Space Case

Space Case When the thing from outer space visits earth it is taken first for a trick or treater and then for a robot

  • Title: Space Case
  • Author: Edward Marshall JamesMarshall
  • ISBN: 9780140547047
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the thing from outer space visits earth, it is taken first for a trick or treater and then for a robot.

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      224 Edward Marshall JamesMarshall
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    1. Future literary scholars will confirm that Space Case is among the crowning achievements of the English language. Here, Edward Marshall surpasses the eloquent banality of Shakespeare, whose works might have benefited from the illustrations of the late James Marshall. Here the Marshalls are at the height of their powers--articulating the human condition with an inscrutable nuance and heartfelt understanding. Scholars of Immanuel Kant and young children alike will find profundity in the simple yet [...]

    2. The more our schools demote Halloween to non-recognition status, the more I love these books.A robot lands on earth on Halloween and befriends a kid. The kid then takes him home for the night and to school the next day.I love the garish colors and simple drawings in this book. And I love that the dad opens the door to the robot without questioning where this little addition might actually belong, where his parents might be. It brings a little tear to my eye and reminds of the story about how my [...]

    3. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I love the deadpan humor, and the cute flying saucer alien who visits Earth on the perfect night for him to be incognito, and that it's set during Halloween, and, and, and just EVERYTHING!I miss trick-or-treating. Fun-size candy really IS fun. Thank you, Marie, for reminding me about this one. :)

    4. A fun introduction to science fiction for young readers. A space alien comes to visit earth, and after some chilly receptions from some farm animals, the space alien encounters some trick-or-treaters. Humorous events follow, especially at school. The DVD version offers subtitles, each word highlighted as it's read, with the animation based on the illustrations from the book (plus a few enhancements.)

    5. The thing from outer space is mistaken for a trick or treater on Halloween Night. All the neighborhood kids think it is the new kid in town, but when the thing follows Buddy home for the night Buddy gets a surprise of his own.

    6. At Maple and Elm, the outer space critter sees people dressed for Halloween. They go trick-or-treating. The thing spends the night with Buddy McGee and his family. He goes to school and fills in as a science project. He reminds Buddy that they are just two zylgot away from each other.

    7. Such a cute story, but my favorite part is the illustrations. James Marshall had such a distinctive, awesome style, and I'm going to search out other books illustrated by him that I loved as a kid :)

    8. What would you do if you encountered something from outer space? In this book, a boy and his friend encounter an alien while trick-or-treating on Halloween night. The pictures are simple, bold and bright. The story explores the curiosity of the alien and the friendly welcome of one of the children. The characters are simple and children could easily identify with them. This book would make a fun read aloud.

    9. A UFO lands on planet Earth right in the middle of Halloween and starts learning about our favorite holiday This book is simple but really original. The pictures accompanying the text are just hilarious. I laughed out loud throughout this book. Such a funny little story. Not overwritten at all. And the art supports it perfectly.

    10. September 2017 - I've got a soft spot for James Marshall (and naturally, Edward Marshall is really James Marshall, a name he made up to get around an exclusive publishing contract). Ben is starting to anticipate Halloween and also into space, so this was a fun mix and a funny case of mistaken identity. The "thing" from outer space perfectly matches a kid's interest in holidays.

    11. Cute read aloud for Halloween! The thing from outer space visits and goes trick or treating with some children.

    12. This book rivals in my head for the most hilarious children’s book ever with Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox. It has everything a good comedy should have: funny plot, funny characters, and a lot of humor. A creature from space lands at the corner of Maple and Elm on Halloween night… It’s a strange looking thing, but nobody seems to take notice. Kids think it’s another trick-or-treater, mom and dad thinks it’s a toy, and a school teacher thinks its Buddy’s space project. What make [...]

    13. Space Case is to children's literature as Miles Davis is to free-form improv jazz fusion.or something like that, my review does not compare to Steve Kemple's review it is reprinted without permission:"May 22, 2011 Steve Kemple rated it FIVE STARSRecommends it for: all humansFuture literary scholars will confirm that Space Case is among the crowning achievements of the English language. Here, Edward Marshall surpasses the eloquent banality of Shakespeare, whose works might have benefited from th [...]

    14. Space Case is a story about a little robot that came to Earth to just look around and then it runs into a group of trick-or-treaters. At first the trick-or-treaters believe he is the new kid and the tell the robot to come with them. The robot follows them along and then Buddy, one of the trick-or-treaters, realizes that the robot is not the new kid and is indeed a robot. So the robot sleeps over at Buddy’s and eats breakfast with his family and then even goes to school with him. The robot real [...]

    15. Space Case was about this little hover craft that came down to earth to do some exploring. It was Halloween night ant it ran into some trick-or-treaters who thought his costume was super cool and invited him to come along with them. When it was time to go home the hover craft noticed someone was following him; it was Buddy. Buddy invited him to come over and stay the night so he did. In the morning he ate breakfast and went to school with him. Buddy forgot to do his space project but remembered [...]

    16. This book is so cute! It is a wonderful and non-intimidating start to introducing science fantasy to young readers. The illustrations are super cute and entertaining too. The book is about a creature from outer space landing on Earth on Halloween. A trick-or-treater named Buddy finds the creature and takes it home. This book is nice for young readers because it does not have any scary elements to it, it is all quite silly and friendly. I think kids will really enjoy this story and will like to t [...]

    17. A flying saucer from outer space visits Earth on Halloween night. It goes trick-or-treating and sticks around to go to school the next day where it helps its new friend out by pretending to be an outer space school project. It leaves Earth when it learns that not everyday includes trick-or-treating and makes plans to return for Christmas.A funny holiday read aloud with brightly colored illustrations.

    18. this is a silly story about an alien who comes to Earth and is confused by trick-or-treaters. He then becomes friends with Buddy. Buddy takes the alien home and school and no one realizes that its an alien. The alien helps Buddy at school with his assignment that was due and Buddy never did. At the end he leaves and decides to come back for Christmas. I think this is a story that younger children might enjoy because it has a simple plot to follow.

    19. This book is about an outer space robot or "the thing" that comes for a visit during Halloween. It meets Buddy McGee and his friends while they're trick or treating. I would use this book around Halloween to get children to think about what it means for something to come from outer space. It would be great to use this to see just how much a class already knows about space and as an extension, we could see if our predictions are true. Grades k-2

    20. The book was really great! Space Case is about an extraterestrial creature who is mistaken for a Holloween trick-or-treater after it lands on Earth on Holloween night. It accompanies young Buddy McGee as he goes trick-or-treating. The extraterestrial being accompanies Buddy when he goes to class the next day. The being even helps buddy with his missing school work. This book is graet for children up to age 8.

    21. I thought this story was kind of cool. It's about a little boy who befriends an alien on Halloween night without knowing he's an alien. It was an interesting Halloween tale and I really liked the idea behind the story. It would seem very cool to a child to think that maybe one of the costumes they see out on Halloween might not be a costume at all.

    22. I thought this book was hilarious but not in a silly way which I thought might be lost on my toddler. She actually found it hilarious and asked me to read it more than any other book we had for space week. While not really about space it does have a space creature so I guess that works it would be a fun one to check out again for Halloween.

    23. A fun Halloween story about a robot from outer space who happens to visit Earth on Halloween. Thinking he is the new kid from down the street, a group of kids let him come along trick-or-treating. It gets really fun when the robot follows one of the kids homeBy the way, nothing scary so no worries there.

    24. This book was so cute! An extraterrestrial lands on earth, during Halloween, and everyone mistakes him for a trick-or-treater. I though this was a fun read for students, especially during Halloween time. A teacher could do multiple fun activities with this book. For example, students could get into groups and make an extraterrestrial costume, and then show the class.

    25. Reading Level: 2.8Interest Level: K-3A being from outer space decides to visit earth. While on earth it is mistaken for a Trick-O-Treater on Halloween night, but is able to discover many interesting things about earth. A cute book to read around Halloween night and share with students who enjoy science fiction.

    26. A small creature comes to Earth from outer space and meets three trick-or-treating kids. After discovering the “strange kid” is no kid at all, a boy takes the creature home and then to school with him. Cartoon pen, ink, and crayon illustrations accompany the silly story and enforce the lightheartedness of this book. This was one of my favorite books when I was a beginning reader.

    27. This is a cute story about a little boy named Buddy McGee who finds a small space ship that lands in a field on Halloween. Buddy befriends the aliens in the ship and then takes them home with him. This is a fun book filled with interesting pictures that could be used to teach students about befriending people who are different then them.

    28. A "thing" comes down from outer space on Halloween and has a very fun time trick-or-treating with some locals. The next day when it goes to school with a kid his has befriended is not as fun so he decides to take off. But, as Christmas is described to him, he promises to return for it.Dex (5yo) LOVED this book. Not sure why.Illustrations cartoony and silly.

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