The Power of Six

The Power of Six NINE of us came here BUT sometimes I wonder if time has changed us IF we all still believe in our missionEY are getting closerEY are trailing us tracking usEY know about our legaciesEY know too much

  • Title: The Power of Six
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: 9780062070623
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • NINE of us came here.BUT sometimes I wonder if time has changed us.IF we all still believe in our missionEY are getting closerEY are trailing us, tracking usEY know about our legaciesEY know too much for us to believe.WE WILL EVER BE SAFE AGAIN.

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    1 thought on “The Power of Six”

    1. There are probably spoilers: Jess: Hello there, James Frey, aka Pittacus Lore. Welcome to the show.James Frey: Thanks for having me. How much money did we agree I'd be getting for this interview? Jess: A lot. James Frey: Good, because I adore money. Jess: I can tell. In the past nine months you've released two New York Times Best Selling novels, one e-book/novella, and had a large budget film adaption. You must be stoked. You and Mr. Hughes are rolling in moneyJames Frey:Yes, we are. Jess: Lets [...]

    2. I've finally read the highly anticipated sequel to I Am Number Four. I love how the author wrote it in two perspectives: John's and Marina's.The Power of Six is much more action-packed than the first. There are some issues of betrayal and love and sacrifices. Six, you badass alien, I think I like you too.It's definitely worth the wait and when's the third book coming out? I. NEED. MORE.

    3. “If you ever know a man who tries to drown his sorrows, kindly inform him his sorrows know how to swim.” The Power of Six was not what I'd expected, the book was slow in the beginning, its story revolves around Number Seven. I think most of her parts were boring. I'm curious, in spite of the title about Number Six, why this book is all about Number Seven. Her character is not strong as the others, and not for my taste, yet I hope that Pittacus put her here for some reason. I just hope.“The [...]

    4. Rating Clarification: 4.5 StarsAbsolutely INTENSE!!There are only six of us left. Six of us against any number of them. And no way of knowing how we might possibly find one another. We’re the only hope. Strength in numbers. The power of sixWow! Now this is what I call adrenaline pumping, high impact action. I felt I was on a turbo jet ride that wouldn’t stop! O.O There wasn’t one moment in this book where I let my guard down or allowed myself to settle into a false sense of security or saf [...]

    5. It took me a while to get a copy of this book and at one point, I sort of lost my enthusiast in reading this sequel to I am Number Four, because I guess, I waited too long. But when I read the book ,it was as if I haven't left the prequel at all. This book grabbed me from hanging off the cliff as the members of the garde gradually find one another. I just felt a bit annoyed at Four for his fickle emotions for both Sarah and Six.

    6. I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher for a honest, fair review. This is me being honest; I'm not sure if it's fair I did not like the first book of this series, and I had decided not to waste my time on the sequel. I should have gone with my gut reaction and stayed far, far away from this book. Why did I read it? The better question is, why did I bother seeing the movie after disliking the book so greatly? The answer to that question is simpler, the tickets were free. How doth [...]

    7. Sorry but if you are not going to be constructive then why are you dragging on about hating the book and only reading it because the guy who played Alex rider in stormbreaker is in it? P.s. You can't really comment on a book that isn't out yet and therefore you can't have read. Goo drool over Alex whats-his-name.

    8. Loved this sequel! We meet more of the Legacies in this book and I loved every one of them! I love the interaction between the characters and oh my god this book was so griping it's crazy! The story is definitely moving forward fast and there was so much action just like the first book. My only complaint about this book was the romance was a bit cringeworthy and childish and I'm also not loving Sarah anymore. She needs to leave. Other than that, the book was all kinds of fun!

    9. The first volume I sort of read by mistake last year but it was ok. Obviously I am not exactly the target audience so would not expect my excitement to have me rush to the bookshop and batter on the door till number two volume was handed to me but even i was amazed that i ambled along quite merrily for months without giving the slightest stuff about number 4 and his collected band of Mog battlers. (And is it only me who keeps imagining dear old Judith Kerr's creation standing in the middle of th [...]

    10. “The only limits for tomorrow are the doubts we have today.”3.5/5 StarsThe first time I picked up The Lorien Legacies feels like ages ago. Maybe three or even four years. I had to freshen up my memories and decided to rewatch the movie, which was a great idea thanks to Alex Pettyfer's abs.The Power of Six is fast-paced and action packed. The writing is easy and entertaining, and I finished the book in only a day.What makes this series so exciting is the large cast and their many special powe [...]

    11. I think I may have actually enjoyed this book more than the first in the series! Scratch that, I definitely enjoyed it more! I was actually hesitant to start it because I enjoyed the first so much and didn't see how this one could live up to it. But not only did it live up to it, it completely blew it out of the water! This book is pure action from the very first second, with the group on the run from the authorities. And we're also introduced to a second view point, another Loric in Spain and i [...]

    12. Okay review time. It took me FOUR days to read this book. Meeeee! Speedy Gonzalez of readers took FOUR days to read this. I just knew in my heart that this book would end me. It kinda did. Like a lot.4.5 stars for sure! *SPOILERS BELOW SPOILERS BELOW SPOILERS *what the fuck is happening to Sam?! Nine is seems crazy but i'm intrigued! Marina kinda annoyed me at first but damn the girl can breathe underwater and heal just about anything what evennnnnn!! And the way she protects ELLA I cry I cry. S [...]

    13. Initial Reaction After Reading:I'm thoroughly angry. The majority of the book was a fantastic readuntil I got to the parts where Four/John Smith agonized like a fickle boy stuck between loving one girl and liking another. Oh, there's a difference. It makes me mad that THIS overshadowed how great this book could've been. I'm sorry that I'm so hung up on the forced romances in this book but I detest love triangles; hate it, hate it, hate it - with a passion. I have debated on abadoning this boo [...]

    14. I got my hands on an advanced reading copy of this and I eagerly tore into it. After a bit of a slow start, the story soon picks up the pace ending in an all out battle with a few epic twists. The Power of Six introduces us to another one of the nine and half of the story is narrated from her point of view. There are plenty of moments that had me on the edge of my seat and we finally find out what was in the second spaceship that left Lorien in John's visions. Just as interesting and addictive a [...]

    15. It would've gotten four stars if only Four weren't so obnoxious. I'm really starting to hate this new trend with protagonists being awesome in the first book, but utterly horrible in the sequels. It makes me so angry. Honestly, Four's personality ruins this book for me and if I don't see some changes in the third book, I don't think I'll bother with the rest of the series.After battling against the Mogadorians at their school, Four(John), his best friend Sam and Six have fled the town with a pri [...]

    16. (4.5 star)The Power of Six starts off right from the aftermath of the Paradise disaster. John, Sam and Six are on the run from the police and FBI with the Mogadorians hot on the trail. They want to try to find the other Numbers, combining each of their powers to fight against the Mog's and bring peace to there planet Lorien, thus saving planet earth from certain doom. I really enjoyed this book, but it felt like a filler more then anything. Nothing actually gets resolved but we do learn quite a [...]

    17. After battling against the Mogadorians at their school, John (Number Four) and his friend Sam have fled the town of Paradise with a price on their heads - the police believing them to be terrorists. In tow is chimera, Bernie Kosar, and the second Lorian we have met, Six.Over in Spain, we also pick up the story of Number Seven, also known as Marina. She's currently living in a convent/orphanage, waiting for her legacies to develop and the right time to find the others.The story switches between J [...]

    18. In the Book(s) of the New Sun the narrator ends each volume with the statement that he will understand if the reader chooses not to proceed any further with him on his journey. Well I have reached that point with our numbered protagonists.Where I found the first book in this series fairly interesting, this one pretty much (so far as I'm concerned) crashed and burned. Heavy overly dramatic dialogue, massive amounts of teen angst, a switch in the story telling to include some heavy handed indoctri [...]

    19. Loved all the new powers. It's cool to see the kids get together and meet one another. Bernie-Kozar is my favorite thing. It would be so cool to have a shifter pet.

    20. The Power of SixBook 2 of the Lorien LegaciesBy Pittacus LoreA Review by Eric AllenOkay, despite the fact that one of the two (uncredited) authors of these books is a worthless waste of human life who can't find a bowl of chicken noodle soup to drown himself in quickly enough for my taste, I actually enjoyed, to some extent, the first book. Despite its complete lack of anything resembling a character, it was a fun read to take up an afternoon with. It was by no means a great book, but it wasn't [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and a fairly easy read with some great twists and turns. I really enjoyed how it answered some of my questions but also created new ones that I am wondering about now. Below in bold Italics are the answers and new questions I have.I read the first book and loved it! I am really excited for the second book. I want to do some speculating:1) The power of six, has to be the story of them finding the six remaining Loriens. But that doesn't mean that they will fi [...]

    22. Its been a long wait but i finally got the chance to read the thrilling new squeal to Lorian Legacies "The Power Of Six" where to begin?First i liked the idea of it being from two different perspectives of both John and Marina, in my review prior to the release of this book coming out i said that this book would be centered completely around seven to give us a break from john but as i read on i realized it made seance to include john as he still has his own story to fulfill.Six still remains my [...]

    23. Gotta say, I prefer this book much more than the original. John wasn't as much as a douche, though he had his moments. As for Sarah. THAT WITCH! HOW COULD SHE?!? Oohhh, I almost threw the book I was so angry!!! Anyway, I was way excited about meeting the other numbers. Marina will have to take some getting used to But I instantly loved Ella, she was so cute and amazing. This book had wayy more action than the first, which is perfect to me. However John made stupid decisions as usual and of cours [...]

    24. Oh. My. Freaking. God. This is me, standing up on my chair applauding an empty room like an idiot. 10 minutes ago, I read the last page of THE POWER OF SIX. Nine minutes ago, I called my mother in hysterics telling her she must--MUST--read the I AM NUMBER FOUR series. Here's how the convo went:Mom: Sounds like you loved them. I'll read them.Me: When. Now?Mom: I'll buy them when they're all out.Me: No. You will buy the first two today and then loathe the world that the third isn't out yet. Mom: F [...]

    25. "I was just thinking that, out of the four of us, three are aliens, two are fugitives with terrorist ties, and not a single one of us has a valid driver's licence. Something tells me things might get interesting."Whoooo! Before I start this review, can I just say that Lore absolutely smashed ‘I am Number Four’ out of the park with this! The Power of Six is an absolutely fantastic sequel that has left me dying to know to more.The Power of Six is told from alternate point of views. We’re int [...]

    26. So, the first book was OK, but I read it because I had nothing better to do. This book mainly circulates around the Four-Six-Sam-Sarah love triangle/square, which honestly, bores me. It's not done well, it's SO cliche. Lines like "I'll love you forever" and "I can only love one" make me want to vomit. But past that, what is so desireable about Four? He's kind of an asshole: He leaves his best friend to die in a pit full of monsters and he leaves his girlfriend and in the process makes out with a [...]

    27. Where do I even begin? This book was absolutely amazing and I regret not reading the first one! (I watched the crappy movie instead!)I don't really know how to write a review for this book without giving away spoilers so just bare with me! Although it says the book is narrated by Seven, Number Four's opinion is also included! I love how the story is taking more definite ground! (Which of course means double the action and double the Mogadorians!) You also learn a bit more about Six along with Sa [...]

    28. Αυτός ο τεσσερά ότι να'ναι έκανεΠολύ ωραία περιπέτεια, αλλά αυτον θέλω να τον δείρω!!!

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