Rest in Pieces

Rest in Pieces alternate cover edition to ISBN Mrs Murphy thinks the new man in town is the cat s meow Maybe she should think again Small towns don t take kindly to strangers unless the stranger happens

  • Title: Rest in Pieces
  • Author: Rita Mae Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • alternate cover edition to ISBN 0 553 56239 8Mrs Murphy thinks the new man in town is the cat s meow Maybe she should think again Small towns don t take kindly to strangers unless the stranger happens to be a drop dead gorgeous and seemingly unattached male When Blair Bainbridge comes to Crozet, Virginia, the local matchmakers lose no time in declaring him perfectalternate cover edition to ISBN 0 553 56239 8Mrs Murphy thinks the new man in town is the cat s meow Maybe she should think again Small towns don t take kindly to strangers unless the stranger happens to be a drop dead gorgeous and seemingly unattached male When Blair Bainbridge comes to Crozet, Virginia, the local matchmakers lose no time in declaring him perfect for their newly divorced postmistress, Marry Minor Harry Haristeen Even Harry s tiger cat, Ms Murphy, and her Welsh Corgi, Tee Tucker, believe he smells A okay Could his one little imperfection be that he s a killer Blair becomes the most likely suspect when the pieces of a dismembered corpse begin tuming up around Crozet No one knows who the dead man is, but when a grisly clue makes a spectacular appearance in the middle of the fall festivities, than an early winter snow begins chilling the blood of Crozet s very best people That s when Ms Murphy, her friend Tucker, and her human companion Harry begin to sort throughout the clues only to find themselves a whisker away from becoming the killer s next victims.

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      198 Rita Mae Brown
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    1 thought on “Rest in Pieces”

    1. I liked that this book's ending was a twist that I was not expecting. Some mystery books solve the mystery in the middle and then spend the rest of the book trying to hunt the bad guy/gal but it's nice to be kept in suspense until the very end.

    2. Ugh. Another reviewer spoke of "sophomore slump"; I call it "second novel syndrome." Many years ago, I read the first Mrs Murphy novel, and then the third, and enjoyed them both. My friend didn't have No. 2, so I was interested to see what came next when I ran across it. I almost wish I hadn't wasted the reading time. So why finish it? you ask. I dunno. Because it was there. Brown was obviously riding the wave the the popularity of the first novel, maybe this one was rushed to press or something [...]

    3. This is book 2 of this series however you DO NOT have to read these in order; but I feel you could understand everyone's relationships better if you at least read the first book in this series as it explains who every one is and who everyone is within the community. I had to skip book 2 and read book 3 and I was a little 'lost' to minor issues that wasn't a big deal in the story. Reading them in order you get to 'know' the characters little quirky things about them but it doesn't spoil the stori [...]

    4. From 1992, "Rest in Pieces" is one of the earliest books in this series & perhaps one of the best. When body parts start turning up at random in Crozet, Virginia a murderer must be on the loose especially with a local matchmaker is in town. The stories in this series always work best when both animal & human interaction & this book is a clear example where it works. There's also a plot involved this time with the matchmaker & the attempt to get Fair & Harry back together. It' [...]

    5. Quite a good one. Good plot and I love the characters! I've read several in the series and I really enjoy them although my hubby didn't like the fact that the animals talk to each other - I kind of enjoy that and it moves the plot along! I think they are really fun cozy mysteries and I will continue on til I finish the series. I also like her other books.

    6. As the 'owner' of 3 cats, I know they communicate quite well with me and each other, so I don't find the anthropomorphism in this series all that far fetched. I find the antics among Mrs. Murphy, Tucker and Pewter entertaining. But then, I have dreams where my pets sit at the dinner table talking and arguing with me. I shall continue to read this series which currently numbers 25 books one after another If I like a series, I read each one in chronological order and wish all the series I like wer [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery. It was in some ways just another provincial American town with murders and romance and fluffiness sort of a book that usually irritate me, and it had some of the flaws of that genre (being very middle-class and aspiring-rich oriented in terms of character and somewhat romantic-consumerist) but the animal factor actually added interest and piquancy.Even though I did not find all of Mrs Murphy's antics entirely believable (she loves being raced around in a m [...]

    8. I'm impressed! I didn't see the whodunnit coming at all on this one. Looking back, I can see hints, but I didn't catch them at the time. I really enjoy the animals in this series a lot. I'll be back for them (and, truth be told, the human interactions, too). Ms. Brown writes fun stories.

    9. 3.25 stars“Harry”, the town’s (female) postmistress and a farmer, has a dog, Tucker, and a cat, Mrs. Murphy. The pets talk to each other and other animals in this series (and help solve mysteries). In this one, shortly after an attractive man buys the neighbouring farm to Harry’s, a (non-local) man is found, murdered and in pieces. It took a long time for this one to get going for me, I wasn’t really interested until about 1/3 of the way in (or maybe a bit further). There was a lot of [...]

    10. This book was both quite good and quite bad. First the good: The characters were quirky enough to be interesting, but not so quirky that they turned into cartoon. The writing was solid, the pacing was good, and the mystery was intriguing. As a stand-alone book, this book would have been fine.Then the bad: This book follows almost exactly the plot of Book 1, from the creepy, anonymous postcards, to Little Marilyn's bad choice for a life-mate. The plot was so close, I forgot which book I was readi [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book so much that I stayed up most of the night to finish it. I just discovered the series about a month ago and was hooked after the first book. I enjoy reading about Crozet and each of the characters. This one kept me on my toes. I could not figure out who did it until the last twenty pages or so, and then there was a surprise twist that I did not see coming. I look forward to reading my way through the series.

    12. Listened to this one a few weeks ago,I thought the story in the first book was better. The writing in this book was better.The animals seemed to act more like animals in this one, but still didn't seem ridiculous. If that makes sense.23 more to go. I figure I will listen to them all. It's just a matter of time.

    13. Rest in Pieces was very interesting from start to finish. The mystery was good and the way the characters all interacted with one another was well done. The ending is great, it was unexpected and still felt fresh and new. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

    14. Enjoyable read even though it was a bit confusing at first with the multitude of characters, both human and animal! Before too long though I was hooked and caught up in the tale! Perhaps I needed to read Mrs. Murphy #1 first!

    15. I especially liked the animals antics! Some truly funny things they did made me laugh out loud! I also liked this story better than the 1st 1 in the series!

    16. **May include spoilers to latter books.**I have read a lot of the Mrs. Murphy mysteries and this is my very favorite. The mystery was really fun and I really enjoyed the sweet, budding romance between Harry and Blair. For the life of me I have no idea why Rita Mae Brown chose to go the other route and hook her back up with her jerk of an ex. I never felt the growth of the character of Fair. I never felt any chemistry between the two. this book is the perfect mix of cozy mystery, romance and holi [...]

    17. Book # 2 in the Mrs Murphy mystery series featuring Mary “Harry” Haristeen and her menagerie – Mrs Murphy (a grey tiger cat), Tucker (a Welsh corgi), and Simon (an opossum living in the hay loft), as well as two horses, and a four-foot black snake. As glorious fall color paints the trees around Crozet, Virginia, a handsome new man is refurbishing the neighboring farmhouse. But when a dismembered corpse is discovered, suspicion turns to Blair – the new man in town has a tragic secret in h [...]

    18. Mystery fans who dote on their pets will welcome this second tale of murder co-authored by Brown and her cat, Sneaky Pie. A follow-up to the duo's Wish You Were Here, it reintroduces characters and settings in the tiny town of Crozet, Va. Central to the tale are postmistress and knowledgeable farmhand Mary Minor Haristeen (Harry), her cat Mrs. Murphy and her Welsh corgi Tee Tucker. Mrs. Murphy, as it happens, ``bears an uncanny resemblance to authoress Sneaky Pie,'' and virtually every reference [...]

    19. Reread on audio.Not a review. These notes are for my own reference and may contain spoilers!Crozet, Virginia. October. About 15 months after the last book. The Fall Harvest Festival features prominently. Continues through ChristmasHarry's divorce has been final about 6 months.Fair is now dating Boom Boom Craycroft.A newcomer, Blair Bainbridge, has bought Foxden, the farm next to Harry's. He is a mysterious, rich male model from NYC.Mrs. Hogendobber is growing prize pumpkins. The Holy Light Churc [...]

    20. Sometimes a cozy mystery is a bit more than just that and in this, the second of the Mrs. Murphy series, was one of those books. Ms. Brown delved a bit into environmentalism and the meaning of real and lasting friendships. I will probably wind up reading this whole series. Harry, aka Mary Minor Haristeen, is a recently divorced attractive young woman and postmistress of the small town of Crozet, VA. She feels it is perfectly within her rights to read postcards. After all, if the sender had wante [...]

    21. Harry the newly single Postmistress and her pet detectives Mrs. Murphy (the cat) and Tucker (the Corgi) are back in their second mystery. There’s been a murder in Crozet, VA, and Tucker is the one who discovers the human hand decaying in the neighboring family cemetery. It doesn’t belong to any of the family members buried there, and there are no identifying marks. Later the torso and the head show up in unlikely places and authorities are left scratching their heads. Harry’s pets, with th [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed Rest in Pieces, the second book in the Mrs.Murphy series. The mystery was interesting (though this was not the very strong point of the story). The strongest point of the story was the characters. The citizens of Crozet and their goings-ons were what captured and held my attention - sometimes the human ones, but mostly the animal ones - I love Mrs.Murphy and Tucker. Even Pewter has grown on me, as has the timid Simon. We also learn more about the human residents of Crozet, [...]

    23. Another cattabulous read from the Mrs. Murphy Murder Series! I absolutely love the writings of Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown! In this installment, the quaint town of Crozet, VA is thrown into a tizzy by the arrival of a sexy NY male model. Shortly after his arrival, body parts are found scattered all over town making everyone wonder if the towns new hottie is a killer. In some parts it's 'gruesome'ough not like Stephen King gruesome, but still kinda gross for a fluffy, afternoon read. Harry, Mrs [...]

    24. I REALLY needed something warm and uplifting after reading incredibly depressing books for an Apocalyptic Literature course. This was the perfect remedy! Since I started them out of order, this, the 2nd book in the series, is actually the 3rd I've read. Granted, these are not epic literature, but I find them some of the best of the "cozy mysteries" genre. The talking animals might sound a little juvenile ('a la Charlotte's Web) when you first consider the series, but it's done very well. If you' [...]

    25. I'm giving this book 4 stars not because of the mystery story itself, but because of the characters and the setting. I love Mrs. Murphy and Tucker! This book had some bonus animal characters that were central to the story as well. What isn't cuter than talking animals? I think the author really gives these animals believable "person"alities -- I like to think a few of my own cats are as smart and sassy as Mrs. Murphy. The mystery was good as well, with a little hint of romance and plenty of town [...]

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