Flight Into Danger

Flight Into Danger Captain Dunning had collapsed in the pilot s seat but the voice at controls was calm We are in distress At least five passengers are sick Both pilots are unconscious and in serious condition My name

  • Title: Flight Into Danger
  • Author: Arthur Hailey John Castle
  • ISBN: 9780552136921
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captain Dunning had collapsed in the pilot s seat, but the voice at controls was calm We are in distress At least five passengers are sick Both pilots are unconscious and in serious condition My name is George Spenser I am a passenger on this airplane Correction I was a passenger I am now the pilot What happened Who was the new pilot Would anyone reach the groCaptain Dunning had collapsed in the pilot s seat, but the voice at controls was calm We are in distress At least five passengers are sick Both pilots are unconscious and in serious condition My name is George Spenser I am a passenger on this airplane Correction I was a passenger I am now the pilot What happened Who was the new pilot Would anyone reach the ground alive

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    1. "Επικίνδυνη πτήση", εκδόσεις Bell.Βαθμολογία: 7/10Ο Άρθουρ Χέιλι έγραψε κάπου στα έντεκα μυθιστορήματα, με το καθένα από αυτά να σχετίζεται με έναν συγκεκριμένο χώρο (ξενοδοχείο, αεροδρόμιο, νοσοκομείο, φαρμακοβιομηχανία, πολιτική, αστυνομία κλπ), όπου μέσω των πλοκών τους αναλ [...]

    2. Артур Хейли не подвел. Расплакалась в конце, чего от себя не ожидала, сюжет знаю от и до, но эмоции меня затопили. Сюжет настолько напряжен, что я на пару часов буквально приросла к читалке. Собственно, самолет частной авиакомпании летит в Ванкувер. Во время полета пассажиры [...]

    3. Kaut kā tā sakrita, ka es pavisam nesen noskatījos filmu "Kalns starp mums" (biju lasījusi arī grāmatu), kas sākas ar lidmašīnas avāriju pilota nāves dēļ, un tagad izlasīju šo Artura Heilija un Džona Kāsla romānu "Skrejceļš 0-8", kura darbība spraiga kļūst brīdī, kad atklājas, ka ne vien pilota palīgs, bet arī pilots, tātad visa par lidmašīnas vadību atbildīgā apkalpe, ir smagi saindējušies ar pārtiku un nevar turpināt ne lidmašīnu vadīt, ne nosēdināt.G [...]

    4. this has been totally awesome has been years since i've read his book. it's good to get back the sense of thrill and suspense. this book is a page turner. my hands and feet were clammy from the suspense of the final approach. i know his books quite well. usually the ending would be good but still i can't help feeling the thrill and excitement of the "what if" scenerio.i think i cannot read his book consecutively as it would cause the excitement to lessen. yes, the plots of his books are usually [...]

    5. Remember the good old days of flying?You could smoke on the plane.Once the plane was on autopilot the captain would leave the cockpit and stroll around the cabin, talking with passengers.The flight attendant was a beautiful young woman (never a man!) called a “stewardess”The stewardess actually prepared served a full, hot meal to each passengerWell, maybe that last part wasn’t so great, at least not in this story, where anyone who ate the salmon quickly became violently ill and incapacitat [...]

    6. I really liked this book, I found the beginning a little slow but after that I couldn't wait to see how it ended. I haven't read Airport yet but I can't wait to read that as everyone says Airport is even better!

    7. It was interesting to read this and see what Hailey was like as a young writer. The dialogue is quite frankly,ludicrous. A quick read but not a very memorable one.

    8. Εξαιρετικό !! Κρατάει το ενδιαφέρον του αναγνώστη αμείωτο μέχρι το τέλος και δημιουργεί μια ευχάριστη αγωνία.Με απογοήτευσε κάπως το κλείσιμο.Σαν κάτι να έλλειπεΘα ήθελα ίσως λίγη ακόμα συνέχεια σχετικά με το τι απέγιναν οι άρρωστοιΤα μηνύματα που περνά αυτό το μυθιστόρημ [...]

    9. Skvělá kniha, skvělá rozhlasová hra s dokonalou atmosférou a orchestrem zvuků skutečného ohrožení dopravního letadla! Excelentní herecké výkony s nezapomenutelnými (i v čs. dabingu) hlasy (Jiří Adamíra a Eduard Cupák)! Poprvé jsem slyšel ještě jako 2 LP tj. na vinylu;-)

    10. Interesting idea and really enlightening because it reviewed the elementary knowledge I had on flying an airplane. You can tell this book is dated because now we don't get food on airlines anymore. Interesting plot. Hope that never happens? An extra pilot on board? Just don't eat. :):

    11. Fantastic fiction. A fair bit of tech specifics made it that much more interesting. To think that such a story was penned back in the 50s.

    12. exciting! the technical details of aircraft landing are well described. coincidentally I read the climax on the plane! this book reminded me several times of Arthur Hailey' s other book Airport.

    13. I had read this many years back, when I got hold of this book recently, I was transported to those times.Even after so many years, it got me excited.

    14. Fantastic suspense storey. I could not put it down! Not sure if I have missed a few pages at the end, the last page in my book is number 168?

    15. Here's some great trivia about this book - connecting it to my hometown of Vancouver as well as a classic comedy film. I picked it up on a whim at Safeway's used-books-for-charity table and was pleasantly surprised to find it's the basis of "Zero Hour", the 50's film which partly inspired the classic movie parody, "Airplane!" Yep, food poisoning takes out both pilots and someone else will have to land the plane. And just as nifty for me is the fact that the flight in the book is traveling from W [...]

    16. Mr. Bremner gave this book to me in Grade 7: "To Peter, as First Prize for obtaining 90% in a Grammar competition. April 11, 1960".I am rereading it now. The author doesn't give an exact date but the novel takes place at the end of the 1950's. Strange that smoking was allowed on airplanes "You may unfasten your safety belts, smoke if you wish". The plane has piston engines: "Page 9, How are the cylinder head temperatures on Number 3 engine, Pete?" There is one expression "crack on" that is Canad [...]

    17. It's deffinitely a very fast-paced read, and I can imagine that at the time that this story was published, it was terrifyingly realistic. Now, though, like with Hailey's 'Airport', I can't help but feel thankful, that aviation, and commercial flights in particular, in the 21st century are much better organised and safer. But it's always good to learn how things were back then. And side from too much technical information that this book is full of, I can say that I enjoyed 'Flight into Danger' qu [...]

    18. El libro es superficial, simplón y muy básico. Para colmo de todo, es sumamente corto, por lo que ni siquiera puedes esperar toda la descarga de información a la que usualmente te somete Hailey para disfrazar sus falencias como escritor.Sólo dos cosas buenas a destacar: primero, que es corto, por lo que se puede leer en lo que dura un vuelo, y segundo, que la película que se hizo de éste (así como el texto mismo) es la base de la película ¿Dónde está el piloto?, por lo que uno se pued [...]

    19. Arthur Hailey is who I would consider to be the godfather of the 1970s disaster film trend, and this story is what got it started. It's the novelization of the Canadian TV film he helped to write, about a food poisoning outbreak on a plane, and a Regular Joe has to save the day. It's just suspenseful enough to make it a very quick read. If you're into 1970s disaster films (which I am) this is a book for you!

    20. Nevedel som do čoho idem. Najprv som myslel, že tam bude nejaká vražda, alebo atentát, ale bola to len obyčajná otrava lososom. CEstujúcim ide o život, piloti sú v kóme a tak musí pilotovanie prevziať vojnový pilot stíhačky, 20 rokov po lietaní vo vojne.Dostal som sa k rozhlasovej hre, ktorú som počúval pri práci a venčení chlpáča. Musím povedať, že to má celkom spád, ale na dnešnú dobu, kedy bolo sfilmovaných plno podobných zápletiek to nepríde ohromujúce.

    21. Все еще хорошо, но как-то скомканно, поспешно. Не хватило времени прочувствовать героев, драматичность ситуации, возможные последствия другого исхода. Надежд на данного произведение было больше.Update: Только после прочтения заметила, что книга написана в соавторстве с друни [...]

    22. Нарешті мав пару годин, щоб прочитати "0-8". Книжка ще раз підтвердила, що Артур Хейлі -- мегакрутий автор. Не дивно, що по ній зняли кілька фільмів-серіалів. На вікі пише, що Артур Хейлі народився в Лутоні, де один з найбільших аеропортів в Англії. Мабуть звідти в нього любов до а [...]

    23. Hilariously, I have just noticed that somehow during the conversion to Good books, the edition that I shelved magically changed to the German edition. I have now changed it to the English version as, seriously, I can't read German:-)

    24. এই ধরনের বই আমার কেন জানি শত চেষ্টাতেই ভাল্লাগাতে পারি না - বদ্ধ জায়গায় শুরু, বদ্ধ জায়গায়ই শেষ! শওকত হোসেনের লেখনীর জন্য যা একটু ভালো লেগেছে। দিনশেষে, এইটা আমার টাইপ বই না। খুব চেষ্টা করেছিলাম [...]

    25. The "danger" is not what we would think of in today's climate of terrorism. The protagonists are easy to relate to because the feelings they express seem realistic and not superhero-like. A gripping story that had me turning the pages.

    26. Runway Zero-Eight, actually written by Arthur Hailey and one John Castle, is a good suspension/thriller novel with swift action, a fast paced tempo and a realistic plot. There are no redundant words or passages in this novel.

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