Malice in Maggody

Malice in Maggody When murders disrupt the peaceful town of Maggody Sheriff Hanks and her slow deputy Paulie set out on a hilarious hell raising chase through the backwoods in search of a murderer

  • Title: Malice in Maggody
  • Author: Joan Hess
  • ISBN: 9780451402363
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When murders disrupt the peaceful town of Maggody, Sheriff Hanks and her slow deputy, Paulie, set out on a hilarious, hell raising chase through the backwoods in search of a murderer.

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    1. Maggody. A fictional town in Arkansas, probably located near Pixley and Bugtussell. (I am sure some will get that reference). The town's recently hired police chief is Ariel (Arly) Hanks. Arly has to cope with a vanished EPA paper pusher, an escaped con who maybe headed towards town and ultimately a dead body. Lots of colorful characters and a fun read. This series is sometimes called a cozy. It depends on one's definition. Arly is the police chief therefore not an amateur and there is use of so [...]

    2. Joan Hess' Maggody series was my introduction to humorous mysteries and I've loved her books, as well as the subgenre of humorous mysteries, ever since. I admire Joan Hess so much that I planned a trip to Arkansas around a signing she was scheduled to do in Little Rock! I'm very happy to say that I was able to attend this signing and meet Ms. Hess! In Murder in Maggody, the first in this series, protag Arly Hanks has returned home after a stint as a married lady in the big city. Even though she [...]

    3. I have always enjoyed the Maggody series. It some of the best satire I have read. Ar!y Hanks has returned home after crushing divorces. She wants only solitude to recover. Arly accepts the office of Police of Chief Her Mother owns Ruby Bee Bar and Flamingo Motel. In this one, Arly finds herself not welcome at her Mother's restaurant as the town Council has kidnapped a government official. They have stacked him at the motel and provided entertainment. The girl is fun murdered at the motel and the [...]

    4. AHH Haa!! Finally!! A good cop mystery that is humorous and jaw dropping! Can't wait to read the next in the series. Police Chief Ariel (Arly) Hanks resides in her hometown of Maggody Arkansas where she is the first female sheriff of a police force of 2(this includes her) Like most people who live in small, no name towns, she tried to get away by moving to the big city of New York but divorced her husband and moved back when she had nowhere else to go. In a town where nothing happens, except for [...]

    5. Sheriff Arly Hanks looks into the disappearance of an EPA inspector in her small town of Maggody. Here's the thing about humorous books: if your sense of humor doesn't match with what you're reading, the book is dead in the water. This book is so not my sense of humor. The story is like a clown car - the door opens and one silly thing after another rolls out. We've got the 'returned from the big city' sheriff, mayor Jim Bob, the overweight car dealership owner ("Hobert call me Ho"), Larry Joe th [...]

    6. Joan Hess stands among a very few who can write suspense filled, satiric and humorous mysteries while creating likeable – and silly and hypocritical – characters much like many you might recognize and even might know – or be related to.This is especially true of her Maggody series, and if you haven’t read one of these, this is a good place to start, her initial mystery in a long running mystery series. Arly Hanks, divorced and home in her small town of Maggody, Arkansas, after living the [...]

    7. I read several installments of this series at least 15 years ago, maybe 20. To tell you the truth, I bet a couple of times a year, I think about Maggody, remembering the characters and the general hilarity of life in this podunk town. That's how much I enjoyed the books. Not sure why I didn't read through the whole series (as I normally would) but I think it was because they weren't always readily available. Fast-forward to e-books and the internet and this showed up on one of the book sites as [...]

    8. If you enjoy a laugh out loud cozy mystery, then this is the one for you.Arly Hanks is such a colorful character and her mom Ruby Bee and friend Estelle add even more laughter in this book.When the town is up in arms about a sewage treatment plant invading their town, the officials take it upon themselves to take care of business.I voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

    9. Title: Malice In Maggody - Arly Hanks Mystery Book 1Author: Joan HessPublisher: Open Road Integrated MediaPublished: 3-14-2017Pages: 240Genre: Mystery; Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Police Procedurals; Murder; Cozy MysteryISBN: 9781504043465ASIN: B01 N4RHNLCReviewed For NetGalley and Open Road Integrated MediaReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.25 StarsThe first in Joan Hess' Magoddy series, but it is also a reissue of its 1970 original hardcover publication. This is the third publication, which sho [...]

    10. If you didn’t know already the novel was set in the south, Arkansas, names like Jim Bob and Larry Joe would give it away. Fishing for catfish and a display of dried beef jerky beside the garage cash register seal the deal. The style is so ah shucks down home it makes Andy Griffith's Mayberry look like an urban metropolis. Since I’ve driven through Dildo, NFLD, I’ll not question the placename Maggody. The chief of police here is a woman. The turns of phrase contain gems like: "beanpole with [...]

    11. It's been years (sixteen, in fact) since I last read this book. I'd forgotten that it was on the raunchy side for a cozy, but it stands up well for all that. My only real complaint isn't the fault of the author (the immensely talented, very funny Joan Hess, who, sadly, passed away last month). The paperback edition I read, from a major publisher, had an incredible number of typos that should never have gotten past a good copy editor. Readers complain about slipshod proofreading these days, but b [...]

    12. Crime in backwoods ArkansasA somewhat incredulous plot, but great fun. Will make a good series. Some characters are well done, others are interchangeable. Fun story line with enough plot twists to make it keep everyone guessing. Great picture of small town life.

    13. I first read this about 28 years ago in a cabin on Coldwater Lake in Michigan where we vacationed for a week. The plot is a bit muddy, but who cares? Hess's voice and characterizations are spot on hilarious. I love the village of Maggody and its residents.

    14. A regular hodgepodge of crimeA virtual stew of Maggody residents taking a walk on the wrong side of the law. Somehow it finally all links together into one big mess. Chief Arly slowly works her way to the finish. Truly fun.

    15. Arly Hanks is the small town sheriff in Maggody. When an EPA bureaucrat goes missing, Arly has to work with the state police to find him.

    16. Malice in Maggody is the first humorous book in the Arly Hanks cozy mystery series written by author Joan Hess.

    17. The internet comes to Maggody along with a female juvenile delinquent with a toddler in tow. When she ends up dead up on Cotter's Ridge Arly will have to figure out who and why. Hampered by hijinks on the Maggody website and the usual Buchanons Arly gets the job done as usual.

    18. I didn't read this series in order but was glad to finally see where it all began. I can see now how Arlie has developed through the series, but her personality and attitude are well established in this first book. Her habit of outsmarting the more established law enforcement branches is great fun. In this book we begin to see just how kooky the citizens of Maggody can be, but there's more to come!

    19. Malice in Maggody by Joan Hess is the first book in the Arly Hanks Mysteries series and was definitely a laugh out loud ride. I know this series has been out for quite a while now; but I was happy to have the opportunity to begin this series as it's being re-released now.Arly (Ariel)Hanks is Chief of Police in the small town of Maggody, AR. Arly left home to go to college, married, and then lived in Manhattan until her divorce. She's now returned home to lick her wounds and try to decide what to [...]

    20. Malice in Maggody is as hilarious today as it was when Joan Hess first published it. Maggody is the epitome of a hick town, filled with bizarre characters that you can’t help but like - well maybe not “like” but reading about all of the wild goings on is a pleasure. Arly Hanks, Maggody chief of police, is a voice of sarcastic reason, while her mother Ruby Bee and her mother's best friend Estelle manage to contribute to the chaos by “helping” Arly with her investigations.Malice in Maggo [...]

    21. rly Hanks is the sheriff of small-town Maggody, Arkansas. Her office consists of herself and her deputy, Paulie Buchanon. Things around town are quiet enough until there is an uproar over the possible pollution of the town's swimming/fishing hole. When an EPA employee arrives in town, things begin to happenThings as in the EPA representative disappears. Completely. Then there is an escaped convict, Carl Withers, too. So the state troopers are called in to find them, and the head trooper, Sergean [...]

    22. This was a very enjoyable book. Somehow I have missed reading this series, but I will definitely pick it up now!Arly Hanks is the main character. She moves back to small town, Maggody, Arkansas and becomes police chief. Just like any other small town there are secrets, lies and politics. When a woman turns up dead at the local motel, an EPA official is missing and a convict is on the run. Arly has to put the pieces together. I never did figure out the killer was until it was revealed.I was given [...]

    23. This is the one that started it all. Arly Hanks returns to her hometown of Maggody, Arkansas (population about 800) from NYC after her marriage goes bust. She takes the job as town sheriff because she has security experience and could use the relaxation. What she doesn't count on is Maggody's first crime wave since a barn burned down and a cheerleader came running out with panties in hand. This time is murder and kidnapping. Arly and her deputy, who is hope to be third-time lucky to get into the [...]

    24. This humorous series of cozies is set in my old stomping grounds, a small town just outside of Fayetteville (called “Farberville” in the books) in the Northwest Arkansas Ozarks. What I love about this series is not just that each is very funny while succeeding as a fun, involving mystery, but also that I know the people, the places, the locale, the hills. A major setting in every book is a grocery store, and I know that store. I know the highway through town and the English professors who ar [...]

    25. Set in ultra-rural America, this book is meant to be humorous, but the characterizations are uniformly too superficial to draw more than a very occasional smile. The only even partly sympathetic character is the main one; the rest are too boring, dumb, and/or stereotypical to provoke any reaction except "how long till the final page?" The killer, who at least remains hidden in plain sight throughout, is one of the most one-dimensional characters in the story, which weakens the motive almost to t [...]

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