Father Bear Comes Home

Father Bear Comes Home The children parents teachers and librarians who so joyously welcomed Little Bear the first I Can Read Book by this author and artist will greet the return of these favorite characters with true

  • Title: Father Bear Comes Home
  • Author: Else Holmelund Minarik Maurice Sendak
  • ISBN: 9780060242305
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The children, parents, teachers, and librarians who so joyously welcomed Little Bear, the first I Can Read Book by this author and artist, will greet the return of these favorite characters with true delight.Little Bear, his mother, and his friends have taken their places beside such other beloved animals of fiction as Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, and Mole And now FatheThe children, parents, teachers, and librarians who so joyously welcomed Little Bear, the first I Can Read Book by this author and artist, will greet the return of these favorite characters with true delight.Little Bear, his mother, and his friends have taken their places beside such other beloved animals of fiction as Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, and Mole And now Father Bear large, amiable, and completely fatherly returns from a fishing trip and joins his family Beginning readers will love reading about his marvelous homecoming They will roar with laughter over his method of banishing hiccups, and they will agree wholeheartedly with his views on mermaids.The popularity of Else Holmelund Minarik s I Can Read Books has been well established Children reading Father Bear Comes Home will find that it lives up to their highest expectations.

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      221 Else Holmelund Minarik Maurice Sendak
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    1. I had not heard of these and my Sister-in-law said she loves them as a kid. She got this one from the library and I read it at breakfast this morning to check it out. This book is sweet and a lot of fun. Bear has a big imagination and can come up with all kinds of things. They are such grand things that everyone around him starts believing them too. I love the octopus. A great book for children who can start to read on their own. Also, Maurice Sendak who did Where the Wild things are illustrated [...]

    2. Sweet and charming. Two words I seldom use, but they do apply to this book with four sweet and charming tales.Little Bear and Owl (imagination) Little Bear catches a fish, and pretends to fish in an ocean.Father Bear Comes Home (imagination) Little Bear's friends accompany him home to see a mermaid!?Hiccups (possible cures) Only one 'cure' works.Little Bear's Mermaid (imagination) Little Bear thinks about what a mermaid would be like.

    3. Father Bear Comes Hometime 6/24=15min 6/26=20min (I read twice)Seven words summary = child like father friends enjoy talkink playingDiscussion QuestionQ. Do you want to become like your father or mother? Why?A. Yes, because my mom is very kind and good at cooking! I respect her!This story is sooo cute! I recall my childhood. I want to read to my child in the future!

    4. I really like this book because it is a series and the illustrations are cool. Little Bear is funny, too. He likes to have fun and he likes to fish. He has friends. If you like funny books, you should read this book! By Elizabeth

    5. This is the very first book I read from cover to cover by myself. And it's got a mermaid in it! It will always have a very special place in my heart.

    6. This book has been in my collection for over twenty years and I do not believe I have ever opened it! The pages were crisp and uncrinkled, the binding tight. Clearly my daughters hadn't discovered it. One reason could be that we assumed this story was included in Little Bear Treasury: Little Bear/ Little Bear's Friend/ Little Bear's Visit. However, that edition only contains three of the Little Bear books. Father Bear Comes Home was one of the excluded books. It was also the second in the series [...]

    7. Reason for Reading: My son read aloud to me.Comments: As per any Little Bear book this is divided into four chapters each containing a stand alone story and yet they all flow together nicely. In the first story. Owl and Little Bear catch a fish for dinner then sit on a big log and pretend they are out on the ocean catching large and unusual fish until Mother finally comes looking for them and her fish. In the second story, Father Bear comes home but Little Bear imagines what if he brought home a [...]

    8. Continuing on my quest to read and study both the books/illustrations of Sendak and to learn more of the man behind the drawings, I find those that he writes, for the most part are heavy in topic and quite interesting in their story.This is an early book, written in 1959. It is interesting to note that the cover does not note the term illustrations, rather it states the pictures are by Sendak.Timely also is the depiction of the bear family, analogous to the American father of the 1950's.Victoria [...]

    9. Genre: FantasyFormat: ChapterAwards: NoneSummary: Father bear goes on a grand fishing adventure! Little bear is so excited for him to come home. While awaiting the arrival of his Papa Bear, he gets some friends together to see if Papa Bear is going to bring a new friend home with him a mermaid. However, little bear and his friends are a little disappointed when papa bear comes home with something else and not a mermaid! Critique: The Little Bear series are always cute and engaging! I felt like t [...]

    10. Father Bear Comes Home, written by Else Holmelund Minarik tells the story of a bear family: little bear, mother bear, and father bear. Little bear’s dad is away on a boating trip and little bear misses him. One day little bear’s mom asks him to go fishing and bring her back a fish. Little bear and his friend owl go fishing. They use their imagination to pretend they are catching whales and octopus. Mother bear explains to little bear that he is a special fisherman just like father bear. Fath [...]

    11. This was one of the longer of the recent books I have read. It has four different chapters so it's more like a chapter book.I remember when Little bear and owl are pretending to be fising on the ocean in a large boat. Little Bear pretends to catch a octopus. Owl pretends to catch a whale. I like how Little bear imagines the mermaid at the picnic.He thinks that the mermaid might come back home with him.You can never tell about mermaids.I like this story, but it was not really one of my favorites. [...]

    12. Another fun classic from the Minarik and Sendak duo. I particularly thought the short tale "Hiccups" was cute.Reading Level: 1st - 3rd gradesCleanliness: there is a picture of a mermaid with no top covering. Her hair covers anything from being revealed.**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enab [...]

    13. CIP: "Describes the adventures of Little Bear in which he goes fishing, has the hiccups, looks for a mermaid, and welcomes Father Bear home from the sea."Maggie: Four cute interrelated stories following Little Bear's enthusiasm over his father's return from the sea. Beginning readers will take delight in Little Bear's imaginary adventures and may not realize that they are learning in the midst of being entertained. This book includes lots of repetitive text accompanied by Maurice Sendak's deligh [...]

    14. Synopsis: "Little Bear’s father is finally coming home from a long fishing trip. Little Bear is very excited to see him—even if he doesn’t bring the mermaid Little Bear has been hoping for!"My Review: I liked this Little Bear book and how he wants to be just like his dad, because what little boy at one point or another doesn't want to be like dad? I also liked that Mother Bear and Father Bear allowed Little Bear's imagination roam this time instead of knocking it down. I did feel like some [...]

    15. Another "classic" picture book that was just okay to me. Some of the storylines seemed rather nonsensical (I mean even with expectation that kid stuff doesn't make a ton of sense) and boring. I guess I should define them as non-storylines. That being said, I realize that this book is more for kids who are learning how to read. I may have Z work on these on her own when she is learning how to read by herself.At least the pictures were gorgeous. (Kudos to Sendak!)

    16. father bear comes home 6/9 45min (read other book: aladdin 20min)7 word summary little bear family friend three story mermaidhave you ever watched little mermaid from disney movie??yes, I have. it was really good movie and cute!! I don't think there are mermaid in the world. however, if there were mermaid, I wanna talk!! haha it was really cute story and really easy to read!! I didn't use dictionary!! I could read with joy!! I think reading with enjoy is important.

    17. Reading this book brought back many memories. I grew up with reading and watching these characters on TV. I love how nice the characters are towards one another. This book would be great for younger readers who want an easy and short read but with the feel of a simple transitional book. This book has multiple short reads within so the child isn't overloaded with a large transitional book at first.

    18. It's cute. :) Not much substance, though. Great for beginning readers because the language is simple. Maurice Sendak's illustrations are always a treat. Especially the pictures of Owl. Awww Little Bear's fascination with mermaids is a little strange to me. Also, the mermaid is described with having blue-green hair, but the pictures show her having brown hair. A teensy-bit weird but nothing to be nitpicky about.

    19. Another good "Little Bear" book. Father Bear is coming home from his fishing trip and Little Bear and his friends wonder what he's bringing home with himuld be a mermaid! Little Bear gets the hiccups and Father Bear helps him get rid of them. A good "Daddy and me" type of book but not an 'in your face' book about Daddy's either. A nice read

    20. This story is about a little bear who is waiting for his father to come home from his fishing trip out in the ocean. The little bear and his friends decide that the father is bringing home a mermaid. The father comes home without a mermaid. In the end, the little bear decides that he still might see a mermaid on their family picnic to the river.

    21. This is the second book in the Little Bear series. This book is just as good as the first to me. In this book there are four mini books inside, all about Father Bear and mermaids because Father Bear has been fishing in the ocean and Little Bear believes he is going to bring back a mermaid. This is a very cute story!

    22. This is a great book for emerging readers who want to move on to chapter books. Could also be used as a read-aloud. Students would get practice following a simple story over several chapters over several days. K and first grade.

    23. Harper Collins Publishers, Minarik, level 1 7 words-little-bear-wait-father-stop-hiccuping-MermaidTime 60 minutesHow did you play with your father when you were child?I played soccer with my father.How do you always stop hiccuping?I always stop hiccuping by repeating color names.

    24. Notes:illustrations are adorable; not a true picture book for reading out loud to a kid like I thought; as an early reader it's just okay; stories include imagination 'dreams'; have to explain the idea of 'mermaid'

    25. This is a beginning reader chapter book. Little Bear and his friends welcome Little Bear's father home from his fishing trip. On their way they imagine the wonderful mermaid he is sure to have brought home from his trip.

    26. This book has four chapters in it. They are all about Father Bear coming home. He was fishing on the ocean and Little Bear's friends think he brought a mermaid back from the ocean, but it was really seashells. I would recommend this book because it is really funny.

    27. I didn't grow up with this one so I didn't find it as magical and nostalgic-honestly I just considered Father Bear a non-entity, I had no idea he was a way at sea. It was cute though.

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