Clutter's Last Stand: It's Time to de-Junk Your Life!

Clutter s Last Stand It s Time to de Junk Your Life An updated guide to organization offers good natured practical guidance in ridding homes offices and lives of clutter and thereby enhancing one s relationships emotional well being and personal

  • Title: Clutter's Last Stand: It's Time to de-Junk Your Life!
  • Author: Don Aslett
  • ISBN: 9781593373290
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • An updated guide to organization offers good natured, practical guidance in ridding homes, offices, and lives of clutter and, thereby, enhancing one s relationships, emotional well being, and personal growth.

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    1 thought on “Clutter's Last Stand: It's Time to de-Junk Your Life!”

    1. I really liked this book. I didn't even realize that I was reading a book written in the 80's until it said "You can make a video of all of your photos and then toss them out if you want. It is projected that most households will have video tape players by the year 1990." Ha ha.So anyways, it is TIMELESS. Apparently junk in the 80's is similar to junk in the year 2008. I am still cleaning and organizing my house, but I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I didn't ever think of myself as a pack rat (I tos [...]

    2. My 2nd favorite throw-crap-out book to date. Marie Kondo's book beats it in some ways, but not by much. If you want some good ol' American organizing tips for your life, CLUTTER'S LAST STAND is a great book to start with. The overall tone is motivational, with a bit of humor. The ideas within are extremely helpful.More decluttering books: /review/list

    3. At first I thought that this would just be full of really funny fluff, but it did actually help me get rid of some emotional clutter I've had in my closet for all my 24 yrs here in America. My kids are not going to care what was in those 2 suitcases that were allowed in the plane. I have pictures of them in my photo albums for heaven's sake. Ok just for that I am going to add the 4th star. :)

    4. I grabbed this book after hearing it mentioned in an inspiring talk last year. Junk is one of those universal first world problems that plague almost everyone, from the rich to the poor. We are all drowning in useless things. I am no different. There are so many areas where I struggle, and it is inevitable that at some point every year or two I will have a giant freak-out where I finally determine to stop being ruled by the clutter of my life. Then, after a week of frantic tossing, I suffer tras [...]

    5. This book reminded me of Debt is Slavery: a fairly quick read, and I agree with most of it, but I already knew most of it. It isn't available as an ebook, so ironically the only way to read it was to purchase an extra physical object. The only potential problem with an ebook version is that I might not be able to view the illustrations on my Sony Reader (although I can see book covers). However, these cartoons don't really add anything to the book, since they just duplicate what's already in the [...]

    6. On the plus side, this is an entertaining and humorous take on our tendency to accumulate massive piles of junk and waste our lives away tending them. If you're a true packrat who's never gotten rid of anything, you'll see a lot of yourself in this book. If you're like me and only have a few problem areas to contend with, the book probably won't yield a lot of new information. He doesn't give a ton of ideas for decluttering. It's more a description of the different kinds of junk we tend to keep. [...]

    7. I just reviewed this recently having first read it in the 80's. It was probably my first introduction to the subject and made quite a lasting impression. This time after reading it though, I put it in the donation bin to pass along to someone else. Guess I'm finally learning!

    8. I really enjoyed this book and it motivated me to clean out the closets and drawers. I even bought a copy for my dad and sister and they both raved about it.

    9. Clutter's Last Stand is basically a long rant about every type of clutter in categories and long comma-separated lists. The author then tells you how stupid you are for keeping it in the first place and that you should trash it. While there are a few pearls of wisdom (such as the separation technique in the last few chapters) supported by personal anecdotes from his life and experiences in his cleaning business, I did not find the book to be particularly inspiring. I suppose the Joshua Becker bo [...]

    10. A friend of mine once thought up an idea to raise our awareness of what we Americans possess, rich and poor compared to those in poorer countries of the world. He talked an ordinary family in India into moving every single thing they owned out onto the road in front of their house, after which he took a picture. It didn't take them long, but how would you or even could you, do the same with all of your stuff? It would take weeks, you'd need a wide angle lens. . and then would you actually have t [...]

    11. So, it was okay in a homespun yarn kind of way>Good tips like: Class rings, we buy them then stick em in a drawer, no one ever uses them, dont even waste your money. or; storage is the expensive way to throw things away. And, I saw myself in this one: People in apartments save things for when they get a house, but spend the time in the meantime tripping over all of it. Yet, I think he's off base on the fashion/clothes department--and this is me talking, i dont have much of a sense for fashion [...]

    12. This is the latest in my attempts to get more organized. The like books that give me practical how-tos. This didn't. Some organizing books I have found motivational, even when I thought the specific tips weren't the real me, but this one mostly seemed to be telling you why you needed to get rid of clutter, not how to do it. I ended up just skimming the book. (I would give it one and a half stars, I guess, for his point that if you put stuff out on your counters, you just have to clean it [...]

    13. I probably would have appreciated this book more if I didn't already know most of it from experience. I used to keep everything and my bedroom as a teenager was filled with clutter. The last 7 years of my life I have moved 7 (soon to be 8) times, so that cured any and almost all clutter from my apartment. I've also been trying to save money like mad, and doing just as Aslett suggests (avoiding junk/clutter zones, like shopping) has also helped keep some clutter and junk out.I did however get the [...]

    14. This was an entertaining book (also a quick read)that made its point quite well about the logistical and emotional toll that attachment to material stuff (aka clutter) has. Ironically, Aslett repeats in so many different ways the same message, that instead of being a multi-pronged approached, I began to feel as if the book itself was 'cluttered'. I thought it could have been streamlined into a smaller amount of words but then perhaps it wouldn't have been a book.I enjoyed it and it did convince [...]

    15. "I might need it someday." "But, it's been in the family forever!" "I paid too much for this to get rid of it." If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, you may need a little inspiration for de-cluttering. This book will give it to you in a mega-dose.The engaging layout and hilarious tone of Clutter's Last Stand keeps the reader from giving up on the sometimes difficult task of getting rid of clutter. I read this book several years ago, and although I am only just now writing a review, I r [...]

    16. I am a little disappointed in this book. Actually it is quite amusing, especially as you start to read his very comical slandering of your clutteredness. The disappointment came in that I didn't feel like it had as much instruction as I wanted regarding HOW to actually declutter. That portion could be boiled down to just 2 pages, and in fact it is in the cover. The remainder is a good catalog of all the places where you should LOOK for clutter so that there is no stone unturned when it comes to [...]

    17. The book is dated, having been published in the 1980's. As some other reviewers have said, reading the book inspired me to clean out several drawers. Generally, I don't have a lot of clutter. I'm pretty organized, but I continue to read organizing, decluttering, simplicity books. Not a lot of new information to me, but the author seems particularly judgmental when it comes to getting rid of "junk" friends. He also has a very weird bias against coffee. I'm glad I read it since I'm making my way t [...]

    18. Very fun book! One I'd even like to re-read. I recommend it for some extra motivation to keep that paper tiger tamed or gearing-up for a big spring cleaning session! Even just a few pages motivated me to simplify my life & I haven't regretted throwing away any of that burdensome stuff.And I'm reading it again in 2016 because now I have a family with extra stuff to keep-up with in a small cottage home which is driving me crazy! I need this book for extra motivation to simplify life & for [...]

    19. This book was a good motivator to declutter. It was humourous and really made you think about your possessions (and weight) and why you might be holding on to them. Although it motivated me to declutter, it didn't necessarily really tell me how to it. I am a very step-by-step kind of person and he mainly described what junk/clutter is rather than how to get rid of it (besides just saying you need to do it). I still learned a lot about myself and I will take a lot from his book.

    20. I do not use the phrase "Life Changing" lightly when I describe this book. The author's writing is hilarious, but absolutely convicting. I confess I am at least a 3rd generation Pack Rat. This book has helped/is helping me reform!If you struggle with keeping things "in case" you might need them later, or because they have "sentimental value" even if they are falling apart, you MUST read this!I plan to have my children (the 4th generation) all read this, too!

    21. I used to struggle with letting all the junk go. I would worry that I would need this or that again somedayd what if my dead relative knew I had not kept that yarn she gave meOH NO!!After reading this book I was able to let go of the guilt and anxiety of getting rid of the clutter. It was very liberating and felt great to move forward and start throwing out the STUFF.I think everyone should read this book, even if you don't currently have a clutter problem

    22. Back in the days when I wrote for magazines, I interviewed this man for one of them. He was one of the nicest people I have ever talked to. Cheerful, enthusiastic, devoted to his life's work of decluttering people to make them less stressed, he is a truly decent man. I skimmed this or at least one of his like this as research prior to interviewing him. However, I am a true clutterer and there is no hope.

    23. I LOVED this book. It has SO many incredible insights that I've never considered before about why and how to de-junk your life. And best of all.e guy who wrote it is from (and often mentions) IDAHO, so really it deserves 6 stars. :) I will say the edition I read was a little bit dated (written in 1980, I think) but if you look past that, the principles still apply and have changed the way I view my home & life. I especially liked chapters 3, 6, 13, 15, 16, 17, & 18.

    24. It might seem a little dated or silly to read now, but it really motivated me to rein in my belongings. In a matter of a couple of months I got rid of so many things, probably 50% of my belongings. I'd always had real trouble with clutter and generally being messy. This book also gets to the heart of why you save things and what is really important in life. I highly recommend it to anyone whose home is messy or disorganized.

    25. The book was easy to read and offered some good inspiration to begin my Spring cleaning. Clutter has definitely become a problem that has made me less efficient. The book identified some areas that I personally need to address and gave some very useful tips on how to evaluate what to keep and what to let go of. I recommend this book for those who need a little inspiration to tackle the clutter and to get more organized.

    26. You don't have to be a hoarder or packrat to enjoy this book.I laughed out loud several times while reading this, blown away by the things people keep. I also had some No Way and Ewww moments Really ??? Someone has to tell people to throw THAT away, type moments. Of course, it will also nudge you into throwing a few things away or donating them, because, face it, we all have way more junk cluttering up our lives than we need or will ever use.

    27. Embarassing!! I have way too much clutter! This is like 7 habits for highly effective people for cleaning and organization. Tons of practical advice and he really gets down to the "why" of how my house is such a mess all the time. I am totally having a garage sale next month. This is a must read for anyone who struggles with keeping a clean house!

    28. This books starts out with suggestions on how to physically declutte your life but then gets into how to psychologically declutter your life which I liked to. He makes you think about the toxic people you keep in your life who drain your energy and ultimately destroy the faith you have in yourself. Good read.

    29. I loved this book. I don't consider myself a pack rat at all, but this book helped me to understand that I really don't need all that I have and having junk not only clutters up your house, but also your life. It definitely got me motivated to clean out my house according to his clutter tips. A very practical book.

    30. Not as good as his first book, mostly just antidotes about strange stuff we collect and why its clutter. But it made me double think about every thing I've purchased since and whether it would be considered junk or not. It kind of dampened my love of "garage sale-ing." It's not really just junk collecting, is it?

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