Motor City Witch

Motor City Witch She d left magic behind Once upon a time Elise Sutton had been a powerful witch and paranormal enforcer Once she d been madly in love with Fae lord Aidan Greene But when Aidan had considered his duti

  • Title: Motor City Witch
  • Author: Cindy Spencer Pape
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She d left magic behind Once upon a time, Elise Sutton had been a powerful witch and paranormal enforcer Once she d been madly in love with Fae lord Aidan Greene But when Aidan had considered his duties important than their relationship, the love affair ended badly Shortly after, while on the hunt for a rogue demon, Elise was brutalized and almost killed Months lShe d left magic behindOnce upon a time, Elise Sutton had been a powerful witch and paranormal enforcer Once she d been madly in love with Fae lord Aidan Greene But when Aidan had considered his duties important than their relationship, the love affair ended badly Shortly after, while on the hunt for a rogue demon, Elise was brutalized and almost killed Months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl To protect her child and her heart Elise decided to live a nonmagical life Until she meets Aidan again, and he assumes Dina is his daughter When Dina is kidnapped by a racial purity movement, Elise turns to Aidan for help The icy facade she has built around herself shatters at Aidan s touch Together they have to hunt through the human and faery worlds to find Dinad to discover whether or not they have any kind of chance at a happily ever after.63,000 words

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    1. category romance, urban fantasy-lite, plot moppets -- if that combination of things sounds appealing to you, I think you would like this. It really didn't work for me, though.The good: Carina Press. The copy editing was really well done and the book was available in non-DRM ePub format, which means I could read it on my iPod or on my laptop with no problems. Win!The ok: The plotting. It mostly made sense and was a fairly interesting storyline, although I do hope that at some point the author exp [...]

    2. Motor City Witch is a great read, full of everything you could want in a paranormal romance; fun characters, interesting plot, steamy scenes, emotional connections and well written prose.Long time readers of Mills and Boon might find the plot structure a little similar, and it certainly does have a formulaic feel to it in many ways; but, as I've mentioned in previous reviews, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Mills and Boon is just a publisher, but we now so well known that we now associate i [...]

    3. Motor City Witch is book 2 in the Urban Arcana seires, and let me tell you, it’s just as good as the first one. I started reading, pleased to find the story was abut Elise, as I’d grown curious about her in Motor City Fae. Excited to get to know her and Aidan better, I dug in.Adina, Elise’s young daughter, is kidnapped. As Aidan, Elise’s former lover, had just become aware her daughter existed (and he thought she was his), Elise automatically thinks Aidan took her child. When she finds o [...]

    4. I thought Motor City Fae had some potential as the first book in a new paranormal romance series and so I welcomed the chance to review the sequel, Motor City Witch. This book continues the main story arc from the first, but shifts the focus to the relationship of Elise and Aiden. Elise and Aiden's relationship is nicely developed and they are both likeable characters. Aiden is less arrogant than I was expecting, and I think Pape managed to show several sides of his character. Elise has strength [...]

    5. I love the world in the Urban Arcana series, the different factions of supernaturals and how they interact with each other especially. We learned a lot about the Fae in Motor City Fae, so one would expect to be submersed in the world of witches in Motor City Witch. We do, but we also get an even better look at the inner workings of the fae, see more of the shifters and learn of other supernaturals previously unseen in the series.From a romantic aspect, Motor City Witch focuses on Elise, a healer [...]

    6. Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsI am really digging this series, great characters, creative plots and yummy steam. Each book gets more into the intrigue and draws you into the series. Great mix of supernatural creatures, lovin the Urban Fantasy elements.Aiden was a favorite from the first book, so I am happy to see his story. Things jump right off at the beginning of the book. I would have liked so sort of prologue to show us their past relationship. I prefer to see thing [...]

    7. Motor City Witch is the second book in Pape's series which moves between Detroit and the Fae realm. This installment starts out strong with a confrontation between past lovers witch Elise and Fae lord and Detroit portal guardian Aidan Green. There is also a fairly strong action packed plot in the background which expands the conspiracy lead by Elven purists against those who have some Fae blood and has some real emotional moments when several half blood Fae members of the families who aligned ag [...]

    8. Let me first say that faeries aren't really my thing, I discovered this when I read Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. That said, the Fae didn't annoy me in this one (yay for the author!). I thought they were at time snobbish and egomaniacs, but well, I get that when I read about royalty as well, so that wasn't really a big deal.I would however have liked if Pape had gone a bit deeper into the paranormal side of the story instead of the romance part. There are so many different paranormal beings to [...]

    9. This book was so bland and run of the mill, with like a million uninteresting characters and a silly blend of romance tropes that made me laugh like crazy.Our hero, Aidan is a pirate turned corporate raider Fae Lord. *snorts*. He's lived more than 1,000 years but when he finds the "only woman he's ever loved", he's too busy with other stuff and lets her go without a fight. The heroine, Elise, is also supposedly deeply in love but doesn't try to work with Aidan on their issues. Neither ever menti [...]

    10. Motor City Witch is as vibrant and magical as its cover. Imagine the cover as the Christmas wrapping and the content as the gift. From the feisty beginning to the euphoric ending the world and plot structure is smooth sailing. The shared romance and the characters-especially darling Dina- is refreshing like the first sip of water after miles of hiking. *ahh* I enjoyed every page turned of Motor City Witch. For those who are not as easily enticed as I am at the sound of romance there is more to t [...]

    11. It's been 5 years since Elise Sutton's heart wrenching break up with Aidan Greene. A lot has changed in that time. Elise has given birth to a girl named Dina and lives a non magical life. Aidan has just seen Dina for the first time and it's clear that she is his child, even though Elise keeps denying it. When Dina is kidnapped-Aidan runs to Elise side to help. He means to bring Dina home no matter what. And has every intention of winning Elise back as well.It's no secret that I'm a fan of Cindy [...]

    12. Both Motor City Fae and Motor City Witch are fast paced urban fantasy/paranormal romances set in a society where the Fae exist in Underhill, a separate world/dimension. They use portals that take them between the two worlds. The political intrigue of the Fae becomes a problem in both worlds as a struggle for power drags humans, witches, and shifters into the mix. The author has created a fascinating world of magic and mayhem.I loved the characters in both books, and quickly became attached to th [...]

    13. This was really good, and it helped that the narrator was much better on this one then the first book. In the first book, Motor City Fae there is a slight hint at the prior relationship between Aidan and Elise. Here we get the full story of what went wrong, and see the opportunity for second chances. It was a good quick listen with a HEA, it will be interesting to see if the author continues the series and if she does I wonder who will be nextGeorge and Fiona or Desmond and Lanaough a story that [...]

    14. I very much enjoyed reading about Elise and Aidan. In the first about 30 pages I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I liked book 1 Motor City Fae but I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find out I was wrong. There was plenty of Action, Twists, Turns and Sexy scenes to keep me entertained and engaged. I also love it when series that have books about different characters continue including the previous book characters in the background so you can continue to follow there story and [...]

    15. The plot might have been interesting, pity it's difficult to believe it. Mostly because, the romance is off. (There's no way I believe a woman whose child has been kidnapped has sex on her mindwith the guy who is responsible for the kidnapping. This same woman has been raped, hasn't had sex in five years. But begs to have sex now in order not to think)Characters are a strong part in a book when this is not driven by action or plot. If you make them shallow, there's not much left.

    16. This was a awesome ebook that I picked up due to a friend who told me it was a must read and she was right. I found out after i started reading that it was the second book in the series but i could not stop reading then i was hooked. I did not miss the first book this book told me everything i needed to know so happy i found it and the sex was so good in this book and not in a gross perverted way but in a good love story good sex way. Loved it

    17. Overall I liked this one better than the first (even though it's been a few years since I read it). This was written in such a way I was able to quickly pick up where book 1 left off. More characters are introduced. Meagan and Ric from the first book make an appearance as well. I liked Aidan and Elise both separately and together. They get their HEA. The underlining story arc/mystery continues

    18. 3.5 starsI really like this series, can't wait to find out what's up next. Also, who's up next…will it be the witch and the werewolf, or the werewolf and the formerly-fae-now-human? Which werewolf cousin is next? (I ask because book #3 is tentatively named Motor City Werewolf, according to Twitter.) Anyway, looking forward to it.

    19. Review from the Borders days: 10/01/10I like this author and find her to be very similar to Cynthia Eden. I don't understand why Eden publishes mainstream and Pape doesn't. In any case, this was an enjoyable read. Rec'd for fans of Christina Warren.

    20. Excellent read!! I'm slapping myself for not picking this one up earlier:) Cindy Spencer Pape strikes again!!!

    21. Order is very important in this series! Just get them all - because you'll want to read them all anyway!Urban ArcanaMotor City FaeMotor City WitchMotor City Wolf

    22. This is a fun series. There was enough back story here for the characters' relationship to be understandable, and a good continuation of the series-level story arc.

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