Open Wide: Tooth School Inside

Open Wide Tooth School Inside From the author illustrator of The Scrambled States of America here is a fun filled introduction to teeth Before the principal s announcements will you all please stand and recite our pledge I pledg

  • Title: Open Wide: Tooth School Inside
  • Author: Laurie Keller
  • ISBN: 9780805061925
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author illustrator of The Scrambled States of America, here is a fun filled introduction to teeth Before the principal s announcements, will you all please stand and recite our pledge I pledge allegiance to this mouth and to the dentist who takes care of us And to the gums on which we stand, strong and healthy, with toothbrushes and toothpaste for all It s tFrom the author illustrator of The Scrambled States of America, here is a fun filled introduction to teeth Before the principal s announcements, will you all please stand and recite our pledge I pledge allegiance to this mouth and to the dentist who takes care of us And to the gums on which we stand, strong and healthy, with toothbrushes and toothpaste for all It s time for tooth school and Dr Flossman is excited to meet the incoming class of 32 eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, and twelve molars, including the four wisdom teeth There s just so much to learn from brushing and flossing to dentin and pulp to every student s nightmare tooth decay Best read with a toothbrush in hand, this hilarious book is full of interesting facts for instance, George Washington s teeth were not made of wood, despite popular belief and a classroom full of quirky characters Young readers will laugh their way to a better appreciation for those pearly whites that beckon them to brush And from there it s just a short hop to flossing.This title has Common Core connections.

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    1. One day, when my niece was in kindergarten (4 years ago now!), the dentist came to school and taught the children about dental hygiene. I would have a hard time believing that any child has come away from the dental hygiene unit as excited as my niece. She came home and drew a person with an itty bitty body and an enormous head full of teeth, along with his huge red toothbrush overflowing with toothpaste. She used her little two minute timer diligently (until her conscientiousness kept causing h [...]

    2. The kids watched this one over and over on one of their stories DVDs. Natalie got the book out at her next library day. The kids liked the humor.

    3. Open Wide, tooth school inside, is one of my favorite books from childhood. Go to tooth school where you will learn all about teeth in the day of the life of a tooth. The illustrations are done in a collage way that presents additional information within the pictures. Every page is unique and different and makes reading and learning about teeth fun. This book makes me smile with every turn of the page. This would be a great book for teachers to have in the classroom because it is very educationa [...]

    4. 1. No award2. Kindergarten - Grade 33. Go on an educational story adventure with Dr. Flossman about exploring and learning about parts of our teeth and maintaining cleanliness. He goes over the parts of a tooth, what kinds of teeth we have, what cavity is and how to maintain healthy looking and feeling teeth. With Dr. Flossman's knowledge, our teeth will be kept nice and clean.4. I enjoyed reading this informative friendly book about teeth. This is a different form of a typical boring informatio [...]

    5. This book takes place inside a tooth school, and describes a day in the life of a tooth. The book teaches everything from brushing to flossing, as well as about the different types of teeth. This book is full of information and interesting facts about our teeth and does a great job at encouraging young children to brush and floss daily in order to retain healthy teeth. I found this book incredibly humorous and informational; I believe students would enjoy it as well. The pictures are not only co [...]

    6. Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, is a nonfiction childrens book written by Laurie Keller. This book acts as if the children are at a tooth school. The teacher is Dr. Flossman and he teaches the children about brushing their teeth. This is a great book to teach children about dental health. It engages the children because it teaches them at a child level of talking. It uses great illustration to encourage the children to brush their teeth. This book will be on my book shelf in my classroom. It is [...]

    7. This story follows a set of teeth in Tooth School, while sometimes subtly and sometimes not so subtly teaching children about oral hygiene. Laurie Keller uses lovely collage art like in her other books, but also includes some photographs of teeth (I didn't really like the teeth/mouth flower - creepy). Keller's sense of humor is hilarious, and I loved all of the little details and comments outside of the story and in the margins.

    8. This book contained a lot of good information on teeth and how to take care of them, but it got lost in all the too-busy illustrations and cutsie text around which the information was built. The concept of following a class of teeth through a day at school as they learn about themselves is novel, and with different illustrations it might have worked. The quizzes at the end were a nice feature, though.

    9. My kids LOVE this book. We've only had it about a week and they've gone crazy with it. I know some people have a problem with all the side narrative, but's what keeps my kiddos interested and it really ties in with humor the educational part of the book. It's full of fun facts and presents a learning opportunity in an attention catching way. I don't know how else my kids would've enjoyed learning about all their different teeth - andey're much more eager to brush.

    10. I loved this book. Kids love to learn new things, especially random facts about small parts of life such as teeth, each and every day, and through this book they are able to learn while they read at a level they can comprehend. I love that this is a nonfiction book while using a storyline with a main character and narrative-like elements. The pictures and all of the small details are also really entertaining throughout the book.

    11. I really enjoyed this book, the pictures where fun the story was fun, and the facts where presented in a wonderful way. If there was ever a need to teach about teeth Im sure I could find a way to use this book. This book would however be very difficult to read to a class out loud but I think it is possible with some crativity on the teachers part. I feel that students would ebjoy looking to this book alot and that it would be a fun read or good to listen to. I liked this book alot.

    12. I love this book! It would be a hard book to read to the class. But it lends itself well as a book to read as an individual. It contains nonfiction information about teeth but presents it in a fun way. I believe kids of both genders would really enjoy it. The pictures are great! It reads almost as a comic strip would. The teeth are the students in school learning about how to take care of themselves.

    13. Great non-fiction book for kids about teeth and dental hygiene. A little too much information (or requiring more attention span than available) for a 4 yr old. I think it's hilarious and appreciate the modern illustrations. Maybe we'll revisit when he's older and after he has more familiarity with dentists.

    14. Laurie Keller is hilarious! This book is educational and fun. You learn all of the names of teeth, what foods lead to cavities, the parts of a tooth, as well as random historical facts about teeth (like about George Washington's dentures). There's even a pop quiz at the end. There are lots of funny speech bubbles by the different teeth, and plenty of things for kids to look at on each page.

    15. This book was packed full of facts, but there wasn't a very clear narrative. I think many kids would enjoy exploring all the pictures and little bits of writing, but it's done in such a way that it would take a lot of time to get it all in. Kids might read it over and over rediscovering bits they maybe didn't see on the first time around. It does have a lot of silly dental oriented jokes.

    16. 3.25 starsThis was a weird trip through dental hygiene and teeth. Written in a fun way, but hard to follow, with lots of different formats and fontsde my head hurt.However, it is a great way to talk about teeth, clean teeth etc.A dentist might do well to hand this book out to kids for prizes!

    17. You'll learn a lot about teeth! Great book. We loved it.Shiki's favorite part was:During the lunch time when all the teeth are doing messy fight.And the recess. Some tooth was saying" you are so cute" to another tooth. The tooth land the Molar coaster and they are swimming in the tooth shaped pool.

    18. This crazy graphic novel teaches kids about the importance of cleaning your teeth and healthy eating habits. The students at this school are all the teeth in your mouth including the smarty pants the wisdom teeth and your canines who just run around and bark.

    19. I think a little too hard for a read aloud, with all the characters and side-commentary notes. A good book though with a lot of information on teeth. Probably great as a one-on-one read with an older child-- 1st grade+

    20. Hilarious! We all loved this book, it is so fun and it even has a little quiz at the end. One thing that I recommend that got a lot of giggles over here, read it in different voices for the toothy characters. :)

    21. South Brunswick Public LibraryCall Number Copy Material LocationJ 617.6 KEL 2 Juvenile Book Juvenile Nonfiction Collection

    22. I normally love Lori Keller, but this one was too pedantic. My kids liked it OK, but it wasn't great for them either.

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