Red They defied the odds and found red hot fame Becky Lynn Lee was a nobody Everybody told her so the ladies who snubbed her at Opal s Cut n Curl the boys who hurt her and used her the family who didn t

  • Title: Red
  • Author: Erica Spindler
  • ISBN: 9781551660424
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • They defied the odds and found red hot fame.Becky Lynn Lee was a nobody Everybody told her so the ladies who snubbed her at Opal s Cut n Curl, the boys who hurt her and used her, the family who didn t want her But Becky Lynn had dreams And when it came time to dream for real or die a slow death in Bend, Mississippi Becky fled to a world where dreams do come true.JacThey defied the odds and found red hot fame.Becky Lynn Lee was a nobody Everybody told her so the ladies who snubbed her at Opal s Cut n Curl, the boys who hurt her and used her, the family who didn t want her But Becky Lynn had dreams And when it came time to dream for real or die a slow death in Bend, Mississippi Becky fled to a world where dreams do come true.Jack Gallagher wanted to be a somebody he wanted to be the top fashion photographer in the world He wanted to be bigger than the father who denied him, better than the half brother who claimed all their father s love And he was getting there

    • Unlimited [Spirituality Book] Ï Red - by Erica Spindler ✓
      245 Erica Spindler
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    1. **4 "Valley Of The Dolls" Stars!!!!**I am so happy right now! Thank you God! I have been in the wilderness of Badreads the last few day and out of nowhere a sudden glimmer of light. I have no idea how this book got onto my TBR list but I am incredibly glad it did. Erica Spindler is better known for writing suspense romance novels but Red was the novel that launched her career in 1995, it is a great introduction and her talent at holding the reader's interested and engaged is pretty impressive. T [...]

    2. Fast-paced, Spindler strikes straight to your heart.**Spoiler Alert: Do Not Read Beyond This Point If You Don’t Want To Know**Growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks” and labeled as “white trash,” Becky Lynn can only look at the pictures in fashion magazines and dream - not only of the people in the pictures, but the pictures, the photography itself. She works for Ms. Opal at the Cut & Curl, sweeping and shampooing customers. Her abusive father takes most of her paychecks, her [...]

    3. I have read this book many times in my lifetime and I still love it as much as I did the first time. To be honest, I don’t know what it is exactly about this story that makes me love it so. I enjoy the main character, Becky Lynn, and appreciate that Spindler didn’t write a romance novel about a girl who shuts down every time something bad happens to her. Instead, Becky Lynn fights and gets revenge. I like that her male lead, Jack Gallagher, is so driven that it blinds him to just about every [...]

    4. I'm a relatively new reader of Spindler & had read that "Red" was her breakthrough novel & the beginning of her transitioning from Romance to Mystery/Suspense, so I really wanted to see what her earlier works are like & picked up "Red".I really liked the over-all story. It follows 17 year old Becky Lynn, a poor white-trash girl from Mississippi who escapes an abusive childhood and travels across country to Hawaii. She lucks out and finds a kind woman, Sallie, who takes pity on her &a [...]

    5. This book really surprised me. I was expecting something like category romance. Easy, uncomplicated, sweet romance and what I got was so much more. It was more like Nora Roberts kind of thing but even more serious and darker. I'm not sure it is even contemporary romance, it's more like just contemporary fiction or women's fiction.This is a story of Becky Lynn Lee struggle to find out who she really is and to find a strength in herself. The story begins when she is just a teenager from a bad side [...]

    6. This book is like an episode of gossip girl, everyone sleeps with everyone, they use everyone for their own 'games' and it's hopelessly addictive. At the beginning of the book the story is about 17 year old Becky Lynn's life. Which to be honest, sucks. Her father is a drunk and beats her,her mom looks the other way to protect herself, her brother hangs out with a terrible group of boys, Who do horrible things to her. She finally has had enough and takes her money and runs to California. Througho [...]

    7. Ms. Spindler says of this book, “If you know me through my thrillers, Red may surprise you. Red is a reissue of the 1995 novel that launched my career. Although this novel doesn’t contain my trademark mystery and high body count, it does offer readers other hallmarks of a Spindler novel.” The book is also categorized as a Romance. I can’t say it surprised me – it was still Spindler’s writing styled it was fast paced and completely engaging from the first page to the last. Yes there w [...]

    8. Hmmmm. Where to start? I was not a huge fan of this book. It didn't suck me in and I was able to put it downeasily. Too predictable and quite boring. Same story told a hundred times by Danielle Steele. Poor, white trash girl from wrong side of the tracks flees said white trash town to Hollywood. Ends up as a gofer for a high end salon and is discovered by salon owners son - who is fighting his own demons. Big surprise he's a womanizer yet poor girl sparks more feeling in him. She catches him bei [...]

    9. This book is brilliant anyone who says otherwise needs to re read this again!! Fantastic book love the characters! I love how it's from different characters point of view and how each character develops. You can really see the passion Erica puts into this novel along with the characters. And the message in this book is evidently strong. Best book I've read in a while. Anyone who hasn't had the chance to read this it's a must! It's worth way more then a 5 star rating can't praise this book enough [...]

    10. Becky Lynn Lee grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Bend Missippi .With an abusive father and a broken mother , She always thought this was her life forever but after the ultimate betrayal. She escapes to Hollywood determined never to go back . She gets a job in an upscale beauty salon , than discovers she has a talent for photography . and spotting beauty When the camera eventually turns on her and than her success is threatened she finds the courage to embrace her new identity and put th [...]

    11. Great book :) The main character endured so much pain from her past but showed so much bravery when she went in search of a better life.She had such a love for photography and pushed until she achieved her dream.

    12. wow very goodstrap ur self in and enjoy the ridecause its a good one fasrt pacdedlots of twist turns loved it

    13. It was extremely hard to rate this book - - as the ending was pretty predictable.ever I will say the train ride to get to that end was all over the map. Becky Lynn came from the wrong side of townoholic father, un-involved mother, and a brother who simply wouldn't stand up for her. She found her way to Hollywood where she became involved in the Fashion Industry. Also she became involved with Jack, a photographer who also came from a non-involved father - - so in a lot of ways their lives twinned [...]

    14. If you’ve ever lived in a small town and have dreamed for more in your life, this is a great book for you. I don’t suggest this for anyone but adults because of some of the very well detailed writing of some of her tragedies. But, this is just an amazing book and completely different from Erica Spindler’s thriller novels. Thus proving when you are a passionate writer, it doesn’t matter what the genre is. But you know it will be phenomenal.

    15. I absolutely love all Erica Spindler novels, I read this years ago and it's still on my bookshelf!

    16. This was the first book of Erica Spindler's that I have read that was not a mystery! It was absolutely wonderful. It was a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs and loopty loos of romance. Becky Lynn Lee grew up in Bend, Mississippi from the "wrong" side of town. She has absolutely no self worth from having been abused in every way imaginable. After being pushed to her breaking point, she runs away to California. Through a stroke of luck, she gets a chance to start work as a photographer's as [...]

    17. I first got attracted to this book because of the manga. I got tired of waiting for the manga to update and when I found out it was based on a novel I decided to look the book up. To tell the truth, the start of the book was pretty slow. I was able to keep reading because I was looking forward to Jack and Becky Lynn meeting. I was disinterested with all of the description that made the beginning kind of dull, but her family drama and what the community was putting her through kept me interested. [...]

    18. I have read most of Erica Spindler’s books and Red is quite different from her usual romance/suspense genre.This is one of those glorious and an unforgettable story that has you believe that dreams can and do come true. From the first page it grabs your heart and never lets go. Becky Lynn is one of the most incredible characters I have read. Despite her painful and cruel childhood, coming from the wrong side of the “tracks” and labeled as “poor white trash” and all the heartbreak and o [...]

    19. Check out my blog for other reviews:Red by Erica SpindlerCover: 5Plot: 5Characters: 5Overall Rating: 5 AMAZING STARS !!! Red was such a great book and I am so sad that I wasn't able to read it earlier. This is the first book from Spindler which I was able to read and I am so happy I found this book since it was so amazing.This is another book which I found from a thread on . The thread is called Ugly heroine - insulted/taunted/hurt. So if you like finding books with this kind of theme then go ch [...]

    20. I read this ages ago when it was in paperback and only dimly recalled it. I know it's an incredibly popular story and one of the last of its kind. The Adventure Romance genre (think _Lace_; _The Betsy_; Judith Michael titles) split apart not long after this and became either Romantic Suspense (subsequent Erica Spindler novels) or a return/revamp of the 80s Bonkbuster (Tilly Bagshawe titles). It's been ages since I read a straightforward Bildungsroman/love story and when this was released for Kin [...]

    21. This novel just proves that drama has and will continue to be the same type of plots and problems. All I know is that i finished the book, but it felt like I could have finished it in 2 hours instead of the 2 days it took. I think Spindler did a great job at writting and developimg both plot and characters. Only the plot was to predictable or overussed.I wouldnt recomend it, too long for what it was really worth.I say this, thinking there where too many characters and then not enough of them. Ye [...]

    22. I've not read anything by ES before. The first half was good but I could put the book down (not one of those all-nighters). Well, I'm into the second half and it's getting MUCH harder to put down.Well, I ended up loving this book. The only complaint is that the hero and heroine probably spent less than 1/3 of the book together. I would say it was a story more about the heroine learning to stand up for herself, etc (with a side of romance). What a tortured heroine. Loved both the H/h. I even came [...]

    23. Date: 01/07/09Title: RedAuthor: Erica SpindlerReview: I can't say that I hate this book or that I love it. This was actually a reprint of her debut novel from 1995. I noticed that she wasn't a half bad writer for her first novel, but she still made a lot of mistakes. The main character Becky Lynn Lee aka Red aka Valentine was supposedly ugly and the whole town of Bend, Mississippi wouldn't let her forget it. Then one day while living in LA finds out that she is beautiful enough to be a model. Pe [...]

    24. If you love Big Girl by Danielle Steel, you'll love Red by Erica Spindler. Before she was a best-selling thriller author, she was in romantic suspense. Like Big Girl, this deals with loving yourself for you who are, and it doesn't know what anyone else thinks. It's also about fashion, photography and modeling. Becky Lynn Lee is poor and ugly from Mississippi, who comes from a broken home and a group rape, when she escapes to California for a new life. Jack Gallagher wanted recognition from his f [...]

    25. For reviews normally I give a little blurb about what happened in the book, in my own words but I'm not gonna do this for this book. Simply because SO much happens in this book. If I could give a true rating on this book, it would be higher than five stars because I SUPER LOVED IT!This book must have been one of the most thought out methodical books ever. Everything about this book was pretty much spot on whether it be the rape or modeling world. The author must have researched like mad or had p [...]

    26. 3.5 stars. A little slow in the beginning, but I couldn't stop reading the second half of the book.

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