Free Soul

Free Soul Keito une jeune femme dessinatrice tombe sous le charme de Niki Cette passion semble sans grand espoir car Niki est une femme publique peu accessible instable en qu te de son p re

  • Title: Free Soul
  • Author: Ebine Yamaji
  • ISBN: 9782849650547
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Keito, une jeune femme dessinatrice, tombe sous le charme de Niki Cette passion semble sans grand espoir, car Niki est une femme publique, peu accessible, instable, en qu te de son p re.

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      281 Ebine Yamaji
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    1 thought on “Free Soul”

    1. My third Shoujo-Ai (Girl-Love) manga of choice is written by Ebine Yamaji, a mangaka famous for her works with lesbian themes. One of them, Love My Life was even made into a live-action film in 2006. So far, I've read Blue and Double House, and both were surprisingly insightful and mediative with little to almost nothing explicit in content. I suppose that I've picked shoujo-ai titles over yuri which isn't intentional at all. I still have at least six other titles and I know some of them do have [...]

    2. This is an interesting story of a young woman who is basically trying to make it on her own as a manga artist, whose mother doesn't accept that her daughter likes girls, and how a one-night-stand turns into an obsession. As with all of Yamaji-san's manga, I feel myself connected with all of the characters quite immediately. They all seem so fleshed out, even if they have very little dialogue, or very little actions. As with Yamaji-san's other works, this was a huge part of my coming out, but I t [...]

    3. I sure do love that gay angst!!!This is such a sweet and introspective manga about Keito, a young lesbian who's an aspiring mangaka. She and her two parents are all estranged from one another; Her mom is homophobic and disapproving, and her dad is distant and doesn't understand. Keito struggles to find sources of emotional support, but despite her pain, she is very secure in her identity:She's disturbed by the prevalence of casual sexual relationships; always the one to hold on tighter and love [...]

    4. It was mostly sweet. I especially liked the extra chapter with Angie. The main characters obsession with Niki was a bit too much sometimes. Also, what was with the random and flippant mention of Niki being incestuous with her father?

    5. I liked the idea of the manga, but it could be much betterI got bored w some parts keep repeating (kaito keeps meeting Niki w same thing only happens not real talks), the conversations w her boss, ppl she lives w or see r so dill.e wants to find luv, but she searches for it in wrong please. .Niki wasn't a good person, I didn't like that they got together in the end.

    6. Good, butI was a little concerned over the main character's attitude towards her love interest. She seemed borderline obsessive, and not the healthy kind. I'm still uncertain about her mental well being because at times she seemed really manipulative.Still, this ia a very meaningful manga. It paints the realities of MOGAI, and seriously, too. There is very little fan service and this is meant to be taken seriously.

    7. A really great story. I enjoyed the flow of it and the characters were pleasant. It's definitely worth reading.

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