Ravenor Dan Abnett s action packed novel leaps into the fray as genius psyker Gideon Ravenor and his trusted war band of desperados hunt down the secretive enemies of mankind

  • Title: Ravenor
  • Author: Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781844160730
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dan Abnett s action packed novel leaps into the fray as genius psyker Gideon Ravenor and his trusted war band of desperados hunt down the secretive enemies of mankind.

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      307 Dan Abnett
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    1 thought on “Ravenor”

    1. Now before you get angry with my two star review or pass this book up, remember a two star review means I found this book only O.K.The main reason I found this book only ok is because of our main character Ravenor. Ravenor is a crippled member of the Imperial Inquisition and a powerful psycher. My problem with him is that it is really hard to get behind a character that is basically confined to a floating casket and takes over the minds of others if something physical is required of him. The boo [...]

    2. О Рейвенор великолепен! Конечно в истории Эйзенхорна были более причудливые миры, а здесь делалась ставка на сражения, что тоже в общем-то не плохо. Книга была проглочена за сутки и я совершенно не могла заставить себя от нее оторваться. Обидно только, что троица плохишей на [...]

    3. This started out slow & was a little hard to get into, but once the characters took on some definition, it picked up. Currently reading the second in the trilogy & it is much better.

    4. During the last few weeks, I've hit something of a slump in my reading. Usually I can go through books at a fairly fast clip of a book every week or week and a half, but during this latter half of the year I've barely managed to make a book every two weeks. This has a lot to do with the kinds of books I've been reading. For the most part, I've been happy with them, but there is always something about them that trips me up: some flaw in characterization, or some plot point, that makes me want to [...]

    5. Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor is one of the finest agents in the Inquisition, the former protege of the infamous (and now missing) Gregor Eisenhorn. Badly wounded in the catastrophe on Thracian Primaris, Ravnor is restricted to a life-support chair but his formidable psi-powers remain undimmed and his allies and agents are among the best in their fields.Ravenor's latest case leads him and his team to Eustis Majoris, capital world of subsector Angelus, on the trail of 'flects', a new drug that induce [...]

    6. Další Abnett přečtený - a přišel mi zatím ze všech jeho warhammerovských děl nejslabší. Respektive - nejobyčejnější. Chybí tomu ta barokní gotičnost, kterou se vyznačují jeho ostatní knihy z tohohle světa. A nějaké výraznější téma. Zatímco Gauntovi duchové zachycují válku ve všech podobách a série s Eisenhornem se zase točí kolem inkvizice, heretiků a mystiky, tak tohle je v podstatě klasická akční sci-fi kriminálka, která by se mohla odehrávat kde [...]

    7. A straightforward "inquisitorial procedural". Ravenor and his team investigate the mysterious drug trade in "flects", highly-addictive warp-tainted shards of glass being pumped into Petrograd by persons unknown. The team rattle some cages, piss off the wrong people, and have a few scraps. I won't spoil the ending but it doesn't take a great leap to imagine how it goes. This is textbook Abnett, Black Library's talisman and most talented writer by a significant margin. I must say I did not enjoy i [...]

    8. Dope. Picks up where the Eisenhorn Trilogy stops. I expected a drop off because Eisenhorn was so dope. Nope. Same universe but Ravenor is dealing with different issues than his mentor. Well written space opera that will not disappoint if you liked the Eisenhorn Trilogy or just good sci-fi in general.

    9. Good old Warhammer 40k from good old Dan Abnett :)The characters are a bit cliche, except for Ravenor (who is quite a badass), but the story is good.

    10. The cast may not be as interesting for me compared to Eisenhorn's troupe, but man, does Abnett know how to hit the right notes.

    11. I don’t spend a lot of time reading fiction tied to game universes, but occasionally find books that are not only good game fiction, but good in their own right. High watermarks for me include Michael A. Stackpole’s famous Warrior: En Garde series in the MechWarrior universe and Fiddleback Conspiracy trilogy in the Dark Conspiracy universe, as well as Dave Gross’s brilliant Prince of Wolves. A friend of mine gave me a copy of Dan Abnett’s Ravenor and apologized that he didn’t give me t [...]

    12. Title: RavenorAuthor: Dan Abnett Genre: Science FictionPublication Date: 2004Publisher: Games WorkshopPages: 416 Book Blurb: When his body is hideously damaged in an enemy attack, it looks as though Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor's promising career would be abruptly brought short. Now, encased in a life support sytem that keeps him alive but forever cuts him off from the physical world, Ravenor utilises his formidable mental powers to continue his investigations and thwart the machinations of Chaos. [...]

    13. Amigos me temo que tenemos un problema, un problema que se ve agravado por el hecho de que este libro sea una continuación, de manera algo indirecta, de la anterior trilogía sobre el inquisidor Eisenhorn. Y el problema tiene que ver precisamente con las expectativas creadas por el personaje de Eisenhorn: Ravenor no tiene ni una pizca del carisma de este y para colmo se pasa el libro encerrado en su silla-caja actuando de manera vaga y dificultando empatizar con él. Vaya, que si de verdad es u [...]

    14. A lot of boring action sequences towards the end I just skimmed through, and Ravenor himself seems like a cypher even in his own book. I know this series is supposed to be more about the retinue than was the case with Eisenhorn, but the concept of a secret agent who's basically a Force-sensitive Joe Bonham is just so damn cool and unique. I hope the next book gets into Ravenor's head more.Other than that, excellent! The descriptions of the hive world Eustis Majoris reminded me of China Miéville [...]

    15. The Ravenor Trilogy begins some 15 years after the events of 'Hereticus' and the finale of Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn Trilogy. This series follows a new hero, Inquisitor Ravenor, over the course of perhaps his most dangerous case to date. He and his retinue are charged with investigating an almost rudimentary drug ring within the Angelus Sub-Sector. However, as the story unfolds it becomes clear that this is only scraping the surface of a plot that could bring down the Imperium as well as destabilis [...]

    16. Once again, another good book by Dan Abnett depicting the adventures of another imperium Inquisitor, Gideon Ravenor. Gideon Ravenor was Eisenhorn's disciple before he went rouge. Due to some freak accident caused by an alpha plus psyker left Gideon Ravenor steps away form the gates of hell while his body was melted into a nasty ruin. Whatever was left of his body was then deposited into a golden chair made by the adeptus mechanicus so that he can live normally, or at least as normal as possible [...]

    17. An interesting spin-off from the Eisenhorn series, Ravenor follows another protege inquisitor around smiting the forces of Chaos. Except this inquisitor is basically Stephen Hawking with a force field and a pimped out chair. He was blown up in a previous story and is now left with just his massive psychic powers, indomitable will, and fast thinking.Like Eisenhorn, Gideon Ravenor has his little coterie of friends/accomplices yeah, another sort of A-Team story. They make things interesting with th [...]

    18. This is one of those books that I'm not so sure how I feel about it, having now finished it. It was of a very different nature to your standard 40K novel, though of the same sort of quality you could expect from Dan Abnett.I'm happy that I've got all all three Ravenor books, and I'm looking forward to reading those over the next couple of weeks. It is far more of the secret agent style genre, which I think I need to get a little used to to fully enjoy.Some of the descriptions of places went a li [...]

    19. This series is very good. This isn't your run-of-the-mill spinoff series. Dan Abnett's stuff is every bit as good as Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novels. The Ravenor series is a bit of a departure from his usual military adventure. Genre-wise it's a bit hard to pin down. These novels follow the adventures of Ravenor the Imperial Inquisitor, a man with a morally unyielding mission in an unforgiving world. An inquisitor is like a Jedi. He stands head and shoulders above his fellow men in competence a [...]

    20. A very good spinoff of the Eisenhorn novel. Ravenor is a compelling character, despite what some people will say here.You don't have to know about the Warhammer 40K universe to enjoy this book as Mr. Abnett makes a very good job of introducing you to the general setting, but if you know about it, you'll certainly enjoy the book much more.It starts slow, but steadily it picks its pace. And the ending Without spoiling any of it, I'm quite sure that the final 50 or so pages are far more exciting th [...]

    21. I read all three of the Ravenor series, but this review should sum them all up. SciFi is not my usual reading grounds, but the husband got me into this series. Abnett reminds me the most of Alexandre Dumas. The chapters are short, action packed, and generally end with a cliff hanger. Ravenor's team is almost always in perild that's great. His characters are fleshed out and endearing with wonderful quirks, like the muscle man who boringly reads erotica. Ok, probably not the best example, but one [...]

    22. This was a really solid book. I was a bit shocked I liked it so much because I found the Eisenhorn books pretty difficult, and a slog by the end. I assumed this would be more of the same. Maybe I'll tire of it quickly (the overarching plot does seem a BIT tiresome), but so far I'm digging it. Ravenor is an inquisitor, and he and his disparate team are hunting down "fleets," which are unique drugs - bits of broken windows from a Chaos-infested world. There are hints about a "big baddie" who damag [...]

    23. Dan Abnett is a solid storyteller. His Eisenhorn omnibus was my introduction both to his work and the Warhammer 40K universe (and was an excellent book, too). I haven't read any 40K stuff in awhile, but Abnett makes it so easy to drop right in that you don't have to play the games or have any working knowledge to feel right at home with the story.This book, solid in and of itself, seems to be primarily an exercise in setting up the rest of the trilogy. It gives you enough to keep reading, but la [...]

    24. If you're a fan of the Warhammer 40K universe, or just want to read a great cop novel that takes place in a dark, dystopic, sci-fi universe, then this is the book for you.This novel is about Gideon Ravenor, a quadriplegic with amazing psychic powers, and his team of special agents. With his team he must investigate the source of a new alien drug.I loved the book and was disappointed that it ended. Fortunately it's part of a trilogy, so I'll get the pleasure of continuing the story soon.The only [...]

    25. A heartwarming, fast-paced tale of the triumph of spirit and intellect over corruption and ambition. In the context of the mythos, Abnett creates an accessible world within, drawing from the best aspects of steampunk to weave a fabric of moral and physical decay against the well-realized backdrop of a stagnated pseudo-industrial-era planet. Even for folks who are not necessary fans of the tabletop wargame on which the book is based--like my brother-in-law, who recommended and loaned the series-- [...]

    26. Loved this book. I can't believe it took me so long to get around to reading it. Fantastic, dark, gritty sci-fi setting with interesting, complex characters. Bring on the next one!

    27. El primer libro de esta trilogía escrita por Dan Abnett nos sitúa en Eustis Majoris, mundo industrial devorado por las lluvias acidas provocadas por su industria pesada, y capital burocrática del subsector imperial Ángelus. Sector en el cual se ha detectado un creciente comercio de unos extraños cristales llamados flejos que parecen tocados por la disformidad. Así que con el objetivo de descubrir el origen de estos cristales el grupo de agentes del inquisidor Ravenor comienza una investiga [...]

    28. If you haven't read wh40k books, this one is somewhat difficult to read. I would recommend reading Eisenhorn before this one to get more details and background to the workings behind the scenes and better glimpse at the whole universe of warhammer 40k as viewed from the inside of Inquisition. With that said, the book is great, but falls slightly short in certain areas, such as providing better detail in interactivity between different branches of the Imperium. However, as this is not really a ma [...]

    29. This was my first foray into WH40K books, and pretty much the entire WH40K universe. My brother lent me his Ravenor Trilogy omnibus edition, because he had high praise for Dan Abnett's writing. And I agree! Very interesting characters and solid (if sometimes predictable) plot. Unfortunately I knew about the Eisenhorn trilogy, so I couldn't help feeling like I was missing out, even though I believe Dan did a great job summarizing what he needed to summarize about it. Either way, I was on a sci-fi [...]

    30. Another great book by the master of 40K fiction. He gives things and people weird names, and he's a bit self-consciously eccentric in his word choice and story-telling style, but still, no one, and I mean NO ONE, tells a 40K story like Abnet.The entire 40K universe in its already rich and varied colors, comes to live beneath his pen, and here, he gives not only gothic sci-fi, but a thriller/action/spy novel worthy of the other genres as well.He's a storytelling master playing in one of the best [...]

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