Perlmann's Silence

Perlmann s Silence A tremendous international success and a huge favorite with booksellers and critics Pascal Mercier s Night Train to Lisbon has been one of the best selling literary European novels in recent years No

  • Title: Perlmann's Silence
  • Author: Pascal Mercier Shaun Whiteside
  • ISBN: 9780802119575
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A tremendous international success and a huge favorite with booksellers and critics, Pascal Mercier s Night Train to Lisbon has been one of the best selling literary European novels in recent years Now, in Perlmann s Silence, the follow up to his triumphant North American debut, Pascal Mercier delivers a deft psychological portrait of a man striving to get his life baA tremendous international success and a huge favorite with booksellers and critics, Pascal Mercier s Night Train to Lisbon has been one of the best selling literary European novels in recent years Now, in Perlmann s Silence, the follow up to his triumphant North American debut, Pascal Mercier delivers a deft psychological portrait of a man striving to get his life back on track in the wake of his beloved wife s death Philipp Perlmann, prominent linguist and speaker at a gathering of renowned international academics in a picturesque seaside town near Genoa, is struggling to maintain his grip on reality Derailed by grief and no longer confident of his professional standing, writing his keynote address seems like an insurmountable task, and, as the deadline approaches, Perlmann realizes that he will have nothing to present Terror stricken, he decides to plagiarize the work of Leskov, a Russian colleague But when Leskov s imminent arrival is announced and threatens to expose Perlmann as a fraud, Perlmann s mounting desperation leads him to contemplate drastic measures An exquisite, captivating portrait of a mind slowly unraveling, Perlmann s Silence is a brilliant, textured meditation on the complex interplay between language and memory, and the depths of the human psyche.

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      277 Pascal Mercier Shaun Whiteside
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    1. The Personal Past as Linguistic CreationBeck closed the book. Done! He smiled; another novel of 600 pages under his belt. And it wasn’t even boring, not once. Now all he had to do was to write down his thoughts and impressions in form of a review. After a brief hesitation, Beck decided to first write his review in German. That’s because he read the book in this language, and he figured that in his native tongue, it should be a matter of a few minutes to convince others of the high quality of [...]

    2. This novel is difficult to characterize. It is an incredibly courageous debut, in that it puts the reader through hell, which is not what most readers are looking for. And the novel is unrelentingly serious (like its grief-stricken protagonist). The hell is an emotional one, a train wreck in slow motion, but one presented in the third person rather than in the first person. This doesn’t create distance, but does create a difference that is somewhat refreshing.The novel starts off with a hundre [...]

    3. I've been living with this book for a couple of days. It's utterly compelling, but also almost too rich. I keep putting it down in order to breath! It's a pity that the writing is marred from time to time by the use of inappropriate translations; but maybe these are intrusive only because reading the book is such an intense experience. Well worth all the effort it requires

    4. het is een prachtboek, prachtverhaal, prachtig geschreven, één kleine maar, eeeeeen beeeee-tje laaaaang-draaaaa-dig

    5. A long and winding journey into the troubled mind of the academical protagonist, who has put himself into an impossible dilemma. I feel like having lived for a long time with Philip Perlmanns traumas towards the academic world with all its demands and neverending pressure. "Perlmanns silence" is definitely not a page-turner in the traditional sense. Every page offers a density of troublesome inner struggle and philosophic reasoning. Still, I was simply unable to put it away, bound to follow this [...]

    6. I have mixed feelings about this one. The first third or so was definitely five-stars: Mercier does a great job of depicting a linguist who's tired of the academic conference circuit and all the rivalries he has with other linguists (including oneupmanship over getting BWV numbers right). But then the main character starts to go insane (or rather, even more insane than one has to be in order to be an academic in the first place), and while Mercier does a good job of bringing the reader along as [...]

    7. Stopped reading, but there isn't a shelf to indicate that and I didn't want this book to linger the rest of my -life on my currently-reading shelf. After 180 or so agonizing pages I finally feel freed from the boredom of this story and its most irritating main character. Summarized: nothing happens. Point final (.)

    8. AuthorPeter Bieri was born in Bern on June 23th 1944. He is better known under his pseudonym Pascal Mercier. Bieri studied philosophy, English studies and Indian studies in both London and Heidelberg. He currently lives in Berlin where he is a professor of philosophy.ReviewI finished this book. I would say finally but that does not sound nice. Still I am not sure if I want to write nice things about this book because though I finished it I kind of despised it too. It took me a few rants to peopl [...]

    9. At a month-long academic conference near Genoa, a burned out professor procrastinates to the extreme. Perlmann shows up with no paper to present or even work on because he believes he has nothing left to say. Recently widowed, he's not sure why he's even ended up at this conference. The first 300 pages build up to Perlmann committing the worst academic crime ever: presenting someone else's paper as his own. The next 300 pages deal with his wild efforts to keep the crime from coming out.This book [...]

    10. This is an immensely difficult book to read, and an even harder one to review. I have spent the past week wishing it would just end, and yet I was psychotically unable to leave it unfinished. To say this was a slow book would not only be an understatement, it would be misleading. There are hundreds of pages where almost nothing happens. In fact, near the end (and that would mean past the 600th page), the protagonist, Perlmann, himself has an experience similar to mine where he notes: "Often he s [...]

    11. Perlman's Silence demands a lot of courage, patience and persistence of the reader, but it is worth it. Bieri's insightful description of the slow inner deterioration of the middle aged academic Perlman is a compelling read. At first I thought that it was all too detailed and long, but that is the way it also is for the protagonist. As a reader you have to crawl so deeply into Perlamn's skin that his thoughts almost become yours. And that is great writing!Just like in 'Ńight train to Lisbon', t [...]

    12. The book is probably a 3 star, but I am giving it 1 star to save other readers with tastes similar to mine from wasting their time reading it. I read the whole 600+ pages. First of all it was vastly overwritten - nothing would be missed in plot or tone if it was 400 pages. I like books about intellectuals, particularly university types. I like psychological and philosophical subjects. That is what attracted me to this book: essentially the story of a prominent German linguistics prof who has a f [...]

    13. (Nederlandse vertaling uit het Duits)Een professorenroman die (toch?) spannend is. Aan het plot ligt het zeker niet en Pascal Mercier weet de taalkundigen (niet bepaald doorsnee-helden) tot leven te brengen. Kortom, Perlmann's zwijgen verdient het een klassieker te worden/zijn. Maar wat houdt deze roman dan van een hogere beoordeling?Het is té lang. Niet omdat het erg lang is, maar omdat met 523 of zelfs 423 pagina's een even goed boek geschreven had kunnen worden (misschien zelfs wel beter). E [...]

    14. Largement inspiré par "crime et chatiment", le nouveau star de la scène litteraire européenne décrit avec grande finesse les émotions qui traverse une personne dépourvu de confiance en lui-même. L'histoire demontre sa peur de dévoiler ses limitations intellectuelles vis-á-vis de ses colleguès si brillants, si intelligents, si tellement meilleurs que lui. Rarement ai-je lu quelque chose qui décrit si bien la peur de ne pas réussir et la torture psychologique que notre protagoniste doi [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book, and I'm surprised I did. Normally, following the long-drawn-out internal monologue of someone getting more and more panicked and desperate would turn me off, but in this case, it's not overwhelming or tedious, and is in fact very funny in places. There's some interesting thoughts about linguistics along the way, too.

    16. Intrigerend. Als je een boek zoekt waarin denkprocessen, gebeurtenissen en emoties tot in de kleinste details worden vertraagd en weergegeven, en waarin de impact van het kleinste detail wordt onderzocht, dan is dit je boek.Heel interessant allemaal, maar je moet er geduld voor hebben. Naarmate het boek vorderde had ik dat minder en minder.Maar het blijft een unieke prestatie.

    17. I may be going out on a limb here when I say that what I loved about it was the similarity to Thomas Mann's Sauberberg. Mercier was relentless in describing poor Permann's anxieties and the ramblings of his unravelling mind, that may not sound like fascinating reading but it was. I was totally drawn into the small, small world of the group of linguists and Perlmann's moral dilemma. Fabulous book but I know it won't suit some readers, it requires a certain patience and willingness to sit with Per [...]

    18. Like so many novels, the central element of PERLMANN's SILENCE is a book – a theoretical linguistics paper by Vassily Leskov, an unknown Russian scholar. His proposals reflect a renewed examination of semantics, drawing from interest in literature, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. Part I is a lengthy presentation of ideas, interspersed with the introduction of numerous characters including Philippe Perlmann. Perlmann, recently widowed, had agreed to conduct a multi-disciplinary conclav [...]

    19. 1st 300 pages are horrible to plow through. I came several times very close to giving up on this book. I am sure this section of the book could and should have been condensed in 30 pages. 1 Star for the first 300 pages. The second 300 pages made up for the torture of the first half. 5 stars for the second part. Finally some speed and content to ponder on. 5 stars for the second part.

    20. It's a great premise and it is actually a fine read. But I just couldn't identify with the angst and stress of the main character. The whole premise was a bit stretched for my liking.

    21. Tortured. Tormented. Traumatised. Troubled. Tragic.These are but a few T words to describe not only the story but the main character, Philip Perlmann. A man gripped by demons, we assume brought on by the unexpected death of his wife Agnes, a year ago. But we can't be sure this is what's driving his erratic, pointless, senseless, capricious and inexplicable behaviour - it could be something else, or a combination of factors. Well we know it's a combination of factors, because he speaks of losing [...]

    22. Looking for a thriller about linguistics that will have you in a frenzy of apprehension? Look no further than this terrific book (and don’t take any notice of the less-than-favourable comments on ).Reflecting on the work of his unfashionable Russian colleague Leskov early in the book, Perlmann, a renowned authority on linguistics, thinks,'What was impressive was how good Leskov was at describing things, much better than most of the other people working in the field. It made one realise the ext [...]

    23. A really enjoyable book that would have been terribly infuriating if I hadn't read it at a time I could enjoy it. Some books are excellent no matter when you read them, but there are some books that really depend on your external circumstances to be just right to appreciate them. This is a long, long book about an linguist who incessantly dithers at an academic retreat/conference he is in charge of. He is a virtuoso at making mountains of imagined molehills - which we know about because this boo [...]

    24. Personally, I think the main feature of a great book is one that you have to finish at all costs, but simultaneously it is one that you never want to end. So with that in mind this is a great book. First, I wanted to finish it and I admit this was partly because it was such a burden on my time. However I also wanted to know what happened to Perlmann and Leskov. And like any great book now that I have finished it I still want to know more - not just about what might happen to the characters in th [...]

    25. Een verhaal over een professor die als voorzitter op een prestigieuze conferentie zijn expertise, en de zin van zijn bijdrage en de conferentie in vraag stelt. De man worstelt met existentiéle angsten rond zingeving en vrijheid, en probeert wanhopig zijn verplichtingen op de conferentie te ontlopen. Echt moedig is hij daarbij niet.Het boek is zwaarmoedig en geschreven in een moeilijke stijl. Opmerkelijk is dat zowaar een moordplan het verhaal een nieuwe wending geeft. Het boek doet me denken aa [...]

    26. This is such a strange book and one I both loved and hated at the same time. Loved in that it is brilliantly written, hence the four star rating and hated for trapping me within the paranoid world of the protagonist. I see other reviewers complaining that the book is way too long and the story could be told in half the length but I actually think the length of the book is necessary to convey the full horror of this man's predicament. I thought the characters were very well drawn and felt compell [...]

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