Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse

Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse Adventure Romance Mad Science Deep in the heart of the damaged machine that is Castle Heterodyne Agatha discovers her mother s long abandoned secret laboratory But waiting inside is a relentless guar

  • Title: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse
  • Author: Phil Foglio Kaja Foglio
  • ISBN: 9781890856533
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adventure Romance Mad Science Deep in the heart of the damaged machine that is Castle Heterodyne, Agatha discovers her mother s long abandoned secret laboratory But waiting inside is a relentless guardian that is not what it seems

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      180 Phil Foglio Kaja Foglio
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    1 thought on “Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse”

    1. This is the only webcomic I continue to read. The art and colors are fantastic, the characters are original and fun, and the story unlike anything else available. My one complaint, at least in terms of what is available in this edition, is that the story stagnated a little too much and there were so many characters that the focus was not always where I wanted it to be. But I still love the work and am grateful that it remains available for free. As for Volume 11, I like it more than Volume 10 so [...]

    2. I just read this book in one sitting. Sitting with my son who was also reading, I was unable to stop laughing out loud, not every page but perhaps every other? Then my son took the book, and he was also unable to avoid bursting into laughter. A daughter read it in the car on the way home, and the noises from the back seat confirmed that this is an uncommonly enjoyable book.

    3. At times frantic and disjoint. Starts too fast, and ends too abruptly. Not a discrete piece of reading.All that said, it's fun. And you have to like the Foglio's art.

    4. Accompanied by Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and Tarvek of Sturmhalten, along with a host of sparks and more or less willing minions, Agatha Heterodyne continues to face the perils of Castle Heterodyne. For even shut down, it still has such denizens as the guardian muse and man-eating plants that distract their prey with giggles. Not to mention unwelcome visitors and long lost relatives, plotting to take down Agatha and steal both of her suitors. Plus, she’s still got Lucrezia Mongfish scheming in her [...]

    5. I love this series, but from this point forward, I think the novels are a bit too action-packed. Sometimes we need a pause to let the readers and characters breathe, like the fourth act of a play where we get some funny banter or the characters have a cup of tea and regroup before the shit hits the fan in the climax. Volumes 9-13 are all climax, and it's exhausting. Still love the series, though.

    6. Volume 10: In which the rest of the people die, Zeetha and Violetta bond over kicking ass, everyone gets resurrected, we begin to fix the castle, and Maxim buys a hat. (Very important) It had been almost two whole volumes with little sign of the Jagerkin. They are priceless. When I first started this series, I felt like they were irritating and frustrating. I didn't get them. But now I found that I've really bonded with them, particularly Maxim. It was great to see him return-- and in particular [...]

    7. Again opening with the Hugo Award speech. And -- spoilers ahead for the earlier installments.When last we left our intrepid Sparks, they were in the middle of an emergency medical treatment, which they were improvising on the spot, without which all three would die.So naturally this opens with the realization in the town that Agatha killed the Castle (without the knowledge that she couldn't contain its insanity otherwise) and with Dr. Sun's finally managing to contain his most difficult patient, [...]

    8. This is the tenth book in the Girl Genius series. I thought this book was a bit weaker than the last couple books in the series, but it was still a great read and highly entertaining. This whole series has been a wonderful blend of magic, steampunk, and humor.Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek still have a strange malady that they are trying to cure. During the process of building the machine that will cure them, they discover a strange Guardian creature in the bowels of the Castle that is set on causing s [...]

    9. For many years I have followed Girl Genius Webcomic as one of my daily rituals. I have been following the Foglio's quirky humour and idiosyncratic drawings.What I really like of the series is the depth of scope and worldbuilding, with many details becoming obvious much later than when they appear. As such the recently appeared novels are the perfect complement, as you can finally be inside the head of Agatha, overcoming one of the limitations of comic: wordcount. So instead of being sparse with [...]

    10. Agatha, Tarvek and Gil race against time and the angry spirit of the castle as they try to cure themselves of a deadly disease. Agatha also has to contend with a fake Heterodyne who is as strong as she is powerful and cunning. Throw in Agatha’s possession by her mad egotistical mother Lucrezia Mongfish, her own clanks run amok, bombastic heroes (yes, Othar Tryggvassen returns—unfortunately), crazed sparks (are there any other kind?), Jägers, carnivorous plants and lovesick minions and you [...]

    11. Volume 10 of the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne sees her trying to save the lives of herself and her potential beaus, Gil and Tarvek, from a deadly Spark disease, dealing with the deadly guardian of the pit and trying to stop her mother taking over her body (repeatedly) while fending off the Heterodyne imposter, Zola and trying to repair the castle to defend the town.As with the other Girl Genius books, the art is beautiful, the story hectic and the laughs keep coming. I still read the webcomic [...]

    12. The 10th volume of GG is a mixed bag. The spark/minion cross-talk is brilliant, laugh-out-loud goodness, and the onion-peeling of the plot (and the castle) is fascinating -- but there's a lot of well, internal repetition here: personality transfers, Agatha/Lucrezia conflicts, last-gasp-gamble medical procedures, people dying (or maybe not), all of it down in the ever-changing-but-still-the-same bowels of Castle Heterodyne. A bit more setting change-up would be helpful, and the too-brief glances [...]

    13. I get to read the graphic novel collections of this series thanks to a friend who loans them to me. I find they are a great light read for when I'm waiting around for computers to do things that eat up chunks of time but need someone to be watching for error messagesAnyway, the series in general is fun, fanciful and has a cast of thousands. a nifty steampunk world of mad scientists, wanna be world rulers and fantastic machines, with lots of action and inside jokes. The Foglio's have always done [...]

    14. The aforementioned sprawling continues, but there's so much action and excitement and character work that I can forgive it. Gil, Tarvek and Agatha make an amazing team, and I really want to know more about Higgs.This volume ends very abruptly, and the last few pages are given over to a short story about Maxim acquiring a jaunty hat. (Oggie makes the rather amusing comment that it "only feels" like Agatha and Co. have been in the castle a long time, since these events have been spinning out over [...]

    15. Originally published online as a Web comic (where it can be found at girlgeniusonline), this series follows the exploits of a young woman, Agatha, who discovers she is the lost heir to a long-feared dynasty. Instead of a terribly serious version of this tale, the author/artist stick to humor over horrors. Still friends and enemies die, leaving their mark on Agatha as she grows to understand who she is and what she can do.

    16. Girl Genius continues to be a fun book. I like how the fake Heterodyne continues to evolve. I also like how this volume focused a lot on Agatha and what is happening to her. This volume takes place over a fairly short period of time. I like how there is even a sly reference to this in the test. In short, this volume is more of the same; madcap adventures with a cool steampunk vibe and an ever evolving political situation. Finally, the Jager story at the end is very amusing.

    17. man i waited FAR too long to read this. it's like moffat!who minus the horrible gender politics! all wacky adventures, all the time! :D i'm really digging zola as the current antagonist, she was not kidding when she said she was adaptable. girl just won't stay down. i also loved all the sparks and minions interactions this volume. lots of entertainment value in watching people with rational priorities interact with mad scientists! 4 stars

    18. In this installment of the Girl Genius saga, the interminable Si Vales Valeo story arc finally, finally comes to a close. Vol. 10 isn't a total loss, however: we learn who Von Pinn really is, and the bonus story, recounting how the Jäger Maxim acquires a new hat, is top-notch.

    19. More comedy steampunk adventure courtesy of the Foglios. The Castle Heterodyne storyline keeps rolling along. I find myself getting just a tiny bit tired of the seemingly endless complications that keep this particular storyline from resolving. It's certainly entertaining enough--I don't think either Phil or Kaja is capable of NOT crafting an entertaining story--but, man, is it long!

    20. Loved it! I love Higgs. I wish we knew more about him because he seems to be hiding something something BIG. Plus he likes Zeetha and I love Zeetha and it is time that adorable girl got some attention. HATE Zola but I think that was supposed to happen. I hope Agatha wins I mean she has too right?

    21. nwhytevejournal/1784242I haven't actually finished this, but I've simply lost interest; despite having read the two previous volumes in the series (this is the tenth) I can't remember why I was supposed to care about any of the characters, and I'm going to do something else with my time.

    22. Long awaited since I don't read this on-line. Love Girl Genius! Tying threads together a little, adding more. Really hope they resolve some of the issues that arose at the end of this. Zola needs to be taken down several notches. Will Airman Higgs be the man to do it? Gil and Tarvek continue to be great in counterpoint to each other. When's volume 11 due out???

    23. The series just keeps getting better as it goes. I have really been rooting for Gil from early on, but now Tarvek is starting to gain on him as Agatha's main ummm love interest doesn't feel like the right phrase for this series attack coordinator? Co-inventor? Spark? Head minion? (Poor Moloch.)

    24. Love this entire series. The story is fun and engages my interest. There's enough side stories going on to keep me from becoming bored. Action? Oh yeah, there's plenty of action too. Plus romance for our heroine with not one but two suitors. Add a castle trying to take over all by itself and what more could a gal ask for? Give it a try - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    25. I love this series. The art and the mad scientist positive message are great. Book 10 wasn't my favorite due to being too much of a tease plotwise but this series as a whole is a solid 5. The world needs more comics like this.

    26. I read all 12 volumes over the space of a few days so can't separate one from the other for the sake of reviews, but can say that I'm not disappointed at having had this pointed out to me, only that it took so long for me to get on the bandwagon.

    27. Read at least (2) times*In*terestinggggggggg. These comics are really so awesome, the writing is great, the plot is fascinating and the characters are FANTASTIC.

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