Troll Bridge

Troll Bridge Part of a short story tribute anthology to Tolkien found in After the King Stories In Honor of J R R Tolkien it was also reprinted in My Favorite Fantasy Story in The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories

  • Title: Troll Bridge
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
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  • Page: 500
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  • Part of a short story tribute anthology to Tolkien, found in After the King Stories In Honor of J.R.R Tolkien, it was also reprinted in My Favorite Fantasy Story, in The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories, in The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy and was finally released as free online fiction.

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    1. Pratchett’s 1992 short story featuring Cohen the Barbarian.Cohen travels to a remote bridge to test his might, mano y mano, against the troll under the bridge. Cohen’s father told him it’s what a hero should do. And the old man would turn over in his mound if Cohen didn’t try.But these times are a changing and Pratchett delivers a short but effective scene of two old timers reflecting on how things evolve and grow.“I used to like that forest. It was . . . well, it was darksome. You don [...]

    2. Available in A Blink of the Screen and After the King: Stories In Honour of J.R.R. Tolkien, My Favorite Fantasy Story, The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories and The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy.A short story concerning the Discworld character Cohen. Another very human piece, this time about the values of change, but also the disregard change has on those it leaves behind. It is a nice story but it lacks the well-known and loved Discworld humour.[First read: 26th June, 2015.Second read: 28th Decemb [...]

    3. I have read this short story couple of times by now and it's still just as funny as first time.Must read for all Discworld fans.

    4. Troll Bridge is a short story in the Discworld universe. It can be read for free from here: story features Cohen the Barbarian, a character we met in previous books from the Rincewind subseries. Cohen is a well-known hero in the Discworld, modeled off of Conan no doubt, who’s well past his prime. Cohen remembers his father telling him as a child that, if he could defeat a troll in single combat, he could do anything. He decides it’s time to cross that task off h [...]

    5. In Men at Arms Terry Pratchett proposed that trolls had a reputation for being stupid due to having evolved in cooler climes - their brains don't function properly in the warmer places where people live. Here, we get to see the effect of that societal change on the trolls left behind - the ones who haven't moved to the city. The first two Discworld short stories were basically sketches, jokes of one form or another. This one is a little longer and rather different in tone. It's still written wit [...]

    6. This is my favorite of the Discworld short stories I’ve read so far – the others were little more than jokes dressed up as vignettes. This one is slightly longer, more elaborate, and different in tone: Poignant in its nostalgia, it made me sad (these days, most things do). A Cohen the Barbarian who is well past his prime meets a troll, and together they reflect on the evolving times, the roles of hero VS villain, and the value of change, but also its disregard of those it leaves behind.As th [...]

    7. Ever wondered what happened to Cohen the Barbarian? Well, the saying "old soldiers never die, they just smell that way" sort of rings true but Cohen is still getting on and constantly being a hero is a lot of hard work.He has a sort of going out in style plan in mind when he approaches the old troll bridge but, like most plans, that first encounter sort of never goes the way you thought it would.This is an endearingly comical short story about the trials and tribulations of being a hero and of b [...]

    8. Everyone should read this story. Despite their age, gender, nationality. It is always topical, relateable, and slightly, yet beautifully sad. This is just life, as and how we know it. Sooner or later , we all find ourselves on the same bridge, with the same questions to be answered. This short story is pure enjoyment, presented on a few pages.

    9. One of my favorite short stories. Classic Pratchett. Funny and poignant. Cohen the Barbarian (along with Death and Rincewind) is probably my favorite character in Discworld. And this is his story.

    10. A very melancholy story. A look at the "good old days" from an old man and a troll. The last of a dying breed unable to move on and understanding that today is not the day either. Terry Pratchett at some of his best and most philosophical.

    11. É óbvio que eu não poderia deixar de começar o ano lendo Pratchett – afinal, essa tem sido uma longa tradição, que pretendo manter por ainda muito tempo. Li antes mesmo de levantar da cama, antes de ver qualquer mensagem que tenham me mandado da hora que cheguei em casa da festa de Ano pra agora.Troll Bridge talvez seja o conto mais famoso de PTerry – se não me falha a memória, existe inclusive um curta feito por fãs inspirado nele. Foi publicado pela primeira vez em 1992, na antolo [...]

    12. In remembrance of the good old days, which probably weren't nearly as good in reality as they are in memory.I rather like Cohen the Barbarian as a character, a crotchety old buzzard who's far too tough to kill but certainly manages to mete out more than his share of destruction and mayhem. When he was young, his father told him that if you could go one on one with a troll, you could do anything.And today is the day.

    13. Poor old troll. Honestly, though, as well-written as this is, Cohen the Barbarian is on a par with Rincewind for me - amusing enough in a small way, but very far from my favourite Discworld character. This little short is basically his character in a nutshell, but as much as I sympathise with the idea of the adventurous world being lost, I can't get upset about forests cleared out of giant creepy spiders.

    14. And again I say . . . SO clever. And poignant. But that's part of Pratchett's cleverness - he mixes humour, the ridiculous, amazing scenic descriptions, and pathos. Others have tried, but nobody does it as well as he.Oh yes, this another online short short story.

    15. Not as good as the other short stories, but good. I do like Cohen the barbarian, and it is always fun to read about him.

    16. This is probably my favorite Discworld short story thus far, but Cohen the Barbarian is one of my favorite side characters so it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that a story starring our aging barbarian would be an instant favorite.Pratchett approaches the nature of change in this short story with a simple tale regarding trolls, bridges, and heroes. With typical Pratchett flair, it's a tale that will make you laugh and make you think. And with most of his short stories, it can be found for f [...]

    17. Good short story about Cohen the Barbarian and his search for a troll to fight. Pratchett had such a way with words, and how people feel (apologies to the nonhumans- how beings feel). I would have read this one once and thought, yeah, sounds like Granddad, and then, sounds like Dad. It's starting to sound like me.

    18. 3,5/5Dla fanów Cohena rzecz obowiązkowa, ze zwyczajowym humorem i nostalgią. Wdzięczne, chociaż nie nadaje się jako wstęp do przygód Cohena dla kogoś, kto nie czytał sagi - w ramach poszerzenia wiedzy o Świecie Dysku spisuje się znacznie lepiej.

    19. Nawww I really like this short story. Everyone of us knows these moments of nostalgia, while watching the world turn and burn and fall to shit. So yeah, I really can relate to this story. Pretty awesome, pretty sad, pretty heart-warming.

    20. Apparently even the strange world of the Discworld changes to become more civilized. Cohen the Barbarian decides that before he dies (which isn't today, by the way) that he must defeat a troll in single combat, just like his father told him he had to so that he would know that he's "someone." The problem with grande parental instructions such as this is that the world changes so that their statement isn't easily accomplished. Cohen manages to find a bridge with a troll, but this bridge troll isn [...]

    21. Cohen the Barbarian is a bit strapped on cash and decides to duke it out with one of the more lucrative monsters of the land: a bridge troll. But, despite the troll's enthusiasm for the battle and his coming death (not in Cohen's plans, but can you really disappoint a guy in front of his kids?), times have been tough in the bridge industry. What follows is a pretty amusing conversation on changing market forces, traditional labor, and getting back at your in-laws.It's not necessary that you read [...]

    22. Those three stars are actually very generous, considering that this falls into one of my least favourite categories of stories: Old people standing around, talking about how things have changed and while they don't actually use the word, it is heaviliy implied that thing used to be better the way they were.Uh, yeah, no.Still, there's some fun bits and a nice little twist at the end and I can't really hate on anything written by Pratchett.

    23. 3/5 stars. Only OK, a little underwhelming by Discworld standards. It's basically a couple of characters moaning about how things are no longer the way they used to be. Still, Terry Prarchett has never written a bad sentence in his life, and there are one or two mildly amusing one-liners in this, so it's not a complete waste of time for Discworld fans. It only takes ten minutes to read as well, and can be easily found online for free.

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