Shine Light

Shine Light Ixion The island of ever night If she had a choice Naif wouldn t go back But her friends will die if she doesn t find a cure for the badges that are slowly killing them and her brother is there fig

  • Title: Shine Light
  • Author: Marianne de Pierres
  • ISBN: 9781742753232
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ixion The island of ever night If she had a choice, Naif wouldn t go back But her friends will die if she doesn t find a cure for the badges that are slowly killing them, and her brother is there, fighting against the Ripers who hold everyone in thrall And Naif has knowledge that might save them all.First she must solve the mystery of Ixion s eternal night Then she muIxion The island of ever night If she had a choice, Naif wouldn t go back But her friends will die if she doesn t find a cure for the badges that are slowly killing them, and her brother is there, fighting against the Ripers who hold everyone in thrall And Naif has knowledge that might save them all.First she must solve the mystery of Ixion s eternal night Then she must convince everyone rebels and revellers alike to join her cause And all the while, she must fight the urge to go to Lenoir her greatest love, her mortal enemy The secrets of Ixion must be revealed The evils must be stopped A new dawn will come.

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      431 Marianne de Pierres
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    1 thought on “Shine Light”

    1. 'Ixion’s not a place for friends. They die or they leave. On Ixion you need allies.’When you get a book, begin reading immediately, and devour it within a matter of hours, then that book must be juicy and gripping and excellent. Shine Light was one of those books. After reading Burn Bright and Angel Arias last year, all I wanted to do was find out how everything concluded – Naif’s conquest, the Ripers’ ruination, the night creatures’ survival… and Ixion’s illumination. I wanted t [...]

    2. I was a bit disappointed by this. I really enjoyed the unique world, but mostly I kept coming back to this series because of Lenoir and I wanted to know what happened with the love triangle.(view spoiler)[In the end Naif tells Markes to choose Emilia. Which I was happy about because I thought that meant that Naif was choosing Lenoir and giving Markes permission to move on. Maybe Naif was choosing Lenoir, but that didn't mean that he would choose her back. After quietly telling Markes to move on, [...]

    3. My heart is still racing from the exhilarating read that is Shine Light. I reviewed Angel Arias earlier this week and I feel the same way I did about it only it was even better.I don't want to repeat myself too much and I don't want to spoil anything for readers who are yet to discover this series but I will say that I am so impressed by this series as it has improved with each book. The characters have continued to develop, the plot has moved forward at a good pace, the action was fast paced an [...]

    4. After my fascination with Burn Bright and disappointment with Angel Arias, I didn’t know what to expect from Shine Light. My major problem with Angel Arias was lack of answers. However, Shine Light delivers what it promised and that makes up for the lack of excitement this book had to offer.Even though Shine Light begins straight from where the last book left off, the sense of urgency that should have gripped me was lacking and I found myself vaguely interested to find out how things would tur [...]

    5. This is a tense, fast-paced and satisfying conclusions to one of the most original YA series I’ve ever read.There are answers to all the big questions, not to mention plenty of tension, action, and intrigue. The ending is open enough for readers to form their own conclusions – or for Marianne to return to this world down the track (which, personally, I hope she does).Burn Bright sets up the dark and dangerous world of party island Ixion, where all is not as it seems. The young people who fle [...]

    6. Shine Light is very short – I knocked it over in a couple of hours – but packs a mighty punch that I’m reeling from! It’s a poignant and fitting conclusion to The Night Creatures series and admirably brings the adventure to a close.The characters continue their growth and development throughout the book, and one of the most striking things that Naif’s recognition that despite her awakening in Ixion, there are limits to what she can and will do. She fights in her own way and although sh [...]

    7. Whoa. WHOA. No! i can't have finished the series! no no no!^Mini rant over. Hey y'all!I got my ARC of Shine Light this morning, and managed to finish it in a day. (Thanks Marianne for sending me a copy!) :)Characters:Naif - wow, she changed so quickly! Naif had to grow up very fast, and try to make the right decision for everyone, not just herself. Even though it might be easier to give up - screw that, it WOULD be easier to give up - Naif continues to push forward to save everyone, even the peo [...]

    8. Ok, I have pondered on this one for a few hours now And I could easily re-read all three books again straight away because they were so good to read (but there are so many other books to read!!). The world that was created in this series was done so well, it was easy to slip into it as I read. In Shine Light, nearly all of the characters from the previous two books return and I was happy to learn everything I needed to know about Ixion, the Ripers, and the Night Creatures. Again Naif was a great [...]

    9. I love this series, but this book gets one less star than the other two because it ends too abruptly. It needed one more chapter atleast or an epilogue. I wanted to know what happened next. What kind of society would they build? How would the surviving Ripers live on? Would Lenoir and Naif meet again? etc etc. There are just too many unanswered questions. I feel let down with this ending. (view spoiler)[ I am so happy Naif didnt end up with Markes. He seems weak and shallow. Picking Cal over Ret [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars.I can even begin to describe how much I've adored this series. The finale was everything I'd hoped for Apart from the final sentence. You kill me Ms de Pierres.

    11. A good end to an intriguing story. Enough tied up so that the story feels complete, but the world and its characters could easily be revisited.The beginning is a bit mechanical, but after a few pages, the normal rhythm of other books in the series continues.

    12. Amazing writing , naif comes into her own .This book the last in the series still has elements of suprise , twists and turns. Loves the ride highly reccomend this book such a satifying read .

    13. AGHHHAussie books america needs you ;;OAO;;I was under the impression the 3rd book was called “burn bright” guess notMan I haven’t even been able to get my hands on the 2nd yet *sad face*

    14. Shine Light, the final book in The Night Creatures trilogy, is an unforgettable conclusion to an original and thrilling series. Now that Naif has learned the shocking reasons behind why young people are sent to the dark island of Ixion, she returns to expose the truth and try and liberate them from their oppressors. Her mission is urgent as the badges, which all folk are given upon entering Ixion and which control life or death, are failing. While Naif has had her badge rescinded, there’s her [...]

    15. Die deutsche Rezension findet ihr hier.The review contains spoilers about the other books.2.5___________________________Naif and her friends learned terrible things, and now their aim is clear: they need to get back to Ixion to fight against the Ripers in order to save everybody who is and was on Ixion. With Ruzalia’s help they get back to the island, but nothing has been won yet. First, they have to get to know what they can actually do against the Ripers, and for that they need every help th [...]

    16. Can you say emotional rollercoster ride? If you can then that`s the only way I can think of to describe this book. It was heartbreaking, really, really heartbreaking.At first I got irritated with Markes and Emilia and NAif`s obssesion with the both of them but when they got out of the picture it was one rollercoster ride. The conversation she has with Lenoir, the battle with the stray Ripper that kills the boys, Lenoir saving her and trusting his well-being in her hands, the two boys: Rollo and [...]

    17. Der finale Band der Night Creatures Trilogie hat mich wie schon sein Vorgänger Angel Arias zwar ganz gut unterhalten, aber nicht überwältigt oder so beglückt wie Burn Bright es einst geschafft hat. Die Geschichte verläuft einfach zu geradlinig, Naif und ihren Freunden fällt alles in den Schoß und gleichzeitig wirken die Touren, die sie unternehmen langweilig und überflüssig.Der Einzige, der Spannung in die Geschichte bringt, ist Lenoir. Leider verschwindet er schnell wieder von der Bild [...]

    18. I started to read Burn Bright, the first in the Night Creatures trilogy, after enrolling in a workshop run by QWC and hosted MDP. I quickly read Burn Bright and Angel Arias and couldn’t wait for the final novel. Luckily for me, I won the Shine Light as a lucky door prize at the workshop, and started reading that night. (What a thrill to read the conclusion of a trilogy before it’s officially released.)I thoroughly enjoyed the book (and the series) and it kept me guessing until the end. Shine [...]

    19. It was a nice enough read, although seeing as it ended I'm half-expecting the fourth book to come: there was no definite conclusion; sure, the fight did end, but no hint was given at what will the characters do, where they will go, or how they will live from now on. An epilogue or few words in the end of the book about life some time after would be sufficient. As of now, it feels as though the author is thinking of the possibility to write another story.Otherwise, it was not as exciting as the f [...]

    20. Es ist ein paar Tage her, dass ich es beendet habe und schon kann ich mich an kaum etwas erinnern. Es ist in Ordnung, ja, aber nichts besonderes. Das Ende fand ich fast schon gut, jedoch sind so viele ungeklärte Fragen noch vorhanden. Und diese Rollo, Markes, Lenoir Geschichte ist sowas von unnötig gewesen. Ugh.Ich verstehe nicht, warum was eine Trilogie ist. Ich glaube, wenn die Bücher als ein einzelner Band erschienen wären, hätte es mir um einiges besser gefallen. Schade.

    21. The conclusion to the 'Night Creatures' trilogy is engaging and deeply satisfying, returning to Ixion Naif draws together all the necessary threads for revolution and freedom from Ixion's hold, and I know I can't be the only one sad to see the end of the sexy and sinister darkness-driven party island. Not only does the story culminate, but so too do the relationships between characters, and I'm pleased that in their interactions that not everything is tied up neatly in a little bow. This trilogy [...]

    22. Okay, so I wasn't as in love with the ending of this trilogy. I could have forgiven some of the parts that seemed to easily wrapped up if it weren't for the ending. It felt sudden, too easy, unfairish and not keeping with Naif's principals, and unsatisfying especially since I'm not fond of things being left open. I want definitive endings. even if I don't like the way things go and damn it after everything a certain character did for Naif and how much he grew and changed, because of her and for [...]

    23. What just happened?I was convinced they would be swooning over their love (Lenoir & Naif). But what the hell just happened in this goddamned novel?!I tossed and turned on my bed when I read this book. Marianne De Pierres you are torturing your readers painfully.Damn4.9-light-overcomes-darkness-stars

    24. It was an interesting ending to the Night Creatures Trilogy, and I think it was a bit rushed in places; but then again I am a fast readerThe way it ended with Lenoir questions whether there will be another book about what happens to Ixion and the Ripers.Over all I loved this book like I loved the others.

    25. Hmm. I didn't take to this one as with the others. In some way it felt like a rush towards an inevitable and totally predictable ending. Sad, it had such potential for me. The character of Naif was still very strong, but she kind of wafts around. I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

    26. Wonderful last episode in the Night Creatures trilogy. I love a good resolution and this one had it all. It's immensely satisfying to look back at the growth of the heroine - a personal narrative arc from helplessness to power and compassion. My kind of story!

    27. Welcome to the final sequel of the Night Creatures trilogy. At last Naif can take the darkness away. Hehe, I enjoyed this one, like I enjoyed the other two. It was as exciting as the first and has much more of Lenoir in it. I loved it. A great ending to a great story.

    28. Loved it but im guessing this is the last book for Night Creatures. I do still have questions running in my head. Another installment please? nah jokes, i like how it is.

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