. I have had conversations that mirrored the tough conversations in this book and reading how the well-intentioned words undermined the narrator's self-worth, etc, made me cringe. In short, I recommend this book to [...]

    23. Thank youJohnson's! You pretty much wrote the life my daughter and I have been living the last few years. It was very comforting to know so many of the thoughts and feelings and actions are known and experienced by others. My daughter is reading it right now and she doesn't read many books. But she is devouring this one. I had hoped she would. To know that a lot of the things she has gone through aren't because she is a "bad" person and to maybe get a little insight to what I think and feel! Thi [...]

    24. Told in alternating entries by a Seattle mother (with a PhD in special education)and her daughter, this journal of the daughter's struggle to survive bipolar is at times heartbreaking and yet very hopeful. The honest emotions of both family and friends are not edited or diluted showing the depth of despair as well as the power of love, patience and action. Especially valuable to family and friends trying to comprehend this mental illness.

    25. Loved it. This book was written by people who I know and love and so it was more personal to me but I think anyone would enjoy reading this. It's emotional and scary's a little funny at times. It's really honest and raw and I admire that incredibly. My personal feeling is that being brutally honest about things with yourself and open and honest with others will make things you're going through in life so much easier to deal with.

    26. I debated on 3 or 4 stars, but decided on 4 because I know it's going to be one of those books that stays with you long after you've finished it. I thought the alternating POV between the mother and daughter worked beautifully. The last few chapters did seem to drag on quite a bit, but it was part of the story. There was no easy way to end the book and a happily ever after, because the story is still unfolding. It is something this family will be dealing with indefinitely.

    27. I absolutely thought this was a great book! My sister was diagnosed as being bipolar @21 and it was a journey for our family. What I enjoyed about this book is that it showed that once the correct medicine is found that everything is possible . People seem to make judgements when I say my sister is bipolar but she has proved everyone wrong. She not only got a bachelors in art and psychology she went back and got her masters in social work.

    28. Beautiful, terrifying and poetic. This book is written by a friend of a friend of mine and her mother about her battle with bipolar. It is raw and gives mental illness a face we can understand, which makes way for empathy for all who are suffering. It took so much courage to write a book like this and the reader can feel that the whole way through.

    29. Perfectly Captures the True Grit of Being HumanIf you REALLY want to learn something about life, about being human - read this book. It quickly casts away any Hollywood notions of what mental illness is. Rest assured that when you read the final pages, you will not be the same person as when you first picked up the book.

    30. I admire the strength and courage it took this mother and daughter to share their story to help educate people about mental illness and take away the stigma surrounding it. It was heartbreaking at times, but this is a study in how well a family can be there for one another through the hardest of times and come out even closer because of all they've been through together.

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