The Boyfriend Game

The Boyfriend Game I rested the ball on my hip and walked back toward the equipment shed In the dark Alone With a boy I would be completely freaking out over varsity soccer tryouts if it weren t for the new student Gra

  • Title: The Boyfriend Game
  • Author: Stephie Davis
  • ISBN: 9780061143106
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • I rested the ball on my hip and walked back toward the equipment shed In the dark.Alone With a boy.I would be completely freaking out over varsity soccer tryouts if it weren t for the new student, Graham, who s helping me practice He has the most amazing green eyes, curly brown hair, and perfect legs Plus, we have lots in common, since all we both care about is soccer I rested the ball on my hip and walked back toward the equipment shed In the dark.Alone With a boy.I would be completely freaking out over varsity soccer tryouts if it weren t for the new student, Graham, who s helping me practice He has the most amazing green eyes, curly brown hair, and perfect legs Plus, we have lots in common, since all we both care about is soccer Well, that s all he cares about But my heart beats so fast when we re on the field together and I don t think it s just from all the running around.

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    1. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooTrisha is focused on soccer. Her two best friends, Sara and Beth, also play soccer, but they'd rather be hanging out at Pop's flirting with the boys.When the JV Soccer coach announces that two of the players will be bumping up to Varsity, Trisha is overjoyed to hear she's on the short list for consideration. Sara is by far the best player, but she isn't nearly as excited as Trisha. So while Sara and Beth head off to Pop's, Trisha decides she's going to put in e [...]

    2. *Sigh*Truthfully I didn’t mean to read this book. Sure, I bought it on amazon and it had been sitting on e-reader for a while now, but I never meant to read it. I was actually looking for one of my favorite scenes in another book The Boyfriend Thief, and I only saw ‘The Boyfriend’ part and I skipped to the part where the good scene in that one happens. I realized after I had started reading the scene that wasn’t really the scene I was looking for that I was in a different book, I was now [...]

    3. Right. The Boyfriend Game. I have a lot to say about this one. I’ll just get this out of the way first, I love the cover. Very chic. Very cute. Very attractive. Super lovely. I like.What’s it about? Well, we have a freshman girl -Trisha- whose sole reason to live is soccer and she wants to make the varsity team this year. Problem is, there are only two spots on the team and her best friend Sara is definitely getting the first one. So to get the other one, Trisha works harder and goes to extr [...]

    4. I really liked how this story started out at first. Girl who loves Soccer so much everything doesn't seem to matter to her, until she meets a guy who was so good at the sport she loved and everything changed. I liked it how Trisha seemed clueless and awkward of the feelings she's starting to have for Graham.What I do not like is how she's whiny and blames it to her bestfriends. I mean how could you blame your bestfriends for making you realize you like someone? Shouldn't you be grateful that the [...]

    5. So I'm officially in love with jocks and jock-reads. I mean, how can I not? That's the only time I can really read something related to sports because sports and me? We can't go together in one sentence.The Boyfriend Game is such a sweet, fun and cute read about young love at its simplest. Oh, young love. The wonders of it.Trisha is my type of character, those who subvert female stereotypes. I don't know I just like reading about girls who aren't girly-girly and now, I'm officially in love with [...]

    6. Si hay algo que le encanta a Trisha es el futbol, pero más que gustarle es su pasión. Incluso ella no puede pensar en algo más que entrenar todos los días para ser mejor en el deporte. Sus dos mejores amigas, Beth y Sara, no comprenden su entusiasmo-obsesivo así que algunas veces se siente más sola e incomprendida que nunca.Cuando anuncian que solo dos jugadoras del equipo de futbol podrán jugar junto con el universitario Trisha ve la oportunidad por cual siempre estuvo esperando, ella y [...]

    7. The Boyfriend Game is a short and incredibly cute story. I didn’t know what to expect but I found that I really enjoyed this short story. I finished this book with a big smile. Trisha and Graham have one thing in common- Soccer. Upon meeting each other and finding out that they are both dedicated to soccer, they train together to improve their performance on the field and for Trisha to be bumped up to the Varsity team. They keep each other focused and they push each other to the limit. When Tr [...]

    8. The Boyfriend Game is a romance story about two football (soccer) obsessed teenagers who are too scared to admit their feelings for each other. This is a an easy read though it did not hold my attention enough to be pick up, read and finish in one go. Having said that it was still an okay read.The plot was simple, revolving around a girl who's only focus is getting on the varsity football team. There are, of course, complications but they were predictable. The ending is (view spoiler)[ a Happy E [...]

    9. This book tell about Trisha, a girl that like soccer. And she have 2 bestfriend, Beth and Sara. Life of Trisha will be completed when She have been choosen from her coach to varsity for the rest of the season. Her coach, Merrill said that they will be having tryoutrs with the vasity practice and for this the top fice girls on JV will be invited to that practice and only two will move up. Beside Trisha Perkins, Sara Myers as friend that have been choosen too. So after the announcement, Kirk that [...]

    10. Well, it was a very quick and light read. Nothing unusual or new that I haven’t read before but sine I am bumming around the house before my night duty later, I figured, why not try to lessen your to be read books while I’m on it to at least do something. Since the TV programs I used to watch also had their season ender (a total bummer that is) and I can’t play Angry Birds (since I learned long ago that it was not as fun as it is when you play with some of your friends so all of you can go [...]

    11. They have one thing in common - Soccer.But would that be enough to take their relationship into the next level?Trisha and Graham both have the nature of sports in their blood. Upon meeting each other and finding out that they are both dedicated to soccer, they decided to train together to improve their abilities and performance on the field and in order for Trisha to be chosen for the Varsity Team. Together they declare their passion for playing sports and their dislikes for the dating scene. Bu [...]

    12. This book is about Trisha Perkins. She's a freshman on the JV soccer team at her school and she's got a shot at trying out to make it onto the Varsity soccer team. This is something that she wants above all else and because she knows that there are better players on her team that will probably get it, she decides to practice a lot harder because though those other girls are better than her, she's got more heart and she wants it more than they do so she's going to work her little butt off to get [...]

    13. Trisha's life is about soccer. She really wants to be a part of varsity and she is willing to work harder than everyone to reach her goal. The problem is none of her best friends who are in the same team with her want to practice with her. Not that they don't want to, but they are so into their men crush that anything else seems to be less important. Trisha has an admirer. Kirk likes her so much even though she never gave a good respond to him. Meanwhile, one of her best friend, Sara loves Kirk. [...]

    14. QUICK READ BUUUUT: ENTERTAINING. CUTE. FRUSTRATING! :DI looooove this book. Soccer is sexy when you think of Trisha and Graham. Both not into dating (which was what kind of frustrated me). But you cannot deny their chemistry together. They are both extraordinary. But Graham is the more frustrating one. He's like, allergic to girls. I mean, what's his problem? It's obvious that he likes Trisha so much :D Trisha, who was indenial at first too. They are so cute together. Where do you see a couple w [...]

    15. A few months ago, I just skipped through this book. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER ! 'Cause this is my kind of story! The only reason why this book made me sad is because it's so short. If it weren't for school work, I would've finished this in one sitting. Besides the story being short, it was a great book! \I like the part where he said, "So does this mean I have a varsity girlfriend?" my insides were so giggly! I've always wanted to be a varsity soccer player (just like trisha, it's my dream to be in a [...]

    16. This was a cute and quick read. I thought the characters were great, and I totally loved their awkwardness, so adorable. :) I also just have to say that if I'd had a hot guy like Graham to practice soccer with when I was youngerI probably would have kept playing. :P I do watch soccer sometimes when Cristiano Ronaldo is playingat still counts, right? hahaAnyways, this book was adorable, and I think it's the perfect book to just sit down with when you want a quick a fun read. It's got a [...]

    17. The Boyfriend Game is a light read about Trisha, a soccer lover, who's trying her best to get into varsity and Graham, the boy who she ended up practicing with and spending time with.Trisha and Graham are both devoted to soccer and had uttered at the very beginning that they couldn't imagine themselves being in a relationship since they couldn't find something -- or someone -- more important than soccer.It was fun reading about how Trisha and Graham spend their moments together, the things that [...]

    18. I haven't read YA fiction in a long time, so reading this was like a blast from the past. Trish, the protagonist, loves soccer and doesn't really understand why her friends are going gaga for boys. When she meets Graham, attraction is instantaneous, if they both weren't so phobic about relationships. Graham is the same as Trish, his life is all about soccer and he has no place of girls. of course, both of them like each other, but have no idea how to go about it - fearing that telling each other [...]

    19. The Boyfriend Game is an adorable story with cute boys, first crushes, hanging out, going for pizza, and sharing ice cream cones. Just too cute for words really!Trisha and Graham are all about soccer. They are friends, but do they want more? This story is about taking that next step. Putting yourself out there and in the game—the dating game. How do you balance cute boys, varsity tryouts, and best friends all while trying to hold on to what makes you who you are? A light read with a wonderful [...]

    20. I'm so pissed with Sarah. How could she blame Trisha for Kirk liking Trisha? It makes me so mad that she didn't even asked Trisha's side of story and just decided to hate her, try to take her spot on the team and even threaten to reveal her secret. And Beth for taking Sarah's side. And so when Sarah got the boy and the spot on the team she decided to be a good friend to Trisha and sympathizes on Trisha's situation. Graham is another story. He doesn't even try to tell Trisha what he feels so it's [...]

    21. So this was definitely meant for a younger audience, but I still enjoyed the overall story. Trisha and Graham both love soccer and have a great time practicing together. Their relationship was cute and although he really acted his age at times, he was also pretty sweet with her. The story moved along pretty quick. The characters acted pretty young at times, which I guess is okay since they were only fifteen. I was first drawn to this by the cover and thought it sounded pretty cute. I honestly wo [...]

    22. Actually, I’m no longer interested to read these types of books that the background of the story is about how to chase over BOYS. I think these books are suitable for, yeah of coz for young adults, teenagers or school children. For me, I just want to make fun of reading these since its using a very simple English and the story plot is very light and totally to give you something that suit you with the teenage life, have clique and-so-called boy/girl things. Not much can I review about these bo [...]

    23. Oh my, did I love this book. I loved the fact that Graham and Trisha connected through soccer, how well Stephie explained her characters and how it wasn't all about just ONE relationship; it was about three. Her friend Sara's, and how she affected it, not by purpose of course, and her friend Beth. It all went together so brilliantly! The Boyfriend Game wasn't at all boring. It kept you wanting to read through every page, and you could connect with it so easily. I like soccer, I love romance, I l [...]

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