Bride Leads the Chalet School

Bride Leads the Chalet School Bride is unexpectedly made head girl of the Chalet School when her predecessor fails to return Initially she is reluctant to take on such a responsible job but is persuaded into it and is a great su

  • Title: Bride Leads the Chalet School
  • Author: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
  • ISBN: 9780006934110
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bride is unexpectedly made head girl of the Chalet School when her predecessor fails to return Initially she is reluctant to take on such a responsible job, but is persuaded into it, and is a great success.

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      427 Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
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    1 thought on “Bride Leads the Chalet School”

    1. This is one of the last really good Chalet books; the few later ones I own are considerably weaker than this. This is charming and decent. It's got great family moments (this series should have more of the Bettanys!) and Bride is a strong character. Not sweet or pretty, but decisive and a strong leader. There's a strange discussion of class when it comes to Diana: she's a snob because she's rich, but she would be teased if people found out her father's money came from glue manufacturing? And yet [...]

    2. I have a soft spot for Bride Leads the Chalet School because it's one of those books where Important Things Happen. This is one of the ways that the Chalet School is almost impenetrable should you enter it at the wrong point. There are books full of the exploits of daughter X of pupil Y who married Doctor Z and Oh No Not That Time When Julie Lucy Had Peritonitis. This is the book in which the latter happens and in a sort of very wrong way, it's a massive relief to get there at last. After readin [...]

    3. This is one of the better island-set stories. Bride is promoted to Head Girl when the current girl leaves to go to The Argentine to claim an inheritance (I do wonder if EBD opened her atlas and stuck in a pin!). As usual she asks for time to think it over - I'm sure it comes as a bolt from the blue to every girl who is ever appointed Head Girl, but at least Bride had a good reason to be surprised - but a chat with her sister Peggy (also an ex-Head Girl) as they prepare the tea is enough to persu [...]

    4. At last Bride is where she belongs, ie in the post of Head Girl. And it's a tough job - at one point she has to take prep with Upper Second, which presumably (as they are now over at St Agnes' in Carnbach) involves a ferry journey there and back.The editing is particularly bad (this could just be because I only have the 1989 Armada paperback but I suspect not) and although I like this particular group of prefects, this isn't a favourite story. Diana's 'reform' is weak ('Somehow - how, even she h [...]

    5. A few days before term begins, the Bettany family have an unexpected visitor, Miss Annersley comes for a visit. She has some quite surprising news, the previous Head Girl, Loveday Perowne has left school, and she wants Bride to be the new Head Girl!This term turns out to be quite tough for Bride, not only does she have to deal with the normal Head Girl duties, but another school has closed down, and quite a few of them have joined the Chalet School. These girls were allowed to run wild in their [...]

    6. Bride gets a shock when she's asked to take on a new responsibility, and has an extremely difficult term. A progressive school has closed down, and several new girls have arrived at the Chalet School including a very pretty but rebellious girl called Diana, who refuses to accept the authority of the prefects and gives Bride an extremely hard time. Amongst run-of-the-mill lessons, and a lengthy description of the end-of-term sale, there are a few philosophical discussions about education included [...]

    7. Another lovely story full of happenings! One girl going off to South America to collect her inheritance, one with peritonitis, the awful new girl Diana and her horrible deeds, and of course the annual sale. Bride takes over as head girl through all this and lives to tell the tale!

    8. Chambers hardback edition. Not bad, not the best in the series but nor is it forgettable, and a lot less casual racism than some of the others in the series. Fairly enjoyable.

    9. Of my three or four favourite Chalet School books (Exile, New Mistress, this one and maybe At War) this is the one I've read least often. Everytime I read it I wonder why I don't have my own copy.

    10. One of my favourites! Which makes sense considering Bride Bettany was always one of my very favourite Chaletians. :) Kindly lent to me by Shawne.

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