Dead Run

Dead Run The boys are back in town and Paris is burning For Special Agents of the Department of Diplomatic Security Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt the strain of a long distance relationship is beginning

  • Title: Dead Run
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The boys are back in town and Paris is burning For Special Agents of the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt, the strain of a long distance relationship is beginning to tell after eleven months of separation A romantic holiday could be just the thing to bridge the ever growing distance, but when Taylor spots a terrorist from the 70s, lThe boys are back in town and Paris is burning For Special Agents of the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt, the strain of a long distance relationship is beginning to tell after eleven months of separation A romantic holiday could be just the thing to bridge the ever growing distance, but when Taylor spots a terrorist from the 70s, long believed dead but very much alive, it s c est la vie.Now instead of sipping wine and seeing the sights, the boys are chasing a wily and deadly foe through the graveyards and catacombs of Paris.Of course, it could always be worse and soon it is.

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    1. 2 stars. Rating clarification see below. Review posted January 4, 2014No spoiler. It's related to an incident that readers were never privy to in the first place (see Dangerous Ground, book #1)."Ow. No, it's okay. I didn't need that testicle anyway.""You've got more balls than anyone I ever knew," Will agreed.Taylor's tongue traced the familiar shape of Will's teeth, and Will smiled, speaking against his open mouth. "Wanna make love?"So formal? Since when?Taylor batted his lashes, camping. "Why, [...]

    2. Let's clear it: I roll my eyes at drama, but I'm a sucker for it and I really adore Will and Taylor. At the beginning of the series, I wouldn't envision this kind of development in their relationship. Even if the action and the plot in this series is more over the top - like those blockbuster action movies - I feel that the emotional part of the story is becoming more and more important and I really care for Will and Taylor. They made my poor heart beat a little too fast a little too often this [...]

    3. Reread - I really do like that one! The mystery is terrific and there's just enough angst. That final scene oh Will, you're such a romantic lol.Definitely the best one yet. Their characters are starting to work for me and I'm way more interested in what's going to happen next than I was after #1 and #2. Ah, one should always have faith in Josh Lanyon's gift of 'the relationship'; the mysteries are always fantastic but it sure helps to have a couple I care about.

    4. This is the fourth book in the Dangerous Ground Series, and for me, the best one yet.We meet up with Will and Taylor 11 months after Will has taken his assignment in Paris, and right at the time when Taylor finally has gotten some time off and is heading to France for a visit.The job gets in the way for Taylor right at the LAX airport. Events begin to unfold once he arrives in Paris that have Will and Taylor working as partners again, trying to put a stop to an old Breton separatist that seems t [...]

    5. Written September 10, 2014;4.3 Stars - It just get more and more intense - their love is grand - a great Paris partBook #4At last in a few days was it time to start to listening to the last fourt part, Dead Run in this "4 books" audiobook Volume #1 - Armed and Dangerous: Four Dangerous Ground Novellas.Four and a half audiobook hours laterThis last part was maybe the most emotional and the most anguished of the four so far. It was both sad and heartbreaking. Pooh! ~ A very good end to this audio [...]

    6. It's book #4 of Will and Taylor series -- and for three books, they have never really been my favorites. I like them enough but I'm not a HUGE fan of story relating to secret agents or terrorism. Give me plain ol' murder (or serial killers) and police procedural/detective investigation, and I'm game. So who knew, it takes 4 stories and the City of Love, for me to like this one enough and makes it my favorite Will/Taylor story.Oh, I still don't give a da*n about the "terrorist resurfaces" plot. I [...]

    7. EDITAbout the last sentence - YES, WE SHOULD. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!Very good, as usual, but there were some things that bothered me.I won't talk about the amazingness of the relationship/action/sex/writing, becuse if you've gotten this far in the series you already know what we're dealing with with JL.But: the amnesia came completely out of left field, David should die painfully and Will was basically an asshole all throughout the story (although the more I read about Taylor, the more I love him [...]

    8. 4 StarsDead Run is easily my favourite story in this series (up until this point). This story is set 11 months after the events in Blood Heat, with Will and Taylor having been apart the whole time due to Will’s recent DSS posting in Paris. They’re still together as a couple, but the distance is a hell of a commute and neither have had the time to visit the other until now. Unfortunately, when Taylor is at LAX waiting to finally head to Paris to spend his annual leave with Will, he spots a ma [...]

    9. SPOILERS!Eleven months have passed and Taylor is going to go visit William in Paris! A Except Taylor thinks he spots a terrorist in the airport. Booo! Turns out, they label him wrong. So he calls Will to let him know that he’s going to be on a later flight and guess who answers Will’s phone.No, go on. If you’ve read this much I’m going to give you a moment to guess who answers the phone.… *waits*Had some thinking time? That’s right, boys and girls. David Fucking Bradley. Of course he [...]

    10. Wow!The Ground gets even more Dangerous in this instalment. Tay's long-awaited and planned trip to Paris had turned into hell. Instead of reuniting with his partner, lover and friend after a long separation, and spending a quality time together, Taylor acquires a new assignment and a lot of emotional pain. This book left me holding my breath, waiting and hoping things would be fixed and wounds healed. So far, this is the best instalment, in my opinion. I was sceptic about some things here as wel [...]

    11. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*A rambling review*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Special Agents Taylor MacAllister (33) andWilliam ‘Will’ Brandt (still don't know how old he is?) are back, this time in Paris hunting down a terrorist even though Taylor is supposed to be on vacation. Unfortunately, a terrorist hunt isn't the only thing that happens and Taylor and Will's relationship ends up on the rocks once again (view spoiler)[I kinda like the twist with Will getting amnesia and forgetting his romance relationship wi [...]

    12. We could be partners again. Partners in every way.Taylor and Will nearly split up in this book! And damn, this was so heartbreaking! I really think Will should reconsider his behavior to David, and why was he apologizing David, he should’ve begged for Taylor’s pardon, he broke the man’s heart in any possible way, and yeah I know it was unintentional but still! Oh, and there was some investigation happening about terrorism in Paris which I didn’t much care about, since I was deeply WORRIE [...]

    13. Yay! Saved the best for last! I really, really enjoyed book 4 of the Dangerous Ground series. It was an emotional roller coaster and I finally felt some DEPTH to the feelings between Will and Taylor and believed in their relationship. Long distance, extended separation, a 3rd wheel (and WTF, Willyou pissed me off w/ your "friendship" with David Bradley), amnesia, terrorists, PARIS, heartachel the makings of an entertaining read! And finally, Josh Lanyon ends a book with a REAL ending! d a happy [...]

    14. 3.5 starsUnfortunately my least favourite in the series so far.This book was published in 2011 many years after the terrible events of Sept 11 in 2001.I mention this because the beginning of the story starts with a possible security risk at LAX and the attitude of the staff and the security service just did not ring true. These days of high security and terrorist attacks a possible terrorist about to board a plane will set off alarms and searches everywhere.I know this is fiction but for contemp [...]

    15. I may have got up in the middle of the night to finish listening to this instalment of the Dangerous Ground series. I have to say, I think it got better and better with each book, and I love the audio version very much.I truly hope there is more from these two on the cards because I think Josh Lanyon writes series so well - better than stand-alones IMO! Taylor and Will wormed their way into my affections more and more with each book. I loved the way Josh Lanyon mixed action and romance and heat. [...]

    16. Oh, wow, what a toure de force! Poor Taylor was put through the wringer and I felt for him while his whole world seemed to be falling apart around him. Sometimes, when reading the book, I forgot to breathe and felt like shouting "Oh, no! You didn't!" at the same time. So, best fast paced entertainment with a sweet Happy End on the top. ETA: Did I mention the writing? The so wonderfully smooth writing style where every word is where it's supposed to be and you go through the story like a hot knif [...]

    17. I really liked the relationship part of the story between Will and Tay-Tay that made this worth reading and the twist at 60% so many people have already mentioned never bothered meI didn’t like all the old history crap all the research and info about that stuff just bored me and the names of the brothers were too similar I never knew which brother we were getting boring useless facts about. If all that crap was cut out I would give five stars

    18. The fourth book of the series takes us to Paris. What starts as an awkward and tense reunion ends with facing a terrorist threat. On top of all of that action Will and Taylor are fighting up a stormThe suspense part is good and the relationship part even better. The ending is unexpected but perfect. :)As always it's beautiful written. It's witty, lovely, touching, sexy and smart and I'm looking forward to the next installment. :)

    19. More like 3.5 or 3.75. It wasn't bad, but it didn't really sweep me off my feet. As mysteries go, this one was good. Riddles within riddles and false leads, yet done in a way that I, as the reader, was lacking important info the hero had so the hero was always a step ahead of me, as it should be in something that isn't a whodunnit. Which this wasn't. Lots of explosions and shootings - it seems that at least one MC needs to be in a hospital bed for a while in every book of this series. Poor guys [...]

    20. 3,5 stars.It should have been a 4 stars rating. First, I liked the Lanyon Paris tour very much. It was accurate and I giggled at the Frenglish : "Très fucking bien"!I liked Will's and Taylor's reunion,it was awkward and tense, just like it should be. So, great atmosphere and setting, funny retorts, flawed humanity and angst are the assets of this 4th installment, which is the best in the series in this respect.But.A major twist in the story rubbed me the wrong way and from then on, I didn't enj [...]

    21. As ridiculous and over the top as this one was, I completely loved it. Yes, I wanted to crane kick Will.But I always want to crane kick Will, and David is a fucker.Still, it's my favorite so far. And it's also the only one I actually found hot. Though I suppose I needed the build up of the other three the that part of it to work for me.Again, Taylor ticks all my perfect man boxes. Clever, brave, rangy framed and kinky. Grrr

    22. I've come to expect nothing but 5-star reads from Lanyon, and that's what I got from this one. Will and Taylor have had a very difficult time in their relationship, from the start. They are getting to see each other for the first time in eleven months and, as usual, the problems start even before they get together. Anyone who has read the previous three books of the series is already in love with these guys. And their dog, Riley. So, no surprises there. The characters remain the same, meaning as [...]

    23. Enough with David Bradley! Why is Will still so attached to him? This whole plot line makes me hate Will and I shouldn't be.

    24. Paris city of love. like city of conflict for Taylor and Will. I love this series, Taylor and Will seem at times to be perfect for each other and yet not quite. It's been nearly a year since they've seen each other and neither is sure how things will go. They know they love each other and are looking forward to being together again. But these men both have strong personalities and for all that they love each other sometimes the things they do hurt the other, sometimes love's just not enough or i [...]

    25. I tried to avoid spoilers, but a few things from reviews I'd read had me nervous. I shouldn't have worried, as none of them were issues for me. Not even the dreaded "cliffhanger" at the end; I was okay with it ending where it did, just so long as I know another installment is coming eventually. I think that was a great pausing place, actually. I'm really looking forward to the next book, but I'm not going to be annoyed while waiting for it.I wanted to hit Will several times (view spoiler)[(espec [...]

    26. There are no words for this beautiful couple that is Taylor & Will *sigh* And the angst in this book was beyond words. I felt so sorry for poor Taylor : ( The ending made up for it though, especially with that "cliffhanger" : ) Can't wait to read book 5!

    27. More like 4.5 starsThis was by far the best of the series. I liked it a lot, only the abrupt ending was rather dreadful. Thankfully the next book is already waiting on my kindle.

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