The Murders In The Rue Morgue

The Murders In The Rue Morgue The Murders in the Rue Morgue is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham s Magazine in It has been claimed as the first detective story

  • Title: The Murders In The Rue Morgue
  • Author: Edgar Allan Poe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham s Magazine in 1841 It has been claimed as the first detective story.

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    1. In The Beginning there wasفي البدء كانDupin دوبينالكثير يظن أن شيرلوك الذي ابتدعه ارثر كونان دويل هو أول مخبر، ربما متأثرا بشئ من سابقه المحقق في رواية دوستويفيسكي الأشهر"الجريمة والعقاب"ولا يدري أن كلا المؤلفان اعترفا صراحة بالإلهام من شخصية بو السابقة لكل هذاسي أوجست دوبينففي 1841 قبل شي [...]

    2. Book ReviewEdgar Allan Poe was a brilliant author, who died too early; I can only imagine what his macabre mind would have dreamed had he not perished. In The Murders in the Rue Morgue, a short story first published in 1841, Poe introduces a detective character, C. Auguste Dupin, who will show up in a few later stories. Many future writers, (Dame Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) were influenced by this work in particular. It's quite possible the father of the detective story. A gory, mac [...]

    3. 2.5*A bit dry and moderately interesting. I definitely prefer Sherlock. Still, I gave it 3 stars for its historic value. It was probably the first detective story.

    4. In these first five stories about Poe's detective Auguste Dupin, he establishes many of the traditions or motifs we know from classic detective fiction. The eccentric but brilliant detective who solves the mystery merely by analysing the facts from his armchair, the mystery of how a murder was committed in a closed room, laying a false trail with false clues or "red herrings" for the reader to follow are just three of his original tropes, which are now so familiar that they are almost cliches. O [...]

    5. Es a través de este cuento, "El Misterio de María Roget" y "La Carta Robada" (lean el ensayo de Deleuze al respecto), y a partir de Auguste C. Dupin, que Edgar Allan Poe inventó el género policial 46 años antes que el Sherlock de Conan Doyle.No hace falta hacer spoiler, pero diganme: ¿no es uno de los asesinos más inverosímiles de la historia de la literatura? ¿Por qué creen que Poe era tan único? Por genialidades como esta

    6. “It will be found, in fact, that the ingenious are always fanciful, and the truly imaginative never otherwise than analytic.” I was pleasantly surprised with this short story. The writing style was engaging and plot was fast-paced. I was consumed by the story without forming any connection with the narrator nor other characters, which personalities were almost non-existent, truth be told. The main strength is the plot, of course, with it's suspense keeping the reader on his toes. This was th [...]

    7. This story has somewhat less emotional intensity than Poe's gothic horrors such as The Pit and the Pendulum and The Tell-Tale Heart. Yet that's perfectly appropriate, since this is a very different kind of story. In some ways it's the antithesis of the gothic, because here it is reason, not emotion, that's ascendant, that's the star of the show, so to speak. The trick for Poe is how to make it interesting nonetheless. He solves this conundrum by basically inventing the genre of detective fiction [...]

    8. B.R.A.CE 2018: Ένα βιβλίο με λιγότερες από 100 σελίδεςΠρώτο βιβλίο του Πόε που διαβάζω!!

    9. I love mysteries, I really do, so of course I had to read this one. I mean, written by no other author than Poe and it is said Dupin was part of the inspiration of this man here:How could I resist, then?Part of why I love mysteries so much is because I get to have a role in the story. Obviously I cannot interfere in what the characters are doing, but I can be invested in what they're doing - by trying to find the answers, I mean.Unfortunately for this story, I never really could play that part. [...]

    10. El preámbulo del relato genera lentitud, debido al amplio léxico y contenido filosófico sobre el análisis, conocimiento y observación del ser humano. Sin embargo, la historia del protagonista se torna entretenida hasta el final. El desenlace del caso es muy llamativo, aunque me genera que fue algo forzado.

    11. Ιστορικής αξίας και πραγματικά ιδιαίτερο και συμπαθητικό ανάγνωσμα ορόσημο της παγκόσμιας λογοτεχνίας που επηρέασε τις επόμενες γενιές των δημιουργών βιβλίων αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας. Ωραίος συνδυασμός φανταστικών στοιχείων με στοιχεία φανταστικού. Ακόμα πιο εκτιμητέ [...]

    12. Very good, and easily read. A true classic, this little mystery is considered to be the first ever 'detective story', and you can definitely tell. It's very analytical, with the story element lacking a bit in substance, instead consisting mostly of a torrent of theories and guesses. It's the author trying something new and different, something that was later perfected by Arthur Conan Doyle, by Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and others from the 20s - the 'Golden Age' of crime fiction -, all the [...]

    13. Lectura obligatoria para cualquier fanático del género policial. Este mes tuve que releerlo y creo firmemente en que el carácter fundacional que le dan a este cuento es indiscutible, incluso intuyendo que hay antecedentes. Lamentablemente, me atrapó recién en la mitad del relato. Comento brevemente, porque al ser policial no quiero dar muchos datos. El narrador nos presenta a Auguste Dupin, un parisiense que está en la ruina y que conserva bastante de su vida de lujo, en cuanto a tiempo de [...]

    14. 2nd read, 6/2017. Superb. Poe gives birth to the detective story.--------This being only the fourth or fifth of Poe I've read, I confess I found it a difficult piece. I can't see modern readers liking this, only because summary abounds and dialogue commands. Much of the beginning went over my head, but I got the point- this detective talks and thinks like a genius. I loved the writing. Poe claims fame even in elementary schools and I start to learn why. His skills excel. The man had a unique and [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI loved the beginning of this book with the argument of how draughts (checkers) requires more reflective intellect than chess. I adore this type of out of the box thinking and Poe makes a good case!I also enjoyed the murder story all the way up to when it was solved. I didn't care for the ending otherwise this would have been 4 stars for me. It's definitely worth a read.

    16. Mi-a plăcut la nebunie! De foarte mult timp n-am mai evadat din realitate, intermediat fiind de o operă, aşa cum am făcut-o citind "Crimele din Rue Morgue". Desigur că multe sunt scrierile care intermediază o "evadare din realitate", însă aceasta nu e una oarecare: pe lângă evadarea din realitate, are acea aură stoică, descrie un spirit analitic parizian al secolului XIX: "Însuşirile minţii noastre, pe care le denumim analitice, nu prea sunt făcute pentru a fi supuse analizei." [...]

    17. He impaired his vision by holding the object too close. He might see, perhaps, one or two points with unusual clearness, but in so doing he, necessarily, lost sight of the matter as a whole. Thus there is such a thing as being too profound."The story opens with two ways of solving a problem. There's the chess player, who looks at all the pieces on the board and decides what to do next. Then there's the whist player, whose objective is to deduce what cards the other players are holding through ob [...]

    18. Perhaps after reading complete Sherlock Holmes more than twice in childhood , and being exposed to crisper thrillers later on, found this one very insipid and Dupin didn't impress much, perhaps because I don't like gas bag detectives can just tolerate Poirot, but not Holmes. The ending was not upto my expectations too.Have tried and failed at Poe horrors, and Poe murder mystery seems the same.So adieu, Poe.

    19. The much-hyped, greatly-revered “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” were a bitter disappointment.The first and titular of the five short stories began with a long discussion of everything you never wanted to know about chess, simply to allow Poe to make clear the difference between observing and analysing. The case is outlined in the past tense, and solved immediately. There is no investigation, and none of the characters referred to actually appear. In fact, the long, repetitive and frankly mon [...]

    20. Οι ιστορίες μυστηρίου του Έντγκαρ Άλλαν Πόε είναι η ρίζα από την οποία βλάστησε μια ολόκληρη λογοτεχνία. Πού ήταν το αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα πριν ο Ποε του εμφυσήσει την πνοή της ζωής? Άρθουρ Κόναν ΝτοΪλ

    21. I had to read this one for uni and I really enjoyed it!I had to fight the long paragraphs, yes. But I liked the criminalistic elements in this one! The reveal was exciting and I liked the characters!

    22. در این داستان، برای نخستین بار، کارآگاه مهجور "آگوست دوپن" معرفی می شود. آگوست دوپن، که شاید هیچ یک از دوستاران ژانر جنایی امروزه اسمش را نشنیده باشند، نیای داستان های جنایی و کارآگاه های بزرگی چون "شرلوک هلمز" و "پوارو" است.بسیاری از خصوصیات شرلوک هلمز، مستقیماً از روی آگوست دو [...]

    23. Arthur Conan Doyle repeatedly cited Poe as a creative inspiration in his writing - particularly Poe's detective stories which are widely considered to be the first ever detective stories (Wilkie Collins is also attributed this honor with his book The Moonstone, but that was published several years later). Though I had read a few of Poe's short stories for school while growing up, I had not read his detective stories and was surprised to think of him as writing such stories as I had always consig [...]

    24. This was a very strange tale from a man we have all been made to believe was a very strange, sinister type person. Poe, contrary to his writings, seemed to have been a man of sensitivity, a man much in love with his young wife, a man whose life took many sad turns as well. The protagonist, Dupin, a forerunner of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, solves a very gruesome, mysterious case by the use of his intelligence and wit. The murderer turns out to be someone who the reader would never [...]

    25. По описва нечовешко убийство: knigolandiafo/book-review/uСега, ако в момента пишеше Слави Ганев, преводач на “Дракула” и “Монахът”, сигурно щеше да изпраска едно десет страници анализи и критически бележки към творбата, неговата енциклопедичност винаги ме е респектирала сериозно. Н [...]

    26. "The murders in the Rue Morgue" is a dark story of murders, an apartment destroyed, one mother and her daughter murdered, no one suspect, the police without solutions. But Dupin, a parisian gentleman, is an deduction master, and he works to solve the murders; observation, analysis, deduction. I found this book to be very interesting, great Poe's work, I recommend this book.

    27. Morgue Sokağı Cinayetinde çok esrarengiz bir şekilde işlenen cinayetin aslında basit anahtarlarla çözümlenmesi anlatılıyor.Kuyu ve sarkaçta ise engizisyon mahkemesinde yargılanan adamın korkutucu ve inanılmaz şekilde yargılanması.Özellikle bu öykünün aklımdan hiç çıkmayacak denli müthiş bir anlatımı vardı.

    28. 3.5my first Poe. Maybe the story was too short, i like them more elaborated. think I'll try the next one in Italian to see if it's more easy to me to understand.

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