Mischief in Maggody

Mischief in Maggody Police Chief Arly Hanks finds her small town Maggody has some new inhabitants when she returns from vacation Soon Robin Buchanon local prostitute and moonshiner disappears and Arly finds her blo

  • Title: Mischief in Maggody
  • Author: Joan Hess
  • ISBN: 9780451402530
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Police Chief Arly Hanks finds her small town, Maggody, has some new inhabitants when she returns from vacation Soon, Robin Buchanon, local prostitute and moonshiner, disappears, and Arly finds her bloody body at the edge of a marijuana field.

    Joan Hess Stop, You re Killing Me Joan Hess, Stop, You re Killing Me has bibliographies of your favorite mystery authors and series characters. Joan Hess Joan Hess January , November , was an American mystery writer, a member of Sisters in Crime, and a former president of the American Crime Writers League.She wrote two popular mystery series The Claire Malloy Mysteries and The Maggody Mysteries also called The Arly Hanks Mysteries , and has contributed to multiple anthologies and book series, including Crosswinds, Books Literature Archive of Our Own An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

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    1. In this book, Ar?y has returned from a vacation and slowly adjusting to life in Maggody again. Ruby Bee has a lot of things to tell Arly, there is psychic, Madame Celeste living in town and there is a new male teacher that Ruby Bee feels would make a good friend for Arly. Mountain woman, Robin Buchanan has disappeared and children are creating havoc in town. Robin is found dead in a bobby trap field of Margijarnia. Madame Celeste is predicting another death. Arly must work fast before prognostic [...]

    2. Title: Mischief In Maggody - Arly Hanks Mystery Book 2Author: Joan HessPublisher: Open Road Integrated MediaPublished: 2-14-2017Pages: 256Genre: Mystery; Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Police Procedurals; Murder; Cozy MysteryISBN: 9781504043472ASIN: B01 N4RHNLCReviewed For NetGalley and Open Road Integrated MediaReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsA dead body in a field of Marijuana. Arly Hanks sifts through the evidence to find a killer who has proven he is willing to kill to get what he want [...]

    3. this is not the book you want to read if you're looking for something really serious or something with a very good plotline. Now that i said said that I will say that Joan Hess. is one so if you're looking for something like your favorite sitcom nice and comfortable and funny this is the book for you if you're looking for something Cory or really thought-provoking this is not what you want of my favorite comfort writers. they are light and funny reads. when I am stressed or in pain I can always [...]

    4. The return of Ariel Hanks, the 35-year-old chief of police in a small Arkansas town called Maggody (population 755 when everybody's home). To an outsider Maggody looks alot like an open air insane asylum with Chief Hanks serving as a combination ring master/warden/arbiter of common sense in fact, Chief Hanks feels that way herself most of the time. In this second book in the series Ariel "Arly" Hanks has just returned from a brief vacation to find that the town is all abuzz over a recent additio [...]

    5. This is a cozy mystery starring Arly Hanks, police chief in Maggody, Arkansas, population 755. She can't get a deputy, but the town council has given her a pager to make her available 24/7 (if she would return calls). The supporting characters are a hoot. Her mother and mother's best friend try not to get involved in her cases but just can't help themselves. The Buchannons, a heavily inbred clan, provide much of the action. When a whoring, moonshining Buchannon mother of five bastards goes missi [...]

    6. The Maggoty series is a feel-good, smile, laugh-to-yourself, want-to-read-parts-out-loud-to-others series. Joan Hess made the off beat characters likable and the story fun without surrendering to cliches. The southern charm and quirks are gentle and yet very amusing. It is hard to read just one book of this series, so read them all. I wish Ms. Hess was still alive so we could have more of her talent. We will just have to re-read them all again.

    7. Still loving MaggodyThis is the third of the series I've read and it's still a major favorite. Quirky, crazy, funny, and still full of mayhem. Crazy mayhem. Some of the most lovable unforgettable characters ever; Dickens would have loved them. And I'm still hoping to make it to Bugscuffle someday.

    8. FunActually Hammet, the orphan Buchanan, is the gem of this book. The characters are interesting and fun. The mystery easily solved before the reveal. But a couple of very surprising twists are waiting at the end.

    9. Throw AayI do not know when I have read a book that was had such a poorly developed plot. I found myself skipping many pages to escape the needless clutter contained therein. I would not recommend this book to anyone.

    10. One of the bestI read a huge number of books, but rarely patient enough to follow the conversation of the characters. But this book forced me to keep reading with unending smiles on my face.Thank you for a very pleasant writing.

    11. I was given an arc of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.This was a reprint from a few years ago, before cell phones and such ruled our lives, so it's a little dated, but still as damn funny as ever. Arly Hanks, Ruby Bee, Estelle Oppers and the numerous simian-looking Buchanons are all present, accounted for, and hilarious. It was worth the re-read.

    12. This is a great book; this is the second book in the Arly Hanks series written by Joan Hess. Police Chief Arly Hanks finds her small town, Maggody, has some new inhabitants when she returns from vacation. Soon, Robin Buchanon, local prostitute and moonshiner, disappears, and Arly finds her bloody body at the edge of a marijuana field. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this bo [...]

    13. In this second book, Arly comes back from vacation to find that the town has some new residents. They seem suspicious to some in town and as she is starting to ask a few questions a resident is murdered. Arly then has her hands full of trying to find the murderer and uncovering secrets. But Arly is a strong woman and she comes through in fine fashion. I received an ebook from the publisher on NetGalley.

    14. Join Arly Hanks, back home in her small Arkansas town after a nasty divorce from her New York City husband and living the City sophisticated life, and now her small home town’s police chief, since she was the only one qualified.But her small town of Maggody has the usual cast of characters – hypocritical Bible pounding preachers; prissy small town ‘religious women’; backwoods characters with a passel of kids of differing parentage; gossipy moms and friends; hysterical high school girls, [...]

    15. Book 2 of the Maggody series. So Arly goes on a well deserved vacation after the incident from book 1. When she comes back, she finds out that a psychic has moved into town with her brother and is stirring up all kinds of trouble with her readings to the residents of Maggody, a family of hippies has taken over the local Emporium which does not sit well with the townspeople, what with their pot smoking/love making rituals, and the hillbilly Robin Buchanon turns up missing and her bastard children [...]

    16. There's a murder in Maggody and that's just the beginningIt's a known fact that nothing ever happens in Maggody. So when Robin Buchanon disappears, leaving her five young children to fend for themselves, something must be done. Chief of Police Arly Hanks isn't particularly worried about Robin, but somebody has to take charge of those kids.Along with the subplots and the Southern humor, there's a good mystery, complete with villains and stuff. There's a new hippie hardware store, a recently arriv [...]

    17. Just fun. With Joan Hess as my guide, it's a memorable trip. Arly Hanks is back from her so-called vacation and having to deal with a psychic, hippies, a new high school counselor, plus the usual crowd. When the local prostitute/moonshiner goes missing, her children go searching for some assistance. Hammet decides that Arly is it. The citizens are not happy about Robin Buchanon's children. Mrs. Jim Bob takes four of them in and Ruby Bee and Estelle say they will care for Baby. Kevin and Dahlia a [...]

    18. Joan Hess makes me snort, chuckle, and guffaw all the way through the book. There are so many reasons why I should not like this book: foul language, tarot cards, etc. but her writing amuses me so much that I overlook all that. I will continue to read this series. The publisher provided a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review.

    19. What an undisciplined reader am I! Reading all these not-so good mysteries!The characters in this mystery are too broadly drawn. Hess does get away with shifting narrative voice, and I think I admire her for it. On the whole, Maggody is a fun place to drive through, but not worth a long visit.

    20. Arly Hanks is police chief of a small town in Arkansas, pop. 755, where nothing ever happens. But when the body of mountain woman Robin Buchanon is found she seeks to find out who murdered the mother of five. This cozy mystery series, "An Ozarks Murder Mystery", is absolutely hysterical with a good mystery and a great supporting cast and I am definitely moving on to the third book!

    21. #2 in the Arly Hanks series. Finalist 1988 Agatha Award for Best Novel.Police Chief Arly Hanks series - Maggody, AR police chief, Arly Hanks, investigates the death of moonshiner Robin Buchanon at a booby-trapped marijuana patch. Does psychic Madame Celeste know who is growing the weed and who fathered Robin's brood of orphans?

    22. Into Maggody, come 4 hippies, a new guidance counselor, and a psychic while Arly is on vacation for a month. This second in the series is ok. I like the main character Arly, but most of the supporting characters seem 2 dimensional to me. Because I like Arly, I will read the next in the series to see if this gets better. Plot is good and writing well done except for some of the characters.

    23. A weak mystery, it was obvious to me by the middle of the book who "dun it." Shallow and stereotypical hillbilly hick characters made this even more frustrating. I kept reading thinking "it has to get better"--I mean the author wrote quite a few in the series. Did not get better. UGH!

    24. Really came to hate Arly, the lead character. The author lost me when Arly basically drags her feet and smart asses a report of a baby left with no mother. The other characters were stereotyped and uninteresting. The authors attempt at humor is too cruel to be funny.Did not finish.

    25. Book #3 in 2012This was a slow start, but once it picked up it was a cute, quick read. I really like this series and the townspeople characters.

    26. I like Hess' story telling. It's like listening to a friend weave a wild tale. Hammet Buchanon has a lot of potential.

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