Falcons on the Floor

Falcons on the Floor On the eve of the first siege of Fallujah Salim and Khalil decide their best chances of avoiding the battle is to escape up the Euphrates river Pursued by Coalition and Fedayeen forces they discover

  • Title: Falcons on the Floor
  • Author: Justin Sirois
  • ISBN: 9780983170648
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the eve of the first siege of Fallujah, Salim and Khalil decide their best chances of avoiding the battle is to escape up the Euphrates river Pursued by Coalition and Fedayeen forces, they discover that the war will redefine who they are no matter how far they try to run from it.Early praise from Dahr Jamail Falcons on the Floor is the rare novel about war that re humaOn the eve of the first siege of Fallujah, Salim and Khalil decide their best chances of avoiding the battle is to escape up the Euphrates river Pursued by Coalition and Fedayeen forces, they discover that the war will redefine who they are no matter how far they try to run from it.Early praise from Dahr Jamail Falcons on the Floor is the rare novel about war that re humanizes everyone involved Through excellent writing and a deep understanding of what occupation does, to civilians and soldiers alike, Sirois and Alshujairy take the reader on a deeply personal journey where we are shown how and why war should be avoided at all cost.Dahr JamailJournalist and author of Beyond the Green Zone

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    1 thought on “Falcons on the Floor”

    1. Falcons on the Floor has a much straighter narrative path than the books I typically read (and give five stars too) but Sirios has done something pretty damn beautiful here, both culturally and in terms of mixing the poetic with the prose, so respect must be paid, and the book highly praised. Check it out - definitely worth the read.

    2. I got this book because the title is cool and because I've liked almost everything I've read that Publishing Genius has put out. It's about two guys from Fallujah - Salim and Khalil - who leave home when their city is attacked by U.S. forces. They decide to walk across the desert to Ramadi so that Salim can plug in his laptop and talk to his internet girlfriend. I liked and understood their friendship and their motivations and their responses to things and to each other, and I wanted to hang out [...]

    3. Much of this novel follows two young men as they leave their homes in Fallujah in 2004 just as U.S. fores in Iraq move on the city. As Fallujah grows more chaotic in the days leading up to the U.S. assault, main character Salim decides to defect and walk to the city of Ramadi some 40 kilometers west. Though he intends to make the trip alone, he meets up with friend Khalil before leaving the city and they begin the journey together. Both worked for the insurgency in Fallujah and wonder what exact [...]

    4. Crushed this on the MARC train. By being from the perspective of Iraqi civilians, FotF fills an important place in the literature of the America's recent wars. It is also a gripping, humane narrative that avoids overtly politicizing its subject by keeping a tight focus on Salim and Khalil, two characters who are both made relatable but also flawed enough to avoid becoming immaculate poster-children in terms of the human costs of the war.**Slight spoiling below**And while I wasn't in love with th [...]

    5. This book, by genre, could be Young Adult because the protagonists, both American and Iraqi, are all in their early 20s, and the narrators are those protagonists. There may be too much profanity for it to be placed in the library recommended reading list for this summer.The writing is excellent, and I say that as a reader who enjoys action in his fiction novels.Read more at my blog

    6. I'm a partisan, I'll admit it. I love a road movie. So many things about this book opened my eyes to how much I don't understand this corner of the world that was so much of America's focus for so long. I won't pretend I all of a sudden understand it, but this was a good many steps closer through the eyes of a few young men caught in the middle of it all.

    7. andalittlewine/2012/07/book-review-falcons-on-floor-by-justiI was recently sent a copy of Justin Sirois' Falcons on the Floor by the kind folks at Publishing Genius Press.Sirois pulls no punches, sending us straight into Fallujah on the eve of the siege that marked one of the bloodiest chapters of the Iraq War.This was not a place I wanted to go. I never served; I opposed that war even as my friends and family members found themselves in places I followed on the nightly news. Sirois dragged me t [...]

    8. Read Sirois’s Falcons on the Floor for paragraphs like this:Everyone waited for the American election results. Four more years meant more to us than it did to the Americans, I think. There was something about Florida and voting machines or something. I searched on the Internet Florida—swamp land, Seminole Indians, Mickey Mouse, NASA, alligator wrestling—the place seemed like the complete opposite of our city. Every television was on in Fallujah. A week of waiting for the final results. Thi [...]

    9. In his powerful and methodical novel, Sirois guides the reader on a three-day trek from Fallujah to Ramadi as two young Iraqis attempt to elude the violence that has become entrenched in their lives. Spurred by his desire to slip away from his contract work as a designer of propaganda for the Fedayeen—and to contact a woman he only knows via the internet—Salim prepares to set out on what he believes will be a solo journey until his longtime friend Khalil insists on accompanying him. Khalil h [...]

    10. I had this book for a few months and didn’t read it right away because I am dumb. I want to tell you a lot of things about the characters and how I connected with them, but that would give away the ending. I suggest traveling from Fallujah to Ramadi with Khalil and Sal. Justin Sirois wrote a beautiful story with varied points of view about two boys traveling through the Iraqi landscape. Sirois pulls the reader into the characters’ unique desires within a global conflict. Despite trying to es [...]

    11. Falcons on the Floor is a great book! Justin Sirois brings twocharacters to life who live in Iraq and also live in the 21stcentury, and the fact of living in a scary place has not madethem less able to be scared and has not made them less ableto love. The writing is very sharp and clear, the structure ofthe book is mysterious, and characters are complex. I couldn’tput the book down.

    12. This book reads beautifully. It has moments of such visual clarity, that I feel I have been somewhere I hadn't known before. Sirois's prose allows this story of love and friendship to enter in slowly, and to stir there thick as honey. A fearful journey across a relentless desert, away from a besieged home, toward an unknown hope.

    13. Important doesn't have to mean boring or limited. And Falcons on the Floor isn't. The storytelling is rich and full of detail. It's also something else though. A classic male debut novel, and yet, not totally, right? Because it's the classic formula transplanted and done anew.More - bentanzer/2012/09

    14. This book, through the characters of Salim and Khalil, captures what it's like to try and keep one's life simple and small and coherent when extenuating circumstances (war, in this case) stretch it into something big and impersonal and complex. Justin Sirois and Haneen Alshujairy should be applauded for writing a war novel that isn't a sanctimonious polemic or a Dad-was-right confirmation of the status quo.

    15. From American Book Review, Jeff Ludwig, 2012“Falcons on the Floor is witty and darkly funny when it needs to be, and its sad and disastrous moments are perfectly timed. Sirois knows his craft.”

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