One Black Rose

One Black Rose Sixteen year old Autumn goes to stay with her friend Carley in Castleton Maine for the summer All she s expecting is a normal couple of months hanging out at the beach with friends Nothing out of th

  • Title: One Black Rose
  • Author: Maddy Edwards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sixteen year old Autumn goes to stay with her friend Carley in Castleton, Maine, for the summer All she s expecting is a normal couple of months hanging out at the beach with friends Nothing out of the ordinary was supposed to happen.But as soon as she arrives she meets Holt Roth Holt is unlike anyone she s ever met before and her reaction to him is even unexpectSixteen year old Autumn goes to stay with her friend Carley in Castleton, Maine, for the summer All she s expecting is a normal couple of months hanging out at the beach with friends Nothing out of the ordinary was supposed to happen.But as soon as she arrives she meets Holt Roth Holt is unlike anyone she s ever met before and her reaction to him is even unexpected.Then she meets his friend, Samuel Cheshire If her reaction to Holt was strong, her reaction to Samuel is shocking The only problem is that he seems to hate her for no reason at all Not being able to choose between two guys is only the beginning of Autumn s problems, because both Samuel and Holt are Fairy Princes, and Autumn is caught between her own desires and the Fairy Courts, who might cause her immeasurable pain if she makes the wrong choice.

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    1 thought on “One Black Rose”

    1. Read From: March 20 to May 15, 2012I am appalled that this book received the amount of positive reviews that it did. Seriously. I was not impressed. At all. What was this? A first draft? An idea? A thought put to paper and then someone decided 'oh! I can sell this on the web!' I mean come on. If I hadn't bought this for $.99 I would have stopped reading it altogether. It was sorely lacking in the details and writing skills department. My 17 year old sister could have done this in her sleep. It w [...]

    2. not spoiler, just unnecessary ramble: (view spoiler)[Well I didn't end up finishing this book on Dec. 31 I had like 2% left, which is like 3-4 pages So, I was thinking about marking it finished as I've technically read it last year, but it doesn't really matter, so here's to my first book finished in 2017. (hide spoiler)]I was approved for a review copy of this book after signing up through the review opportunities at Xpresso Book Tours, however, the book is also currently free on if you are in [...]

    3. 1 ½ ★Well the idea was good, that is pretty much the only positive thing I can say about this book. I am stumped that this book has so many good reviews…I really don’t like to give negative feedback, because I know how much sweat, tears and time the author probably put into a book. But sometimes it is just the way it is. I will make it short but to the point. This book was WAY to angsty . I get the point it is a YA book but there are many great YA books out there being great without all t [...]

    4. Urgh!! This book was an effort to read. The writing was too basic and the only thing that kept me reading it was my drive to finish a book. The characters felt very unrealistic and shallow. Like, Autumn's best friend completely forgetting about their fight after talking about it for 1 minute? Just everything in general!!Also, the name Autumn? Har har I get the pun. You have the Prince of Summer and Winter going for you and you're stuck between them, like the season Autumn! Yes, that was an unnec [...]

    5. Another story about an idiot girl love sick after just meeting someone. Oh, and what do you know? She just happens to be the only person he seems to have any interest in. Enter another beautiful guy who is just standoffish, but she is meant to be with. Been there done that a million times over. Get something new.I didn't like Autumn. In the beginning she had promise of being a decent main character. Enter Holt, and the decency crumbles. He liked her because she didn't starebut then she just ende [...]

    6. where do i begin? at first i though this book was gonna be good because Autumn was introduced as someone who wont go crazy for a guy but then as the story continued Autumn became crazy for Holt after hanging out with him for only a few times. and i really hate it when girls act that way it drives me nuts. I don't get why people would think that both Holt and Samuel are fighting over autumn when Samuel doesn't even acknowledge the presence of Autumn. its Samuel's fault that this happened. If he j [...]

    7. Autumn is the perfect name for the main character of this book. I really like how throughout the story Autumn has kept being herself & doing what she wanted to do even though the easy path was deny her feelings & do what others wanted her to. Autumn is stronger than she realizes. In the beginning of the story Autumn does not see it. She is worried about her parents marriage & now the 2 boys fighting over her. But Autumn becomes aware of her strength as the story progresses. I am not [...]

    8. Like stepping into a modern, urban fairy tale, One Black Rose, is charming, enchanting and utterly romantic. With vivid depictions of Maine and the two families of the Winter and Summer Courts, I was instantly pulled into Maddy Edwards lush story. Easy, smooth, addictive prose, entertaining and authentic dialogue and a plot that transports the classic fairytale into modern teen fiction, I happily spent the day within the world of One Black Rose. As well as the awesome action-packed and glitterin [...]

    9. I bought this book because it was recommended to me on BoobBub at $0.99. The storyline sounded interesting, so I thought why not.I'm not disappointed that I read this book, but I am left with mixed feelings.There were aspects I liked. The way the flowers responded to the summer fairies, the fantastic descriptions of the town Castleton (I felt like I was there, I could almost smell the salt on the breeze).But the rest of it? Just plain baffling, ridiculous and annoying.Autumn seemed to be a girl [...]

    10. *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewOne Black Rose features Autumn who goes to stay with her friend, Carley, for the summer. During her stay in Maine, she comes across Holt Roth and Samuel Cheshire, and she feels attracted to both of them-but on different levels. Even though Autumn decides Holt is the one for her, Fate has different plans.I started reading this book with mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure how the storyline would go, but I felt pretty sure Autumn would be [...]

    11. Autumn goes to stay with her best friend Carley for the summer. While she is there Autumn meets Samuel and Holt, two gorgeous guys and she feels attracted to both of them. Holt seems to share Autumn feelings while Samuel seem to give her the cold shoulder. She learns that she is destined to be with Samuel. It's not really your typical boy wants girl but she wants someone else because the boy in question, Samuel, doesn't want the Autumn but she cannot have Holt, the guy she does want to be with.T [...]

    12. I'm not a huge fairy fan, but I LOVED this book. I'm a sucker for a great love triangle I guess! Poor Autumn never had a chance with Samuel and Holt around. From the moment she stepped of the plane in Maine, she was destined for a new life.I wasn't a huge Carley fan, she was selfish and petulant. I did admire Nick's persistence at trying to win her affections though. Lydia and Leslie were great characters, and I could imagine them as if they were in the room with me. They give me the chillsha ha [...]

    13. When i first read the story (didn't read the synopsis) i was wondering what the rivarly was. i read on findfairies,princes,winter n summer courts. was enjoyable.Especially Holt n Autumn(What a perfect name for the lead!)And so was the mystery of One black rose!Though it was annoying to see some things repeatedly written-showered, dressed, came down,cereal.!It was an easy readd short one tooould read the next in series to see how Holt-Autumn-Samuel's story will progress!Good one overall!(3.5)Sri. [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book! I haven't ready many fairy books but every time I do, I fall in love again. One Black Rose was no exception. I like the main character Autumn and her tenacity. She isn't easily swayed by a persons looks which is a nice change. In this book there are a lot of questions that weren't fully answered so I'm excited to buy the 2nd book in this series and figure out what is REALLY going on. If you enjoy the magic of fairies, I highly recommend this book.

    15. This book has everything you want in a great story. Autumn is 16 and going to visit her friend Carley in Castleton for the summer. Which sounds great for her, she gets away from her parents constant arguing. But when Autumn plans for a great fun summer with no adults turns into some drama. Autumn meets Holt right away and likes him. But isn't sure he likes her anymore than a friend. When her friend Carley says oh that's just how Holt and his family are. They are popular and rich they don't hang [...]

    16. The concept of the book was good, but the delivery was lacking in depth. Autumn is visiting her best friend in Maine for the summer and meets up with two very different boys. One seems drawn to her but won't touch her, and the other seems to hate her. There's a deeper battle going on - one of the fae courts.Some of my issues: Carley, Autumn's, needed fleshing out and to be made more likeable. Surely there was something non-self focused in her! There are many typos and grammatical inconsistencies [...]

    17. The first star is because, even though the writing, plot, and characters were mostly terrible, this was an easy read that I think may have finally gotten me back in my reading zone. The second star is because for some reason I can't fathom, I liked Samuel. He was the only character I could muster up some form of attachement to, and it's mostly because I was able to form my own idea in my head of what he was like, seeing as he had little page time. I won't even get into how forced the Holt/Autumn [...]

    18. I found the premise of the story, a girl caught between two competing guys, plausible and enjoyable, however I was bothered by the writing. At times I felt that it was a bit labored with unnecessary details thrown in. I also feel that the author took way to long to get to the point where the main character finds out what's going on. To me it seemed like she was prolonging the story so she would have something to write in a Book 2. An enjoyable read but not a series which I'll likely continue wit [...]

    19. I'll be honest. When I read the blurb it sounded really good. I enjoyed the beginning and thought this might actually turn out better than expected. I just finished it and I'm sad to say I am not as happy with the outcome. The storyline itself had so much potential, and it was a strong idea, but the writing felt so rushed and I couldn't enjoy it. I felt I couldn't connect with the characters and it didn't feel real to me.

    20. I loved the story idea once I discovered it. I feel like the first 2/3 of the book were talking in circles. I often found myself getting mad at the main character, and Samuel was the only decent character, the rest were not well developed. It felt scattered and disorganized. I would like to know how the story continues, but I first want an editor. All the things that frustrated me would be fixable with sufficient editing.

    21. readableok faeries and majic, young unrequited love and some who should know better. Imagine trying to tell someone who they could love. Any way I found this to be along the same lines as the twilight series and after reading the blogs of the next few books I am going to give them a miss sorry

    22. A little dumb, but hey, fairies. Towards the end all I could hear was Two Princes by the Spin Doctors ringing in my ears. When the last girl your crush straight up died, you in danger gurl.Top Quotes:"I mean, I can see you think it's bad, but why is it bad?""Damn these polite Fairies and their turn-taking."

    23. I liked the idea of the summer and winter court princes needing to find brides to produce heirs and such. But that was really it. Autumn was a weirdo and she and Carly were probably the worst friends ever. Also the fact that she read as a 13 year old and the boys seemed like they were in their twenties was gross. This was too much teenage angst and not enough fairy court drama.

    24. It's not really urban, so much as modern-small-town fantasy, but I don't feel like making that its own category. This had some fun characters and an interesting storyline--a little suspense, a little romance, some fae at each other's throats--good stuff.

    25. The story didn't flow very well to me, there wasn't enough detail, the characters development was flat and boring. not a very good read to me, I couldn't wait to finish.

    26. mind numbing. that was this book. I love stories about fairiesbut this? ugh. sappy teenage simpering repetitive barely believable drama.

    27. AwesomeI loved this story. It's the classic good fairies Summer court versus bad fairies Winter court. I must admit that even though I understand Autumn's attraction to Holt the Summer prince there is just something about Samuel the Winter prince that draws me. I hope to find out more about him in the next book. I highly recommend this book.

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