Mirage Seventeen year old Violet McKenna is back for her senior year at Winterhaven and thrilled to be with Aidan after a long summer apart But when a violent and disturbing vision begins to haunt her Viol

  • Title: Mirage
  • Author: Kristi Cook
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seventeen year old Violet McKenna is back for her senior year at Winterhaven, and thrilled to be with Aidan after a long summer apart But when a violent and disturbing vision begins to haunt her, Violet suddenly feels unsure of everything who to trust, if she is in danger, and worst of all whether she and Aidan are really meant to be together.

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    1 thought on “Mirage”

    1. Okay.Okay.Where to even begin? I shouldn't really. I should just stay hushed about thisbut SQUEAL!!!!!!!! I love this book. LOVE. Full review coming closer to the release date.Updated! Full Review:MIRAGE was one of those books that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. HAVEN, the first book in this series, was amazing and the countdown to MIRAGE was almost painful it was so long. But, wow, when I finally did get to read it, I was so not disappointed. In fact, MIRAGE may be even better than HAVEN, [...]

    2. SpoilersThis was slightly better than the first book. I still don't like the romance between Aiden and Violet though. Its creepy that Violet looks like Aiden's dead ex girlfriend. I just can't bring myself to believe in the romance between them because I don't buy Aiden's feelings for her. Its pretty obvious that the only reason he's with Violet is because she's the spitting image of his first lover… His feelings for Violet aren't really genuine because they're based on another woman which is [...]

    3. Aidan. Aidan. And, oh yeah more Aidan. That's what we all wanted right? Well don't worry he's back and effecting as ever *insert sigh*! Kristi certainly doesn't disappoint with the sequel to Haven. It's everything we could have asked for and more. Sexy, constantly on edge, and full of thrilling moments. Mirage is a constant page turner with an end that will have you begging for the third book!We start off back at Winterhaven, where Aidan and Violet have been apart all summer. And, they are both [...]

    4. LOVED this book! Cool new characters, fascinating mythology, and so much more of the deliciously mysterious Aidan Gray!!! If you loved HAVEN, you won't be disappointed with MIRAGE! Can't wait to get my own signed hardcopy and add to my Winterhaven collection. And now the "official" review: Local Westchester resident Kristi Cook is back for her second installment of the HAVEN series (Simon Pulse), MIRAGE. If you think vampires are done, think again because the mysterious—and sexy—Aidan Gray h [...]

    5. When I started this series. I didn't think I would like it. I was totally wrong. This was sooooo much better than the first book. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read Eternal by Kristi Cook. xoxo,Bebe

    6. I love this series. I think I might even love book 2 more than I loved book 1.If you like YA paranormal at all, you really need to give these a try.Did I mention that I love this series? ;)

    7. Mirage is everything a sequel should be. Introduces some new characters, keeps us updated on the characters we love, introduces new obstacles to the characters and is a continuation of the story we have a connection to which is why we are reading the sequel right? Kristi does all this and more in Mirage.After being separated from Aidan all summer long, Violet can't wait to not only start her senior year at Winterhaven, but be reunited with Aidan again. Of course, the wonderful feelings of reunit [...]

    8. I really love this series. A boarding school for psychics, a girl who’s destiny is to kill vampires, and a really hot vampire who’s ambitious to for the cure for vampirism. Not your typical vampire book, but kind of typical for the paranormal romance + boarding school genera (Similar to Hex Hall, Vampire Academy, Dead Beautiful…ect.). I really love paranormal boarding school books.So, in this book Aiden is really eager to find the cure to vampirism so he can be human and live with Violet a [...]

    9. I didn't really remember much from Haven except that I enjoyed Violet's character, I was in love with her boyfriend Aidan and the story swept me away. Getting back into the Winterhaven world was easy though. There was enough recap to catch me up but not take away from the story.It continues on as the new school year is starting, and keeps dealing with the issue of the cure, and other plotlines from Haven.There are some steamy moments with Aiden and Violet and I loved those. There was also reason [...]

    10. Another good story carries over into book two, with A LOT of unanswered questions/unresolved situations at the end.The gang is back at Winterhaven for their senior year in high school. Violet is excited to see Aidan again. All summer she stayed at her grandma's house so she hasn't seen him in a long time. And he is still working on a cure so he can no longer be a vampire.This book brings in a couple new characters. Tyler, a senior who came from a sister school and Dr. Hottie as the girls call hi [...]

    11. Mirage is the perfect sequel to Haven. Mirage leaves you in suspense and wondering what's going to happen next. Kristi Cook introduces you to new characters and they blended it right in with the rest of the Winter Haven Crew. I really enjoyed these new characters. They create new chemistry with Violet and her friends, which I really liked. It's senior year at Winter Haven and the crew is just coming back from summer break. But senior year won't go as easy as planned. A chain of unfortunate event [...]

    12. Frankly, the general plot is predictable. Our heroine is the usual character: beautiful, smart, strong without effort, and attractive to every male she encounters. All of her guy and girl friends magically get together to make the perfect cluster of couples for the group. Ultimately, she's a flat character. I found it hard to really appreciate the book simply because I knew what would happen already. The mystery behind the topical girliness is fairly interesting and some of the supporting charac [...]

    13. 4.5 stars out of 5I LOVED IT, LOVED IT.Oh my god the end just left me excited, speechless, stupid, screaming, crying and wanting more. There HAS to be another book, I need to know what happens next. Okay, I can't believe the whole Sábbat/Megvéd thing, I mean Dr. Byrne?! Oh sweet lord, even though I'm not gonna lie I kinda suspect it when they found out about the legend and the mark, it was pretty obvious.I somehow though Violet was gonna kill cute-and-sweet Aidan Gray because of her visions, b [...]

    14. I loved Haven so i was pretty eagerly waiting to read Mirage tooAnd yes i loved this one toooAidan and Vi's story got more and more complex than making it simple.And now there's some out there who's trying desperately trying making Aidan as bad and make him and Vi separate.I have my guesses who they can be but i am not sure.And the entry of Tyler is no less of suspense and so the new revelation of sabbat history(I was pretty shocked to know about it)!I thought there will more clue's as to whos d [...]

    15. I'm officially annoyed with Violet and Aiden. It seems in this day and age that more girls are realizing that you should never ever change yourself just to please a boy. The same holds true for boys, but Aiden seems to have missed that memo. Can a person survive if he alters his very nature, or will he invariably lose himself? I had a little problem believing that Aiden really needed to change himself from a vampire into a human this very instant so that he can stay with Violet: One, it's incons [...]

    16. The only saving grace about this book is that Kristi Cook is actually a talented writer, I liked her style. Which is probably the only reason that I simply didn't give up on this by chapter 4.Think Twilight cross Buffy and you're just about there. Don't think that I will be pursuing this series.

    17. Is it really so hard to write a female protagonist that isn't whiny, spoiled, and insolent? Violet is so unlikable. Really every character is bland and mundane. I can't even manage to care about Aiden. More detailed review when I finish the third book.

    18. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BOOK!! I just finished it and I'm still crying!!! On to book three, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE A HAPPY END. PLEASE. IM. BEGGING.YOU.

    19. This was a good second installment. The ending was a little melodramatic for me, but it certainly sets up the final book.

    20. A rather quick read, Mirage picked up months after the events of its predecessor, Haven. Things seemed relatively normal in this second installment, which to some people might be a little boring. I will admit that it suffers a bit from second-book syndrome. A new student has transferred to the prestigious Winterhaven, a private school for the gifted. He joins the gang of friends Violet has made since the previous school year. Aidan is still on his quest for finding a cure for himself. Yada yada [...]

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