Restless Highways

Restless Highways Venture once again into the world of darkness with these short stories that are sure to make your heart race Featuring Black Days And White Knights a brand new never seen before companion story to

  • Title: Restless Highways
  • Author: Melissa L. Webb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Venture once again into the world of darkness with these 23 short stories that are sure to make your heart race Featuring Black Days And White Knights, a brand new never seen before companion story to Weaver of Darkness Arrival What is locked away in an abandoned field Killer Idea Where does our inspiration come from You Never Know What You ll Find Anything can be fouVenture once again into the world of darkness with these 23 short stories that are sure to make your heart race Featuring Black Days And White Knights, a brand new never seen before companion story to Weaver of Darkness Arrival What is locked away in an abandoned field Killer Idea Where does our inspiration come from You Never Know What You ll Find Anything can be found at a garage sale.It Killed The Cat Are you free from curiosity Fair Warning Cassie has a warning to tell Will they listen Campfire Tales Where does your town s legends come from Confessions From An Apocalypse How does the End really start His Dark Ink Where did you get the idea for your tattoo Wet Work Can beauty be found in anything Domestic Disturbance Something s not right at Beth s house.The Message Can our words really affect others The Fall Queen It s that time years again Time to celebrate.Cockroaches and Peeps Beware of those who think they have less than you.Where We Belong Dani doesn t know where she belongs Will she ever Forever What would you ask for if you were nothing than rags and bones Black Keys Something s are just better left alone.A Token of His Affection Someone is looking to raise an army.Go West, My Son What if they start planning Hands of Time What are they counting down to Misunderstood Are we a product of our environment Coastal Offerings Just another day at the beach Intrusion What was that noise What The Fates Decide We all like a good game when we re bored.Black Days And White Knights A baby needs to be born Can our hero ensure her safety

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    1 thought on “Restless Highways”

    1. All in all a quick read that should entertain Tales from the Crypt fans and other horror lovers who enjoy cringe- inducing concepts and nasty laughs. For table top roleplayers a couple stories reminded me of things you would find in The World of Darkness.

    2. This author is very talented and has a unique writing style. Her stories are short but sweet. She is very descriptive and her stories are very captivating. They have deeper messages if you look below the surface. I really wish that some of the stories were longer and went a little more in depth. Overall I loved the majority of the stories,  and found the plots and twists rewarding. I am now a fan. However, a few left me saying "what was that all about?" or "Was this a teaser for a longer story [...]

    3. Have you ever had that memory of your childhood where you had sleepovers, Little fire pits in the back yard where you and friends sat on a summer night roasting marshmellows making smore's and just generally being a kid? The stories to try and scare one another even having another friend go around to the other side of the tent, or woods, or just sneak up behind other friends while you told the stories and scared them? This is that kind of collection. The book was a wonderful read the stories wer [...]

    4. Restless Highways is a little scary. I made the mistake at starting at 12:30am Home alone. after the first four stories I had to stop and read something lighter.One story is about a romance writer who starts to get a idea for a slasher type book and starts writing late at night than realizing what she is writing tears it up and slasher guy comes and murder her because she did not write his story.a couple goes to garage sale out in the country down a driveway loaded with sale items but no cars or [...]

    5. Great short stories! As promised perfect for “around the campfire”!!! They grabbed you… pulled you in… freaked you out… then left you alone to deal with the consequences! It works! But some just really made me feel more… want more! Which is probably the point, but these are a couple I would LOVE to hear more about= Arrival: with the cage in the lot… perfect beginning… would LOVE the rest!Fair Warning: the girl that ‘knows’ things about the town… why, how and what else does [...]

    6. *I won a free copy of this e-book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway*this is really a great campfire-short-stories book.The author manages to infuse both suspense, thriller and (horror?) in the story. it is well-written and ever-flowing.The readers along with the characters are taken into the fears, shocked, surprised, fright of the characters, because the character views are clearly well-defined making the reader jive into the thoughts of the story.It left me with a fast beat of the heart and th [...]

    7. Melissa Webb has put together a cluster of thrilling stories, ranging from suspenseful to horrifying. As a compilation, I felt that some of the stories were short and sweet, with potential to develop into something more. There were other stories, however, I felt were incomplete and lacking in maintaining the reader's attention. Out of all the tales, I liked the unexpected twist-ending of "You Never Know What You'll Find," which I also felt had the most developed characters. I also found "The Mes [...]

    8. I’m not exactly sure what this book is meant to be. It appeared at first glance to be a collection of short stories. However, on reading the very short excerpts they appear to be more like introductions to longer stories, but nothing is mentioned about that being the case. As short stories, I would say that they are incomplete and come across more like ideas for actual stories since they only seem to provide part of a picture.The writing is good, however, and there are some excellent ideas whi [...]

    9. Restless Highways is a short book of short stories. Like most short story compilations, some of the stories are more detailed (or just plain better) than some of the others. However, I do agree with many of the other reviewers that this would be a great campfire story book! One critical comment: I used to love going to garage sales; now, I may never go to another one as long as I live! At least, not unless there are a lot of other folks around! That was my favorite story in the book, and it's wo [...]

    10. An interesting anthology of stories that range from fearsome to simple tales of life. While covering an incredible amount of topics this book still manages to fit together with not a single tale seeming to not belong.

    11. Rod Serling eat your heart out!! Excellent set of decently disturbing horror stories. Would have fit in any Twilight Zone, The Darkside, or Tales from the Crypt episode. Well done and a nice way to spend an afternoon in the sun.

    12. The stories were too short to make an impression on me. They were not scary or creepy. They felt like summaries to a novel.

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