Studying Boys

Studying Boys From the author of Putting Boys on the Ledge comes this second book in her loosely linked series about four teenage friends learning how to deal with first dates and first loves When her friends decid

  • Title: Studying Boys
  • Author: Stephie Davis
  • ISBN: 9780843953824
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Putting Boys on the Ledge comes this second book in her loosely linked series about four teenage friends learning how to deal with first dates and first loves When her friends decide that she needs to get a social life, a shy girl finds her life turned upside down.

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    1 thought on “Studying Boys”

    1. Este libro fue terrible, en serio solo tenia 190 paginas y fueron una completa tortura. El romance no me lo creo PARA NADA. Vamos una chica de 13, 14? con un chico de 17 que va a comenzar la universidad Y la prota (ni me acuerdo el nombre) es una nenita, lo siento no soporto cuando son jóvenes y se la pasan diciendo que están enamoradas y que les gusta este chico o el otro.En fin si la prota hubiera sido mayor el libro me hubiera gustado.

    2. "Conoce a Frances Spinelli, la chica con su nariz enterrada en un libro. Pero las cosas cambian.La tarea siempre ha sido su mayor prioridad. Eso y enamorarse del chico equivocado, y luego no hacer nada al respecto. Así que, cuando las amigas de Frances la chantajean para que salga de su zona de comodidad, ella les devuelve algo mejor. Se descontrola totalmente.Bailando con un futbolista de último año en un club nocturno. Mintiéndole a sus padres. Siendo castigada… posiblemente de por vida. [...]

    3. This book was great. But I only gave it four stars because the author never really explained why Theo was such a ladies man and why he suddenly started showing an interest in Frances. Did he get turned on by girls who bossed him around? Did he like it when the girl told him he was a pompous ass who used girls for his own pleasure? The reasons as to why he liked her were never broached. But I rooted for the two of them as a couple. And I did enjoy the dialogue between Frances and Theo. Their play [...]

    4. Okay, este libro simplemente me FASCINÓ♥ THEO ES TAN SLJFDSLKDJFLSKDJFLSKJDF *-*!!! LO AMO, LO AMO :3 Y es bueno leer una protagonista INTELIGENTE y DIFÍCIL de conquistar ._. En serio, ahora todo mundo piensa que una chica que cae al primer roce es genial -.- AMÉ TODO! LAJDLSJDKJ :3 Estoy demasiado emocionada como para escribir más xD

    5. Stephanie Rowe, you are one heck of an author! Seriously! My jaws are aching after all that smiling! The teen voice represented in this book was pitch-perfect, the chemistry was undeniably sweet, the characters were all very funny and the story was so so so beautiful! Some people might find this fluffy and annoying but for me it was an incredibly endearing read. Gah, I'm not sure I'll be able to write a coherent review. I'm just not done fangirling.Oh my God. For the first time in my life, I'm t [...]

    6. Maybe more like 3.5 stars. It was a good read, but not as good as "Putting boys on the ledge". Probably it was Frances's parents fault. I wanted to beat them until they bleed. They were so annoying. Give that girl some slack! She works hard and needs some fun in her life! And Theo is exactly what she needs! It took me a little while to get to like Theo, but then I had to admit he had his charms. Totally hot and kind of sweet. Though not as much as Colin in the previous book, and some times he re [...]

    7. 'I give this book 5 stars, 2 enthusiastic thumbs up, 10 out of 10 scale'Frances has definitely been my favorite character in this series that Stephanie Rowe has made. I loved the previous book, Putting Boys on the Ledge, but this one is even better. I can relate to Frances so much and the previous book made me want to hear more about her relationship with Theo. too bad that after reading this book I still wants to hear more about them.France's is one of Blue's best friends and Blue also happens [...]

    8. This was the last book I read in this series and I can overall say that I loved all four of them!All these stories were so cute and I felt like I could relate to each girl in some aspects.Now, about this book.I loved Theo and his bad boy act. I say act, because we all know that he's a softie in his heart. And according to the description he was hot. I don't know what is it about guys who like to wear black.Francis was a lot like me. I've always been a little uptight when it comes to school and I [...]

    9. Oh my goodness. I definetely give this book five out of five stars. It was so nice to see for once a love story with a SMART GIRL. Honestly, it was a nice change. Most books you read, it's always the tall, pretty, skinny, social girl who gets the guy. I loved how for once, the brainy, socially-awkward, uptight girl got the guy that all the girls want. But even though the main character, Frances, is super brainy, she still is so easy to relate with and it's really amusing [in a good way] to see t [...]

    10. Frances y Theo hacen una pareja tan cute!Frances es la típica chica inteligente de primer año pero Theo es el hermano ardiente mayor de una de sus mejores amigas, pero está en último año y es un rompe corazones.Cuando se empiezan a mezclar lentamente, como el color negro y blanco forman un gris imposible de quitar. a Theo se le mete Frances en la piel sólo que ya Frances tiene a Theo calado en los huesos.Me gustó esta historia, de estos dos personajes. No tanto como el de Colin y Blue per [...]

    11. It's a fun readI like that the contrast between the girls' and their respective families didn't have the least impact on how close they all areI kind of hate families who won't give their kids a break I mean really just because u don't like how ur life went u get to control ur kids lives and draw it the way u envisioned ur life should have taken route to be better!!!it's one thing to want for your kids to better but it's a whole another thing when it's already is u still can't see that!enjoyable [...]

    12. Me gustó mucho! es bastante realista la historia dentro de todo, como una se puede desencantar de la persona de quien está enamorada por su carácter y también como puede descubrir dulzura donde no la había notado porque ambos sentimientos te nublan, el amor y la adoración ó el odio y desprecio."Walk me to the door. If my mom knows I was out with you, she won't freak so badly. You're like my brother."He twirled his fingers through my hair and gave a long look at my mouth. "For the record," [...]

    13. Throughout reading this book I couldn't help, but laugh and smile. It was such a cute book. The way this author writes makes it easy to relate to the characters. At times the parents of Frances were oh so annoying, but parents are always like that. A cute and fun read definitely for the tweens and teens out there.

    14. I know what this looks like, but Davis actually manages to go deeper than the usual teen chic-lit, while still keeping the reader interested in surprisingly deep characters. The cover draws you into a story that doesn't turn out to be as shallow as I thought. I've read three of her books and really like her stories and characters.

    15. This was my favourite book of the series. I loved the friendships and Stephie Davis but a whole new twist on good girl and bad boy. In all the books though, I loved how you could feel the embarrassmentLoved the characters, the friendships and the relationships.The club scene had to be favourite with all the sarcasm, romance and tension.Really hope there will be more books like it.

    16. These kind of books always give me hope lol in the cheesy way ;) the smart studious girl with the bad boy :) but very cute. Looved when she finally snapped at Theo and then her friends were all "he finally notices you" cuute just a fluffy cute book:)

    17. Honestly I just read this book because it was cheap on amazon and I wanted a quick read, but what I got was so much more! A great book and a great series being a girl all these girls ages made it fun and easy to relate to, loved this series! <3

    18. Kdyby mi bylo méně, hodnotila bych rozhodně tak o 2 hvězdičky navíc, ale ,mé nynější staré já tomu bohužel dá jen tolik je to trochu nespravedlivé, nehodnotím férově, někdy u starších knížek či bývalých oblíbených knížek hodnotím sentimentálně ne podle mého přísného já s delikátnější chutí

    19. Cute book, kind of dorky, with a little bit of cheesy dialogue (I did roll by eyes a few time), but I figure it's because it's about 14 year old girls and they do slightly stupid things. But I still liked it - I like the characters, it was cute.

    20. Re-read again last nightill a favorite!!Frances is funny and neurotic, and you can't help but want her to win the guy. and Theooh Theo, what an adorable guy. He is sporty, fun and kind of a Bad Boy!! But if you were Frances, you would have the biggest crush too!!

    21. Rating: 3 starsFun read! I really liked the relationship between Theo and Francis. It's just the unrealistic age gap that bothered me; honestly, no senior would ever date a high school freshman.Reread February 2018

    22. I think it was amazing ! It was cute & girly while, at the same time, it was about a girl growing, finding herself, and learning how to defend that new self of hers in front of the people she cares about. Definitely five stars (:

    23. i want to be clear about my rating. 3 stars is not for my over-all opinion, but my opinion based on my experience of what i consider to be young-YA. if you like this category, this is a nice story, well-written, home nice PG hot scenes

    24. Me gusto mucho, estuve con una sonrisa toda la historia aunque fue algo corta y me hubiera gustado que siguiera pero aun así fue genial.

    25. I didn't like it much as Putting Boys on the Ledge but if I had read it when I was younger then maybe I would have enjoyed it way more. It got better throughout the story.

    26. For the teenage-girl-who-wants-her-crush-to-fall-in-love-with-her in me. Funny, almost ecstatic. Such a feel-good book.

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