Lonely When the love of Austin Bale s life Rupert the German Shepherd is critically injured in a car accident Austin has to come up with seventeen hundred dollars and fast Austin lives alone works a minim

  • Title: Lonely
  • Author: Scarlet Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781920501785
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook
  • When the love of Austin Bale s life Rupert the German Shepherd is critically injured in a car accident, Austin has to come up with seventeen hundred dollars, and fast Austin lives alone, works a minimum wage job, and has no one he can turn to The only thing he can offer to vet Lynton Brooke, by way of payment, is himself.

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      370 Scarlet Blackwell
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    1. This Author wrote one my favorite books, although she also wrote some that have to "Stay away from it".>>>>UPDATED<<<<<<<Before I say anything and people start throwing tomatoes at me, I just want to say that not everyone has the same opinion, and mine, I'm sure will upset more than one reader.First of all, I agree that you need to love your pets, I have one myself, but you don't "love your pets" to an intensity that you will whore yourself to save the life of on [...]

    2. First I'd like to say, that I totally understand that some people may found the premise too far-fetched and unrealistic. I do agree, that in real world it's highly unlikely, that a guy would offer to sleep with a vet in exchange for his dog's treatment. But honestly I just don't care about reality in books much, especially in the romance ones - it's more a flight of fantasy to me. If I like the situation and the relationship between the characters, I don't care how they got there, I'm just enjoy [...]

    3. Wow! This story is a total roller coaster ride, quite an achievement for such a relatively short book.Lynton is some character! I started out really liking him, even felt sorry for him, because he was so lonely. Then came the depths of "OMG, not another horrible main character" when he turns into a bastard, to such a quick redemption that my head is still spinning. And all of it made sense from Lynton’s point of view, even if he was harsher than maybe he should have been. Thing is, he does see [...]

    4. Lonely is like a fairy tale - a fairy tale in which Austin is Cinderprostitue and Lynton is both the wicked witch and Prince Charming. It was an okay story, but between the unnecessary cruelty Lynton showed Austin in the beginning (a much higher stakes version of pulling the pigtails of the girl that you like) and the sex scene overkill (a half dozen scenes in 125 pages? Really?!), it just wasn't my favourite by this author (that honour goes to And So Is Love, which was all kinds of AWESOME). No [...]

    5. I had to wait a bit before I could honestly rate this book. On the one hand I really loved it but on the other, I hated certains aspects. I can't really say too much without spoilering it but I will do my best.Firstly, I am a huge sucker for tortured guyse more they are hurting, the more I want to wrap them up and take their pain away. Austin was so far at the end of his rope he was barely hanging by a thread. He has no family, no friends, a low-paying deadend job with a dick for a boss, and nev [...]

    6. This is just the type of plot that suits Scarlett Blackwell to bits and shows off her great writing skills. How do you make a true love story out of a situation were one man virtually has to prostitute himself to pay a vet bill and then, how do you make the vet appear anything other than mercenary and creepy for accepting the offer - and lastly, manage to change it up so that you cant help starting to love both guys to bits, ( not forgetting lovely Rupert the German Shephard, bless ) and end up [...]

    7. So-so for me. I didn't hate Lynton on principle or anything (though I'm sure many did), I just never really warmed up to him.The one that took the cake and stole every scene was Rupert, of course.I suppose my real problem with the story is that I don't believe the HEA. Lynton is a bit of a bastard that pretty much redeems himself, but Austin is in too much of a beaten down place. Their differences in socio-economic status, for just one of their major differences, means that they never get out of [...]

    8. However far-fetched, I liked the premise of this story but in the end it turned out to be one of the worst books I've ever read. Throughout the whole book I had the feeling that they got together because both men were extremely lonely and it was just convenient for them. Austin was so lost, he didn't know how to turn his life around and his solution to everything was to cry. He needed someone to take care of him and Lynton wanted someone to take care of. We knew from their thoughts that they fou [...]

    9. 2I have LOVED some of Ms Blackwell's books, and felt like she really misses the mark in some. I really did not like the way the MC's started off, and I felt very uncomfortable with the dynamic of their relationship. It was rough enough that I could never really look past it and it tainted the book for me.

    10. I really really liked itI just really really wanted to see more least some small epilogue with them still being happy after some timewell, it was still sweet :)

    11. First, a brief summary of the story such as it was: Austin, down and out, in a low-paying job, cast out from his family, barely surviving, has one thing and only one thing that keeps him sane, his dog, Rupert. As the story opens, a bleeding and injured Rupert is being rushed into the animal clinic by a frantic Austin who makes the hasty decision that he will offer the veterinarian himself in lieu of paying for the operation to save Rupert's life. Much to my chagrin, Dr. Lynton Brooke accepts the [...]

    12. Ok I think I need a therapist now!I love Scarlet Blackwell, her stories are sooooo dysfunctional and the sex is oh so hot.I can't resist . I have read And that was also very dysfunctional, but oh how I loved it. But this one takes the big price.Wow talk about depression and low self esteem. I wish this had an epilogue to see how this guys are doing.This guys are so lonely that they start to do crazy thing like offering sex for payment for vet services.And the veterinarian becomes an ass to get p [...]

    13. So of course this has things that I like in a story including an underdog MC who has been shit on by life and a dog! And the dog is what brings together the MCs in the first place. So I know a lot of people are going to be VERY negative on the initial interaction that takes place between Austin and Lynton. Definitely not the "normal" start to any relationship. However, I think the mitigating circumstance is that neither of these guys seems to know what normal is or haven't experienced it or some [...]

    14. I found the premise of this book very intriguing and I wanted to read it right away. I'm a dog lover and I want to think I'd do anything for my dog.If you're gonna offer up yourself to someone as payment then you can't expect them to give you a free pass. I didn't like that Austin thought Lynton shouldn't have taken him up on his offer.I thought Lynton would be a good guy but then he decided to be a dick to Austin. That just sucked. But I did like how they eventually came together. I couldn't he [...]

    15. Of course, it's Scarlet Blackwell's even with far-fetched storyline, I will still read hers (she's one of my guilty pleasures in M/M department ;p). Yes, the connection is questionable; I wonder if both Lynton and Austin are really in love or just because they're both lonely and don't really have a choice. Plus there's just a bit too much of angst in Austin's part. But I still think it's an okay read, and I do love the dog and the sense of life of a vet.

    16. Lonely was jsut an OK read for me. I'm not sure I really got the connection between Austin and Lynton. A couple of great sexual encounters just doesn't seem like enough for love to take bloom. I would have like to see more non-sex interaction between the 2 men. I think if the story would have been longer I might have bought the moving in part a bit more.

    17. An overwrought story that rubbed me the wrong way.I can't understand the connection between Austin and Lynton. Austin asked "Why do you love me?" and I found myself asking the same question. I don't see the connection. The relationship just didn't make sense.This was an okay read. The story is alright but the events in the book just felt fraught with melodrama.

    18. This sounds really far-fetched but I'm tired of the same old, same old. I'm interested to see how this is going to make any sense at all.

    19. This book is by a NEW TO ME author. It was great but a little bit deceiving. In a good way though. Read the book to know what I'm talking about.

    20. I tried to like this book. I really did. I never cared for one of the heros and I thought the whole scenerio was borderline ridiculous.I'm not sure I'll try this author again.

    21. My mind basically screamed "PROSTITUTION" at me when I first read the blurb. Ah, but I guess I shouldn't slut-shame. I'll be sure to chastise myself for imprudent thoughts.

    22. I wanted to read this book because as someone who really loves dogs, I wanted to see where it went. Although I am very happy that things work out for Rupert, I was rather disappointed with the story overall. While I won’t judge Austin for what he did (people do extreme things for their pets) his character was neither likeable or believable. The first sex acene with Lynton didn’t make sense. Was Austin angry or really enjoying it? His mood was all over the place. And there was nothing that in [...]

    23. I had no idea how I’d react to this book. It has a dog as one of the main characters, which is usually a win for me, and I thought it would be interesting to read about a veterinarian and one of his patient’s owners. Well, I can honestly admit that I liked Lonely by Scarlett Blackwell, but there were a few inconsistencies about the storythat prevented me from being completely sucked in to the plot. Lynton Brooke is a veterinary from Seattle,currently practicing in Montpelier, Vermont.However [...]

    24. Wow! This story is a total roller coaster ride, quite an achievement for such a relatively short book.Lynton is some character! I started out really liking him, even felt sorry for him, because he was so lonely. Then came the depths of ‘OMG, not another horrible main character’ when he turns into a bastard, to such a quick redemption that my head is still spinning. And all of it made sense from Lynton’s point of view, even if he was harsher than maybe he should have been. Thing is, he does [...]

    25. : Austin is barely making ends meet when his beloved dog gets hit by a car. He takes it to the vet not expecting it to be over $1,800 dollars. He will do anything to save him since Rupert is all he has, even if it means selling himself to the sexy vet.Lynton is a good man at heart and a great vet. He loves his patients and it kills his soul to have to euthanize them when clients can pay. He is also extremely lonely. He knows the minute he sees Austin that he won’t be able to afford the care an [...]

    26. This didn't really do anything for me. I felt like too much was glossed over and the "love" just wasn't believable. Especially because it came so soon after they got together. Lynton kept saying he was this great guy that had a moment of weakness and I didn't see that "great guy" I wish he could have wooed Austin longer, not with just free meals and a hundred dollar bill. I feel like I could have LOVED Austin, if only I knew more about him. I wanted to get to know him better but there just wasn' [...]

    27. Desperation and loneliness eventually led to love. Austin was desperate to save the life of his beloved dog. Lacking the funds, he made a rash proposition. He offered himself to veterinarian Lynton Brooke. Feeling lonely and attracted to Austin, Lynton accepts. I like the idea behind the book. It was original and plays to the heart of pet owner's love for his best friend The execution lacked something for me. This was novella and I think perhaps due to its length there wasn’t a lot of room for [...]

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